The Best of Kardashian Family on The Ellen Show

The Best of Kardashian Family on The Ellen Show

[MUSIC PLAYING] You cannot turn on the TV
or go online or walk out of your house without seeing
at least one Kardashian. And in fact, there’s
one here today. Please welcome my friend, Khloe. Kim Kardashian West Kourtney Kardashian. Kendall Jenner. Chris Jenner. Kylie Jenner. And the lesser-known
Kardashian sister, my name is Karla Kardashian. So you made a deal with E! to
do the show another five years, is that right? Right. For $150 million. And my cut is what? Like, if I’m Karla. Well– there’s your cut. Oh, wow. Oh, look. It’s says “Karl” on it. And then we just added the “a.” The “a.” Oh, I see. Yeah. I see. What’s something
you’re afraid of? Uh, whales and bellybuttons. [LAUGHTER] That’s not normal? [INAUDIBLE] Whales? Freakiest thing ever. Like– You’re afraid of them? Oh, yeah. And belly buttons? Don’t get me started. [LAUGHTER] Kim’s makeup line, as you
know, is very, very successful. And I just love her so much,
and I’m really wanting to– I think you’re
going to need this. Oh my God. Kim. Uh– ohh. Uh, YMCA? Uh, [INAUDIBLE] I don’t even know. It’s like– Oh. Um. No, come on. [INAUDIBLE] Rockettes. Uh, cheerleader. Yes, there you go. I’d like to talk about Caitlyn
So the first time you saw her, I heard, was a hilarious story. So funny. I was super-drugged up
coming home from the dentist, and I guess I was just trying
to FaceTime every family member. So Caitlyn is FaceTiming,
and she is fully now Caitlyn. Fully Caitlyn. And that’s the first
time you saw her, when you were high on
drugs from the dentist? Mm-hm. Maybe you were just so high,
you thought you saw Caitlyn. You must find it even hard to
keep up with the Kardashians now. I wake up and I need a vodka. I’m going to have you
do different exercises and different emotions. Sad jump roper Good. Surprised lunge. [GASPS] Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. To think you’re
having a baby anytime, and you just told
us it’s a girl. Oh, yes. [CHEERING] I’m not supposed
to tell anybody. Kourtney is also
pregnant as well. Stop making up rumors about me. What? I’m not pregnant. I confused you with Kendall,
because Kendall’s pregnant. [CHEERING] You got to chill because
I’m not pregnant. You have to chill
is what you do. [LAUGHTER] Never have I ever walked
in on my mom with a guy. Oh God, I’ve never. [LAUGHTER] I’ve heard her– I live with her, so I
heard her from downstairs, and that’s just as bad– Oh my God! –as [INAUDIBLE] it. It was mortifying. We sent Kris Jenner to the
$0.99 store here in Burbank. You know what I can do? You know what I can do? Finger dance. I can finger dance. [LAUGHTER] [CHEERING] [SCREAMING] [CHEERING] Oh my gosh! [CHEERING]

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  1. Hi Ellen I wanted to say that I really wish I could see you in person not on tv but I’m a really big fan I can sing I wish I could show u so if you see this please call I’ll give you my number if ya mind love you 😍

  2. its wonderful to see Karla Kardashian finally being accepted by her sisters!  We really need to see lots more of Karla, so Ellen please bring Karla onto your show more often.

  3. Hi Ellen ! As we all know you help people a lot and we all really appreciate what you do..i think there is someone else out there seeking your help for his attached..hope you see a it..#PeaceOut..keep doing what you

  4. Been asking for a Kardashian week all along- now just for a Kardashian week live on the show; a different sister each day

  5. People really out here clicking on a video just to spread hate? Lol y’all are more fans of the Kardashian’s than their actual fans

  6. a lot of people throw shade at them of y their famous many people might not agree with many of their actions but u can't just hate them for what u see on camera or tv and they've done many things to be successful women than just kim making a sex tape everyone always emphasizes the one thing a person did wrong for their whole n not what they did good. Plus if u hate Kim for making a sex tape it was her choice I mean come on their are many porn stars who make money out of sex i'm not judging them either just saying and don't say imma suck up fan because I am not.

  7. Ellen!! I’m 10 years old and I watch your tv show for 5 year I watch the Ellen show and Ellen’s game of games I love that you are so kind and funny you are my roll model and for my 14 birthday I will get tickets for the Ellen show with my mom because we are both big fans my favorite game Is know or go and I also made a project of you stage to present to my class because the school wants to know how creative kids are

  8. They are amazing family , people are just jealous of their success , fame and fortune , long live the kardashians

  9. “I wake up and I need a vodka.” Wow……the on,y time I’ve ever related to anything any of them said.

  10. I don't know for what these people are famous for..
    only thet get their beauty from plastic surgery ..shame on y'all
    If i were y'all..i won't expose and gake my beauty here and there..GO get a life KARDASHIAN family..shame on yall

  11. One day when humanity evolves people like these will be looked as the narcissistic clowns of the primitive past, a dark side of human hiSstory

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