That Sugar Film – Official Trailer

That Sugar Film – Official Trailer

Sugar is now found in 80% of the foods we
eat. But with the constant confusion over its effects
on our health, and with this little person on the way, I feel like I need some definitive
answers. The point is to test out a very high sugar
diet. How are you going to do that? If you want to match averages 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. 40 a day? They must be hidden sugars, found in commonly
perceived healthy foods and drinks. So no soft drink, confectionary, or ice-cream. People on this planet are growing sicker every day. and many scientists now believe that fructose has a role to play. I’m eating the same amount of calories as I did before, and I’m not feeling full. These calories do dramatically different things
on the human body. If I keep going at these levels, would I be knocking on the door of obesity. Definitely. You haven’t got far to go. Any sugar, ground sugar, white sugar, fruit juice concentrate from fruit juice, equal effect on your heath. Not feeling very well at all today. My fuse is a lot shorter. Your mental function is just unstable. You’ve got the signs of fatty liver. This is the first time I’ve seen that it can
be developed in 2 or 3 weeks. Whenever you walk into a supermarket make an immediate turn for the produce aisle, and avoid everything in the middle. Sugar’s not evil, but life is so much better when you get rid of it.

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  1. I watched this after I saw Fed Up, similar documentary, both can be found for free if you google a little. What an eye-opener!!! I knew sugar was bad but had no idea it was this bad. I lived on sugar because for some reason I remain really thin so I never saw the danger and it gave me quick energy. But now I try to avoid it as much as I can, water instead of softdrinks/juice, fruit instead of snacks and no sauzes on my food. I feel amazing!!! How bad this guy is feeling at the end of the experiment is how I used to feel for years. And now I am beginning to feel like the energetic guy he is at the beginning and ending of the film. So watch That Sugar Film and watch Fed Up, try to stay away from sugar.

    You will be amazed!!!

  2. Anythiny that goes extreme will kill you . NOT JUST THE SUGAR .
    So okay you cut off sugar but instead you are eating 1KG of red meat a day then 20 years later there will be a movie called " That Animal Protein film" released .

    Simple fact : try for 10 days without any kind of sugar ( even fruits & Carbs ) and let's see if you can walk by just consuming protein and Vitamin .

    Eating too much sugar : you get fatty liver and diabetes and heatattack .
    Eating too much Animal protien: you get cancer and heart attack and diabetes .
    Eating only Veges and fruits without any other thing : you become unfunctional in 2 weeks .

    The secret is balanced diet and good food combination , sadly ppl nowadays are such extremists , goes from one way to another .

  3. Thanks to all of the creators of this film and special thanks to KickthePj for recommendation to watch it. I am amazed and terrified at the same time. Once again I feel that raw-vegan style of life is the key to health and happiness

  4. Lot's of propaganda and sensationalism I'm afraid. I've definitely benefited from consuming less sugar but it's a bit extreme to say you must get rid of it.

  5. Literally don't waste your precious life watching complete crap like this documentary. Basic story is gullible aspiring journalist tv presenter guy takes up complete junk food diet and his health gets worse. Suprise, surprise, its super size me all over again.

  6. I'm on a keto diet for one month now. Means low carbs. I stay under 20g net carbs per day (total carbs minus fiber). My grocery shopping never been that easy. I skip 90% of the alleys. To focus on meats, deli and fish, eggs, dark and leafy greens, dairies (but without lactose), healthy fats, nuts and seeds, nut milks. No processed food (it's been 2 years I only eat whole foods so that was already an habit).
    How I feel? I burn fats instead of carbs for energy, so I never miss energy, I don't have cravings (or any "hard to resist" feeling for breads or sweet stuffs), I focus better on things, loose weight where I need, and my skin has never been that bright. So yes, sugars are not essential to your life. And yes, they are EVERYWHERE.

  7. Mom just showed us this movie. Absolutely Brilliant. When Damon drives through the heart of America, looking for real rood. He can't find it! We can SO RELATE! When we road trip. Mom & Dad pack coolers of healthy food. Thank you Damon!

  8. The “sweet tooth” of the family can be catered to without resorting to white sugar, which, according to one of England’s leading nutritionists, “is the only dietary difference that can consistently be found between persons who develop coronary heart disease and those who do not.”
    This was an article in a JW Awake magazine from 1970…. this stuff is old news.

  9. "Sugar is not evil but life is so much better when you get rid of it". So true, I quit sugar 6 months ago and the change in my energy levels, health and general well being has been amazing. Lost 10kgs as well. Gotta be happy with that. 😀

  10. Has anyone seen………………. Z E I T G E I S T — M O V I N G — F O R W A R D — 2011, and the new I N T E R R E F L E C T I O N S tralier on U T U B E ? It's worth watching…

  11. HAHAHAHAA MOST OF THE SHIT THEY SHOW IS HIGH FAT! NOT HIGH SUGAR. Yeah fruit makes you fat that's why fruitarians are so obese

  12. What's next, That Alcohol Film? That Opiate Film? That Salt Film? That Carb Film? That Sex Film? That Water film? Everything in this world can be bad for you in large amounts (yes, even water!). Totally pointless piece of crap movie.

  13. good luck processing anything at school or work with no sugar/fructose in your life. watch your waistline get smaller but your grades drop.

  14. wew no fruit or veggies for me mum!!
    refined sugar just like refined fats and starch is the enemy, "sugar" is poor language.

  15. Great courage shown by all in this film to take on the Sugar Cartel.
    I would love them to do the same film, but investigate the effect fluoride, from ALL sources, does to the body and brain.
    Perhaps a Dentist may want to volunteer, or he could volunteer his whole family to take the maximum dose from ALL sources.
    Do they have the courage to take on the Fluoride Cartel?

  16. Hello everyone! Why there is no any simple button to obtain a full movie? Go to official site, then go to distributor, then try to navigate in a different environment… Come on, it's not client oriented. I'm confused. I have a pirate-version in sight on Russian language (my native), but I want an English one. First minutes were amazing. So, please, can anyone just give me a simple link where I can just click "Buy" & "Download" buttons? Without a bunch of side materials.

  17. What we really need is the WHEAT Movie if people know what happened to wheat it will freak them out. Sugar is nothing compared to the genetic horror that happened to the wheat in the 80s.

  18. Is this a comedy? The moron thought he gained 8 kg in a couple of weeks by eating the same amount of calories as before (2300 kcal), now that´s hilarious. No one can be that dumb.

  19. I was interested in this, but then you brought up delusional pseudoscientist David Wolfe, so my interest is gone.

  20. It's harder to quit sugar without hitting the gym,.. body wants to reward itself with something, and sugar is the easiest way, but with a muscle development routine and diet, free serotonin helps you to quit sugar easly..

  21. What else am I supposed to eat if everything I buy is full of sugar I'm eating the stuff I was brought up eating. I don't know what else I'm supposed to eat?
    please do a show telling me what I'm supposed to eat

  22. Here's a thought.  Doctors, your neighbor, TV, ads, you name it vilifies salt, a natural ingredient in the human body and necessary for proper function but God Forbid you should ingest any of it, ever.  Sugar is shoved down our throats in all manner.  Eat cake, Snickers for energy, fancy million calorie coffees at Starbucks, tons of ads on TV for candy snacks, sugar in all forms is ok, not at all the danger salt is.  Sugar kills people.  It makes us sick, it makes us obese, it's an addiction just like cocaine.  What kind of message is this?  The Wrong one.  Common sense goes a long way.

  23. This film (essential viewing for every citizen in Western society, especially the US) was shown on late night (Australian) TV the other day. Since watching it, I've started checking the sugar content in every processed item in my fridge/pantry/ and local supermarket before I buy. It is absolutely incredible to find that items such as pork scratchings, tonic water and (supposedly) natural, unsweetened yogurt have added sugar!!! The effects of our dangerous high sugar/high fat/high salt diet of processed crap food is literally killing us! Damon's film should be essential viewing in every school, and govts should be funding anti sugar campaigns along the same lines as anti smoking campaigns in the past. Safe sugar? No such thing! This stuff is DANGEROUS!

  24. Ironically sugar is good for one thing, it gives you a warm blanket
    (fat) so cold weather is not as bad. From my experience, I'm always at
    the whims of temperature drops from becoming lean

  25. I watched this film after a recommendation from my yoga teacher, and honestly, I am shocked that anyone who cares about others' health would suggest it. I have a few burning questions. 1) Is this a joke? The graphics, experiment design, demonstrations, and setup were just utterly vapid and completely flawed. It seems like Gameau wanted to make sure only three-year-olds would take him seriously. 2) Is this movie fake, meaning totally set up and exaggerated? They did not display any legitimate studies about all the claims he made. They did not show the real results of his blood tests and other measurements. This film only used one person as a test subject, Gameau himself. This is a flawed experiment design because every single person's physiology is unique and the seemingly drastic results that occurred to him (both changing to the sugar diet and then back to the high-fat, high-protein diet) do not speak for everyone. Also, what else was he eating besides sugar during this experiment? Obviously, he wasn't consuming JUST pure sugar. There are other ingredients in those food products besides sugar that are truly damaging. When the doctors tested his immediate response to the "sugar," they used a milkshake. A milkshake? Are you kidding me? That is not just pure sugar. A milkshake contains many other ingredients and chemical compounds that also damage the body. Speaking of other chemical compounds, this movie focuses only on macronutrients, and not micronutrients. Macronutrients are protein, fat, and carbs (sugars), while micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and antioxidants. This is one of the many problems with current health "knowledge." Everyone is led to believe that it is all about the macros. Do some real research, and you'll find that micronutrients are much more important in our overall health. When a food is in its whole, natural, unprocessed state, it has an abundance of micronutrients, and whatever protein, fats, or carbohydrates it has does not matter because the micronutrients do their job in processing or converting them correctly in the body. The information that the doctors in this film give is just conventional knowledge. It may or may not be what they learned in medical school, but either way it does not matter because doctors only get SEVEN HOURS of nutrition education in their whole medical school carer. Seven hours? That is not a sufficient amount of time for them to learn enough accurate information in order to be responsible enough to be giving advice like this. 3) Who sponsored this movie, and was Gameau paid off to create it? No shit sugar is unhealthy! EVERYONE knows that. The movie claims that the government pushes sugar onto people, but I would disagree. You visit any government website for health, such as the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association, and none of them try to trick you into thinking sugar is healthy. It is a personal choice to eat sugar, knowing that you are doing harm to your body. It just seems like this film was made to distract us from other things that are extremely unhealthy for us, things that the government DOES push and brainwash people into thinking are beneficial. Towards the end of the film, Gameau states that of course, sugar isn't the only thing that is causing all our diseases and illnesses. What else though? Why isn't he admitting that to us? If this film really were created to help people improve their health and live more fulfilling lives and not to cover up secrets of the food industry, it would be honest about everything that is good for us or not. Lies, lies, lies everywhere. Sketchy shit put out by the media is everywhere you look. Please stop getting your information from untrustworthy sources that are just seeking to make money. Look at real research, studies that are set up correctly and not funded by industries. Listen to health care professionals who do not have an agenda to promote, but have actually conducted their own studies and want to use that information to help people. Believe it or not, there are doctors and researchers out there who have found shocking information that is almost the opposite of what they had been led to believe their whole lives! They used their wise minds to stop denying the truth, even though many would turn against them. The truth is out there. It is so blatantly obvious, but people are too stubborn and unwilling to change their habits to even listen. That is why watching a film like this one is so easy for people to do. It just confirms what people already know about unhealthy sugars. You may think you have come across a shocking revelation and are doing something you have never heard of before to improve your health, but you are just affirming what you already knew. Search harder. Don't be afraid to look outside conventional knowledge.

  26. This is the greatest thing I've seen on Netflix! Ive watched it twice already and I've learned a lot and changed my diet drastically and already feel a lot better

  27. am i the only one who's looking for the music/song that is played from the beginning till 00:10 ?
    btw congrats to all who gave up on sugar, you all are the king!!

  28. A few minutes in and he explicitly states "and see some changes then that seems like a pretty good story", which suggests he has predetermined the outcome.
    This will result in him engaging in activities separate from diet that will affect the outcome.
    Biased as fuck and a waste of fucking time.

  29. It's been known for a long time now that sugar is bad in high doses and people need some guy to gobble down sugar during 60 days in front of a camera for people to realize how bad processed food is? Damn he's the impersonation of Capt'n obvious for me, nothing spectacular really and ya'll acting as if he spoke the truth for the first time.

    What's next? replacing water by vodka for 60 days and see how that goes. Kinda ridiculous

  30. We stopped eating sugar and feel so much better. Numerous health issues have vanished. Most people are being slowly killed by candida overgrowth because of processed foods that contain sugars and preservatives. It's epidemic. We found it's actually fairly easy to make good tasting sauces, salad dressings, etc. that don't contain sugar or preservatives. Start buying fresh foods and use your kitchen. You'll be glad.

  31. Watched this film 2 weeks ago,,, I weigh 141 kilos and tried everything and anything so started this and boy it's falling off ! Currently weigh 135kilo after 2 weeks I eat no process foods or perceived low fat everything fresh ! Hopefully I stick to it ! This film has made me understand how it all works ! Thank you Damon gameau xxx

  32. I have a degree in nutrition aaand i just couldn't get through one page of comments. So many self-entitled experts.

    I will say one thing: do not confuse sugar with carbohydrates.

  33. Sugar (Carbohydrates) are necessary for bodily functions, though. You just need to be active enough to make sure the carbohydrates you consume are replenishing the right glycogen: Muscle.

  34. So far so good for people who wants to lose weight or are under doctor control.

    As far as I can see from the contents of the video, I dont think most people will have any problem, and many might even benefit greatly. What can be a better diet than whole foods for normal people really?

    But as with any diet, some illnesses may not be compatible with low carb diet (illnesses with salt and or water loss, some operations, some drugs etc). Video is not about low carb, I know, but low sugar and low carb diets are generally applied together. So, I might sound boring, but as with ANY diet, please consult your doctor first.

    Also many thanks to the people involved in research and making of these kind of videos. May humanity all live long, healthy, happy and prosper.

  35. This film does not appear to be about sugar alone, but sugar combined with other unhealthy foods.
    Curious as to why the mainstream medical establishment doesn't have a cure for cancer? This is why.

  36. Make sure to watch "Sugar: the Bitter Truth" as well and recommend it to others.
    This can actually save your or someone else's life.

  37. When you finally decide to start eating healthier might taste bland and boring at first but after a while your body will only crave healthy stuff and you will get creative in making it taste good! And you will be addicted to feeling good instead of eating junk! Then when you decided to have that bite of chocolate you will feel like you earned it! Everything in moderation all the time.

  38. I noticed that the film is no longer free. What kind of useless twat would make a film like this that contains info about an every day substance that's detrimental to people's health and then try to gain capital from it? Someone else will put all the info out there free so I guess you can use your film to whipe your ass.

  39. What makes me sick is that this guy supposedly made this film to raise awareness about the serious Ill effects that sugar in all form has on your body yet you can't watch it online for free even though it has been on free to air tv on SBS.

  40. It's a good movie and I liked it up to a certain point. Near the end it features (briefly) David Wolfe. That man is an unscientific nutcase. Putting that idiot in this movie makes me question every claim made by this movie.

  41. To all those people saying they’ve quit sugar, how!?
    I mean these days literally EVERYTHING has some sort of sugar in it, even if it’s natural sugar.
    What sort of things do you eat?
    What don’t you eat?

  42. Just watched this.. Shame it’s not more well known around the world how bad sugar is! Hiding it in foods! How dare they!!

  43. Amazing documentary. Now they should make a sequel exposing animal fats/meat being vital for the human nourishment while shitting on vegetable oils which are the true cancer

  44. I was 255 lbs when I saw this documentary late December 2014. Im now 175 lbs and have changed my diet completely….still eat a lot of crap and what not; but my sugar consumption has been cut dramatically, no more soda…it changed my life…These were all things I already knew would be good for me to do, but the thing about this documentary thats burnt into my head; is when he replaces his chicken teriyaki sauce with just plane sugar in same gram quantity, its so gross and its an image i think of whenver i think of the physical amount of sugar within that specific food. visualize the sugar by itself on a plate and it changes thank you so much for this documentary; it helped put the sugar portions into perspective for me. which is exactly what i needed to change my ways.

    Thank you…

  45. Just watched this and while it's educational and takes up an important issue I found several false claims in it. Sad to see but in it's whole it's alright. I would rather recommend watching this video instead: Sugar: The bitter truth /watch?v=dBnniua6-oM

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