The Best Fantasy Movies Everyone Missed In 2018

The Best Fantasy Movies Everyone Missed In 2018

With major blockbusters and huge franchises
taking up most of our attention these days, it can be easy to lose track of all the great
releases sneaking by under the radar but these 2018 fantasy movies are well worth seeking
out. For his feature directorial debut, Anders
Walter has successfully brought Joe Kelly’s graphic novel I Kill Giants to life, resulting
in a mesmerizing tale of heartache and heroism. The plot follows Barbara Thorson, a restless
12-year-old girl living on Long Island who, in an effort to escape from her turbulent
home life, takes on a unique hobby: slaying giants. “Giants aren’t real.” “Then why are you sweating?” As the film follows Barbara through her adventures,
it beautifully weaves together childhood heartache and thrilling escapism along with an epic
dose of fantasy action. With solid directing, acting and CGI, this
all-around high-quality feature has a kind of Pan’s Labyrinth feel to it, and is bound
to appeal to your inner giant slayer. Although most blockbusters are plenty of fun
and full of eye candy, there’s still something special about a well-made movie that didn’t
have access to mountains of cash. Case in point: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s
The Endless, a not-quite-sequel to their first movie, Resolution. The duo directed, shot and starred in the
film, delivering a shocking fantasy-tinged story of uneasy fear which will discomfort
even the most stalwart horror fan. The film’s storyline follows Justin and Aaron
Smith as they return to the mysterious cult they once escaped. Once there, the unnatural peace is slowly
and masterfully broken down in a series of revelations that expose a horrific, Lovecraftian
underbelly. “Hey I drew you a going away gift. Aww… wow. Thank you. it’s honest.” Tastefully terrorizing, The Endless blends
elements of fantasy, sci-fi and horror, all without the advantages of a huge budget or
A-list actors not that this stopped the film from attracting near-universal critical acclaim. How do you think you gain telekinetic powers? Obviously, by drinking water from a mountain
spring hit by a meteor. At least that’s what Train to Busan’s director
Sang-ho Yeon had in mind when he made one of the most refreshingly unusual superhero
movies of the year. Written and directed by Yeon, Psychokinesis
is a good reminder that superhero movies “don’t have to be about saving the world.” The story is inwardly focused, following the
origin of the unlikely hero Seok-heon, an ordinary man who accidentally gains telekinetic
powers. This all happens just in time to receive a
distress call from his estranged daughter Roo-mi, informing him that a mob-run construction
company is threatening her trendy fried chicken restaurant in Seoul. Launched into the action as he’s still just
getting to grips with his own abilities, Seok-heon comes across as a perfectly illegitimate superhero,
frustrated by his own powers and often unable to think on his feet. Simple and refreshingly light, it’s a superhero
movie of down-to-earth proportions and a welcome change of pace in a Marvel and DC-dominated
world. Before the turn of the millennium, director
Terry Gilliam set out to film an adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes’ classic 1615 novel
Don Quixote. His attempts to do so became the stuff of
Hollywood legend, as Gilliam battled through a seemingly endless series of production delays,
actor turnovers and legal and financial fiascos. His journey even inspired its own documentary,
2002’s Lost In La Mancha, which followed the futility of an early go-around on the project
that featured Johnny Depp as Sancho Panza. But Gilliam’s vision for his comically romanticized
film was set with gritty determination, and decades later the movie has finally arrived
in the form of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. The film’s plot progresses through an absurd
and fantastic series of events, with Adam Driver playing a simple yet perfect foil to
Jonathan Pryce’s wide-eyed, ludicrously charming shoemaker who believes he is the real Don
Quixote. It’s a fun movie with a great story behind
it, which only serves to make it that much more interesting to watch. If you’re just as much a fan of romantic comedies
as you are of a good, shocking twist or two, you’re going to want to check out When We
First Met. The story follows Noah, a man who who falls
in love with a woman named Avery after the two spend an evening romping around in a near-perfect
“date-like” series of fun adventures which ends with a soul-crushingly friendly hug. As time goes on, Noah pines for his lost love
until he stumbles into a fantastical photo booth that sends him back in time to the day
they met. This sets off a hilarious series of “try and
try again” scenarios in which Noah attempts to change his personality in order to create
the perfect first date, and win Avery over before she can meet her future fiancé Ethan. “They’re like love magnets. And no matter what happens they’re going
to smash into each other… over and over and over and over and over.” “Okay. I get it. You’re extremely threatened by Ethan.” When We First Met has a clear-cut Groundhog
Day feel to it, but Adam Devine’s ingratiating energy saves the movie, keeping the story
light and the audience laughing.

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  1. I was going to watch I Kill Giants, but then I thought that the CGI would probably be cringy. I watched The Nun, which everyone watched and it was horrible when I did, so I'm going to watch I Kill Giants.

  2. I kill giants…. wasn’t all that good. I felt misled. I thought there was this warrior kid that slayed giants with a mystical hammer….There was only one fight in the entire movie and it was at the very end and very underwhelming

  3. Love "When we first Met" it was the only movie on this list that I saw this year. Definitely want to see I Kill Giants the most, but I'll give all of them a try!

  4. I recommend I kill giants at least once, but I personally did not like it. Main character was totally unlikable. Cool concept "meh" execution.

  5. Thank GOD the Man Who Killed Don Quixote didn't get Johnny Depp for Sancho – he is good in a very specific set of films (pretty much PotC or anything Tim Burton) but this would NOT have been a good film for him

  6. The House with a Clock in Its Walls – is a cute fantasy movie people likely missed in 2018. Why didn't they mention that? They want you to watch some daffed girl in bunny ears.

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