The Call of the Wild | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX

The Call of the Wild | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX

MAN: The Yukon is
a dangerous place. You never know what’s coming. I came up here because I… …didn’t want to be
around anyone. And then I met Buck. He was a dog like no other. And he’d been spoiled. -WOMAN: Out!
-(CLICKS TONGUE) Come on, Buck! -MAN: And he’d suffered.
-Come on! But he could not be broken. MAN 2: I don’t know
where you came from, but I know where you are now. Welcome to the last place
on the earth. We should let him have a minute. Doesn’t look like he’s
ever seen snow before. How do you feel
about an adventure… …beyond all maps? We could go, you and I… …where no one’s
ever been before. See what’s out there. (HOWLING) -(BARKING)
-I’m glad you’re enjoying this! I never saw him believe
in anything as much as he believes in you. What do you say, Buck? (HOWLING) -(GROWLS)
-(YELLING) MAN: Adventure of a lifetime. (BARK ECHOING) You’ve been sleeping
for two days. In my bed.

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  1. I really really really hate how modern movie making relies so heavily on CGI. That is SO not what I want to see in a movie. So sick of fake looking cinema. Makes me so sad.

  2. Call of The Wild…where there is no real animals and let’s be honest it’s probably mostly green screen backgrounds. I think CGI is great but can someone say over-kill…🙄

  3. Old longings nomadic leap
    Chafing at custom's chain
    again from it brumal sleep
    Wakens the ferine strain.

    The movie might be fun to watch, but the essence of the story is best expressed in poetry. The people in the movie look fine, but there's no soul in a CGI Buck.

  4. Attention all you Negative Nancies!,! How about we just sit back and take the story at face value. Give it a chance before ripping it to shreds because of all the CGI. Btw, how did your last major motion picture do? Oh yeah you didn't write one, produce one OR star in one….ever. And all you fine folks who read the book….since when has every movie based on a book been a true depiction of what you read? Maybe 1% Know it. Accept it. Or go make the movie yourself. You're welcome.

  5. I love this book! I'm in 7th grade and our ELA is reading it. The movie looks like it will be good to, I just wish it was more like the book.

  6. Guys maybe they didn't want to use real dogs for the making of the movie because they don't want the dogs harmed. That's most likely why they used CGI. Not because of the money. I don't care about the reviews I will still watch this because it looks really good.

  7. Call of the Wild is such a GOOD book, only Hollywood could bastardize it so thoroughly. Of course, the first film treatment of it wasn't all that great either…

  8. Animal rights groups are taking over Hollywood to the point where it is unethical to make animals perform as there is no way of knowing if its what the animal wants to do… (sighs)This World!😂😂😂

  9. Let me rebrand that title for ya there.
    Title(reworked by Samuel):Call of the CGI
    Your welcome. Payment accepted in cool ranch Doritos and skittles only please

  10. I was going to see this film, which would have been the 1st recently produced one in years that I’ve paid to see, but then I realized that they didn’t go far enough to swjafy it: there is still an old white guy as the lead character. 😂😭😅🖕🏻

  11. I read this book. It's about these dogs, mainly buck going to the Yukon for gold during the great Deppresion. I didn't finish the book though

  12. here my song that is new technology, Souronded by Wolves. bid on rights for My SuperFilm? thx fun
    no more fox title smart

  13. here my song that is new technology, Souronded by Wolves. bid on rights for My SuperFilm? thx fun
    no more fox title smart

  14. here my song that is new technology, Souronded by Wolves. bid on rights for My SuperFilm? thx fun
    no more fox title smart

  15. I thought dogs were man’s best friend.

    That show with Richard Gear (Hotchi ?) has a feel that really brought you into the story, I guarantee this one will not.

  16. I was drawn in because of Harrison Ford. I was escorted out by the bad CGI. I'm gonna go watch Togo and Old Yeller now.

  17. Lol this is nothing like the book, looks interesting though… maybe since they changed, what, EVERYTHING, they should just make it a separate thing.

  18. Why didnt they also just cgi harrison ford and have him to voice over so it be a full 100% cgi movie. Name it Call of the CGI Wild

  19. You know this could have been done in pure animation, it would make a great cartoon done in the style of "Klaus". And it would be fitting of the director, since he has done incredible animated films in the past.

    Lilo and Stitch

    How to Train Your Dragon

    The Croods

  20. This book was supposed to make you feel afraid and wonder about things unseen or unknown. It is one of my favorites. It is yet to be seen if the movie accomplishes this; it will never replace the novella imo.

  21. Uses real animals
    People:OmG tHe AnImAlS gOt HuRt CaLl PeTa
    Uses CGI
    Also people:eWwW iT lOoKs HoRibLe WhY dIdNt ThEy UsE rEaL aNiMaLs

  22. I can't wait to watch this! Harrison Ford is one of my top favorite actors. We've lost so many greats and we have more "crap" than "greats" following behind them.

    Count me in, I'll be watching this and his new upcoming 2021 Indiana Jones! 💗

  23. Ok I have to see this movie 🎥 Harrison Ford and a st Bernard in the Alaska wilderness based upon a book I grew up reading the call of the wild here is money 💵 now thank you to whoever came up with this one.

  24. I’m going to have to watch this movie especially because of Harrison Ford is in it. I am disappointed that there isn’t any real animals in the movie. they’re all CGI

  25. I don't care how old Harrison is, I still think he is Just so Handsome and a Beautiful Man .. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Everyone whining about CGI dogs—read the book and tell us how on earth you could possibly put it to film and use real dogs and have none of those dogs be hurt. Stop it.

  27. What a box office disaster! You CGI'd trainable actors, and put a valuable relic as the main character. Might as well casted Wes Snipes and air bud😂

  28. I understand why they used CGI. It's not perfect, but it looks good enough. And, no, it's not truly faithful to the book but few movies are ever completely faithful to a 350-page book. Books have much more involved plots, and it's impossible to get all that into a 90-page screenplay. You have to cut a lot of stuff, combine stuff, and there is also the current political climate. What worked well in a novel written almost seventy years ago (a world away) isn't necessarily going to work in our current cultural climate. But the story remains a classic. Even with adaptations. So, overall, it looks like a good movie. I'll definitely see it.

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