THE CHASE (2017) | Award-winning Short Action Film | HD

This is 24/7 news radio. There has been an accident during the world’s most popular racing competition. The youngest pilot of the competition has been greatly injured in a car crash. Mr Perea, also known as the “flying bullet”, has lost control of his vehicle. The accident occurred during the Nascar World’s cup, at 200 miles per hour. The pilot has been suspended, because he’s not qualified to be a racing pilot anymore. We can say for sure, that Mr Perea will never race again. I know, I know I’m late! Alex, do you realize how long you’ve been waiting for this interview? I’ve been waiting for this since my car accident. Just… tell everybody to wait ten more minutes. – All right.
– There were many police officers blocking the traffic. – Yeah.
– Do you know what’s happening? There has been an incident not far from where you are. Listen, call me at this number – Wait!
– …if you have any problem that can delay the press conference. 408-974-2552 See you there! Today around 10 AM, two criminals entered into the bank and stole 5 million dollars. We have never seen anything like that at CityNews radio. It seems that the criminals’ car is too fast for the cops. They are now in the run in a red sport car. Someone please stop them! Mr Perea, can you hear me? Yes. Do you know why you’ve been arrested? Tell me. Okay, I’m going to go straight to the point. 130 miles per hour, dangerous maneuvers on the road, endangering the life of other drivers, and of course you caused a car accident. These are your actions today. But no traces of alcohol or drugs found in your blood. So I just have one simple question: Why? Why did you feel the need to violate all the rules today? I was heading towards a press conference today, when I heard on the radio that the car you were trying to stop was to fast for you. I just gave a hand! I…I’m a pilot. I was trained to drive fast and carefully. You were, you were a pilot! I’ve been told that this was not your first car accident. We also found pieces of newspaper in your car. They are all about this other car accident you had last year. – Why the obsession?
– I don’t have anything to say! This is personal! I’m going to tell you something kid. You face sentences of up to 15 years in prison for what you did today. So I’m going to repeat the question one last time. Why the obsession with the car accident you had last year? Last year, I was competing in a Nascar race, when I had a violent crash with another car. Nobody believed that I will ever recover from my injuries. I was broke, I lost my job and I lost people’s encouragements. So I’ve collected every single piece of newspaper in which I was criticized, and I decided no matter what to show everyone that they were wrong. I can be a professional driver! You know what I think? I think you are looking to regain people’s respect as a professional driver, to move on with your life, and definitely draw a line under this dramatic episode that happend last year. And that’s why you did what you did today. Maybe… Look, today you broke the law, and you could spend some time in jail. But you are a talented driver. So here is the deal: I let you go to your press conference. You explain everybody what happend today. But, I want you in my team. Think of it as a community service. Take it, or leave it. Mr Perea. After what happend today, are you considering returning back to racing competitions? Actually, for over a year, I really wanted to prove to everyone that I have the skills to be a pilot. But after the events of the last hours, well… I feel like it’s not so important anymore. I’m happy with my life now, no matter what people may think. And that’s all that matters. Unit 5. We have a bulgary near the West portal station. We need backup.

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