Thadaka 2 (Shailaja Reddy Alludu) 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Naga Chaitanya

Thadaka 2 (Shailaja Reddy Alludu) 2019 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Naga Chaitanya

Lady leader of Warangal. Enemies tremble because of her fear. Whether it is MP, MLA, Collector or any
senior minister everyone bows to her. Her name is Sheilja Reddy. If she comes to know that
a man is torturing a woman.. – ..then she gets very angry.
– Get a side. And she gives him a scary punishment. Get a side. Please give way. A fearless lioness who protects.. ..the dignity of innocent
women and defeats the enemy. Many people bow in front of her pride. I have been thrown
out of the house, Amma. Now where will I go with this child? She is not scared of police or goon. – Hey, what is this?
– You, baldy. Her decision is final
for the entire village. Even police agrees to her
decision like that of order of court. It is easy to escape death.. but impossible to escape
from the trap of Sheilja Reddy. Beat him! Beat him! Beat him! The popularity of Sheilja Reddy can
be known from the fact that 17 MP’s.. 84 MLA’s dance to her tunes. Sheilja Reddy takes the decision
of choosing the minister.. ..and solving disputes in Panchayat. Her eyes are always
ready to thrash the enemy. Like Goddess Durga she walks on
the chest of enemies and kills them. She is charitable for
poor and dependent people as she is dangerous for criminals. She is an angel for villagers. She is a helping hand in
their happiness and suffering. That is why people lovingly
call her Sheilja Amma. Hail to Sheilja Amma. Best business award
was received in Australia. This is business champion award. There are many of this kind. So, you all are surprised. Greetings, uncle. We are fortunate to work
with businessman like you. Wherever you go award and
reward are bound to be showered. We have no status in front of you. Dignity and popularity has made you
reach a position which people dream of. You are extraordinary. This is not just my
desire but my passion. We are fortunate to
have relations with you. We are indeed fortunate. Come in. Please come. It is already time
and sir has not come yet. Don’t worry. We will start
and he can join us later. He is my son and he will be on time. Are you ready? Sorry boss. I got a little late. Keys. No problem. Give it to me. Boss, now that I am giving you keys
then let me reveal the truth to you. I had gone with my father
Ghatotkach for time pass. It is okay. Keys. Sir, I had thought that you would get
so angry and I would be in trouble. But you are like a God. When you had asked
for keys I understood.. ..that you are going
to do something wrong today. Shall I please get the keys? Boss, from the time I
am born not even my father.. ..has been able to recognize me.. ..but you recognized me very soon.
Keys, boss. Now if because of your
nonsense I get late.. ..then you will not be in
trouble but I will be scolded by dad. Keys. Such cheap people bring proposals. Do they have an idea how much sacrifice
I have done to get to this position? Why did you talk to
them about my trophies? Sorry sir. I thought your respect would
be increased because of those trophies. What respect will increase? Will
they make me respectable? Nonsense. What is this nonsense. What has happened now? So how did you like daughter-in-law? – Good.
– Isn’t he good? Shanti, I want you to make fritters
in my house with your soft hands. I have already bought
clarified butter. You cook and I will eat
and then earn a lot in the office. Hey, whom are you impressing by
saying these middle class dialogues? She is my daughter.
It is not so easy to impress her. First you will have to win my heart. Of course. Do not worry at all. Let him get married and then
he will win everyone’s heart over. – Isn’t it son?
– This is what I want. Let us now start the ritual. Accept my son as your son-in-law.. ..and by doing Kanyadaan
of your daughter make us obliged. You have liked the girl but won’t you
ask us if we have liked the boy or not. What are you saying? I had said that I
wanted to meet the boy. And you came in with
all the pomp and show. So that you can trap
me and I say yes in haste. And then you can
get all the property.. ..which is there in
the name of my daughter. That is not the case.
You had invited us. We just brought the priest along
for blessings as it is the tradition. All these traditions can be followed
later. First we should like the boy. Many rich people will
come in my daughter’s wedding. If they come to know that my son-in-law
is owner of an ordinary company.. ..then it would be disgraceful. Don’t feel bad but I don’t like keeping
relations with people of low standard. I am not a fool that by
getting into relationship with.. I bring my status
to your level. No. Before dreaming high
look at your status. Brother, it has been our ancestral
tradition that we do not do any.. ..auspicious work without the blessings
of our priest and family members. Why are you unnecessarily
exaggerating things? Please do not teach me
these traditions and rituals. Stop addressing me as brother. Till now I have not become
your brother, understood. Having relation with you
is like bringing disgrace to me. It is like losing my
respect in the society. Enough. We made a mistake
by coming here to have marriage.. ..alliance of my
son with your daughter. Why do you worry?
You will find someone else. I agree that we are
not as rich as you are. I agree that my son’s
company is very small. But like you we do not suppress
happiness of our near and dear ones. But we sacrifice everything
for their happiness. Oh really? Is this a rule
that for other’s happiness.. ..we sacrifice our
dignity and respect? Sorry uncle, father made a mistake. It is not just about making a mistake. I would not have said anything
if he had made a mistake. He has made a mistake of matching
our status which is unforgivable. – Have I made a mistake?
– Father, please. What is your status to forgive us? Hey, how dare you
misbehave in my house? Get out of my house. Right now. Who wants to wait here? Dear, remember till your father has
so much ego you can never get married. Don’t try to curse my daughter.
Get out from here. Let’s go from here. What is the problem? What is the
need to be egoistic in every matter? Couldn’t you get us some other father? Because of him I have
got such good children. Great. According to
you we are always wrong. You will never say
or tell him anything. If this continues then when
Shanti will get married, mother? Of course she will get married, son. My mother always used to tell me
that God has made pair for everyone. She will also get married. Enough. Brother, there is
no use explaining things to her. She is our mother later
but first she is father’s wife. She should make father understand
but she always supports him. Why don’t you both talk to him?
You will understand once you try. They talk unnecessarily
knowing everything. God must be thinking that
he has not made a home but a zoo. Sir, your dad must have been
born after the death of 100 rascals. I hope you did not mind. – Chaari.
– Sir. Who is she? Are we on earth at this moment? We are on earth but she
looks like a fairy from heaven. I think some connection has been
made and has made your heart restless. I think so. She is still standing there so it means
she also wants you to stare at her. Keep going sir. Scan her entire body. Scan her nails, skin and hair. But why is this beautiful girl angry? – What is it?
– Go and ask her. Excuse me.
Are you drying yourself here? Why have you come so late? For last one hour you were staring at
me and that time you did not realize. How dare she act smart
with me in my area? Are you finding anything here? This address.
I have just shifted here. For so long you were standing is heat. You could have come
to us and asked it. Should I come and ask you the address.
I will stay here. You will tell me the address. I think she is a pampered daughter
of a minister who takes bribe. Come on tell me the address. Give me the phone and I will tell you. Google is pointing towards that house. This is your house. Isn’t it? But just like you even
its top floor is empty. Maybe you would have
come to stay there. Oh God, where the
hell are these people? Are you expecting your friends? You can go in and see your house. As soon as your friends come
we will ask them to go upstairs. Make an entry into the house. Maybe after going in you
don’t feel like coming out. Go and oblige this house. Even the cuckoo bird
has given permission.. ..and flowers are also welcoming you. Come in, madam. Welcome. Here. One minute. Left leg first. Why left leg first? Hey, I got sister-in-law very easily. She is very nice. – Anu.
– Who is this? The bungalow is that side.
Where are you going? Stupid friends.
They always come at the wrong time. Sorry. Google maps
showed this bungalow. Maybe I misunderstood. It is not our fault, madam. This small cuckoo bird.. keep quiet. By interfering the
entire plan got chopped. – You may go, madam.
– Stop. I did not ask you
but to these flowers. The moment you see a beautiful girl
they think her to be sister-in-law. They should be crushed. Get lost. Why did you get so late?
Where is the bungalow? There is the bungalow. Excuse me.
will you please tell her story? There is no girl in
Telangana as proud as her. She is the only daughter
of Sheilja Reddy. No, I don’t want to eat. She is 100 times proud
and haughty than her. She is no less than her. Many years ago their relationship was
much more than mother and daughter. As if they were friends. On seeing them people used to say that
they must be sisters in the past birth. Then an incident took place one day. At that time there was only
one private hospital in their village. The responsibility of delivery
of every woman was on one doctor. At that time Sheilja Reddy
came to know about something. Till now you have
done 55 deliveries here. All were caesarean.
Not even a single was normal. Why you are so hard hearted? You are not a doctor
but a stigma to doctors. Aren’t you ashamed
of looting poor villagers? Hello madam, I need not learn from
you as to how to treat the patient. On one hand you wrong
deeds and then argue with me. Lower your volume. This
is not your house but my hospital. What did you say? How dare you? Are you threatening me? Look, this is a hospital
and not a rest house.. ..where I do deliveries for free
and pay for expenses from my pocket. You have a son. Even you have gone through that pain. Have you forgotten that pain? Even I had a caesarean
when I was pregnant. If you are really worried.. ..then open a hospital
and make your daughter a doctor. Stay in your limits. I will do whatever you have said. Only future will tell this. If you are not able
to open a hospital.. ..then do not give
lecture to anyone in life. Just wait and watch. Sheilja Reddy’s ego was hurt that day. She decided to make Anu a doctor. What is this, mother? Find out some other way
if you wish to help people. Don’t force me for all these things. That is not the case, Anu.
That doctor really insulted me. You will have to become
a doctor and teach her a lesson. I will not become a
doctor to calm your ego. I want to study arts
and that is what I will study. – I have decided.
– Will you do what you wish to? You want to make me
a doctor against my wish. Anu dear, come down. Anu, do not misbehave. You will have to agree to what I say. I am not going to agree. In front of everyone Anu
shattered her mother’s dreams. Sheilja Reddy got so hurt that.. ..even after five yeasr of this
incident she has not talked with Anu. Mother, look I have come
first in arts championship. I have got a gold medal as well. Anu tried to talk to her
but every time she ignored. At any cost we have to stay together.
Rest I will handle. Sheilja, till when
will you not talk to her. After all she is our daughter. If Sheilja Reddy cannot
dictate terms on her daughter.. ..then with what right
she can dictate terms on others. She ahs insulted me. If she was daughter then
she would have listened to me. But she has hurt me
by shattering my dreams. She did not even think
once about her mother. First that doctor insulted
me and then she insulted me. She did not even think once
about my dignity and position. I will talk to her only
when she becomes a doctor. Even I felt bad that my
mother could not understand me. Then I thought that I would talk to
her only when she comes to talk to me. What nonsense is this? It is not nonsense but a disease. She seems to belong to a good family. And how did you become close to her? We were together in
college so became friends. Don’t insult friendship
by naming it friendship. Actually this is tyranny.
This is a forced pair. You are right. Does she eat food by herself
or someone has to feed her? She has kept an assistant
for that as well. There she is, Kumari. She can forget to eat and breathe but
will never forget to take care of Anu. It seems as if she is born for Anu. Anu hates to bow down. If
something falls then Anu picks it up. – She is rude. Bye!
– Okay bye. Brother, she is not
a girl but an atom bomb. Let me tell you one thing. She
is the one who can change your dad. You just get sister-in-law home.
Rest she will handle. Dear, open your mouth. – Give me the towel.
– Take it. Card. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. Bye. Whose name is next? Saujanya, there is a girl
here whom you should also invite. But who is she, brother. She is Xerox copy of our dad.
Come with me. I will show you. Let’s go. Everyone will be surprised.
Where is he taking us? I have never seen him so excited. Hi Anu. Did you like our colony? Yes. Why have you come here? She is Saujanya. My sister’s friend. She is like my sister.
She is going to get married. That is why we are giving invitations. If you could come today.. I mean to
give blessings then she will like it. Why are you smiling? You may not know her but she
is inviting everyone in the colony. That is why she will like if you come. Give her the card. What are you doing? What are you doing Chaitanya? No function will take place
if she does not come in my wedding. Forget about the wedding.
I gave her the first card. After that I started distributing. That means you know each other.>From childhood.>From the time we were very small.>From my college studies till now they
have shouldered my responsibilities. I never missed my
mom when they were there. I was going to get married
in temple but Anu came and stopped me. They took care of all
the arrangements of wedding. Right from clothing,
jewellery to hotel bookings. My sister is very nice.
She always takes care of her friends. She cannot see them unhappy. Anu is very kind hearted. Great. Yes, I am always great. Have all arrangements
for the evening done? – Yes.
– Tell me if there is any problem. I thought she was proud and egoistic but she turned out to be someone else. Boss, let me make one thing clear. That girl is not just
a girl but a moving anaconda. She will swallow us alive
and you are going to woo her. – What are you trying to say?
– What are you trying to do, sir? She is beautiful but
she is very proud also. Your father is already
of such a proud nature.. ..and now you are thinking of getting
someone who is more proud than him. Chaari, rose has thorns. There is a thick layer
around the pomegranate.. ..and chocolate has a wrapper. Don’t we enjoy it?
We open it carefully and eat. Similarly there is a cover
of pride on father and Anu. But we can surely love them. Understood sir.
I think you have fallen in love, sir. Remember one thing, Chaari. There is pain behind
everyone’s love story. Love story becomes successful
only after going through that pain. – Just like a heart ache.
– Yes. Right sir. from now on I will
become your disciple and help you. What would you have done
if you were on my place? Talented students
of a reputed college. Sir, as Sheru had said
that talented people take rest. Shut up. I have come here
to tell you about the art.. ..exhibition that is
taking place next week. We have got sponsorship from the
MD of Short Cut Company Mr. Chaitanya. For a total of 10lakhs
but he has a condition for that. We need to gift him
a lively portrait of his. I will make it lively and beautiful. Last week I had made a
portrait of my stingy neighbor. A big garland was offered
on that portrait because he died. If that MD dies then
will your father give 10lakhs? You leave it. You have not paid
the fees for last one and a half year. And you are cursing the
money that is coming in. Sit down. My dear Anu, this is the most
prestigious issue of our college. You were the champion
of the last art exhibition. I just want you to make MD’s portrait.
That’s it. And you will become
art champion this year too. Okay, call him tomorrow. Sir, I have got the painter.
You need to paint him. Anu. Sir, I already know her. We were together in the past birth. Hi. How are you Anu? Sir, were you talking about this MD? Yes, he is the one.
Sir, show your Aadhar Card. Sir, he is the owner
of topmost companies of India. Stop, stop. No praise if you want me to
make the painting otherwise get lost. Please make the portrait Anu.
It is matter of 10lakhs. Don’t say like this.
He will give you first prize as well. – Shall I really have to make?
– Yes, my dear. Okay, come at the right
time in the evening. I just have one hour’s time. When he comes in the evening
then make such a portrait of his.. ..that he becomes happy
and adds one or two more zeros. I have practically nothing
in my account for last 6 months. – Listen, come well dressed.
– Thank you, dear. It is done. Thank you so much sir.
You made my life. You made our life. Otherwise this proud girl.. ..does not listen to her
father after making a commitment. She is a very naughty girl, sir. Start it. I cannot see you. Why do you want to see me?
Just look into my eyes. Okay. Her eyes are just
like that of an eagle. I feel like getting lost in them. Don’t look into my
eyes but look at my nose. Oh God, this style and attitude
and anger on her face is amazing. Your lips are very sexy
so I will look at them. Sir, don’t do what you wish to. Look
where madam is asking you to look. If you do not listen to the
artist then you will be insulting art. Isn’t it madam? Dear, have fruit. You have just drawn a single
line till now and you are hungry. Chaari, she must be hungry.
You continue, Anu. You continue. You draw so beautifully that
even the mirror would feel ashamed. You are lady Picasso madam. Really. Hello.. Sir, the phone is with me. But the Bluetooth is in my ear. I understood. Anu, there is an urgent call. Please bring everything
home in the evening. What? Chaari, call her home and
give her the auto fare. Okay. Okay, bye. Okay, I am coming. Sir, yesterday I
gave you 10/-for snacks. Sir, we had to be there for
one hour and came out in 15 minutes. I will not finish one
hour with her in one day. I thought I will meet her
for 10 minutes for 4-5 days. – Just like a film trailer.
– What a great idea it is? Slowly and steadily you want to
make place for your love in her heart. – Yes.
– Great. Shall I switch off the Bluetooth? – Chaari.
– Sorry. Okay, now go. What happened, Anu?
Have you completed the portrait? Sir, people stand in queue
to get a portrait made from me. What does he think of himself? He suddenly went while
I was making portrait.. ..and asked me to
come home in the evening. Oh no, I will not get 10lakhs. He must be having some urgent work.
I apologize on his behalf. -Even he apologized.
-Then? What about the fact that I got hurt? If you get hurt for petty issues
then your heart will get affected. While making portrait I clicked your
photograph and put it on college website. All boys of the college
like it and are commenting on it. Now the entire country
has become crazy to see the.. ..painting leaving
aside everything else. Why did you do this, sir? Whatever is done is over Anu. Go home and make his
painting and give it to him. Thank you so much for your
co-operation. I cannot hear anything. I have become deaf. Come on, come on. Come on, come on. Great. Hello brother,
my sister is calling you. Hi Anu. I have not come here to say hello. Come and sit here and
let me complete your portrait. Perspiration won’t look good in portrait
and as it is I am not in a mood now. I will see you fresh in the morning.
See you. Bye. You make painting in AC.
He will not perspire. Good morning Anu. You came without taking a bath.
You look like Chimpanzee. Now go to a parlor
and get your make up done. Come after that otherwise
I will be in no mood. Do brush your teeth. All the bacteria
will die and we will not be harmed. What will happen by doing brush? As if people will
come to know about it. But I will come to know. Anu, your
friends know nothing about painting. I’ll be there. Sir, if the painting
does not come out well.. ..then I will hand the
banner outside the toilet. What do you think about my madam? Once she starts painting
she does not stop. That means your madam is a robot. She is making the painting earnestly. It is complete. Come and see.
Hurry up. I don’t have time. Madam. What a great painting
you have made madam? You made this fool look like a hero. Get ready sir. Chaari, I did not get
so nervous even in my exam. I am getting restless
to see the beautiful painting. Let’s go and see. Ready. 1, 2 and 3. Who is this fool? Who else but me. She made you aware of your old age. Do you think I look so bad? Leave all that.
We will have to put it at the toilet. What happened? How did you like it? It is so beautiful that I am getting
confused that whether Chaitanya.. the painting is real
or the one standing in front of me. After seeing that healthy Monalisa I am
feeling relaxed for the second time. Only she can make such an
amazing painting in the world, boss. It is very good.
I wish no evil eye falls on it. Won’t you say anything? What to say? My boss has become speechless.
Isn’t it, boss? What should I tell you now? I am looking so handsome
in the painting. Am I really so handsome, Anu? Is there something
wrong in the painting? You cannot make any mistake. Kill her.
She is harrassing us since long time. Keep quiet.
There is just a small mistake. What did you say?
There is mistake in my painting. Tell me quickly where the mistake is. Come on show me. Actually you have made
my hair long in this painting. – That is the only mistake.
– Rest everything is accurate, boss. Anu, on seeing both of
them I feel something is wrong. Painting is bad?
Have you seen yourself in the mirror? Madam, why are your friends like this?
All the time they instigate you. Ask them to stay at home. Anu, don’t get angry.
Let’s call someone and ask. Don’t worry. It will be proved now. Excuse me, boss. Will you
come here for a second, please? It is not a girl that you are
staring at. Tell us that it is you. It is not me but my father. This painting is of a goon
does not mean that he is your father. If he is not my father
then is it yours? My father?
Does my father look so cheap? Crooked nose, swollen lips. Even if your father takes
100 births he cannot be like him. My father is not
standing in a contest. If someone sees his
face in the morning then.. Chaari, keep quiet. – I cannot tolerate so much
insult of yours. – Chaari. – Sorry.
– Sister.. ..can I take my father’s painting? Get lost. From where have
you come so dark complexioned? Which fool have I called
to judge such a beautiful painting? Get lost from here. – Anu, don’t worry. We will..
– That is my father’s painting. Get lost. Anu, rather than
calling fools like him.. ..we will call someone
who understands art. Enough. You called that
illiterate here to insult me.. ..make fun of my drawing
and make fun of me. How dare you? That is not the case.
You are misunderstanding me. Madam, don’t feel bad.
I have thought of something. We will give snacks free to anyone
who recognizes this stupid painting. And for clue boss will
stand with the spicy paste. Keep quiet. I will kill
you if you say anything else. I have understood. I was not paying attention to you so
by finding mistakes in the painting.. are trying
to make me prove guilty. You are misunderstanding. I don’t want to listen to anything. I cannot tolerate my insult anymore. Dad, this is Celeb Konect company. We can give them work to design
our stationery and logo to them. If you say then shall
I sign a deal of 5lakhs? Why are you asking father?
You too are joint MD of the company. Sign the deal by giving 5lakhs. Hey, why are you spoiling
him by talking in this way? He is my son.. ..but I will not be able to tolerate
if he does anything against my wish. – Sir, it is a petty matter so..
– What is petty? Even food is cooked
in my house of my choice. I do not eat food of other’s choice. Nothing happens in my
house without my permission. Did you understand? Hello. Okay sir. Give me some
time and I will reach there. Okay. Where are you going?
Do you want to get more insulted? Why sir? Is she the
only girl in the world? If you try to find
then you will find many. Once smitten twice shy and
you are still trying to get involved. Every time you meet her
someone has to become a target. Whom should we make
the target this time? What do I know? Have you gone mad? I have lost all the
dignity that I had earned. People are blind in love and I
became naked without falling in love. It seems as if they
have made me a scarecrow. If there is breeze then
I will b totally disgraced. My talented students. At last we have got the
realistic model of Adivasi. He is natural than nature.
– Of course. It is better if we remove the
leaves to make him look more natural. Are you not satisfied
with this much of skin show? You have been asked to make it realistic
and not to bring disgrace to me. If you wish to remove leaves
then go to jungle and find an adivasi. Useless. Sir, will you look this side? Why? Hey, I was helpless but why are
you naked as you had to make painting. Sir, by becoming an adivasi
I want to feel your inner feelings. We are being insulted
because of people like you. Being a man can’t you
understand the pain of a man? Now madam will come and shout at me.
I am sure of it. Hey, what happened?
Why are you staring at me? I was not staring at
you but to that pigeon.. I very well know boys like you. Boys like me? What do you mean? I very well know that you
come here just to look at me. Don’t say lies to me otherwise
it will be worst for you. Listen to what I
say and stop all this. If I see you in the college
again then you will not be spared. Hello madam. Where does so much pride come in you? Yes, I was staring at
you but not because I love you. Then whom do you love.
Do you love that Kumari? What an idea you gave me? If I say something about Kumari
then her pride will be shattered. You understood it right. I truly love your Kumari. Useless fellows will
marry a proud girl like you. But I would marry a girl like Kumari.. ..who would make me eat
fruits every now and then. That is why I got my painting made from
you and sang many songs around you. Because I love Kumari. Enough of Kumari, Kumari.. even
I do not take her name so many times. But I will call her
lovingly Kumari, my dear. She is 30 years old and you are 23 So what?
Age is never a barrier in love. Nowadays everything is fine.
Big actresses marry younger boys. Have you gone mad?
Look at her and then at yourself. Except for her I do not
want to see anything else. It does not matter to me
that she is from a poor family. I do not believe in caste differences. All I know is that I love Kumari.>From where did Kumari
come in between suddenly? Not suddenly.
This is relationship for ages. Now you have come to know about
us so help us in getting us closer. Actually people say that you should
eat sweet before doing anything good. With this we get good thoughts
and the work done is also good. So please, do not forget.
Only you can help. Bye! Thanks. “Slowly, slowly my train
moves on the path of love.” Madam, I am going to the market. Kumari. Tell me a nice idea Anu
that can help me to woo Kumari. Go and ask her. Madam, you can crack a good joke.
Are you doing PhD on jokes? What else do I say?
Do you need a plan to woo Kumari. Why are you talking in this way? It is very easy for a girl like
you to answer someone’s love proposal. But you cannot even think that
how difficult it would be for Kumari. If I say then will
she easily accept my love? Sir, your love is so pure. My love is not clarified butter
that needs to be pure, Chaari. Love cannot be expressed in words. That is a good dialogue.
Love cannot be expressed in words. Come on let’s do something.
Something thundering. Where are you going? She has gone to market
to get vegetables. People who are in true love
help each other and share the burden. I am also going to fulfill
the duty of true love. Chaari. Whether it is brinjal or
melon we will bear the burden. Let’s go sir.
Temporary love is calling. – Chaari.
– I mean permanent one. Let’s go. – Chaari, is madam following us?
– Yes, boss. I am in trouble.
I am feeling very scared, sir. You do not my madam.
She is very dangerous. By doing drama and
making me sit in the car.. ..I really do not know
how you are going to woo her. Your Anu madam has too much ego. What does that mean? This means a person’s sense
of self esteem and self importance. What? What is that called?
Pride. She is very proud. Yes, that is true. Her ego will calm down when someone
else will get more importance than her. Oh, so that is the case.
Now I have understood. Yesterday when I went to meet madam.. ..she was so sad as if
lost in someone’s thoughts. – Really?
– Yes, sir. When she got up at night to
drink water then she was awake till 2 This is a miracle. – Chaari.
– Boss. I think we have hit the bull’s eye. This is my mechanic’s number. Go and get your car repaired. I will pay for it. Get lost with your useless car,
you low status man. Come here. How dare you show finger to me.
I will chop off your finger. Where are you going so easily? You brought the car in between. Thank God that I did not complain
that you are drinking and driving. Come, I will tell you. – You are proud of yourself.
– Leave me. Come. Hey, who are you? Who else? He seems to be her lover. Right guess, buddy. I know how to fall in love
and break bones in love as well. So play it. The scene has changed. There are not one or two but
total four goons in front of hero. They will have to remain alert. The heroine smiled and
now they will not be spared. Now this goes for four.
He did not get a chance. They are being smashed badly. Goons are in trouble. Hero is very strong
and his fight is amazing. The public is watching the scene.
How the hero thrashed the villain? Hero tortured the heroine
and this is the finishing touch. Now this is too much. – Sorry madam.
– You apologize after making a mistake. Okay, is your ego calmed down now? Sorry Anu. In front of them I said
that I am your boyfriend. In fact I would have
said the same thing.. ..if there was some
other girl in your place. I just said a dialogue before
the fight. Don’t take it seriously. See you. Bye. Anu, good morning. Get up. It is 9:30 Hey, early morning you have
come to trouble me. Where is Kumari? She got up in the morning,
dressed and went to meet Chaitanya. She asked you to call
her whenever you get up. What else? I did some thrashing and
saved her from those goons. Chaitanya, this is too much. Hi. What is too much about this? Is it wrong to have food with sister? Chaitanya, I will meet you later. Bye. Where is Kumari? She is in my heart. Tell me where is she physically now? Physically or mentally she
is now in my heart in every way. Chaitanya, I don’t like all this.
Don’t love her. Why? What happened?
I think she likes me too. So what? If she likes me then soon
she will give answer to my love. Fall in love with me if you wish to. What did you say?
Can you fall in love with me? I want you to love me in
the same way as you love Kumari. And do all that for me
what you are doing for Kumari. Come on quickly say I Love You to me. By saying love you
too I will accept it. Are you giving order
for tea and snacks? When you fall in love
then it has to be expressed. That love is of no
use till it is from heart. You can come to know by looking
into eyes that someone loves you. Love is not done like this. There is no use explaining
these matters to you. You are not made for love. Even if I say I love
you and you accept it.. ..then also all our lives I will
love you and you will love your pride. What do you mean? I mean I do bowling, batting.. ..and fielding for you
and even catch the ball. And in this cricket match between
us I am the only one who will get out. Anu, right understanding
is very important in love. We will get married but ask yourself.. ..if you will be able to
get along with it all your life. This is not your cup of tea. Chaari was telling me that good
you fell in love with Kumari, sir. And not with Anu madam. If you would have messaged
her that you want to kiss her.. ..then instead of kissing
you she would stay away from you. I am saved. Madam, why are you sitting here? Do you know I am finding
you since morning? Aren’t you hungry? Look, it is going to rain.
Get inside, madam. You are the root cause
of all the problems. You spoilt my mind and heart. Because of you I acted so cheaply. How could I love someone
by being instigated.. ..and forgetting everything else? I tried to get someone’s love
who does not love but someone else. I have tried to snatch love.
I forgot who I am. You are a human being. A woman. But you have become blind in pride. Even if you have still not
understood then you are a fool. All this has happened because of you. Look into yourself before
raising finger at me. What do you think of yourself? Do you think yourself to be
the most beautiful girl of this world? Are you a fairy? You are nothing but an
ordinary girl and nothing else. Ego? I am more egoistic than you. I very well know when and
where to show it but you do not know. This anger of yours is
also because of your pride. Since long I am trying
to change that anger into love. But you are not going to change. Many boys will come in your
life who will instigate you to kiss.. then will you kiss all of them. Tell me. You thrash them and thrown them down. Then think why you kissed me. Because you like me.
Because you love me. And because of your pride you
are venting out my anger on Kumari. You very well know that
I am a nice guy and you love me. But your ego is not
letting you accept it. Enough of it. You are not right for me. I loved you so that
is why I wooed you. What all I did so
that I could see you.. to you and spend time with you. But if you want to stay away from me.. ..then even that will not bother me. Bye. Why did you block my number? I don’t want to talk to you. Then why should I keep your number. Why are you doing like this? On one hand you are saying that
you love no one else more than me. And on the other hand.. want to stay away from me
and don’t want to see my face at all. Do you know how I feel? For the first time I felt my
life is incomplete without someone.. ..and without him I am nonexistent. For a girl the most precious
thing is her dignity. Have you forgotten that I kissed you? You like me the very
first time you saw me. Even I liked you that day. When you used to
follow me everywhere.. ..I used to lie a lot
and my heart was at peace. When you had come to or
college for art exhibition.. ..I had thought that
you would propose me. But you took Kumari’s name
and my ego was hurt. I felt very bad. I thought you would
get separated from me. And that is why I proposed you. Even I love you. Say I love you to me and I
will accept it by saying love you too. I waited a lot that when
you will come and express your love. I came to you and asked for my love. Even then you did not understand
Chaitanya that how much I love you. I agree that I am
not like other girls. But I definitely tried.
I also felt bad. Forgive me thinking
my pride to be my ignorance. But understand my love too. I will not be able to
stop my ego more than this. Please Chaitanya, please. My ego is not that big in
front of your love that I can refuse. My son used to come to me for
my permission before doing anything. But he did not feel
it right to tell me once.. ..before choosing the
daughter-in-law of this house. Sorry father. By saying sorry you
can calm down your ego. But you cannot make her
your wife without my permission. Mind it. Anu, listen to me. Come with me. – Where do I have to go?
– What do you mean? Obviously to make
sir understand and agree. No way. So, you want to marry Chaitanya. – Yes.
– That’s nice. Can you see my feet? You will have to fall
at my feet and beg for him. Uncle, please accept our love.
After that I will think. Come on. Sorry, I cannot do that. Dear, there is no harm
in getting blessings of elders. You can take his blessings. Please don’t force me, aunty.
I don’t like touching anyone’s feet. I am like this. I cannot change
myself to make someone else happy. This is against my rules.
Rest is your wish. Think it over again. It is fine
if you like otherwise it is your wish. – Anu.
– Please, Chaitanya. I like the girl. I am serious.
I am serious. I am not joking. You have all the qualifications
of being my daughter-in-law. I can see myself
in you at this moment. I like that your self-respect
is very important for you. And I liked that because
of that you don’t want.. bow down in front of anyone. Whatever maybe the situation
you do not compromise with your ego. Hats off to you. Chaitanya, I would say that
you have chosen a real diamond. True sir. He has done a lot of hard work to
woo her. Too many efforts, I tell you. Indeed. So sorry. – Hello.
– Congratulations. Hello, of course sir.
That would be my honor. Do you like her? Just forget about it, sir. Leave
it to me. I shall take care of it. Thank you, Sir. Thank you. Chaitanya, they have chosen
me President of FICCI. Amazing. Congratulations. Do you know he was trying
for 5 years for that position? Congratulations, Uncle. Anu, all this has
happened because of you. As soon as she came
home I heard this good news. Congratulations, sir. You
found one who can compete with you. – Stop talking nonsense.
– It calls for a celebration. Everyone should know that
you have become President of FICCI Come here. How did you like the arrangement?
Isn’t it nice? Everything else is fine but
there is something wrong there. Where? Now it is fine. Shut up. I have work. Do you remember how much
fight we had with him the other day? Forgetting all that he
has invited us here today. Are you mad?
He just wants to show us his position. – Look there.
– Brother. Welcome. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. Take it. Mr. Shanakr Rao, thank you for coming. Do you know that without
begging I got this position? I just wanted to tell you. You have already
insulted us and today.. -That is not the case.
– Congratulations Mr. Rao. Mr. Rajeshwar.
You have done amazing arrangements. – Thank you so much sir. But the credit
for this does not go to me. – Then? It is purely because
of my daughter-in-law. – Really?
– Daughter-in-law. Yes. You heard it absolutely right, Mr.
Shankar Lal. She must be.. there she is. The combination of
rose and marigold is nice. If I am not mistaken
she is the girl from Warangal. Who does not know her?
She is the same girl. I think they do not know about her. Chaitanya, you.. Has her family happily
accepted this relationship? It is enough that I agreed.
I gave permission and that is enough. With my permission she will
be able to become my daughter-in-law. There is some misunderstanding. We had an argument so that is
why you did not accept the proposal. But here the matter is different, sir. Believe me. Talk to her family
members and take their permission too. Because her family would
keep people like you at a low level. What nonsense are you talking? Before introducing her to all
of us take her family’s permission.. ..otherwise you will
have to suffer insult later. If I have taken the decision.. ..then I do not need anyone
else’s decision, Shankar Rao. I have given permission and
this marriage will surely take place. – And this is pretty final.
– Pretty final or not will be seen later. There is nothing left to be seen because
I will get them engaged right now. And let me see who stops. You will have to put
engagement ring on her finger.. ..and for that she will never agree. I think you don’t know her.
Give it a try. Excuse me friends. Hey, everybody attention
please on the stage. Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you for joining
me in this moment of happiness. I want to tell you a very small thing. Actually it is not a small
thing but a very big thing. It is a very important moment
that I want to share with you. Chaitanya my boy come up on the stage. Go, sir. You all know Chaitanya. He is a hardworking and
talented MD of my company. Do you know what this
little boy has done? He has fallen in love and
he has selected his life partner. Yes. There she is. She is Miss Anu. BFA. What are you looking at?
Come up. Come up. – Go dear, he is calling you.
– Come. Go, go. Come. With your blessings they
want to spend their lives together. With the blessings of
my well wisher Mr. Prabhakar.. in front of you
all engagement will take place. What is he saying? Thank you. Just need your blessings. Father, what are you doing suddenly? Wait. Let me announce the date. It is not all. I am announcing
the marriage date also. It is going to be 25th of next month. – Cheers.
– Father! How can we do the engagement
without telling Anu’s family? We will tell after the engagement.
Calm down now. – Hey, get the garland.
– What are you doing? At least you should have
seen an auspicious time. I kept this function keeping
in mind the auspicious time. Even the priest had said that this
is perfect day for auspicious things. Give me your ring.
Your son is getting engaged. – Hello, how are you?
– Father, please don’t do this. Son, announcement has been
made so nothing can change now. Look at Shankar Rao closely.
That rascal is laughing at me. He was saying that I will
not be able to get you both engaged. Mr. Shankar Rao. Father, just because of that man.. can you get me married
before my elder sister. Don’t worry. Chaitanya, I know
very well what is to be done when. Mr. Prabhakar, please come. Chaitanya, what is happening?
Why don’t you say anything? Anu, he will not listen to us.
His nature is like that. As of now we will not
be able to explain them. Anu, we will get engaged
and later I will handle everything. I can’t accept all this. Anu, please.
I am telling you that I will handle. Okay, trust me.
I will handle all this. – Chaitanya.
– Don’t worry. I am with you. What are you both talking in whispers? Come on, the auspicious
time is passing. Come on. – Come.
– Come on let’s go. You take this Chaitanya
and this is for you dear. Congratulations. Send Anu otherwise.. Who are you to threaten us?
Who let you in? Lower your volume. How could you get them
engaged without asking me? You do not know me. now you will die. – Hey, what nonsense are you talking?
– Wait, Chaitanya. – Anu, who is he?
– He is my uncle. You loved her but didn’t
you find about her family. We did not. So? Now you and your family
will die mercilessly. Without finding anything
he fell in love.. ..and I fixed their marriage.
What will you do? I will kill you.
She is Sheilja Reddy’s daughter. Without her permission you
were going to get them married. Now no one can save you.
You all will die. You will be in such a terrible
state that even death will tremble. How dare you threaten
me at my doorstep? I will not spare you. You have no idea. All of you will die. – How dare you?
– Uncle, please stop. Don’t do anything in front of them. – Chaitanya.
– Anu. Come on. Let’s go uncle. Anu, Anu.. Just wait for a minute. Your father made a mistake Chaitanya. I cannot marry according to my wish. If my mother comes to know then
we will never be able to meet again. I will have to go. Anu. Anu. He insulted me by
coming in my function. I will not spare this rascal. – Vajpayee.
– Yes sir. Call the commissioner
and make me talk to him. – I will get him arrested.
– Hello, hello. Commissioner maybe your friend
but CM is very close to them. Who is this Sheilja Reddy? Before falling in love you should
have found that who her mother is.. ..otherwise she wouldn’t
have gone like this. Tell me who she is. After
that I will see what I have to do. Listen. If someone messes up with her.. ..then she has the power
to finish them completely. Her name is Sheilja Reddy. The thing is that if
someone hurts her ego.. ..then she does not spare that person. You have made your own ego
but her ego is genetic disorder. It is hereditary disease. Yes. No one can marry without
her permission in her village. Just imagine you got her daughter
engaged without her permission. Now only God can save you. Yes. One more thing. You invited me in this function
so that your ego gets satisfied. But my ego got satisfied. Thank you. Remember the date 25th. – Vajpayee, give me the phone. Quick.
– Yes sir. – I will just show them..
– Enough, father. – You have done enough.
– What is it? Now don’t spoil this matter further. Shanti could not marry her boyfriend
because you insulted his family. But now do not snatch
my Anu from me. Please. She is not picking up the phone. Madam, Chaitanya sir is calling. He has called 10 times since morning. Talk to him. Boss, talk to her. Hello, what happened? What do you mean
by saying what happened? Did you think that
I would forget you so soon? And will not follow you. Maybe by mistake
but now we are engaged. The relationship has become stronger. Stop talking nonsense. Anu, don’t worry. In sometime we will
reach your village Warangal. I will convince your mother,
I mean my mother-in-law. Are you coming here?
Do you know my mother? Anu, I will explain
nicely to your mother. I will apologize
to him and request her. I will somehow cool her anger. I don’t think so after hearing
me she will be able to refuse me. If you want to land
in trouble then come. Okay. It seems as if we are going for a war. Where is your mother?
Just wait and watch. She will like me so much that
she will get us happily married. Talk softly. If she comes
to know then she will kill you. What? That means you
told her about the engagement. If I had told her then
you wouldn’t be alive. She never forgives. That means your mother doesn’t
know what happened last night. Anu, wait. Anu, stop and listen to me. Mother should not come
to know what happened today. If she comes to know
then I will commit suicide. Swear upon me. Uncle, promise me. Don’t do this again, Anu. We will do whatever you say. Promise. Promise. We will tell the truth
if she does not know. What can she do then? Then your condition would be like me. I was chef in five star.
And now I cook food here. Nice to meet you, sir. You do not Sheilja madam.
If she was here then – We are dead.
– What happened? Amma. Why are you so scared?
Tell her that we are your friends. Get up. Go away from here
before mother sees you here. Why should we go? I am in love
with you and will take you as a bride. – Manikraj.
– Yes madam. I have found a boy for you. Dear, she has found a boy for you. I know it.
I have got habit of all this. – What does the boy do?
– I will tell you, dear. The boy is very rich
and is hiding in this house. – Manikraj.
– It was a joke madam. I was trying to make her
laugh but she did not laugh. What a senseless joke he cracked? The boy is a doctor
and I like him a lot. I have called him here to meet you. But they both should match
each other just like you and me. All that can happen
after marriage as well. Don’t interfere, Venu. Keep quiet. I am not interfering. Father is right. I have to marry him
so I should like him. Understood madam. He should
be such that he always serves you. A relation like the
one present in the house. Just like your father. Nowadays very rarely you find
a husband who works without salary. But we will search. Don’t worry. Manikraj. Madam, I just wanted
your daughter to smile. I was trying to make her
laugh but she did not laugh. It is my responsibility
to find a boy for you.. whether you like
him or not does not matter. Manikraj, I will choose the boy. There is no need. I have chosen the boy, Manikraj. Let’s do one thing.
first I will meet him and then decide. Sir, she will choose you only. Ladoo. Hey, now I understood that you
finish the entire ration of the month. You will not be able to digest
the food earned by cheating. I will throw one more. So many ladoos. Are you
going to open a sweetmeat shop? If one more Ladoo comes
then I will not spare you. Why don’t you understand? Shall I throw one more? Manikraj, I have kept diamond
necklace in your cupboard. See and tell me how you liked it. Because I have to give money. It won’t look good on my outfit. Stupid, don’t you have any sense? Sheilja, she will feel good
if you make her wear this necklace. The day she starts listening to
me I will make her wear the necklace. Tell me what you want to say. Why don’t your mother
and you talk properly? I do not understand why
Manikraj is required in between. For last five years we
have been talking like this. Everyone respects my
mother in this village. Whatever she says becomes
an order for people here. She has never learnt to lose in life. Being her only daughter
I was also like my mother. On seeing us people used
to say that we look like sisters. One day because of a small fight.. ..differences came in
between our relationship. Don’t force me for all this. Will you do what you wish for? I am not going to agree. Anu dear. Look, I have come first
in Art Championship. Till when will you not talk to her? Only when she becomes a doctor. Okay, so that is what the matter is. Good job, Anu. Excellent. Boss, the problem is solved. Of course. You are not talking
to her for last five years. Even if they are hurt by your
marriage she will not say anything. Rather than taking unnecessary
tension put her in tension. Even after many years if
you look you will find her quiet. That is why stop worrying
and live happily. You show your attitude
when she comes to you one day. She is an old woman after all. How dare you call him an old woman? She is my mother after
all and I love her a lot. I cannot tolerate
anyone insulting her. Chaitanya, I want my mother back. I cannot tolerate
her quietness anymore. I want to talk to her. I understand Anu. Don’t feel bad about what she said. I promise you that I will
make you and your mother meet. Till she does not talk
to you I will not her about us. We will not get married
till this does not happen. Okay. – Greetings.
– Greetings. Madam, something has been
oriented in newspaper about you. Manikraj, my friends are coming
today so get the farmhouse ready. They will stay here. Manikraj, why wasn’t my permission
taken before calling them? Yes, why wasn’t it taken? Will I have to take permission
to invite my friends’ home? No madam. This is your castle
and you are the princess here. My friends are doctors
and not artists like me. But you like doctors. She likes doctors but
does not like to go to them. Let them come now
that she has invited. In few days they will get
scared of you and will leave. Just wait and watch. Doctor, after their meeting
it is your turn to meet her. Villages have become
quite advanced nowadays. Earlier people used to
go to toilet in the fields.. ..and nowadays business
meetings take place in fields. Even I used to go for
toilet in my childhood. I liked it in open. Now everyone ahs personal toilets. You are talking like
this in front of us. Have you forgotten
that we are doctors? I have a special pen of a priest. – Is he the same priest who went
to Himalayas shaking? – Exactly. Cure my disease with this magical pen. Hello, meet me in free time. Along
with disease even you will vanish. To hell with you. Hey, how dare you married
without my permission? You even hid it from your mother. Earlier you used
to insult your mother.. ..and now thrash your wife
in closed room after drinking. What did you think that you will dominate
her just because she is a woman? And that too staying in my village. Such a grand pomp and
show for such a small case. Madam, the family and
family members are ours. She is my mother and will
talk to her in the way I wish to. It is none of your business whether
I insult my mother or thrash my wife. Don’t make my family matter a drama. I will not spare those who
have helped to create this problem. If you think that I will
get scared by this drama of yours.. ..then this is not going to happen. Look Amma,
he is threatening in front of you. I do not know what
he will do when you leave. Make him understand. This is torturing women. You got married without my permission
and now you dare to threaten me. Now I will give you such
a punishment for this crime.. ..that you will not
be able to do anything. Narsimha,
tie logs of wood on his shoulder.. ..and make him plough
the fields in the village. And make him do this
till his ego gets shattered. Manikraj, I am trembling. What happened? After seeing
the trailer you got scared. Give me the pen. Hold it. She is coming here. Let’s
leave from here. It would be good. Have you forgotten
that why have we come here? You can go if you wish to. It is now your turn. Come on let’s go.
First time everyone is scared. Madam, these are friends of Anu. Hello madam. For which project have you come here? To get married. No, to do treatment. We want to open a
hospital for poor people. And we have come
to do survey for that. Actually Anu gave
us the idea of hospital. She told us that you would like
if a hospital for poor comes up here. – Is this true?
– She is your daughter. She might not talk to
you but understands you well. She is not stubborn
and proud like you. – Both are daring.
– Will you keep quiet for some time? Sheilja Reddy help
those who help others. Till you do not get a good
place to stay you can stay here. – Thank you, madam.
– Venu, make arrangements for their stay. Phone. Arrangements will be done. I have already made arrangements. Oh God. You fell in love
with her without telling mother. And got engaged to her as well. Then you brought Sheilja’s
future son-in-law to village.. ..and made him stay in farmhouse. Poor girl.
She is not at fault in this. To apologize from Anu I had come
here to convince my mother-in-law.. that we get married. But after coming here I came to know
that as of now that is not important. First, I should make them meet. Very good, son-in-law. Sir, boss has accepted
you as his son-in-law. – Almost.
– Thank you, sir. Till Sheilja madam does
not accept him as her.. ..son-in-law it does
not matter if you accept him. There is only one way out.
Anu will have to win her heart over. I will have to solve
their differences with love. And most important thing we will
have to remind her that Anu loves her. In next two days an inauspicious day
that is my wedding anniversary is there.>From that day we
will follow that plan. – Aishwarya, what is all this?
– Yes, madam? Happy 25th wedding anniversary madam. – Take it.
– Thanks. How did you come to know?
Did Manikraj tell you? Manikraj does not even
remember his birthday.. how will he remember this day? He was asking me so I told him that
today is your happy wedding anniversary. Okay. Then who told you? Who else? But there is only one
person here who loves you the most. Day and night she worries about you. She just thinks about you
day and night, morning and evening. Your daughter Anu told us. What else did she say? She told us that she loves you dearly. She takes your name before God. Only then she touches food. Today is the biggest festival for her. That is why she wants to celebrate
this day with pomp and show. That too not just for one day but
for three days with fun and frolic. That is why she has prepared food for
you by getting up early in the morning. Has my daughter really grown up? Did she do all this for me? Yes Sheilja,
Anu has changed completely. I did not believe so think how they
came to know about our anniversary. I feel you should talk to her once.
Even you miss her Sheilja. Talk to Anu once. Please madam talk to her once. – Okay, let’s have food.
– Come on. Doctor, you had said that
you would treat in free time. Yes, I had said. The thing is that I am having
loose motions. Tell me some solution. It is getting too much. – I am there to treat you.
– When? Next year. It is difficult to tell at this time. Go and sit on the commode. Then shake your stomach
and recite a Mantra.. ..that will give right
solution to all your emotions. Then you will be permanently treated.
Hail to Baba Jholar Das. – Great. Will be treated completely?
– 100% – I will be grateful to you.
– Hey, give me my pen. Sorry. Priest Jholar Das. Venu, you have already eaten. No. How can I dare to eat before you? Answer to what I have asked. – Aishwarya.
– Yes, madam. – Where is Manikraj?
– He has some problem. He has gone to repair the
leakage in the bore well of the farm. If you wish to talk then I can manage. I have hired Manikraj for that.
Quietly eat your food. My stomach is full. Think of the devil and there he is.
Manikraj is calling. Tell me Manikraj. I am sitting on commode and have recited
the Mantra after shaking the stomach. – Is anything come out?
– But nothing has come out. What should I do now
to get everything out? Wait for 2-3 hours.
Surely your problem will be solved. What if it does not happen? How will the problem be solved? Manikaraj,
talk to madam while doing your work. – Give her phone.
– Manikraj, madam. Why is he making me
talk to the wrong person? – Greetings madam.
– Where are you? There was no water in the fields for
long so I had come to open the tap. That can be done later.
Come here immediately. Madam, this thing has to be done on
time otherwise everything will go wrong. If this work is not done then
there will be problem for many people. Have pity on them, madam. Talk on conference. Wait for a minute. Anu, Manikraj is calling. Pick up. – Hello.
– Maadm, your time starts now. Manikraj, what was the need
to get up early and cook so much food? Aren’t there any
servants in the house? Is it necessary to
talk about food now? Think about digestion. Manikraj,
today is their wedding anniversary.. I wanted that food
of her choice should be cooked. Manikraj, you do not know
how to cook non-veg food.. ..then how did you cook all this. Madam, nowadays you tube is popular. Anyone can become a chef.
I am an example of that. Manikraj, stop talking nonsense. I have made some special
dishes so taste them once. Taste is nice but the spices are more. Water, water.. It has come out madam.
It is a miracle. Where is the water?
The bucket is also empty. What is this?
There is no water when it is required. I do not know when
will it happen again. – Here.
– Careful. Anu, give her sweetmeat.
The taste will change. Manikraj, are you okay? It was going to get
better but not now. I am sure to die of this problem. Manikraj, drink water.
You will be fine. There are so many
servants in the house. Couldn’t anyone check the spices? Father, it is not their fault.
I had added more spices. Sorry. Anu. Madam, she has never
cooked food till now. She just cooked for you today. Actually she loves you a lot. She did not want to
trouble you unnecessarily. She will feel good if
you go and talk to her. Please. Venu, tomorrow we have to
go to temple to offer prayers to cow. Make arrangements. That is the tree and
here is the priest. Come. Why have we come here? Your mother has taken a vow so
that our daughter gets a good husband. We have come here to fulfill that vow. She has taken a vow
so what are we doing here? She wants you to offer prayers
to cow to fulfill the vow. Speak louder only then
I will be able to translate. I do not need translators
just like others. There is direct connection
between father and daughter. Venu, stop fighting with Manikraj. This is a temple so
will you all calm down. Greetings, Amma. You will have to say this prayer into
the ears of your daughter three times. After listening to that your
daughter ill make cow eat this grass. Priest, how my vow will be
fulfilled if I speak in her ear. Agree to what he is saying. May be by doing this
your vow will get fulfilled. And Anu gets a good husband. Priest, isn’t there any
other way to make offerings. It would be inauspicious
to change this. – Manikraj.
– Yes, tell me. God will also be in problem
if she gets angry with him. [sanskrit chant] It is impossible for
me to recite this Mantra. That means one in the hell. I could recite twinkle-twinkle
only after I reached 5th std. If I recite this prayer wrong then
something wrong might happen, madam. Do one thing. Come closer
to her and recite that Mantra. Madam will listen to it. – Manikraj.
– Yes doctor. – Go back.
– Yes. Just imagine that I am Manikraj. Whatever message you
give will be passed to Anu. Anu, close your eyes. Don’t worry madam.
Speak. I will repeat whatever you say. Don’t worry.
Have faith on me. come on start. Madam, what is the first word? [sanskrit chant] Come a little closer.
Yes, just a little more. Yes, just a little more. Now it is fine. What was the Mantra?
Just say it in the ears. – Anu, are you happy?
– Yes. Now is the right time. This
is the offering that was made to God. Go and give it to your mother. I am sure she will not
be able to refuse the offering. Will everything be fine after this? At least Manikraj will not be needed. At least she talks a little
as you are giving her the offering. Slowly, slowly everything
will be fine. She is coming. Give. Venu, you get her. – Here, is the offering.
– Take it. – Manikraj.
– Madam, I will forward. Take it. This is offering of God
and won’t be right to refuse it. Where did you learn this from
Manikraj? Will someone teach me? I am not teaching you anything.
I am giving you the offering. Take it. It is not easy for me to forget
everything. I am Sheilja Reddy. Don’t get angry. It is offering
of God so please take it. What if I don’t take? If you take offering then will
your religious sentiments get hurt? I will not tolerate. No one
can make me do anything forcefully. Don’t do this. it is an offering. – Anu, dear.
– This girl is too egoistic This is the reason as to
why we separated. Just tell her. Madam. Dear, she is Sheilja Reddy. For a small matter she did
not talk to Anu for five years. Do you think by doing this
entire she will get convinced.. ..and both will start talking? Never. The more you try the
more their egos will rise. Both are poles apart.
They can never meet. These efforts will go waste. Your love will get suppressed
between their egos. Eat offering. We will have to wait for some time. One minute. Madam, why are you entering from
this side? You are sitting that side. Go there. Sit comfortably here. Take away. Get a side. Madam, listen to me.
Anu, make her understand. Madam, she will understand. Anu.. What kind of drama is this?
Don’t you have any sense or not? – Otherwise it would be worst.
– Why don’t you say anything? What do you think of yourself? You don’t know me. Understood. If I was you then I would have
surely taken revenge from Sheilja. Even I want this. I am just
waiting for the right opportunity. Jagan, he is Sheilja’s son-in-law. Manikraj. Did you see how.. Ask madam, this color is very nice. Take a look. – This one is nice.
– Didn’t I tell you? Ask about this one. – Come closer.
– Get a side. Come closer. Hello brother, how are you? I am fine. How are you? I am fine. What are you doing there? Nothing much. Somehow I
am trying to save my marriage. What is this Chaitanya? Your sister is sitting
unmarried at home.. ..and you are worried
about your marriage. My dear sister, I cannot understand
that whether I will get married or not. What difference does it
make whether it is you first or I? Go and find the boy first. There is no need to find.
He is already readymade. – Talk to him.
– What? She is so quick. Hello. – How are you brother-in-law?
– You are very fast. Brother-in-law,
please help us to get married. Go and meet father.
If he scolds you then remain quiet. No big deal. Then go and
meet him again after one week. If he scolds you
again then remain quiet. Then he will get tired of
scolding and then fall at his feet. His ego will calm down
and he will feel pity on you. What if father-in-law does not agree? It is not my responsibility
what will happen after that. Rest responsibility I will
take care of. Just get us married. Okay, bye. Take care. My sister is faster than me.
She has already found someone. Here we have problem of our marriage
and there is that of your sister. I am sure you will
set everything right. I believe you. – Anu, someone will come.
– Let anyone come. It will be a disaster
if your mother sees us. So what? You had called the doctor. He is here. You all eat food. I will just be back. Okay fine. Hi. Did you call me, madam? How did you like that boy? He seems to be good, madam. Any problem. Problem is not in
that boy but in our Anu. He is a doctor and has come
for marriage proposal with his family. I like the alliance
and don’t want to lose it. I have told Anu about
this but she refused. Now if I ask her and she
refuses then I will not spare her. Sorry madam. One minute. – Hello.
– What is the date today? 18th. Did you call me to ask this? I have called to remind
you that only one week.. ..remains in the date
that I had fixed for wedding. Hey, go that side. If you are not able to convince
Sheilja Reddy then come back. I will get you married
to someone else. Come back home. Okay father.
I am trying. Just give me some time. Don’t ask for time from me.
That’s what we don’t have. Not only you but we
all will be benefitted. Marriage will take place
on the date fixed by me. That’s it. Okay father, sure. It will take place. Who called? My father. There is a wedding on 25th
so he was asking me to come. Then will you not be able
to come to your friend’s engagement? My friend?
Whom are you talking about, madam? Your friend, Anu. We have
decide to get her engaged on 25th. – She has not said yes yet.
– Then convince her. Friends are closer to
children than their parents. That is why Anu will listen to you. If she does not listen to you
then I have means to convince her. Just tell her. Cool breeze is blowing
and your life is in danger. To cool down father’s
ego you will have to marry Anu. And to marry Anu you will
have to calm her mother’s ego. Both are dangerous than one another. You can save from one but
it is difficult to save from another. Sometime I feel pity for you, boss. But have patience,
we will surely get you married. If by 25th Anu’s
mother does not agree.. ..then we will kidnap Anu and
you get married with her in temple. We will invite poor people
to marriage and fed them. We will get witness for free. I am tensed since morning. To answer your questions
I will have to meet Anu first. Call her and ask her to come. Since long I am calling
her but her phone is switched off. I don’t know why
people keep such phone. We will switch off
electricity of her house.. ..then go to her room
and talk comfortably. Happy. This is sister-in-law. Chaari, who is in that room? Mother-in-law is sleeping
so your way is clear. – This is..
– I think rooms have got exchanged. Why is she going there? – I don’t know.
– What did you do? I just did this. You scared her so now go and get her. – Should I go?
– Of course. – Don’t waste time. Go.
– Okay sir. I am feeling hot in my
room so I am not able to sleep Am I mad? This dangerous
woman is sleeping here. Forgive me. Hail to Bajrang Bali. Help me God. Doctor, I am not feeling well. So I had to call you.
Please have pity on me. I have read the mantra that you had
written with priest Jholar Das’s pen. What is this? Instead of solving the
problem he is making sound of a rat. Hey doctor, are you an electrician
that you are disconnecting phone? First madam interfered
but now I am alone. Do something. You are disciple of priest Jholar Das.
This is very easy for you. Just treat me once and
then I will set you right. You are my only hope. Shake the pen of priest Jholar Das. He disconnected the phone again. Enough. Now patient
and doctor will meet. – Anu.
– You. – Why have you come here?
– Your mother will get up. Boss is calling you. Go. I will handle her. You go. – Mother ill wake up.
– No. you go. I am sick and tired. My sleep is being disturbed. If someone is not able to sleep.. ..then that person should
go to her room and sleep. Neither you are sleeping
nor letting me sleep. Why did you call me here
in the middle of the night? What if mother gets up?
Aren’t you able to sleep? How can I sleep when
I am so tensed? Come. Today either he will treat
me or his degree will vanish. It is so hot and she
is sleeping with the sheet. This sheet is mine. No one can use my sheet
without my permission. This is a limit.
How dare you trouble me? Why is she walking like this? What has happened to her? Has any evil eye fallen on her? Oh God. What is this? I am searching you everywhere
in the house and you are here. Don’t you have any medicine? I think you are more
of plumber than a doctor. Keep quiet.
Will you make me land in trouble? How can I keep quiet?
I am feeling uneasy. For last month I am
not able to eat properly. I will be able to eat only
when my stomach gets cleared. Treat my stomach. Manikarj, tell me one thing.
Did you put all your effort? By sitting on the commode properly
I have read that Mantra 1000 times. – Exactly.
– After that is hook my stomach. But nothing came out. If you do not treat me
then I will not spare you. Do you think I am a child
that I will urinate here? Calm down. Manikraj, take this pen. What should I do of it? First you were not treated
but this will help you. Bend down and recite the mantra. Recite the mantra and do hole in sky! Come on. Let’s make a hole in sky. – Manikraj.
– Yes, madam? What are you doing here
in the middle of the night? Nothing. I am trying
to make hole in the sky. Anu has just left from here. Will you help me to find her? She was behaving in a strange manner. – Did you hear any sound?
– Yes, madam. Good afternoon madam. What nonsense is this?
What are you doing here? I came here to take my pen. Priest
Jholar Das had gifted me this pen. My pen is with you. Thank you, sir. Give it to me. Today I will
definitely do hole in the sky. Do you remember my fees after hole? – Madam.
– Make a hole.. What happened, Chaari?
Why are you standing here alone? What are you saying?
Have you forgotten my gender? What happened, madam?
Why are you standing like a statue? I was feeling hot upstairs
so I came out in open. Okay, so you are enjoying the breeze. Madam, you go and sleep. What problem is this? What are you doing by standing here? Go and see what has
happened to the electricity? – Yes madam. I will go.
– My pen. – Make a hole.
– It does not have a refill. Why have you come here, Chaitanya? What if mother had seen you? Anu, the situation has become worst. Your mother did not unnecessarily
bring you to temple to fulfill the vow. She wants you to marry
the son of this farmhouse owner. There must be some way to escape. Anu, if you do not
apologize to your mother.. ..then situation will
go from bad to worst. Tomorrow first thing in
the morning apologize to her. If she will feel that you
have realized your mistake.. ..then she will talk to you. Then I will tell her about
us and convince her somehow. Trust me. I am not at fault so
I am not going to apologize. – Move.
– Anu. Leave it, boss. She refused to fall at
your father’s feet to get you.. how will she
apologize to her mother. Stop dreaming boss and face reality. Pray early in the morning in temple.
Only he can help you. Hail to Goddess. If you would go according to
my plan then your work will be done. – Dangerous woman.
– What were you saying, Chaari? Nothing much, madam. Anu was saying something about her
childhood so he was telling me that. – What else did she say?
– Not now boss but later. – Nothing will happen. Let me tell.
– Okay. Before she was born you had sworn
in temple that you wanted a daughter. Does she still remember this thing? Why won’t she remember? Today she has come to
the temple to make vow to God.. ..that the differences
between you two should resolve. And you talk to each
other like earlier times. She could have apologized to me.
I wouldn’t have refused. She is ready to agree
to everything you say.. ..but she wants you
to understand her as well. Yes madam. She is ready to
marry the boy you have chosen for her. Madam, it is said that no one can love
as much as a mother loves her children. If this is true and you love your
daughter then please go and talk to her. Please. If you wish then you can send her a
message that Anu I want to talk to you. Maybe after reading that message
she might come and talk to you. Even your ego will
not get hurt, madam. Sheilja, Anu is in front of you. For her marriage you
should send her one message. Listen to me. Brother.. Do you know Chaitanya
that mother messaged me.. ..and told me that
she wants to talk to me? Your time will come. Thank you so much. – The timing is wrong.
– Anu, it’s me Chaitanya. Your mother is standing there. Maybe you thought of me
as your mother and hugged me. Mother is there. She was so happy to talk
to mother that she got carried away. She misunderstood her
best friend as mother. This is called true love
of a daughter for her mother. Anu, don’t waste time.
Go and talk to her. Great. He has started
doing drama here as well. Where did villain enter
from in this happy situation? Now will you keep standing
here or say something? Who are you? Last month my son is going
to get married to his sister.. ..and I was going to
have relation with him. But you did not become.
What do you want now? I want to talk to Sheilja. I am Sheilja. What is the matter? Your daughter Anu and
this boy love each other. They have got engaged
without your permission. Father. They have decided
to get married on 25th.. ..and his father has
announced everything. Hey, do you know what would
be the result of saying lies to me? I knew that you won’t believe so
that is why I brought proof with me. Look at this carefully. Nicely. Very strange. Everyone standing
here knows the truth except you. Why are you quiet? Tell her. Amma, I knew about it.. ..but Anu had threatened
that she would commit suicide.. that is why I did not.. Madam, please listen to me.
Let me explain. Madam, please listen to me. Madam, listen to me. Madam, listen to me. Do you know what would be the
consequences of saying lies to me? My daughter is equally responsible
so that is why I am sparing you. Otherwise I would
have killed you here. I will not tolerate.
I give you half an hour’s time. If you are seen around
then I will kill you. You are not worthy of being a father. Let’s go now. Sheilja listen to me. I don’t want to hear anything. She does not care about my dignity,
dignity of family.. ..she hates me and wants
to stay away from me.. ..then there is no
use of scolding her. I thought my daughter was egoistic
but she started speaking lies as well. Without taking permission
she got engaged. Because she does not value her mother. Five years ago she insulted
me so I stopped talking to her. I found capable boys for her marriage. I got doctor,
lawyer buts he rejected everyone. And you cheated me for this boy. On hearing the name of Sheilja
Reddy enemies start trembling. But today my daughter
made me nonexistent. Sheilja, I have never
said anything against you. Listen to me. She is your daughter
and will never cheat you. Because she loves you.
In the same way as you love her. If she loves me then tell
her to agree to whatever I say.. ..without being stubborn and ego. She said that’s he wanted
to study art and we let her do that. Now tell her to agree to what I say
and marry the boy whom I have chosen. But this cannot happen
against her will. Venu. How dare you argue with me? How are you Sheilja? Did
you remember anything on seeing me?>From last so many weeks I
was eagerly waiting for this moment.. ..and at last that moment has come. Let’s settle our old account. Shall I tell you a secret? I chopped my wife and mother
and threw them in the river. I was sick and tired of their fights. And today I will chop you
off in pieces and throw you as well. Hey, Sheilja Reddy is the lioness.. ..whom a coward person
like you can never kill. Come on thrash me.
Let me see how courageous you are. Come. Get out of my way. As it is if she is killed
then you will be benefitted too. I did not come here for my benefit. I had promised Anu that
I would stand with her.. ..if any problem
befalls on her family. – And I do not break my promise.
– As you wish. Now you will be finished too. Mother. Anu. Let’s go from here, mother. Hey. – Anu, give some water to mother.
– I don’t want it. If anyone wants to drink
will drink on their own. Sheilja, how did you get hurt? Where is Manikraj? Father, where is Manikraj? Where is Manikraj? Why? What happened? Do you want to start the drama again? What a strange mother and
daughter relationship is this? I don’t think there would
be fools like you in the world. You both say that you love each other. But when it is time to show love then
love vanishes and ego takes its place. You can cook food for your
mother but cannot serve her. You can buy diamond necklace for her
but will not make her wear lovingly. Love cannot be seen till it is shown. What is the ego in showing
love to our near and dear ones? When two people love each other
then no one can come in between them. But it is their fault
if they get separated. You should have
lovingly explained her.. ..that ego does not
matter in front of family. Is there any teacher
better than mother? You just decided to open
a hospital for poor people.. ..but what was the need
to make your daughter a doctor. Imagine that your daughter
would have become a doctor.. ..and would have opened a hospital.. ..but surely she would
have killed her patients. Do you think she is capable
of becoming a doctor? Just because you have
brought her up in this way.. ..I only reject this relationship. I had thought that after falling
in love with me she would change. Because of anger she is not ready to
talk to her mother who gave birth to her. How will a girl respect her
husband who cannot respect her mother? How will a woman respect her son-in-law
who does not respect her husband? I am already tolerating
my proud father for last 20 years. That is enough for me. Because of his ego my
sister could not get married. But that man was not bothered. I cannot tolerate any more ego. One thing more. If you are annoyed with your daughter
because of me then don’t do this. I will never show
my face to you again. Sheilja Reddy,
who cannot see the pain of a woman.. not able to see
the pain of her daughter. Rather than solving
the problems of the world.. should pay attention
to the problems of your house. Please. Hello. By creating chaos here you
are leading a peaceful life there. What nonsense? Who is speaking? After seeing my name on
the phone you are asking my name. Your son was right.
You are really very egoistic. Listen to me carefully.
Your daughter is with me. Hey, where is Shanti? Where is Shanti? Don’t shout. She is with me. You got my daughter engaged
without my permission.. ..and today it is my turn. I am going to get your
daughter married to her lover. Come and stop it
if you have the courage. I have heard that
your ego is very big. Let me also see if your
ego can stop this marriage or not. What is this Sheilja? I did not give you
all the information.. that you get my
son married to his daughter. I just wanted you to punish the father
of this boy who insulted my son. – Let’s go from here.
– But, father.. Where are you going?
First take permission. You.. What is this Sheilja?
Are you threatening me? Do you know who I am? Did you get a tight slap? Sorry. She slapped him and
you are apologizing. Shankar, I think something is wrong. Is he responsible for this slap? Amma, Chaitanya is not
responsible for that engagement. His father did this. My father instigated him and out
of anger he got the engagement done. After getting married to
Chaitanya’s sister I was going.. come to you talk
about their marriage. But I got too late.
Now only you can handle everything. Till when you will stare at him. Let’s go otherwise
we will be thrashed more. – Hello.
– Hey Chaitanya. What had you told
me and what is happening? You had told me that you would convince
Sheilja Reddy for your marriage.. ..but you instigated her
to get may daughter married. Just to solve your problem
you increased my problem. Dad, I had not asked
her to get Shanti here. I just told her the truth in anger. Maybe she felt bad so that
is why she is doing all this. But I am happy with all this. I think it is destined that Sheilja
Reddy should get my sister married.. ..and that is why Anu
would have come in my life. Stop talking otherwise
I will not spare you. You may not spare me.. ..but doing this will not
stop this marriage from taking place. I will fulfill all the
rituals of this marriage.. as her father and
do Kanyadaan as well. Chaitanya. You cannot stop this
marriage by shouting. You will have to come here
if you want to stop this marriage. – He disconnected the phone.
– What happened? Your daughter’s wedding. I will just go and get ready. Why do you keep troubling
me all the time? Hi, mother. – Look at your son-in-law.
– Greetings, father-in-law. Where are you all?
When will you arrive? Give me the phone. I want to talk. – My phone.
– I threw it. [sanskrit chant] – Stop this nonsense.
– Father! – Come on get up.
– Stop father. Don’t touch her. – What are you doing?
– Keep quiet. She is not at fault but
actually he has at fault. He is the root cause of all problems. I will kill you. How dare you? Leave him! Do you know whom are you threatening? He is Sheilja Reddy’s son-in-law. Hey, do you know who I am? Find out if you do not know. I am not bothered. Here only my order is law. Here if anyone talks without
my permission then his tongue is cut. Do you know I got angry when
I heard about what you did with Anu? I wanted to take revenge for that. But your son stopped me from doing
it so that you are not disgraced. Shiva, get them married
before Chaitanya’s father comes. It is not acceptable to me. I want to get them married.. ..but if I do that
in absence of my parents.. ..then there would
not be son as bad as me. But you are annoyed with your dad. This is not the reason
of my annoyance. I wanted to make him angry so
that he comes to attend this wedding. I did not want to hurt my parents.. getting this marriage
done in their absence. If we had to get married
after running away from house.. ..then my sister and I
would have got married long back. We wouldn’t have to waste
time in convincing my father.. ..for my sister’s marriage
and you for Anu’s marriage. It is a matter of happiness
to get their children married.. ..and they get this chance
only once in life time. It is our responsibility
to make them a part of our marriage. We just not do it for our happiness. It is their right to be a part of it. They should get the happiness
and respect that they deserve. Now you tell me. Won’t any father be
proud of having such a son? That is why on Chaitanya’s insistence
I did not get Shanti married. He wants you to give them blessings. They just want that they should get your
blessings before they get their love. They were going to sacrifice
their love for your dignity. It is not late yet. If you do not give your permission
then this marriage won’t take place. Yes father, if you don’t
want then we will not get married. What is this, dad? How did you even think
that I will humiliate you? I just want you to be happy. When you happily accept
this marriage only.. ..then we will think
ourselves to be fortunate. I am sorry. I made a big mistake by
doing this with your daughter. Now don’t make me feel
ashamed by apologizing. There should be no apology
between relationships. Will you get my daughter
married to him.. ..and make her a part of your family? Not at all. But in fact you make
my son a part of your family. Did you see that at last
crocodile and anaconda united? Love can unite anyone. Only your consent is not enough. She is very egoistic.
She is never going to change. – I don’t want to get married.
– Keep quiet. When we have changed
then she will also change. Daughter-in-law, get ready.
The auspicious time is passing away. Wait, one minute. Let me make her wear this. I had promised her. No, no. Take care of her. What happened? My daughter, my life is going. I cannot live without her. Don’t cry. Everyone is waiting for you. Come. Put water properly. I think you’ve not had
bath for last so many days. Why did you stop again? Rub hard. Only then you will enjoy. Put more.
Will you be stingy is using water? Clean properly. Shankar Rao, come. What happened?

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