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The Cove | Film Trailer | Participant Media

I do want to say that we tried to do the story legally There it is, the little town with a really big secret It’s so bizarre what’s going on over here When we first got into the country we had no idea who was following us you think they know we are here? We don’t know if they are whalers, Japanese mafia.
Somebody is behind me, I don’t know who that is They don’t like me, they don’t like my message. Rick is world famous. For his work with Dolphins I feel somewhat responsible because it was the flipper tv series that created this multi billion dollar
industry A dolphin smile is natures greatest deception It creates the illusion that it’s always happy You realize after a while that they don’t belong in captivity I’ve never seen so many dolphins before The Japanese people don’t even know about The take the dolphins around a secret cove, that nobody could see They are afraid of cameras They say if the world finds out what goes on here will be shut down. They were hiding something We need to get in there and film and know exactly what happens We needed people with a special set of skills to implement this mission They are behind me, let’s go let’s go Underwater camera is set, they are not be told that the free lunch meat their children get are contaminated.
They said you didn’t know about it If we can’t fix that, there’s no hope It’s flashlight, the guards are moving.
Get out of there! You’ve caught enough

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  1. This is a propaganda movie in orde to raise money.  
    Just check "Behind THE COVE", and you will realize its deception.

  2. If you have not checked out Behind the Cove, you should. Fucked up western bull shit idiots that made and got a Oscar for this so called documentary. The Cove is just a bunch of bs.

  3. When i was a kid i heard of a dolphin saving a surfer. Always found these animals magestic and. Spiritual. Seeing them get killed adds fuel to the fire in my heart. The man who made this his cause is a perfect example of how man can redeem himself. I never knew the cruelty of man tords all animals till recent films like this and earthlings showed me….i put myself and the whole human race in there shoes….cant participate in this anymore. I dont know know how to but damn sure will find out….fuck eating animals……

  4. I'm sorry, but the makers of this "documentary" have a responsibility that they must be willing to fulfill if they want to be taken seriously as documentarians. Simply put, they need to offer both sides of the story. They claim they want to raise awareness and that they are merely criticizing the activity, not the culture itself. But just look at the racist bile down in the comments below. People are literally calling for Japan to be nuked again and denouncing all of its citizens as subhuman filth, and it's all thanks to the way the makers of this film wanted to depict the people of the country. This isn't a documentary, it's propaganda.

    I agree that we should do away with the hunting of dolphins, but there's a way to go about raising a responsible generation of activists. This is akin to ad hominem in a debate.

  5. White racists always push their selfish standard on another countries. If they continue stupid thing, I tell to them. "Stop Sports hunting and shooting yourself by gun"

  6. For example. the. US hunters kill more than 7000,000 deers annually, 
    I don't understand the whitey's idea of animal protection.From Japan.

  7. This movie would make Asian seems like a bad people. A really fucking bad people.
    Well although I am little offended,I know its not 100% true.

  8. hey there !!!! for all of those you guys have done to the dolphins!!! if i had chance to saw you guys killing ..i will be there put you guys in the water use the same way like you did the them go fck yourself !!! Devil !!!

  9. There were many lies in this movie. It seems that there are many images processed and edited with malice.
    Dolphins are food resources as well as a fish. There is no problem in killing a dolphin so that butchery of the livestock may be carried out.

  10. Hey everybody! This is NOT being done by japanese people, this is being done by the japanese government and fishermen. The people did not and for the most part still dont know this is going on and even after yhe doc exposed ot other countries would not vote to ban it. AND if you watch the movie this is not done for FOOD. The gov unknowingly put the dolphin meet in public schools for kids and labled it as whale meat. And in the movie the government response to an offer of money in exchange for NOT killing dolphins an official said "it is not about money it is about pest control" because the dolphins are eating the fish the japanese want to eat and sell all over the world. Sushi anyone? When film makers asked japanese people on the street how they felt about this, most said it was horrible and they wouldnt mind eating less fish. ALSO, once the fisherman trap the dolohins in the cove, before killing then they briefly look thru them and select and capture some to sell to sea world and other marine parks and swim with dolphin programs around the world. Once they are pulled out the rest are killed. The cove is red and it is a blood bath. Final though, japan is not the only country doing horrible things that not only murder animals, but torture them in gut wrenchingly cruel ways. There are videos of foxes being skinned alive and SCREAMING during the process. The truth is, being vegan and vegetarian is good but unless people stop BUYING and giving money to the meat industry, dairy industry, visit zoos, circuses, marine parks, go hunting or poaching, buy real fur and leather clothes, shoes, and purses, and cosmetics and medicine and other things tested on animals, which IS all a CHOICE and none of it NECESSARY in todays world, murder and torture will go on and never stop. These industries do not care about how these animals are treated and esp today in the 21st century, we dont have to do these things. But they hide it because if we were forced to look at the consequences or our choices, nobody would do these things. Everybody would be vegan too. But since we dont have to see or torture an animal with our bare hands, it is a lot to ask and a lot to do. And despite how much clothes and make up women buy, the fashion and beauty industries still dont have the kind of power and political influence the meat and dairy industries have.

  11. I heard that Sea Shepherd is environmental groups. Wrong?? Why did SS throw many ropes, paints, and many powerful drugs for industry in the beautiful Antarctic sea? Pls explain me.
    Why did the hero who tries to protect the whale and the dolphin receive search "Wanted".? Why did environmental groups neglect broken AdyGill at sea? Why do they need many lies in order to protect whale and dolphin? …

  12. A dolphin, a fish, and a whale are marine blessings.  They are resources as well as a cow or a pig. There is no reason only a dolphin is excepted.
    It is not man even if it looks cleverly.
    It is an animal after all.
    There are many people wounded by the dolphin.
    You were only brainwashed with the images and tales which have shown the dolphin as a beautiful living thing.

  13. Thank you god for all the animals you made for us to eat. Dolphins looks sooo good!
    Genesis 9:3
    Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything

  14. SS threatened Japan and earned dirty money. Therefore, SS promised that SS will not interfere with Japan's whaling.
    That is, the purpose of SS was not protection of a whale but a dirty money profit.
    The hypocrisy and the lie of SS became clear.

  15. Everyone here is, rightfully, lambasting the people responsible. But what's the difference between this and the suffering inflicted daily in the factory farms that feed the Western Nations today?

  16. Who would like some one against killing whales and Delphine’s but likes sushi, some one who can’t respect other cultures and believes some one who have double standards… ah I know who! Milenios only


  18. This is honestly the grosses movie/documentary I've ever seen. And I've seen the Mexican Cartel documentary 5 times.

  19. They …forgot Faroe islands …. its easy to blame the Japanese, Chinese, Russians

  20. I am really confused why are they hunting dolphins? If it was for food what difference does it make from hunting tuna or any kind of fish? Why is everyone upset about it? If they are hunting dolphins for fun then yah it's disgusting, I guess I have to see the hole thing before I fully judge this

  21. Japanese deny and refuse to apologize for Nanking Massacre in China by now, they even won't stop Fascism, how you guys ask them not to kill dolphin?


  23. I wonder how many of these activists buy animal products and therefore pay others to do the exact same thing to the sentient beings on our continents what these japanese guys are doing to the dolphins. This movie is highly speciesist and only shows what really is wrong here. Dolphins, whales, dogs and cats are the good guys, while cows, pigs, chicken and so on are trash. No thanks. I want people to care about all sentient beings, not just the one they like the best.

  24. Just to clear things up, this isn’t necessarily to say eating dolphins is wrong, the way they do it is different than commercial farming and very inhumane.

  25. Although dolphins that escaped from dolphin fishery in Taiji town should be telling their fellow dolphin that "Life is dangerous when approaching Taiji town", why does dolphin pass near Taiji Town each year.
    Dolphins are said to be smart, but they are truly stupid.

  26. And now they will start whale hunting again in 2019. You would make more money from tourists paying to see these amazing creatures. I did when I went to Canada an amazing experience.

  27. Most Japanese do not know that dolphin hunting is occurring ….just like most Americans are ignorant of how a sausage is made or how a steak ends up in a grocery store shelf…

  28. I suppose a practitioner of Hinduism would find our culture of raising cows for the purpose of killing them for food /clothes as abhorrent,immoral and down right disgusting ….and yet I don’t see the American society appreciate this point of view from India. Why not ?

  29. In my country (USA) we raise pigs cows chickens maybe even fish just so we can kill them for food . Some animal we even killed to make pet food , clothes or glue….in some places we hunt deer, boar, moose ….sometime see kill animals like coyotes or raccoons and just let them die because they are considered “pests”…why are we pointing the finger at Japanese for their hunting ? We also shed animal blood for OUR convenience and lifestyle. Are we trying to be hypocrites?

  30. In my country we slaughter cows pigs chickens and sell them to restaurants and grocery stores so we can have a nice lifestyle ….we don’t have to kill animals and eat their meat, and we suffer from the negative effects of eating them….but we still do it . So we
    Don’t have any place criticizing the jpnese for their practices

  31. Can someone tell the “truth” about the deer hunting that occurs in my country?? Deers are shot with rifles or arrows and then stung up and skinned…how is this dolphin hunting different than the game hunting that goes on in my country????

  32. I really have a lot sympathy and disappointment on such activities and i actually feel sor about it. It should be forbid. But sometime it confuse me when i think about sheep and cow?wat the difference?According 2 my researches,dolphins r not endangered animals so as cow and sheep. If u say it is because they r more intelligent, does that means higher iq people should have more rights? I am a Chinese and I am sor 4 my embarrassed grammar. Plz help solve my problem.

  33. This film was released in 2009. According to the film, 23,000 dolphins and porpoises are brutally killed in Japan every year. Yet 10 years later, dolphin-hunting is still legal in Japan. Sigh.

  34. American always want to be a hero to save the world,,animals,,or whatever blah3xx….Americans always want to find bad thing at other country But in their country,,,shit!!!! I not blame all Japan just because a few of fisherman…… There are many animal violence at other country especially chinese……. It have one tribe who eat dog and it's very cruel but it's their freedom……I don't know why happen like that but it just happen……The dog which majority we see as pet animal is get slaughter and it's meat they eat…..I'm pretty sure if american want to be hero to save it,,,,it cannot happen because it;s tribe right…..I know majority the actor which involved in this cove is dolphin's lover and i understand BUT one important thing: Don't label Japan as bad country just because of dolphin hunting……..I hate it and i think american also have animal cruel but they not show it but busy to find other country to show that other country is bad….AMERICAN IS GOOD!!!! Fucked off!!!!!!!

  35. 【映画 予告編】 “A WHALE OF A TALE” WORLDWIDE SCREENING CAMPAIGN おクジラさま~ふたつの正義の物語
    映画『 Behind "THE COVE" ビハインド・ザ・コーヴ~捕鯨問題の謎に迫る~』予告編

  36. the. US hunters kill more than 150 Bowhead whales annually.
    Why don't protest to the whaling in the. US?

  37. I only wish there was more of an effort to police the genocidal practices metered out by the U.S authorities.

  38. Just finish watching ,poor dolphin make me cry many times,they didn't do anything the reality of human kind that when ur kind u gonna stab in the back😭😭

  39. I have never been to Sea World… Will never visit that prison. Disgusting treatment of fellow creatures, anyone who visits is obviously complicit with animal cruelty. Fur in the fashion industry is the same. Indentured workers in Dubai are poorly treated, don't visit Dubai. We can make a difference without too much effort, one person is a revolution.

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