The Biker Dad Who Secretly Loved Watching Oprah | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

The Biker Dad Who Secretly Loved Watching Oprah | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

– This next viewer’s
choice moment is from Steve Pints,
a biker dad who was forced to watch the
Oprah 20th Anniversary DVD and had his own “aha” moment
that he never expected. STEVE: I think
when people see me, they think, oh, here
comes a big biker. I guess what they think is
that, you know, I have tattoos. And I usually walk around
the do-rag on my head. Last Christmas, my
wife let me know that she really wanted
the Oprah Anniversary DVD for her Christmas present. And I was thinking that if I
went in and bought a Oprah DVD, people would, you know– even the guy at
the counter would be thinking I’m buying
this to run home myself and watch Oprah, you know? I gave my bride a
present for Christmas and it went over very well. She was excited to have it. And then the words came– the ones I didn’t want
to hear, you know? Hey, honey, you want
to watch Oprah with me? [LAUGHTER] I said, oh, crud. You know, no, I don’t. So we put the first
DVD in and it was– I thought, oh,
that’s not so bad. There are so many things
on it that were so touching that were beneficial
to me, that changed the way I looked at things. And I thought, wow,
that’s good stuff. She leaves me and she
goes to run some errands. And I’m thinking,
what am I going to do? When I came home
from the grocery store, I caught him on the couch
by himself with a beer, watching Oprah. You know, Oprah’s cool. I saw this segment with Toni
Morrison, where she was talking about, how do you
look at your kids when they come in the room? You think your affection and
your deep love is on display because you’re caring for them. It’s not. When they see you, they
see the critical face. What’s wrong now? When a kid walks in
the room, your child or anybody else’s child,
does your face light up or– and that’s what
they’re looking for. Well, I think
that’s so profound. Because that is how you
learn what your value is– That’s right. OPRAH WINFREY: –not by what
the person is saying to you, but what you feel. From then on, I made
a conscious decision to try to always make sure,
when I look at my kids when they come in the room
or when I walk in the room, to show them that I’m
happy that they’re there, that I love them
dearly, and that they’re very important. I work nights, so I
was tired or maybe I didn’t have that expression
of joyfulness to see them. And I thought, wow,
you know, I could actually be hurting their
feelings and not even know it. Aha! Your kids actually see the
expressions on your face. But that’s when I realized,
oh, does your spouse perceive you the same way? The “aha”s continue, even
just from the one episode. Well, that is fabulous
from a do-rag-wearing biker, tattoos and all. Thank you so much. [APPLAUSE] That Toni Morrison moment was
a profound moment for me too. And you say you haven’t greeted
your kids the same since. Never. I see my kids for,
like, 15 minutes a day because I work nights. So when I go to their
school, you know, maybe I’ve noticed
throughout the house that they didn’t do a chore,
or they didn’t do this, they didn’t do that. And now, I get to the school
and it doesn’t matter. I try to light up
and consciously think, what does your
face look like when you go into that classroom–
OPRAH WINFREY: Yeah. Do your eyes light up?
That’s– –to make sure that your kids
see how proud you are, one, that they’re there, how much
you love them– just that they’re your kids, you know? That is great from a
do-rag-wearing biker, I must say. That’s fantastic. Thank you both.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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  1. Do your eyes light up was a big take away from that set. I teach dance and try to make sure my eyes are happy when I see them each week.

  2. I really like the dad and his family but sometimes I feel like Oprah talks to people really quickly, she acknowledges them but doesn’t put much time into their stories, it almost seems like, lets get 20 stories done in one episode. Instead of one or 2 stories per episode like the good old days! I still love her but yeah just feels a bit rushed!

  3. love that this wonderful couple did reenactments for the segment!, too hilarious!🤣🙋🏾‍♀️

  4. And not only towards his children but he said now he thinks about his face & eye expressions towards his wife. That's a good thing, bravo.

  5. He’s so funny. I love his little laughs between words lol!! So cool how he took something he saw on the show to heart and really tries to embrace and follow his new learning

  6. I wonder if he still to this day watches Oprah secretly 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 awwwww 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  7. Even though my daughter is 15 years old…I will do this technique!!!! When she was smaller I used to always make silly faces and jokes! I need this too❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. I don't usually comment but, this was a BIG aha moment for me. I'm now going to light up for my daughter because I want to SEE that I love her & BELIEVE she's special. I don't just want to focus on what she didn't do or what she did wrong. Thank you Oprah & Biker Dad.

  9. This just spoke to me. Thank you God. (And Oprah!) Not only my children, but my nephew. I will smile for now on when I see them. ☹️☹️💕💕😄🙏🙏

  10. This was one of my favorite take away moments from an Oprah's show. When you know better you do better. Thank you Oprah.
    The world is a better place for having had Toni Morrison in it.

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