He went that way. North-West 100 meters. No weapon. Easy kill. Car! No, plane. Watch for the drop. I could use a bigger gun. Oh shit. That’s real close. Let’s get it. That’s a death trap. We haven’t seen anyone out here for hours. We’re probably the only ones left. I mean the game’s still going, right? Then there’s other people left. Yeah, cause they’re watching the crate! Look, I don’t even have a gun. You have a freaking frying pan! If we don’t get what’s in that crate we’re getting killed by the guys who do. What do you think we get if we win? Probably a million dollars, or something. Be great. You know what would be great? Not dying. How about not dying, and a million bucks? You cross that field, you’re going to get shot! Look, just crawl. No one will see you. I can see you guys. If somebody shoots at us shoot at them. Eh, I can do that. Alright. How do you open it? Surprise mother fucker! You forgot to rack it, didn’t you? Guys. Grena- I got this, from this pack. It should help take the edge off. Is it over? Niko killed a guy with a frying pan. No shit. Wha-What? You guys forgot the main weapon? Wren. Chill, chill, chill. Sam’s not happy about it. So I don’t know where that f**king scope is. They forgot a radio so I have no idea what’s going on over there right now. The lady, she’s gone by probably twelve times now.

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  1. I preferred pubg over fortnite and I'm a little upset that blue balls or pubg corp or whatever name they use now, didn't take the right track to success.

  2. Me: saw the first part of this video

    Also me: gets on pubg and run around with the macheti

    Me again: got shot to death on the first 3 seconds i saw a guy even i tried to knock his gun out with my macheti

    No shit Sherlock im lonely af: feelsadman

  3. So that why the Frying Pan is favorite mellee weapon.
    But my friend said the frying pan is the worst weapon in the game :c.

  4. Shit, that 1:50 high pitch screech from the background from an animal threw me off, i thought it was my cat. Man, good job, as always, corridor! Aesome stuff!

  5. Pubg should add a cinematic thing for the winner like the player or team will go to their house and eat chicken on the table

  6. когда у тебя слабый комп и ты можешь смотреть только видосы по пабг((

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