The Bigger Picture: Simply Kenna/Cozy Kitsune

The Bigger Picture: Simply Kenna/Cozy Kitsune

has simply kenna / cozy kitsune been facing an identity issue? i’m interested in yout thoughts dm @zillarage on twitter

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  1. Do you think Kenna was struggling with her identity or was it something else? I think we are all searching for something. 📂 *DO YOU HAVE A TOPIC FOR ME? -*

  2. Well, this comment section includes a lot of fascinating, interesting, & very enlightening thoughts & input. 🙂 What can I say that hasn't already been said? ^_^

    Well, come to think of it, there is one thing I can add…(ahem) In regards to the word "Gypsy": While it can be considered a slur, use of the term is actually a bit more…complicated, I suppose…

    Simply put: Wikipedia & Wiktionary & websites related to Gypsies/Romani can provide a more…how you say…nuanced view of the matter, if you're interested in finding out more. 🙂

    Also, they're very educational & informative in regards to learning about the Gypsies/Romani in general. ^_^ They've been a great source of research & info for my "Great Mouse Detective" & other fanfiction stories.

  3. Does anyone else think she’s possibly a narcissist and a sociopath? (But more of a narcissist?)

  4. Never heard of her until now. Maybe I will check her out and do some of my own research. Always love your videos. So much interesting information! Can’t get enough of your channel. 💕

  5. Most non-americanized Japanese and chinese people I've seen don't care, it's only the ones here or even white people who have the issue.

  6. 5:00 I don't know where you got that information about the head piece…its not romani…its Arabic. And she simply Kena is Turkish i believe(dont like her one bit..but) still cultural appropriation is sooo stupid (at times) i don't mind people of other cultures wearing my countries traditional outfits! And please dont talk about the romanis you dont really have them in the U.S! you really have no idea what their like! In my country they are above the law , they can get away with everything. But either way great video!

  7. I always cringe when people use "cultural apropriation". The modern world is essentially build by the West. Meaning almost everything used by non-Europeans should be cultural apropriation.

    Also the discriminated gypsies. Every wondered why they are kicked out of every country? Ever wondered why they didnt integrate in any European country, no matter the ideology , the economic level and welfare level. Ever wondered why even during communism in Eastern Europe they still couldn't be integrated.

    I like your videos but Im very dissapointed in this one.

  8. the n word used to mean "king" in west african languages, slurs usually used to mean something else before they became slurs, her excuse about hitler is stupid

  9. I love that after 2 years people still make video about her <3
    Also, thank you for this video. I've been following this scandal for the past years, your video is the best one so far. Really eye opening and informative thank you

  10. Honestly I do not agree with the gypsy thing, we call them that in Romania(translation of it) because there are a lot of them in our country and people associate Romani with Romanian. And we hate it. They don't work, they go to other countries and make lots of money from begging. They are ignorant, obnoxious and very rude. There are exceptions to every rule, sure. But the majority are not fair and good humans.

  11. I agree with you on most things but the bit about cultural appropriation in the beginning was a bit of a reach. I really don't think someone's admiration of eastern culture and more specifically buddhism is a negative thing at all. There's nothing wrong with decorating your house with things related to buddhism. Moreover, I don't think she has the conviction to burn herself for her beliefs but most people do not. You shouldn't use anecdotal evidence to prove why someone's beliefs and lifestyle are fraudulent. Most Christian's who have even been raised in strict Christian households would still not be willing to die for their beliefs. I've seen Muslims skip Ramadan because they have exams, etc. Also, many easterners use western aesthetics or follow western religions so this is not something I think is a valid criticism nor should it be seen as something that would defame her character.

  12. good video! but you forgot to tell: the second apologize was scripted lol, and she's not a young girl with a crisis identity. she's a grown 23 woman without emphaty.

  13. Her explanation on how she turned into Buddhism is Bs like srsly!!! JUST BECAUSE SHE WATCHED AVATAR!!! That is so offensive!

  14. I loved MICHAEL JACKSON, BUT he was accused by others and his own producer, QUINCY JONES, of STEALING others ppl's music!!! I will be doing a video on this soon. I would like u to do a video on this as well. Pls SHOUT OUT my channel, CALIFORNIA PICKIN if u do. Thanks.

  15. Seeing Rocko and Reptar every time I watch your vids brings me back to my childhood. Seeing Halloweentown's iconic hill makes me smile also. Thanks!

  16. I think every rapper probably has a head piece of Jesus Christ on a necklace.

  17. Lol, her secound apolagy vid was the best cos she has the hardest time NOT looking at the poem on screen

  18. I'm not really personally worried about the new culture of making cultural appropriation claims but, she's been a drama magnet for a while so, I'm not surprised to see you finally talking about her.

  19. I feel like, there are too many “tea” youtubers talking about this and jumping on the bandwagon when it’s too late…the controversy is still big. Whereas Kenna is just not a very good person because she can’t find herself or some shit like that.
    People say her aesthetic is bad. And I’ve seen worse as well. Like kids today think Satan, suicide, depression, blood, and ect. Are the best aesthetics you can find out there. When it’s not. It should never be. Those topics are sensitive and serious. I’m not bashing on this video. I just feel like so many people jump on the same bandwagon. And I’ve been hearing the same thing every time somebody posts a video.
    I don’t approve of what she’s done. I agree completely that she’s “crazy” but again. When people say she’s being controversial. It makes me laugh. Because there are influencers that are so much. And it hurts my eyes to see so many “THE REAL SHIT ABOUT KENNA”. Idk if anybody else feels the same. Most likely not.
    The other funny thing is. When she got called out, a lot of people started to bash on people who’d wanna support her and ect. We bash Kenna for being an internet bully. But then…become…ones? Like, ehhh…I thought we were suppose to be better than Kenna. Not stoop the same level.

  20. I don't know her nor watching her channel she did some insensitive stuff in the past i loved your content

  21. Oh, but you don't know the actually disturbing thing regarding her "real" apology. Someone actually told her what to say, how to say it, how to film it etc, to save her image. It was definitely NOT sincere. The discussion between her and that person was leaked, I found it on some of those gossip sites, so shit is real.

  22. Also Kenna's second apology was written by someone else and Kenna initially claimed she did nothing wrong to the ghost writer😂

  23. I'm pretty conflicted about her. I want to like her for her content but not who she is as a person. I love the style she gives off, but like cmon dude. You dont even seem like you've changed and theres so many people blatantly calling you out on it.

  24. Is this the same bitch who purposely photo shops her eyes to look Asian and cried and erased her account when she got called out or was some other problematic insta person


  26. I have asperger. Kenna just seems like an undiagnosed asperger ruined by social media and especially her autistic levelled obsession with herself and her "beauty". I do recognise her disconnection with reality and human society and human feelings/bounderies. She has no idea how the world works. Yes i do think she has autism. She has become mean and harsh, i hope she will snap out of it one day. To me, being asperger, i just hate stealing and being rude and being unfair; all the things Kenna does do. But you see this alot with aspergers who got no diagnosis and got no protection from parents/healthcare and just grow more closed and more into themselves "against the world" over time. Just sad. *sry bad English

  27. About cultural apropriation. It's like someone once said about child pornography: there's no exact definition, but you KNOW it when you see it. When American Indians today are still marginalized, disenfranchised and stolen from and white Americans are wearing war bonnets at festivals that's appropriation. Our culture LITERALLY OUTLAWED native religious practice, for over 100 years we wouldnt allow indians to even own sacred items like war bonnets. When black girls are mocked their whole childhoods for wearing cornrows because thier mothers cant afford their hair, and thats the best way to keep it neat, and they would never be taken seriously in a professional context wearing them , yet white influencers decide to adopt it as 'trendy' and suddenly it's mainstream and desirable, that's appropriation. It's real, especially in the United States, and it's not ok. The national park I worked at, the gift shop sold "indian art". It was manufactured in china, had nothing to do with the local impoverished Blackfoot populations or their culture, and when an actual Indian came into the gift shop they were followed until they left. The park was on land that the US government gave the natives via treaty, then illegally evicted them to build the park, then marketed the park as a tourist destination to see sacred indian land. An American corporation made so much money selling 'native art' while treating the actual natives like trash. That's appropriation.

  28. all the people who disliked this and attacked emilia need to go kill THEMSELVES. i've been raided with insults online before of people swearing at me and giving me death threats, and it makes me so upset. these young people don't know how it feels to have somebody say "go f cking kill yourself you wh re c nt little b tch"

    i bet none of them even have the courage to say it to the victim's face.

  29. So happy people are pulling light to this situation… She's rediculous.. I heard about her years ago doing that to that poor girl who had lost most of her family …she's like Trisha Paytas.. delusional.

  30. Honestly this @simplykenna is such a hypocrite. She has made her little "artsy" hipster asthetic of hers on the back of real genuine artists who actually made new and unique pieces of art. I dont think Kenna even knows who she is and really doesnt have much belief in herself and her own abilities. To crucify other ppl that she condemns as plagarizers when she herself has made a false name for herself by doing the same thing. It seems to me that @simplykenna is the actual basic hipster girl and it will take a lot more then just a basic "excuse" apology letter to the artists she steals from and a whole lot more then that, to the poor sweet girl who lost her whole immediate family in such a short amount of time. I think jenna really needs to look closely at herself and what problems she may have mentally and emotionally. I hope she really does get help to better herself and that she really does privately and publicly reach out to that poor girl and the artists that she tried to ruin. I will be sharing this video and asking the ppl I know to share this as well so 5he truth gets out there. If you dont promote positivity, kindness and love but instead promote hate, intolerance and harassment then maybe Kenna shouldn't have such a public platform to spout her garbage to. #sorrynotsorry #simplykennaplagorist #simplykennameangirl #simplykennaisatrolloftheworstkind

  31. She is the type of person that i instantly put on my personal blacklist. I knew a girl like Kenna. She was a shit person.

  32. while i do not agree with simply kenna, but that interview video from TheCommonNobody; while yes an okay video sucked and was pretty irrelevant. The fact she used Kenna not wanting to associate herself with that interview was so UGLY. like while kenna's past actions sucked, and i still don't support her or anything, its crazy how entitled that girl was to feel as though Kwenna OWED her anything (to b interviewed ). Kenna didn't owe not a soul those apology videos, or videos where she cleared up drama, she didn't owe nobody none of that, but she did it. So the point The comomn Nobody had of "she may still be keeping this behaivor" simply bc Kenna doesn't want any of that old drama to stick to her isn't a real point in the slightest.

  33. Cultural appropriation isn't wrong. And I don't mean doing something that's actually offensive like having a Buddha head statue. All cultures have been borrowing from others for all of history. It's part of being human. And there's ways of supporting the cultures you admire. Like buying a piece of jewelry directly from a Native American artist. That's how they make money. Buying a piece of Native American jewelry from urban outfitters is a different story. I have a feeling she probably got all that stuff from UO though

  34. Hippies were in the 60, cell phones weren't invented until the 80s, internet wasn't invented until the 90s, so the only thing they had was news, tv, and a large majority of the reason hippies began was in direct opposition of everything the Vietnam war was about, also an increase in consumption of psychadelics and because of the baby boom most of the people who were being told they had to draft tried avoiding it by joining communs and laying low key off the grid which increased the rise of hitchhiking which contributed to the rise in serial killers which made people feel as though they werent safe here they werent safe abroad so fuck it and just go full peace love and drugs. Im also not sure what he means by hippies being cultural appropriation, they wore vests like cowboys(western) had beads and feathers in their hairs like native America's (western) which isn't really cultural appropriation since they were from the place where that cultural style began so I'm confused why he is even bring up the hippies. Yeah their non violent mentalities where adopted from religions like buddhism and Taoism but thats not really appropriation as much as admiration and desire for a different more peaceful society which just happened to line up with eastern religions. I would have brought up the bindi or henna even something as benign as white women wearing braids would have been a better example.

  35. As a person with borderline personality disorder, I wholeheartedly believe that she has borderline personality disorder

  36. its funny cuz as an artist i do understand how hard and irritating it can be when people copy you and don't credit your hard work at least. but she's just a straight up unoriginal hypocrite…

  37. I don’t believe labeling Cozy Kitsune’s actions as cultural appropriation was correct but I think what she did was rather a fetishization. She stated many times saying things like “Japanese are better looking than Americans” and how the Japanese culture is way better and continuing to insult Americans. I think that if someone takes inspiration or admiration to a culture it is totally fine but when someone does things to the extent that she does, it is pure fetishization. Cozy kitsune also seems to have a bias in favoring everything easy Asian and completely disregards the rest of Asia.

  38. It is amazing how few people (mostly Americans) dont know the Romani are still so oppressed. I am third generation in the states. I remember once when my French teacher spoke about living in France and mentioned to watch for the "thieving g*psy children. They are everywhere there" that was the first moment I personally felt it. She went on to explain pickpocket rings and how all g*psys steal. I'm happy that as of late people have been more aware of this type of thing.

  39. "you should have died instead of your mother"!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT THERE SOMEONE WHO COULD SAY SOMETHING HORRIBLE LIKE THIS!!

  40. thank you for actually doing the research and taking this issue of cultural appropriation, that seems to be too provoking to have a serious conversation about for many people

  41. Person involved in the Buddhism religion: *studies Buddhism, is devoted, knows what to avoid to offend others in the religion*

  42. As of right now… This video has 146 dislikes. At first, I did NOT think I was gunna sit through this, so u could see why you had the dislikes.I was not feeling it. But I stuck around and holy shit. You're like a YouTube lawyer, you got DEFINITIONS, SCREENSHOTS… You even have a little fortune cookie bit there at the end. So now I'm not understanding why the hell you have a single dislike, other than maybe they're jealous of your hair. I don't think I'll follow you because you don't post the very narrow type of content that I watch. But you sir, if I could give you 6,000 likes I would because this is some wholesome shit.

  43. I think McKenna is a sociopath, you can see in her apology she is just stating the obvious that has been said in millions of o comments, she didn't think that herself…she LEARNED what to say to be more likable on her second apology, before that she showed no remorse nor empathy to any of the situations she was being accused of.

  44. She's not like other girls cause she's going through an identity crisis and needs therapy or she's a very good troll. Stop giving mentally ill people a platform lol.

  45. Im a animation major with lots of tattoos. people like this is the reason I don’t share my tats. I don’t want people stealing them.

  46. @4:35ish; Catholics have plenty of kitschy Jesus stuff available for home decor (though I haven't seen a Jesus head planter…yet.) I think it's a little tacky, but not inherently disrespectful. However, if I lived a life that I opened to strangers online to view, and found out that I had a piece of art in my home that people found offensive, I would chuck it, or if it were something that I was given by a loved one as a gift, I would at least not display it. Life is easier when you try to give attention to the reality that your actions do affect others, and making small sacrifices is worth it in the long run.

  47. In Britain gypsy isn't just a Romanian traveller, it a also refers to Irish travellers, it's so bad. Its stupid that we British aren't educated on the persecution of the Irish

  48. Not trying to be negative and I also don’t know if it’s okay to feel this way… but it kind of bothers me that along with other culture “costumes” there’s also the German one. The lederhosen……. I’m german, Born and raised there for 18 years until we had to pcs with my stepdad. Talk about a culture shock. But, I don’t like the fact that they think lederhosen are a costume when it’s really not… and I don’t like my culture being portrayed like that by some twinks that are dressing up and acting a fool. It’s a traditional garment that men are proud to wear in Germany. Again, I don’t know if I’m being overly sensitive but it really bothers me to see my culture made fun of in an inaccurate and stereotypical way. It urks me that people dress up as these other cultures as well, not just mine, for a costume. They’re never authentic, it’s usually filling a stereotype and I don’t think it’s okay especially when the culture is a minority such as American Indians.

  49. There is nothing wrong learning and exploring different Faith's and cultures but that being said its unacceptable to take parts that you like and ignore the other parts of the faith or culture to fit your likings it's part of the reason yoga is so controversial in the USA because it's been so westernized from its original and religious connection among other things the respect for the strong spiritual connect it has to its place of origin

  50. *Me watching Repzilla for the first time and hearing him speak*: OH haha….is he…….is he Australian..?”
    *Me hearing him pronounce vowels*: “oh no he’s…..he’s very….very..southern.”

  51. Those ear plugs are what's up!! What size are you at? I had mine stretched out EONS ago(I think I'm about 10-11 years older than you and this was when I was maybe 16 years old to when I was about 28 years old) to 3/4's of an inch. Back when I started we used a bunch of safety pins to get to around 14 gauge and then used conventional things like bullets and tapers.

  52. I agree with this video, the only thing that I would like to point out is that the headchain was not cultural appropriation… Headchains are not special to Romani culture, they're part of many culture all across Eurasia and even Africa from Egypt to India to Afghanistan and TURKEY, which is where she is ethnically from, she is half Turkish. And headchains have been a part of Turkish culture for centuries, despite people incorrectly saying that it's not. She's free to wear a headchain, it's part of her heritage.

  53. I love that she used the "fucking ace" to mean asexual when it's by a British artist and saying something is ace just means that it's great, awesome, etc. for the Brits.

  54. First off today is the first time I have heard of this Kenna girl, I don't know how I got here or why this video was recommended but sounds like she has a lot of deep rooted issues that if not addressed soon will moat likely get worse as she gets older. Um dude you have amazing hair

  55. I feel so, so sorry for this girl. I fully understand that she stole art from other people and is not the most unique person on earth. But after all, we all do things that aren't okay and we all copy something or someone in one way or another. But since she's an influencer, everything she does, everything she wears, even all her flaws are being judged and everyone has an opinion on her. But after all, from my perspective, she's just a little girl that wants to be loved and tries so hard. Just imagine her reading all those hate comments and watching all those "Simply Kenna Exposed" videos on youtube. She's not different as any other girl, as any other human just because she's an influencer. So please stop writing all those hate comments. Of course saying your opinion is a good thing but in a constructive way. Typing things like how sick she is or insulting her are ways to destroy a human being. So please think twice about it.
    If you've read this far, thank you and have a lovely day c:

  56. So with Kennas diagnosis can we apply the same mentality as she just did (the girl who's mom died n dad has cancer) and say well that sucks but what does that have to do with me

  57. hi just found ur channel and i’m really surprised! your content is rly good, man. you do a lot of research into everything you talk about and it rly shows. it’s a kind of refreshing type of commentary and that’s really respectful

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