The Best Horror Movies Of 2019 So Far

The Best Horror Movies Of 2019 So Far

Whether you’re a lifelong horror hound or
a new convert to the joys of the genre, it’s a good time to be a horror fan. Recent years have had something for everyone,
and 2019 is showing no sign of letting us down yet. Here are the best horror films of the year
so far. Midsommar follows Dani, a young girl tagging
along with her boyfriend and his friends to a remote Swedish village as it prepares for
a rare midsummer festival. As you might expect, things escalate from
there. Midsommar isn’t just horrifying — while
there are some standard horror elements thrown in, the bulk of what makes the movie frightening
is also what it has in common with Hereditary. It’s about guilt and grief and loss, and the
entire film feels raw and unnerving. This tale of a family encountering their own
crazed, murderous doubles is even more layered and complex in its themes than Jordan Peele’s
previous Get Out, and decidedly more ambitious. It’s intense, deeply original, and scary as
heck. Us proves that Jordan Peele’s position as
one of the most important creative voices of his generation is secure. Plus, the movie also proves definitively that
Lupita Nyong’o is one of the greatest actors currently working. “The girl had a second child, a boy this time. They had to cut her open and take him from
her belly.” The original Happy Death Day finds a college
student getting murdered by a masked killer again and again, forced to relive her birthday
until she can figure out how to break the time loop. 2019’s sequel, Happy Death Day 2U moves the
story just one day into the future and deeper into science fiction. The film is packed with quantum reactors,
alternate timelines, and colliding doppelgangers twisting in all kinds of directions, including
back into the original film. It’s a bigger, better, wilder film than the
original. Reboots can be tricky. Follow too closely to the original, and there’s
a good chance a film will be labeled as lazy. Go too far outside the lines, you’ll lose
the nostalgia appeal. 2019’s Child’s Play manges to walk that fine
line, giving a 1980s horror story about a possessed doll an internet-era update that
plays on the ridiculousness of its premise. Yes, Child’s Play is going to be about what
you’d expect to see from a killer doll film. But it also seems to have an understanding
of its own limitations and doesn’t try to project some deeper meaning. It’s an hour and a half of gory horror, wrapped
up in a bow of ’80s nostalgia. Velvet Buzzsaw finds director Dan Gilroy turning
a satirical lens on the pretentious culture of fine art. Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo lead an ensemble
cast of characters who come into contact with the works of a little-known deceased painter. The paintings themselves begin killing off
critics and dealers one by one, putting a serious crimp in their lucrative dealings
and torrid affairs. This supernatural, occasionally silly, blood-drenched
commentary on the collision of art and commerce didn’t quite garner the overwhelming praise
that Nightcrawler earned. Nonetheless, plenty of critics found plenty
to enjoy in this campy horror flick. “The best work is only enjoyed by a few and
they buy what they’re told, so why not join the party?” Fresh off Jordan Peele’s 2017 horror hit Get
Out, Allison Williams takes another dive into the genre here as Charlotte, a former musical
prodigy who begins an affair with her school’s current lead cellist, Elizabeth. While it’s clear from the opening credits
of The Perfection that Charlotte doesn’t have the purest of intentions, the full extent
of her motivation makes for one hell of a twisted ride. To say more would spoil the insane twists
of the film, but trust us when we say that the film is not for the faint of heart. The film itself might not be perfect, but
The Perfection definitely feels one of a kind. Greta is as much about emotional vulnerability
as it is about the horrors of befriending random strangers in the New York City subway
system. Chloë Grace Moretz plays Frances, a young
woman new to the city, who’s dealing with her mother’s recent death and is in need of
a friend. Enter Greta, a seemingly kind older woman
who’s forgotten her purse on the subway and could also use a friend. The pair strike up a relationship and it isn’t
nearly as innocent as it first appears to be. The wide open spaces of the American frontier
are often romanticized by classic westerns, but The Wind recognizes the horrific potential
of all that emptiness. In the film, tough frontierswoman Lizzy is
haunted by that emptiness, personified by the ever-present wind howling across the plains. Despite reassurances from her husband, Lizzy
becomes increasingly convinced that some sort of demonic presence is haunting their homestead. Is there something supernatural out there,
or is the horror of The Wind nothing more or less than loneliness itself? It’s a question that will haunt anyone who
goes along for this moody, atmospheric ride. The Hole in the Ground spins a subtle story
about a woman and her son moving to a village in the countryside to escape a troubled past. But there’s something disturbing about their
new home — namely, the enormous sinkhole in the nearby woods. The atmosphere and metaphors of The Hole in
the Ground are far better experienced than described, but we’ll just say that you won’t
be disappointed when you dive in to check them out for yourself. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. You people need to really stop hyping “us” like it’s a masterpiece. It was alright but shit it wasn’t great. Really lazy and choppy. And the mom was not that good of an actress lol foh

  2. Velvet Buzzsaw was garbage. I was so bored and everything was predictable. No likeable characters and some of the acting was truely laughable.

  3. Half the movies on here look dumb as hell…and Happy Death Day 1 was hot garbage so I gotta assume part 2 is also…It Chapter 2 is probably the most anticipated movie of the year and it wasnt even mentioned smh…also Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

  4. The Perfection is the worst movie on this list, shouldn't even be here. Lack of horror, lack of mystery, very predictable, very.. Just no, shouldn't be here tbh

  5. The newest version of Child's play it was awful! it has to rely on gore/visual images to impact the audience, it doesn't have any of horror thanks to the doll that in this version it looks like Chucky has a facial surgery

  6. Midsommar and Us, I agree with but the other choices make no sense. They shouldn’t be there when Ready or Not, Satanic Panic, Phantom Mary, and Bliss should be there. (The Lighthouse too, even if a majority haven’t seen it yet).

  7. Velvet Buzzsaw was unbelievably disappointing. Something must of happened behind the scenes because this came from the guy who made Nightcrawler

  8. Very good list!!totally agree with Greta, Hole in the ground, the wind… on the other hand… velvet, not for me

  9. "Us" is not original. It uses an old concept of doppelgangers as a horror element. I will admit it was creatively done, but this is definitely not an original concept. Just because you are too young to remember any older doppelganger films doesn't negate their existence. I am not saying that to be mean, but I do often get tired of people making blind assumptions about things they don't know that much about. I liked the movie…and doppelganger movies are not done very often, so it was a nice hark back to that type of story element.

  10. Is US a 2019 movie? In my memory I already watched it in 2018.. 🤔 Actually I don't even remember much of it anymore, only that it had something to do with doppelgangers and that I was quite disappointed after seeing Get Out and having high expectations for this one.. Usually when I hardly remember anything of the storyline of a movie it's not a good sign

  11. I didn't really think the Pet Sematary remake was that great & Annabelle Comes Home were just the same cliché jumpscares.

  12. I miss the older horror films. From 1990-2013. The horror in those years were simply amazing. The recent couple of years have only disappointed me so far. With the same stories, same scares, non scary atmosphere.

    Really hoping for more movies that will fck you up and actually scare you

  13. The Curse of La Llorona and Annabelle: Creation should be on this list. Most films that you put in this list are mostly psychological thrillers and not horror films.

  14. Excuse me,.. you put in child's play and happy death day 2 u but not Anabelle?!
    or Scary Stories… damn that's one messed up list man…
    The only ones i agree with are the first two. Get yourself some better people to make horror lists cause my god.

  15. Huge props to 2019 Child's Play. I went in expecting nothing and they actually managed to take the existing mythos and add enough to make it feel new.

  16. Jordan Peele is a talented dude…..but one of the most creative voices of his generation? You guys are the equivalent of toilet paper for some people, sometimes.

  17. Wow what an awful list of films. Some are fine and even good but the fact you put a film like Velvet Buzzsaw on here just shows this video isn't an actual discussion of the best horror films of the year. Instead it's just another lazy Looper video where you picked some random films regardless of quality and spoke about them for the sake of making content.

  18. Jesus christ, your list sucks. The first 2 aren't horror, more like thriller. Child's play? Dumb…velvet buzzsaw? That was boring as hell and goofy. Horror is not thriller…. they're different. Horror is like IT, American werewolf in London, dark was the night, monster, exists, conjuring etc…….hereditary SUCKED btw.

  19. I'm sorry, but most of the good horror movies are the movies that aren't mainstreamed🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  20. 'Us' was a very interesting movie, and certainly a good movie. It wasn't scary.
    'Happy Death Day 2U' was a straight comedy.

  21. Midsoomar is defeninalty the best one in the list, it deserves an oscar and can go toe to toe with this Joker movie everyone keeps talking about ..also how tf did childs play make this list? that was absolute garbage

  22. this is not The BEST horror movies so far…this is just a list of the horror movies released so far there is no distinction of quality only the fact that the film exists in this genre.

  23. Trump: I love a good "whore" film.
    Agent: Sir that's horror film.
    Trump: I know, that's what I said. I love and watch the greatest whore films you will ever see.

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