The Controversy Around Netflix’s Movie ” To the Bone “

The Controversy Around Netflix’s Movie ” To the Bone “

Let’s Talk About “To the Bone”. Hello everyone and welcome back to LikeKristen. My voice is really really bad today. I had a horrible sleep last night
but I still want to make this video because it’s very important and I really want to talk
about this topic. So let’s get on with it! So if you don’t know,
Netflix released a trailer to a movie called to the bone which is an original
movie that they are creating. It’s about a young woman who checks herself into an
anorexia treatment center and it’s just like her story and her experiences in
that. If you haven’t seen it i’ll link it down below but let’s talk about it before you
click on it cuz there’s a lot of controversy around this trailer and this
movie and I kind of want to talk about it both sides. I think it’s really
fascinating when we talk about these kinds of things. So there are two sides
of this controversy about this trailer and this new movie coming out. One side
really does not like it. They say that there should be trigger warnings on the
trailer. How could Netflix do this? It’s glamorizing anorexia. There are people
who want to boycott Netflix now because they think that Netflix is glamorizing
mental illness which is going to trigger more people and create more eating
disorders. I actually do believe that there should have been a trigger warning
on that trailer because as you’re scrolling down through your feed when I
first saw it the trailer would just start playing and the images that were
shown we’re pretty graphic. I actually did a tweet about it and I got a news
site and it was really exciting for me. So yeah, I’m a big deal on this news site…
whatever. On the other side of this controversy people are saying that this
is amazing that they are doing this to spread awareness for anorexia. A lot of
people on the sides that were really hating on Netflix and really hating on
the director for doing this type of movie did not know that the director and
writer of this movie wrote it because they themselves suffered with an eating
disorder and they made this movie to spread awareness for it. A lot of people
aren’t talking about that part and so I want to go back and read to you
something that the director wrote “…having struggled with anorexia and bulimia well
into my 20s I know firsthand the struggle isolation and shame a person
feels when they are in the grips of an illness. In the efforts to tell this
story as responsibly as we could we spoke to other survivors and worked with
the Project Heal throughout the production in hopes of being truthful
in a way that wasn’t exploitive. That said it’s important to remember eating
disorders are unique and to the bone is just one of the millions of eating disorder
stories that could be told in the United States at this very moment. My goal with
this film was not to glamorize eating disorders but to serve as a conversation
starter about the issue that is too often clouded by misconceptions and
secrecy. I think that’s really cool. I like that they said this is only one
story and there were millions of stories of millions of people who are suffering
with eating disorders. The cast and crew of this movie actually came out with a
misconceptions video where they talked openly about eating disorders and I’ll
link that down below because I think it was really awesome in a way to raise
awareness for eating disorders. So I would love to know what you think about
this controversy. Do you think that it’s a bad thing that they created this movie?
Do you think that it’s glamorizing eating disorders? Do you think that it’s hurting
more than it’s helping? Or are you on the other side? Do you think that this movie is
going to spread awareness and start the conversation around mental health? Do you
think the director did a good thing in coming out with the statement saying
that this is only one story of millions of stories and every one is different
when having an eating disorder? I would love to know your opinions. Please don’t
forget to subscribe! I make mental health videos every week. I love you guys
please stay safe and ill see you guys next time bye guys

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  1. What do you think about this controversy? Are you going to watch this movie when it comes out? I would love to know your thoughts!!

  2. I think the movie will spread awareness for eating disorders. I would love to watch it actually so that I can understand why people starve themselves. Also so that I can try help people with eating disorders

  3. It seems like a very real and heartbreaking story. I am a bit afraid that it is going to be triggering for me though. Even watching the trailer I was brought back to some pretty hard memories (I have personally suffered from anorexia and am now in solid recovery). I am going to watch it though and I do have good expectations! Like you said, knowing that the cast and crew have had personal experiences with eating disorders makes me feel optimistic about it! It looks very well done. I just am going to have to make sure I practice self-care extra hard when I do! I will have to remind myself that my pain is in the past and it does not define who I am or where I am going

  4. I feel like people will always be upset (of course that doesn't mean they are not allowed to). If there are no movies about these topics, people rightfully demand them and if there are, people rightfully are a bit wary because it might just be another movie that gets it all wrong.
    I definitely agree that there should be trigger warnings, at least and especially in the trailer.
    Since the movie was made by a person who knows what they're talking about, it makes me see the movie in a much more positive light than I would have seen it otherwise. Sure, that doesn't mean they won't make mistakes but that also means it's less likely they will make the typical mistakes people make that don't have any idea what they're talking about. Just as Mexican people should be involved in the making of movies about their culture and queer people should be involved in the making of movies about their sexualities and genders, people with eating disorders, mental illnesses, etc. should be involved in the making of movies about them, in my opinion.
    Anyway, I don't think it's possible to judge the movie already, it's not even out yet. I haven't seen the trailer though, so maybe there's something really icky about it, I'm going to watch it later.

  5. I hate everyone that's comparing it to 13RW, not only because it's an entirely different production team, but because Netflix didn't even make To The Bone! They bought it after the film was completed.

    I also agree there should have been a trigger warning!!
    Also people don't know that the lead actress, Lily Collins, also suffered from an eating disorder! They spoke to Anorexics Anonymous & the head of the LA clinic for eating disorders in preparation for the film.

    I think so many people are jumping the gun with this movie. Not only is this about a woman with anorexia in treatment, but the group home she enters features a man with an ED, at least two POC and various body sizes. I think they made mistakes in using graphic content like focusing heavily on calories and the actress's thin appearance because those images violate NEDA's guidelines for covering EDs responsibly, but I think this film is going to serve as a great insight to what it is like to have an ED and why it is so important to recover. I have high hopes and wish people would stop making assumptions.

    Great video showcasing both sides!

  6. I agree that there should be a trigger warning on the trailer. But as for the movie and it's portrayal of anorexia/eating disorders/mental illness, we can't responsibly cast judgments, positive or negative, until we've actually seen the movie. Only time will tell.

  7. I think there should be a trigger warning, but I'm kind of glad at the same time that all these movies are popping up lately talking about mental illness. these movies if done correctly, and not glamorize the illnesses will definitely bring awareness and open up conversations we need to have about these topics.

  8. I think there should be a trigger warning, but I'm kind of glad at the same time that all these movies are popping up lately talking about mental illness. these movies if done correctly, and not glamorize the illnesses will definitely bring awareness and open up conversations we need to have about these topics.

  9. It's good that they are making tv series about mental health and are spreading awareness about it. I'll watch the show but I think they should put a trigger warning before the episodes. Also it seems like the girl who are struggling is a young adult, not a teenager (if I read correctly). Its important to talk about this, EDs are not only limited to teenagers. There are a lof of young adults and adults (age to 20 from 40 even 50) that struggle with this.

  10. I think that things like this should be made. Right now, any mental illness is shown in a very poor light. I've heard people say very cruel things about this topic. People are very poorly informed about these problems, and there is rarely anyone there to help with the misconceptions. While I think that trigger warnings should be placed before any show or movie dealing with these topics, I think that they should still be made. It is one of the things that could make life better for those hiding their illnesses, and make them more comfortable with themselves. It could be what encourages someone to get help.

  11. I just watched the trailer and I think it should have had a trigger warning but you can't judge it's portrayal of mental illness until you see the full movie looks interesting

  12. Let's NOT do this trigger warning sh*t. In real life, there are no trigger warnings… I would know I've been anorexic since I was seven.

  13. I think this is going to end up like 13 Reasons Why. It is meant to do good but in the end people take it the wrong way and many many people are triggered, like myself.

  14. I think that we should watch the movie (the people that won't be triggered by it) before we judge Netflix and the directors.

  15. honestly I think the people that are saying it's encouraging eating disorders should wait till the movie comes out before they say that, as from what the trailer shows its going to educate people about all the bad points and shoe people that EDs are nor just about "being skinny" I think it's going to educate soo many people and help people realise that recovering from an eating disorder is more than just eating something! I feel as though the movie will be more beneficial than destructive as it was written/produce by someone that has first hand experience! but hey I could be wrong and when I watch the film I could change my mind!

  16. I agree 100 % also there are a lot of short films about eating disorders too! Guys like this video and get it trending maybe! People need to see this! Love ya Kristen!

  17. one thing that bothers me about not only this movie but movies around eating disorders in general is that the sufferers are always depicted as extremely underweight. this bothers me because i know people (including myself) who have struggled with EDs and never get/got treated because they never reached that low of a bmi. it really sucks that medias always go to these stereotypes attached to eating disorders. the worst part of it is that it always seems to reinforce the voices that tell you that you're "not thin enough to have an eating disorder" or "not anorexic enough." i feel we need more representation in those areas to raise awareness for those who might go unnoticed in the eyes of treatment

  18. I don't really want to compare this movie to 13RW; but after watching it, I am still a little bit hesitant to watch another Netflix exclusive thing about mental health because 13RW did a lot on me emotionally. I still think that I will watch it but I really want to wait and form my opinion on it after I see it. Trailers can be really deceiving and are edited to grasp peoples attention. Obviously that worked because people are talking about it. The scenes in the trailer will still be in the movie, but I am hoping that the dialog that goes with the visual will be done in a helpful way that brings light to what it is like to struggle with an eating disorder. Now that I know the director has struggled with an eating disorder I feel a lot better about this movie as a whole, knowing that there is personal insight

  19. Hey Kristen!!!
    Thank you for helping everybody that needs it, you are amazing, you've helped me through so many things that I needed help with. I would love if you replied, ILY!

  20. (tw mentions of restriction/EDs)
    I def think a TW was needed on the trailer, it seriously triggered me, thankfully not into a relapse, but I did not eat the rest of the day because of how anxious the trailer made me about food/reminding me how fat I was compared with my low weight/basic ED thoughts. (i have a recent history of OSFED Atypical Anorexia subtype)
    I am worried about people with EDs using the movie to trigger themselves on purpose, but of course that really cannot be helped as long as there is any media at all about EDs, that will happen. I just hope they show it in a healing, recovery-oriented light, which it sounds like they're going to do.

  21. I think it looks like they portray the illness well showing the struggle she's going through ect. Great statement from the director too. Their hearts are in the right place as to why to create this movie! I would say they are successful already since we are talking about it. I think it's hard sometimes to watch such a struggle if you struggle with mental illness too. I prob won't watch for this reason.

  22. My hope is that this movie will add in a positive way to the discussion of eating disorders. Assuming they approached the topic with sensitivity and care I think To the Bone may be added to the list of movies that do a great job to represent psychological disorders.

  23. I might watch the film just for the actors, however I was seriously triggered by the trailer and it caused me to do 4 hours of a dancing exercise in one night with no breaks because I saw the main character and it really triggered me. I am getting help, I'll be going to a unit in a couple weeks or earlier, and I really want to begin recovery…but like many others I think this will just cause more harm than good.

  24. I think it will probably be triggering but I want to watch it in a morbidly curious way. It will probably be informative for people who don't know anything about eatinig disorders and that's a good thing I think

  25. I definitely think is a good step for talk and understanding but they should have put a trigger warning.

  26. Hey Kristen! Can you do a video on traveling with depression and suicidal thoughts? I want to know how to control it without my counselor.

  27. I just graduated with a BFA in Filmmaking so I wholeheartedly believe in giving others (and yourself) an outlet to share experiences. Netflix is also quite accessible, which I think is great. It's a difficult topic to depict, of course, but I think as long as they do it justice instead of turning it into a quirky little character flaw or romanticizing it, then it will be great! Does need a TW though for sure!

  28. Now I wish they could do other eating disorders that aren't anorexia. Everyone knows more about that than bulimia.

  29. i think there should be a trigger warning, but i also think nowadays almost everything that shows eating disorder related things it is said to "glorify" eating disorders.

  30. Hi, I'm really sorry this has nothing to do with this video but do have any advice for going out in public with very obvious self harm scars and feeling okay about it? My family wants the all of us to swimming but I'm so soo afraid to go outside in public with my all my self harm scars on my legs showing. I really want to find some way to be okay with it so I don't ruin the trip. Is there any way u can help?

  31. I need therapy but my mom and my dad won't take me or better me any appointments my doctor has sales many times that I need to go I have anorexia and depression and on top of that I'm a self harmer I don't know what to do I have made a suiside attempt and I think that it will happen again please help me

  32. I don't know if you have or not but can you please make a video on types of abuse and its effects on a persons mental health

  33. hi Mrs.Kristen! your videos have helped me a TON!! and i would like to take a moment to thank you for the work you put into this channel. i made it a month and a half clean before my first relapse two weeks ago, and your channel had a lot to do with the month and a half. i also had a question. is the rubber band alternative to self harm a good idea? thank you!

  34. I agree with putting a trigger warning on it. I also think many other movies should’ve had trigger warnings on them also but I’m not going to get into that. I feel as though society can’t make up their mind. They want mental illness to be talked about but as soon as some sort of light is shed on it, they all join together saying it’s too much. This movie will probably be very hard to watch, even for those who do not struggle with an eating disorder. But there will be a message and a conversation following this movie and I’m sure many people will finally have the courage to speak out about their struggles and finally have a reference for family and friends which will be to go and watch the movie so they may further understand what is going on. I’m excited for this movie. Netflix, keep doing what you are doing, you’re slowly putting mental illness in the media and helping other understand and accept the challenges people face on a daily basis. Thanks ☺️

  35. I agree with both sides. I don't hate Netflix for having this show, and I think that it is incredible that they are doing this to raise awareness. But I do believe that it needs a trigger warning.

  36. Hi Kristen 🙂 are you okay with doing a video about what mental hospitals are actually like? It's none of my business rather or not you've been to one, but since I've never been there, I'm not sure what it's actually like. People make up stories and I just want to know what's accurate

  37. this was so damn interesting and I shall go and see the trailer and see what i think as i like to watch movies and things about mental health

  38. I watched this movie it's actually really good and important and in the beginning of the movie it had a warning in the beginning

  39. Hey Kristen, of you have the time, could you make a video looking into Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix? I, for one, think it's focusing to much on the act of suicide and not enough about the mental illness leading up to it. Plus, the book said that Hannah took pills, but the show made a graphic cutting scene where she dies on camera, probably for shock value. I don't know, I thought you might be the right person to give a review on it if anyone is thinking about seeing it.

  40. I just watched this movie a couple days ago, and I agree that there should have been a trigger warning. However, I think it was an accurate portrayal of eating disorders, and did raise awareness about the topic. It was actually really good and very powerful. I honestly cried so many times during this. It definitely wasn't glamorizing eating disorders, and I would recommend it.

  41. Its good to shed light on disorders but they shouldve put a trigger warning. But its still good to shed light on it so people will have courage to talk about it and to get help

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