The Big Picture \ Preparing to GO

The Big Picture \\ Preparing to GO

In the big picture, and really in the story of our lives, when we decide to do something that will alter the course of our life forever, we need to prepare for it. Simply finding out what’s important and doing our best at it isn’t always a wise way to proceed. Preparation, training, and team-building are a must if we want to persevere in ministry. So, in what we call the preparation stage of the big picture, you’re going to be built up and equipped in an incredibly supportive environment. From the in-depth study of God’s Word under teachers and mentors who know it well, to learning under men and women who have done the job of cross-cultural church planting and translation, the training is an absolutely necessary part of the big picture. And it’s really just part of the preparation, because you’re going to have time to connect with your community and your home church, and see God build a network of supporters who are going to get to see themselves in your ministry, because in the end, it’s your community and your church sending you out. So, go into it with a heart of a learner. Dig in deeply to the truths of God’s Word that you’ll be exposed to. Open yourself up to the community that will help you serve for years into the future.

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