The Centrifuge Brain Project | A Short Film by Till Nowak

The Centrifuge Brain Project | A Short Film by Till Nowak

The “Centrifuge Brain Project” started in the 70’s. Dr. Brenswick at the University of the State of New York was involved in a research on the effects of kindergarden rides on the learning curve of 4 year old children. We developed the idea of building a larger, stronger device to examine the effects also on adults. The first tests were a desaster. It reached 6 G’s and it broke apart. We lost our academic standing. And then we had an idea. Matt’s brother-in-law was on the board of a company that designed and manufactured amusement park rides. They had all the resources for us to continue our experiments. We designed our first real prototype which was the “Spherothon”. When the rotation starts the seats are lifted slowly, causing the people to float upside down. The difficulty was stopping the rotation without people coming crashing down in the upper levels. We established an independent company funded by amusement park visitors. Well, the more people that came around to the amusement park the more funding we had. The second machine was named the “Wedding Cake” because of the four platforms set on top of each other. These machines provide total freedom. Cutting all connections from the world you live in: Communication, responsibility, weight everything is on hold while you’re being centrifuged. Some of the test results that year were a little too extreme to be published so for the next phase we shifted our attention to height instead of acceleration. Well actually the first day wasn’t really planned out very well. Everybody wanted to get on and not realizing that it was a 14 hour ride some people fell asleep, missed their stops and had another 14 hours, you know, and you could imagine the problems that entailed. Well, after the experience of the”High Altitude Conveyance” we found that people needed something to do in there and we introduced an interactive option. Each cabin was equipped with a button. This way they felt they had a little bit control over the ride itself. Except for one incident where the “Expander” was placed a little bit too close to a building there were no real problems with it and there was a level of undefined brain activity around 30% higher than the kids who stayed on the ground. This contraption was the “Dandelion”. It was designed to simulate the prenatal experience. For example, when a mother is walking, the baby would kind of move around. So we tried to compensate for the weight and size differential between an adult and a baby. The concept behind this one was that the subject had no idea which track it was going to take Unpredictability was an important aspect of our work which in many people resulted in readjustments of key goals and life aspirations. We are using only ten thousand horsepower now, but l am convinced once we reach twenty thousand we are going to be free of all boundaries. Permanently, and it will be very stable. We had set backs, but I wouldn’t say that it was a mistake. It was not a mistake. If anything, the mistake is in nature. Gravity is a mistake. We fight the forces that hold us down and the whole life is an effort to escape from reality.

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  1. I'm fascinated by the question of why these scenes seem to be creepy or unsettling to most people. It must be some kind of strange version of the uncanny valley effect, but it's weird because they're all machines. Maybe it's the rapid and erratic ways they move that adds a level of life to them that we recognize as not natural? Maybe it's from viewing humans in these unnatural states like floating in the air over a giant sphere. It's a mashup of things that could maybe work just at the edge of logic, but yet at the same time we know can't be possible. I can't really place it, but it's so surreal and really genuinely creepy.

  2. I wonder how some of these would work. Sure, they'd probably be illegal anyway, but they don't really seem physically possible. The ferris wheel one doesn't look like it has enough supports for it, the wedding cake probably couldn't conceal it's arms that well, how do you get onto the globe , and the steam powered catapult looks like you'd be clipping through the tracks. These aren't complaints, just fascinating elements to think about. I mean, they're meant to be dream like, I'm just wondering the mechanics. If these are actually more practical than they appear, that'll be fun to hear, but if they're not they're still amazing to look at.

  3. I’m seeing all these comments about how this looks like a nightmare, and and I sort of get that feeling and I could see someone feeling like that but I’m not really scarred for life..

    and then I see my battery and it’s somehow gone from 100% to 30% over the course of the video

    …now I’m really creeped out

  4. 2 points to make
    1) these rides look like they come right out of spy kids 2's opening scene
    2) the Spherothon and Dandelion are the only rides that genuinely look physically possible

  5. 4:45 “…which in many people, resulted in readjustment of key goals”.

    goals such as how to make it off this ride with all my limbs and organs intact

  6. Perfect fake documentary about the unintelligible ramblings of a genius in their element… was this meant to be satirical? Because if it was, its magnificent.

  7. That last ride is only going to put you at like 10000 G's not too shabby. Not too shabby indeed. Maybe I'll lose some weight from that while I'm at it. 🙂

  8. If o had to ride any of these it would undoubtedly be the expander. All the others I would die on apart from the Ferris wheel one maybe but that one doesn’t look very safe structurally. I know it’s not real btw.

  9. If these rides were to be real in the far future, and I went on one of them, I think I would be traumatized for life, wouldn't you agree?

  10. man i’m wishing these were real. like everyone else says they feel so dreamlike but it’s the idea of riding them? It’s exhilarating. This is quality surreal horror, I can feel my heart racing just thinking about all of these

  11. these rides get advertised like this, you wan permanent back reformation? come one down and try the fricking death launch.

  12. Just imagine the g. Like even Gray still plays can't make that many and if you went on the catapult and you weighed 200 pounds at the least you would be experiencing 100 g so yo would weigh 20 tons or 40000 pounds

  13. I saw this before a movie a few years ago and I just found it again I love it the Ferris wheel is like a dream structure that would be so cool

  14. you've gotta be an absolute unit to go on the 4 layer of the wedding cake. You're a wimp if you're on the 1st layer.

  15. How the fuck do I add this video to "my favorites list??" Why is YouTube making this shit more and more difficult?? FUCK MAINSTREAM shit. Someone young school gimme a clue.

  16. Where the hell is my comment about these rides being totally doable?? Come on Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg! I'm gonna build a couple of them so dont be pissed off when I do! Screw you money-wise. You have been warned. Welcometo SEVEN GATES — "The most awe-inspiring place on earth." See you in Wisconsin, USA.

  17. the spherothon to stop the rotation without everyone falling the chain is suppose to be pulled upwards and stop the rotation

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