The 2018 Bookbug Picture Book Prize Winner Is…

Hello everyone!
We’re so glad you could join us as we announce which book received the most votes in the
2018 Bookbug Picture Book Prize. Now this is a very special prize because you chose
our winner. We asked you to read three brilliant books
by three very special authors and vote for your favourite. Bookbug has counted every
single one of those votes and we are now ready to announce our winner.
Before we do, we’d like to say a big book-loving thank you to each and every one of you who
took part in this fantastic prize. All in all, 22,000 children in schools and libraries
across Scotland cast their votes, and lots of you did fun activities based around the
books. We’ve seen children building their own ice-cream
palours; planning parties for a new baby owl; and making their very own Bonnie Baby rosettes.
And, if you’re in primary one you were really lucky as you received the three books to take
home in your P1 Family Bag. In fact, we gave out over 62,000 of these bags to every P1
child in Scotland. Before we reveal our winner, let’s have a
quick reminder of the three brilliant books and the authors who wrote them.
Who do you think is going to win? I want you to give me a big cheer for your favourite.
Will it be Debi Gliori and Alison Brown for LITTLE OWL’S EGG? A beautiful story of a new
arrival in a family of owls. Or, could it be Chae Strathie and Nicola O’Byrne
for GORILLA LOVES VANILLA – where we join a gang of hungry animals in an ice-cream palour?
Or finally, could it be Michelle Sloan and Kasia Matyjaszek for THE FOURTH BONNIEST BABY
IN DUNDEE? Where a very grubby little baby tries to become the city’s bonniest child.
Well it was very close between all three books but now it’s time to find out which one is
the winner! Drum roll please… [Drum roll]
Hello everyone, it’s Chae Strathie here. And I just wanted to say that I was amazed. Astonished!
And astounded. When I heard that GORILLA LOVES VANILLA by me and Nicola O’Byrne had won the
Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2018. Now, obviously there are a lot of people that I would like
to… OH, did you see something there? There are a lot of people I would like to
thank so let’s have a look… let’s have a look in the box… there’s something funny
going on here. Let’s have a look in the box to get the list
of people I’d like to thank. Okay? So, let’s go!
Hang on a minute! It’s Cheeky Charlie! Cheeky Charlie is not meant to come with me
to these things because he is rather cheeky and quite mischievous. And I did hear that
he’d been sneaking around picking up books and things like that so I wasn’t sure.
Well, seeing as how he’s here already, perhaps we can get him to get the list out of the
box, yeah? Let’s just check first: are you going to be
cheeky? He’s not going to be cheeky, that’s good.
Are you going to have a carry on? He’s not going to have a carry on. That’s… excellent.
So, Cheeky Charlie if you’d like to get the thank you note out of the box we’ll carry
on. Okay, so this list is very important. It is for all the people I want to th…
I knew it! This isn’t a list! It’s a cheesy old sock! Oh, that’s disgusting.
Thanks Cheeky Charlie! Oh, he said there’s no list in the box, just a smelly sock.
Well luckily, I have all the names up here in my head. I would like to thank the teachers.
I would like to thank the librarians, mums and dads, Scottish Book Trust, and of course
all the other wonderful authors who were on the shortlist. It really means a lot to have
won when there were such brilliant books on the list.
Eh… and I think that’s about it. And we’ve thanked everyone, yep? Hang on a minute! I’ve almost
forgotten the most important people and that’s YOU!
So I’d like to thank all of you, the children, who voted for GORILLA LOVES VANILLA. Thousands
of you voted and it was wonderful. So thank you very much for that. And, as a special
surprise, I think we should do the GORILLA LOVES VANILLA song called ‘Wriggle, Jiggle,
Squirm’ all about worm ice-cream. So, I’ll nip off and get my guitar and we’ll
have a little sing-song. Here we go…

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