The Concubine 2012

The Concubine 2012

than way Open your ears to hear the people Calm thy heart first for the affairs of the nation “THE CONCUBINE” This’s really say nothing Fool He is such a reckless lad Perhaps your son should join us NO, sir! He is not my son, sir He once saved my life at war so I took him in like a son How scary! -The prince is but a thief! -How dare you! Fool! you Let him go at once! What have I done wrong? There is an order to catching deer, too? How dare you! -Lock him away at once! -Yes, sir! Kwon-yoo? I apologize for the disturbance, Your Highness Please forgive me Wait until the guest has left Why? What worries you so? Don’t worry I do not hear you reading these days Just rumors of you wandering… …out in mad hunting To not fall weak, men not only study but hunt and… That is not what I meant Why do you frequent Deputy-Minister… …Shin’s house? Because of his daughter? A mere deputy-minister’s girl? I’ve never felt this way before The court is always critical
of the king’s half brother Stay away from her It is only right that I visit you often, stepmother You still call me stepmother, sire? I fret you come to keep watch on me Of course not With no son and not even a concubine They say I’m stopping you with ulterior motives It is only because I feel sorry to my late queen Though I am a stepmother, I have my courtly duties I shall see to it immediately Then, please find a new queen for me Since you went against the court, you must run for life I’m not going anywhere alone But there’s nothing I can do for you Just stay with me Kwon-yoo! Kwon-yoo! Kwon-yoo! Kwon-yoo! Escort her away! Kwon-yoo! No! No! Let go! Kwon-yoo! -Hwa-yeon! -Kwon-yoo! -Hwa-yeon! No! Kwon-yoo! No, Father! I suggested we run away Kwon-yoo is innocent! If this gets known, not only he we’ll all die Please let him go It’s too late -Guards! I’ll go in the palace! If Kwon-yoo dies, so will I! -Hwa-yeon! What have you done to her! Hwa-yeon! I will do it There are rules and steps to bathing, too I have no right to my own body? Your Majesty Prince Sung-won is here It’s been so long How’ve you been, brother? Just roaming here and there, sire please take care I’m ashamed to see you so weak and pale, sire I feel much better seeing you How are things outside? The grain and crops have fully ripened, sire Your people are making spirits with chrysanthemums Recently, he’s been ill quite often I’m afraid the court physician does not know why He’ll regain his health soon Don’t fret, Your Majesty You left so suddenly I was worried You worried about me? How foolish of me to worry you both I’m glad you’ve returned safely I came upon hearing His Majesty’s ill I shall leave when he recovers It’d be a burden on you and my nephew for me to stay What burden? His Majesty welcomes you so I’ve taken up too much of your time, Your Majesty Let’s listen to the court physician He’s grown weak from boils and can’t eat well Perhaps it’s the food! If so, we must interrogate the royal kitchen matron! That’s preposterous We can always do that after His Majesty recovers We must get to the truth behind His Majesty’s illness Your Majesty! His Majesty’s state is critical Please come another day What do you mean? I am His Majesty’s mother! Step aside Your Majesty! Why do you keep me… …from meeting my ailing son! I must see how he is at once! His Majesty must rest now Ask her to go for today Is the queen implying that I’d interfere in his health? -My acupuncture set! Hurry! -Yes, sir He isn’t breathing! Don’t just watch! Do something! This is a vital spot -Please appoint your successor! -Please, Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Farewell, My King! Farewell, My King! Farewell, My King! Well done, Minister Yoon But the prince and queen are still alive The queen’s father also has many followers How hard can a woman and her child be? Without the Left-State Minister
and her father, she won’t last Majesty! We must push ahead before the Queen Mother She has the power to appoint the next king They are not to be messed with Majesty! If you’re ousted here, you and the prince will be in danger By the way This is the royal kitchen’s log There’s nothing around the day of the king’s sudden illness That means… Yes. The matron who records the log is also missing She must be hidden away
somewhere inside the palace Inside here? Yes We must find her and prove His Majesty was assassinated With proof,
I can gather up forces with some ministers How dare you! They’re conspirators of high… …treason! -Seize them! -Yes, sir! High treason? Why you! Have you no fear of heaven! There is a new heaven now! The queen’s father is charged with treason! What? The Queen Mother has ordered his arrest for treason Fools! How dare you! Go away at once! Over there! Fools! This color was made with red sage in lye It must be soaked hundreds of times to get this bright, blood-like color It absorbs all other colors
to shine even brighter It’s the king’s color Your Majesty! It hasn’t been long since His Majesty’s been crowned Thus, the court eunuchs
will also stand guard for a while Your Majesty Lie to the left of the queen Your Majesty Lie over her with your heart to the left Lick and suckle her lips then swallow her saliva, sire Then, caress down farther Softly rub her lower stomach Wait until her breasts harden, then grasp them firmly, sire Your Majesty Begin intercourse, sire The queen must grab his waist and accept his royal penis I am ready, sire Let it in Go slowly, sire Next is the anal position Not yet, sire! Not yet, sire! You must ejaculate later You must ejaculate later to impregnate a son sire Please return to your chambers, sire If the Queen Mother knew… What happened? I couldn’t say a word in the royal kitchen The maids run away when they see me We must find the royal kitchen matron Your Highness? You found something? Tell me Well, if she is still alive… I once heard the eunuchs whispering Past the Queen Mother’s court and the laundry place I heard there is a secret pathway underground No sunlight can get through, But it snows all day there And only the Queen Mother’s private soldiers know of it Your Highness! Your Highness! Your Highness! Please get me out of here I just did as I was told Calm down Calm down And take a look at this Did you write this? Yes, Your Highness But Do you remember what His Majesty ate that day? He had lunch at the Queen Mother’s court The Queen Mother? She suddenly called His Majesty and ordered us not to prepare lunch Why? Is it not to your liking? It’s because I have indigestion Afraid it’s poisoned, sire? Of course not They say you are ill because I’m poisoning you Then, he had diarrhea all night You two dare defile the palace order? Make sure they never forget their sins! Cut off the atrocious fool’s penis! Remove her womb and… …sew her genitals! Show them the strict order of the court! Yes, ma’am! What brings you to this humble sire? I haven’t visited since you moved to this place Where did you go at night with no guards? My father is locked up How could I just sit and wait? I apologize I’ve been too busy with things You must be devastated I shall see to your father’s release no, thank you I cannot be a burden on you, sire I am just grateful to be alive It must be uncomfortable in this old place Chief Eunuch! Furnish this place suited to Her Highness That is under jurisdiction of the Queen Mother, sire What? It’s her jurisdiction? So, you won’t follow the king’s order? Your Highness! Look this! His Majesty sent such nice things Embankment work on Nakdong River damaged tributary The peasant shares in great harm With the rainy season… …320 homes were lost And over 200 people went missing Apart from what’s required, reduce the taxes Order all district magistrates to send soldiers to help the people Next is a list of pardoned sinners in honor of the coronation Excluding murders and high treason 280 sinners… …in the capital and 1 37 elsewhere were… Do you people not see me? Why don’t you submit reports to me? While His Majesty learns affairs, the Queen Mother is… Does it look like
I’m learning by just sitting here? From now on, prepare reports for him to see… …as well Continue Is the queen’s father on the list? Have you lost your mind? Do you not know for whom they are being purged? The former queen’s father has many followers I fret it’ll perturb the people Did she beg you to release
her father when you met? You kept watch on me? Though you act as regent, I am still the king You’re not ready Mentioning personal feelings at court is no king! Forgotten how we made it here? If we don’t nip the bud,
we could get hurt again We almost died when your court was on fire I’ve never once forgotten that Please stop mentioning that Every woman in the palace is yours, but one! You can never touch that woman Bring all the eunuchs
at the former queen’s court! What have I done wrong? I did all you wanted, Mother I accepted her as sister-in-law And became the king as you wished! What more do you want from me? If the bee will not shoo away the flower will be cut off Get me a drink Hwa-yeon! I took you in like my own son How dare you covet my daughter! Hwa-yeon! Remember why I let you live And never come to us again -Guards! -Castrate him at once! -Yes, sir! Kwon-yoo? How did you come here? I thought you were dead No. I prayed every moment for you to be alive Kwon-yoo I’m so glad to see you alive and well Kwon-yoo died back then, madam What do you mean? Please help me I have no clue what is happening I found evidence the king’s been murdered Please, go back Do you not know I’m Minister Yoon’s man? What do you mean? You’re the only one I have in the palace Kwon-yoo How could you? How could I be of any help now? What more do you want in life? If you want to live, run away alone Alone again Like before Run by yourself No visitors are allowed Still, Her Highness is here Just for a moment? I could lose my head I’m sorry Could you at least give this to my elderly father? It’s rice gruel Your daughter sent this You? How did you come here? Such a dangerous act I heard what happened
from the royal kitchen matron Who should I tell this to? Look. I’ll die for my sin But not her! You should’ve killed me back then Stop! Come back! How is the former queen? She is well, Your Majesty Visit her day and night to make sure she’s well Yes, sire How dare you? Persimmon is harmful to His Majesty’s boils What is your name? Choong-young, sire How’d you know I have boils? I knew from how you hesitated leaning against your back Tell me, how can boils be subdued? Sweat and chills can cause boils to form easily, sire It is best to avoid raw or cold foods You seem familiar Have we met before? No, sire. How can a lowly man meet His Majesty? I like this lad Promote him as senior eunuch Your Majesty To become a senior, one must work over 1 6 years It took him over 20 years
to reach that post to be here -This man came in recently -What? Can’t I do as I wish even with a eunuch? Why? Do you only follow the Queen Mother, too? As you wish, sire What brings Your Highness here this late? Is it this? Kwon-yoo They will be beheaded at dawn Why make the effort? The poor kitchen matron died because of you Madam? What is it? I must watch my father die for we couldn’t die with the king Please kill us first, sire Beheading the former queen’s father is too harsh Please take back the order The court has already decided Please save her father! I will do whatever you want I will no longer seek her! Loyal ministers wish this
to stabilize your reign! No further discussion Who do you speak of? The relatives on your side who all hold posts? She must suffer so because the late king didn’t kill us? Watch what you say! Am I this nation’s king at all? Not this time It won’t be as you wish Sire! -Chief Eunuch? -Yes, sire Run and stop the execution Sire! Changing the Queen Mother’s order will… Then, you go! No judgments That is not up to us All hear His Majesty’s command! Shin Ik-chul and his men have plotted high treason And endangered the court By law, their entire family must die and… Wretched fool! You poisoned the late king to death! Off with his head! Step aside! I must speak with her! Your Majesty Sire! Please calm down Why you! Perhaps it’s best to go, sire It is obvious for whom they plotted treason Depose the former queen and banish her and her son Your Majesty Please punish the former queen
to avoid any future harm Our king isn’t coming again? Your Majesty Please give the order Please give the order! Find reason against her
to persuade the king first! Dismissed Your Majesty Please depose and banish them His Majesty has arrived Stay here Please return during the day, sire I heard you are ill With my father’s head up on the street,
how can I be well? how can I be well? Is that why you avoid me so? Do you know what is happening in the court? I know very well, Sire! Those dying to banish me will be avid to find you here So please Do not come for me again How can you be so cruel? Why do you think I endure being on the throne? For what? Why put me in such misery? Yell at me instead For stealing my nephew’s seat and letting your father die! Say you are angry! What is your name? It’s Geum-ok, Your Majesty Why? Will you take her to your chambers? Why not, madam Does she resent me greatly? She is torn by the loss She cannot eat She is devastated Go on How does she look before sleeping? Pardon? Well, she changes her clothes She unties her hair And sleeps in a white dress Who undresses her? I do, sire How do you undress her? Well, I untie the breast-tie -Do you bathe her, too? -Yes, sire How do you bathe her? She goes into a scented hot tub Where do you wash her first? With a fine cloth I wash her breasts and shoulders Is she soft? Yes, she is so soft and white Go on When she gets up, I wash between her legs Your Majesty This is your new room, madam You’ve gained His Majesty’s favor, but have yet to be a concubine Please mind your conduct and do not wander from this room Yes, ma’am I see She will be your maid bringing harm upon yourself How I upset you not knowing the great pains I’ve caused No, madam I, too, have been upset over what happened to your father What harm does the Queen Mother think my son and I could be? Madam Forgive me about your father How could I blame you, sire? I must not be fit to be king What do you mean, sire? The late king always said you had the wisdom and morals Why the Queen Mother’s regency? What a shame and a pity It’s time you gave orders to depose them,
Your Majesty He visited the former queen? Do you know anything about poison? I once saw poisonous aconite
while with ginseng diggers Having this inside the palace -Means trouble But to those who don’t know, it’s just a rock Know how to make poison with that? -By burning it, sir -Then, make it If the mother and son won’t leave, there’s only one way out of here You deal with where His Majesty sleeps? Me? I wouldn’t dare Could you lead him to me on the 3rd? -Please, madam -Who knows? If I give birth to a prince,
you’ll be the chief eunuch People are so cunning When you go up, you don’t want to get down Right, Your Highness? With His Majesty’s favor, who says I can’t become a queen? How dare you! Watch your words, madam You dare tell me what to do? With the king’s favor who would I help? Would I do anything to harm you? Of course How can I help? I should adorn myself to catch his eye I need jewelry Take whatever you think you’ll need What are you doing! I am not only your son, but the king What king?
When you don’t come to the assemblies! You don’t give me a chance to do anything You make all the decisions Now, you want me to be a puppet? When things settle and you have an heir, I will… …step down When will that be? What? Why don’t you just sit on the throne, Mother? I am sick of sleeping
with the queen before you! I just have to sow the seeds? It doesn’t have to be the queen An auspicious day? I’ll give the concubines a chance! Who is it? It’s Lady Geum-ok, sire bitch Let’s go Why you! Your Majesty Why do you have this? Your Majesty, please… Sire! I can explain… Your Majesty! I have something to say, sire Tell me why you have this! There’s something you must know.
Why was this in someone else’s hand? Please calm your anger and have a seat, sire Don’t you know how I feel? Do you detest me that much? Am I… no better than that eunuch? Drag him in He seemed familiar He was the fool who lived in your house! You disguised him… …as a eunuch? -That’s preposterous -Explain yourself! Why is that fool here! I didn’t know he was here until recently, Your Majesty You expect me to believe that? I remember how he used to look at you! You and that fool! Who’s the father of your prematurely born son? Is he my brother’s son or not? Undress him I must see if he is a eunuch or not! Must you humiliate me like this? Strip him! Sire. Why would you see something so hideous? Please leave, sire Don’t you know how I feel? Do you really think I don’t know? When the Queen Mother watches so viciously… Queen Mother or not, I don’t know care! Look at me. I’m a wreck I want you so! Sire Sire Sire When you become a true king, please return then I shall become a king I shall become a true king He broke family morals and… No one must know of this Yes, Your Majesty You know very well, sir What I had to do to seat him on the throne Get rid of her You shot 40 times Think of… You called, Your Majesty? Let’s see how good you are I dare not hold Give him a bow Kwon-yoo Why’d you come into the palace? Becoming a court eunuch
was the only way I had, sire A eunuch dare loved the queen? Of course not, sire I must see the former queen I acted disrespectfully last night, so I must see her The Queen Mother… …is sick in bed I’m not drinking that decoction again But, Your Majesty The Queen Mother
makes sure you drink this every day Then, you drink it Pardon? But we don’t even eat garlic to curb our libido, sire If I drink that decoction, I am afraid… Oh. Eunuchs have sexual drive? We can’t have erections but still feel sexual desires, sire Choong-young You drink it Why? You can’t? Afraid to be sexually aroused? Drink it I won’t endanger my son I’ll protect him no matter what No worries Yours is completely gone It can’t be! Who is it? Who ordered this? Please calm down, sire I do not know anything, sire I just got the medicine
and decocted it as usual Your Majesty… Anyone who speaks of this shall be beheaded! Call the physician in secret Save him I have something to hear from him Forgive me, sire! I do not know anything Show the evidence Do you recognize it? It was found in your room I really don’t know, sire Did the Queen Mother say to kill me? Then, who is in charge of the medicinal herbs? It’s Minister Yoon, sire No one is allowed in, sir I promise I’ll bring the prince back safely We’ll soon meet again Don’t fret, Your Highness Mother! I don’t want to go! Mother! Mother! Mother! That is nothing but the truth? I wouldn’t dare lie to you, Your Majesty She deceived a eunuch’s child for the king’s son? And became a queen? Wretched whore! Come in! Yes, Your Majesty Send her to the dungeon Me? Your Majesty! I’ll go back to being a maid! Please, not the dungeon! I’d rather die than go there! Kill her But, Your Majesty! No! Let me go! Why’re you doing this to me? Please save me, Your Majesty! Let go! No! I don’t want to die! You sent away the soldiers I sent? How can you send soldiers to your mother? I must really be a puppet king Right You liked that seat so much, you cut me up… …into a puppet Now, you’ll get rid of me? What do you mean? Did you give the order to poison me? What? The physician confessed You plotted with Yoon to kill me? What? -That’s preposterous! -Isn’t it? I thought it was strange Your man, Yoon, couldn’t have plotted this alone! This is a trap! The former queen is up to this That wretch! Right. Now, I see Poison the decoction than frame her? Kill me, her, and my nephew? Then, who did you plan to seat here? What do you mean? Minister Yoon and… …I lived to put you on that throne! You lasted quite long -Kill her! -Yes, sir! -Who are you! Seize everyone one of the traitors! Traitors! Do you know what she did? The late king couldn’t have children Be honest for once! Have you forgotten? The late queen died while giving birth! I poisoned him since -The prince’s birth is dubious -What? You poisoned my brother? Who asked you to do that? For whom! For whom did you do that! When did I ever say I wanted to be king! My child… Look at me It was all to protect you in this cruel palace I’m your mother Why’d you force me on the throne and turn me into someone
who can’t trust his mother? You can’t trust me? You dare defy your mother! If you all meet, the truth will come out Guards! Bring Minister Yoon and Kwon-yoo at once! That won’t happen! Yes, it will! Minister Yoon! I brought the criminals as ordered,
Your Majesty The physician confessed Evidence was found in his room Who do you think he said was behind this? How would I know, sire? Why can’t you say it! I do not know anything I drank the decoction, did I not? Then, why’d you hesitate when I told you to drink it! You knew it was poisoned, didn’t you! Enough! Stop it! I’m asking this fool a question! You knew! How’d you know it was poisoned? Sire! Do you know what she did? She defiled the royal court with that fool! Drag her here to confess! Yes! I’m guilty Guilty for bearing the late king’s son And guilty for being alive You’re guilty for this uproar due to your son And guilty for distracting the king! But, Your Majesty Who is that man? He’s Minister Yoon’s man who killed my father What daughter would secretly plot with the enemy? You wretch! How dare you show fake tears here! What would my young child know or do that I’d covet your throne? If I thought that in the slightest I’d bite my tongue and die right here But I cannot die falsely accused as someone so shameless Confess the truth! Who ordered you to poison the decoction? The Queen Mother She ordered me to make the poison And Minister Yoon gave it to… This is a trap! It’s a trap, sire! What are you doing? Why did you do it! Was the throne that dear to kill your own son? Tell me! Calm down, sire! She can’t breathe! Sire! Lock them up and execute them all! When you become a true king, please return then Is it all done? Will you accept me now? Farewell, My King! Farewell, My King! Farewell, My King!

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  1. Udah nonton berkali2 tp ttp gx bosen…aq suka bkn krn adegan sex alur ceritanya yg memang bagus

  2. Pembunuhan endingx mirip film basic insting ya😮😮😧 filmx seru bagus sy suka,tnp hrs ada adegan ranjang pun filmx ttp mantap&keren👍😊💜

  3. बेचारा चुदक्कड जापानी राजा चुदाई मे अपनी चिनी स्त्री रानी के हाथो वीर्य निकलने के पहलेही मारा गया


  5. i always wondering when watched sageuk drama like the crowned clown, why king first night with queen have to be on schedule.. woah.. this movie explained everything..😱 even kasim should hear and see how king and queen have sex

  6. Filmnya bgus bgt,, terlepas dr seminya.. Sedih di ending knp rajanya hrs mati pdhal dia sangat mencintai mantan Ratu.. Si mantan Ratu jga jahat bgt,, anak kasim dijadikan Raja.. Sad ending.. Tp Bagus lah

  7. चिनी स्त्रिया आणि जपानी पुरुषांच्या युद्धात बिचारा जपानी राजा चिनी राणीच्या हातून मारल्या गेला

  8. Movie Start at 01:33

    ** age restricted content

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