‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast Together For One Final Time

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast Together For One Final Time

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  1. See ya guys, thanks for the laughs and the AMAZING writers. The science content was mostly factual unlike most…

  2. 2:28 dont worry directors aint that stupid to kill of some iconic character like u… like that one show who killed thr main guy by dropping off a piano

  3. This is so sad I started watching this when I was 4 and now I am 11 when i sew this was the finale season I almost cried but I didn't

  4. Cant believe its over, amazing actors and characters, i don’t have a favourite but would like so say my appreciation for jim parsons portrayal of sheldon and kaleys acting was amazing

  5. Bravo! Not to many can say they went 12 yrs and still re-run's almost as funny if not as funny as the past 12 yrs/ thanks for laughs & the caring you showed towards one another , it showed in your acting reality does live in >acting

  6. The most amazing thing is that they actually sound like in the series (except "Bernadette"). I've seen in interviews some of my favorite actors and they were totally different from their characters, but not these guys. These guys are just as lovely. And I also love how "Sheldon" talks and uses the adverbs correctly, he's indeed a smart guy. Best comedy series and best comedy actors, ever! 😀

  7. Melissa Rauch received 500K per episode and she was in 206 of them. Her net worth reported is roughly 8 million but she received 103M for the show. How the fuck does that work.

  8. I grew up with The Big bang theory, I'm so Sad they end the show, but I think its better than letting the Show ends Bad.

  9. I End up crying when i watched the last episode of TBBT especially when the outronof the episode when sheldon sang the theme song calmly. 😭😍 missing Dr. Sheldon Cooper. 💕

  10. Whaaaat bernadet she has a completely different voice than the series. awesome actress! thanks for all these years.I was a 16 year old teenage boy when I started the series.I am now 28 years old man, 6-year-old boy's father after I finish watching the series.you are amazing! all the best to you. Love Andrew

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