The Daily Show – Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, and Bassem Youssef

The Daily Show – Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, and Bassem Youssef

– [Announcer] April 1st, 2013. (dramatic instrumental music) From Comedy Central’s World
News Headquarters in New York, this is The Daily
Show with Jon Stewart. (audience cheering)
(upbeat rock music) – Hey everybody, welcome
to The Daily Show, my name is Jon Stewart! We got a good one
for you tonight, my guest tonight,
very funny author, Mary Roach is gonna be
joining us, but first! I wanna talk to you about
spring, it’s finally here, first robin, the Easter
bunny, delivering to children the unholy, tinted
spawn of a chicken and its chocolate bar lover. (audience laughs) The Mets undefeated
in first place, but enough about our spring! Enough about our spring! Of course, the Arab Spring,
the flourishing of democracy in the Middle East, countries
formally run by dictatorship, that the US mostly supported. Eeh!
(audience laughs) Hey, just out of curiosity. How are things going today
in, I don’t know, Egypt? – The economy in
Egypt, what a mess. Unemployment at 13%,
inflation’s almost doubled since November. – [Reporter] Cairo’s aging
infrastructure goes untended. – Since the revolution,
we’ve seen tourism drop annually about $4 billion. – [Reporter] The huge
spike in sexual assaults against women. – Okay, I’m gonna put you
down for work in progress. (audience laughs) Wow! I gotta tell ya, it sounds like
this new Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi’s
got his hands full. I can’t wait to
see how he tackles these complex and urgent issues. – Egypt’s public prosecutors
ordered the arrest of popular television
presenter, Bassem Youssef. – Oh, good! Who’s that guy? I bet he’s a terror! What’s he been, sabotaging
Egypt’s infrastructure? Or harassing Egyptian
women on the streets, or unemploying Egyptian
people, what’s he do? – Bassem Youssef hosts a TV show known for poking fun
at the president. (audience laughs and cheers) – Wait a minute. Our Bassem Youssef? The comedian who hosts the
incredibly popular weekly political satire
show, Al-Bernameg? Now, I know Bassem pretty well. You can imagine that I was
shocked that this whole time, I have been consorting
with a criminal! (audience laughs) What did he do? I’m ready, I’m ready! – [Reporter] The
country’s top prosecutor issued an arrest warrant
charging the comedian with insulting both the
president and Islam. – That’s illegal? (audience laughs) Seriously, that’s
illegal in Egypt? ‘Cause if insulting
the president and Islam were a jailable offense
here, Fox News go bye-bye. (audience laughs and cheers) Yeah, they go bye-bye. But they don’t go bye-bye. But you know, I guess the
rules on freedom of expression are a little different in Egypt. Obviously, over there,
you cannot sow hatred or insult religion. I’m just curious,
what would something like insulting religion
sound like, anyway? (speaking in foreign language) – Oh, that’s insulting,
alright, I mean! (audience laughs)
Wow, that’s, woo! That’s, I’m sure that
when President Morsi
hears about that, he is going to be
so ang, I’m sorry, that is President Morsi, really? (audience laughs) He didn’t by any chance
precede those remarks with, “Here’s the sort of thing
you really shouldn’t say “in Egypt,” did he? (audience chuckles) No? Oh. By the way, if you are
gonna nurse your children on Zionist and Jew hatred,
you really gotta breastfeed, (audience laughs)
I mean, it’s the only way to ensure that your kid gets
all the antisemitic nutrients that he needs, I mean,
(audience laughs) I guess in a pinch,
you could buy Gerber’s Elders of Zion formula, but,
(audience laughs) it’s a lesser product. Nah, you know what,
that was probably a one-time thing
from Morsi, we all lose our heads occasionally,
and insult religion, even in Egypt, just once, right? Once? (speaking foreign language) Okay, okay, two things! On the descendant
from apes front, I’ve got some bad news for you. (audience laughs) It turns out, it’s more
common than you might think. (audience laughs) And as for the pig
thing, come on! You’re gonna insult
the Jews, you can’t go with a kosher
animal, your goats? So clearly President
Morsi knows his way around a good religious insult. Is there anything Bassem
may have done here, perhaps concerning
the President himslf? – [Reporter] The show mocked him when he was awarded an
honorary degree in Pakistan, and also took aim
at the President’s less-than-fluent English. – Making fun of the
President’s hats, and less-than-fluent English,
that was my entire career for eight years! (audience laughs and cheers) Do you have any idea? That’s all I did! And I’m sorry, you
should hear what we say about the President
we supposedly like! Barack! You smoke so much,
your lungs are the only authentically black
things about you! (audience laughs) Kinda reminds me, actually,
of his campaign slogan, yes we can, but should we? (audience laughs) What happened to
Barry from the block? (audience laughs) Have we been fooled by the
Bar-rocks that you got? (audience laughs) All that people
that you didn’t like when someone else had it,
you decided to keep it. Oh my God, you’re Frodo. You’re Frodo! (audience laughs) Don’t arrest me! I don’t get this man! You’re the President of Egypt! The inheritor of
one of the greatest lands and people in
recorded history! Your people invented
civilization! The Ancient Greeks went
to Egypt, and were like, “What do you got there,
geometry and mythology? (audience laughs) “You gonna finish those,
could we use those?” (audience chuckles) The Egyptians invented
written language, and paper, toothpaste! People buying buried with
their cats, that was you! (audience laughs) A style of walking people
sing about, even today! Egypt built the Great Pyramids. Maybe you could get some of
the folks who built those to work on getting
you a thicker skin! Well, not the same people. (audience laughs) I obviously, I can’t
handle two Passovers, I can’t handle it! (audience laughs) So Bassem Youssef
pokes fun of your hat. And your lack of promised
democratic reforms. What are you worried about? You’re the President of
Egypt, you have an army. He’s got puns in a show,
you have tanks and planes, we should know, we
still have the receipts! (audience laughs)
Look! Silencing a comedian
doesn’t qualify you to be President of Egypt. Just President of NBC, I mean! (audience laughs and cheers)
Woo! I gotta tell ya something. Talk about a once-proud empire. (audience laughs) Whatever problems
you have in Egypt, at least you didn’t
greenlight Smash. (audience groans and laughs) Look. When you’re…
(audience laughs) Sorry, a couple of
bloggers just went nuts. (audience laughs) When you are actually powerful,
you don’t have to be petty. I know, I’m petty all the time. And the truth is,
look, come here, let me talk to you
over here, come here. (audience chuckles) Boobie. What are you worried about,
Mr. President of Egypt? The power of satire to
overthrow the status quo? I’ve been doing this
crapfest for 15 years. Granted, I’m not as
popular as Bassem, but we’ve had our nights. And just so you know,
there’s been a grand total of zero toppled governments we
brought about during that time. (audience laughs) We couldn’t stop the
Iraq War, we tried. I couldn’t even get
Jim Cramer off the air. Jim Cramer’s a money
show where sound effects give you stock investment
advice, it’s a– (audience laughs) But come on! Charging Bassem Youssef with
insulting Egypt and Islam? I know Bassem. Bassem is my friend, my brother! There are two things
he loves in this world with all his heart,
Egypt and Islam. And his family. Three things. There’s three, and the,
what is that flat bread with the cheese, it’s
tart, it’s like a white, it’s not baba ganoush, it’s
like, there’s four things that he loves. My point is, Bassem Youssef
loves Egypt so much, he chooses the live there,
even though some crazy guy is threatening to
arrest him, oh, right. Um…
(audience laughs) But by the way, without Bassem,
and all those journalists, and bloggers, and
brave protesters, who took to Tahrir
Square to voice dissent, you, President Morsi,
would be in a position to repress them. (audience cheers)
For someone who spent time in jail yourself! For someone… For someone who spent time in
jail yourself under Mubarak, you seem awfully eager to
send other people there for the same non-crimes! And just like you, they
will only emerge from prison stronger and more
determined, so. All sending comedians
and bloggers to prison accomplishes
is, lowering the quality of prison-yard athletics. (audience laughs) Obviously, look, you don’t
have to take democracy advice from a ape pig-man like myself! (audience laughs) But perhaps you’ll
listen to this brave Egyptian revolutionary. – [Translator]
Whoever criticizes me has the full right to do so. I welcome any criticism. I welcome every opinion. I welcome every view. – Bassem Youssef, Amre
Moussa, Mohamed ElBaradei, they don’t have to worry
about going to jail? – [Translator]
They are Egyptians. They are part of my
family from Egypt. There is no way that any
harm can befall them, because of their opinions,
or their personal opposition. – Now, that’s the kind of
open, democratic spirit that a great nation
like Egypt deserves. ‘Cause I’m gonna let you
in on a little secret, the world is watching! No one wants to see Egypt
plunge into darkness, democracy isn’t a
democracy if it only lasts up until someone
makes fun of your hat. (audience laughs) ‘Cause by the way, that was
very (drowned out by laughter). We’ll be right back. (audience cheers)

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  1. Listen After All Morsi was right and didn't allow Bassim to be arrested …Now under the Coup General he has exiled and his show was shut down

  2. OMG John, it was a plot! so there's this popular jackass (who was against Morsi btw) raised a case against Bassem and Morsi himself ordered him to be set free under days!
    Then 2 month after this episode with the help of Bassem they coup make a coup and out throw him.. Morsi wasn't worried over nothing.

  3. The best part is when Jon Stewart talked about himself and his TV Show. Unfortunately, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is worse than former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. He's a liar, a crook, a jerk and USA's and Israel's puppet dictator. The Hindu, the Indian civilization is the oldest one. I never liked the ancient Egypt. Still Jon Stewart was right about Mohamed Morsi, and Bassem Youssef.

  4. ما حبيت لانو الاجانب رح يفهمو من هالحكي انو باسم بنتقد الاسلام نفسو وهو فعليا بنتقد التصرفات الخطأ يلي بتنعمل بحجة الاسلام والاسلام برئ منها . وماحبيت انهم نزعجو من حكي مرسي لما قال لازم نعلم الاولاد كره اليهود لانو كان قصده الاحتلال الاسرائيلي والاجانب مابعرفو هالحكي

  5. Zionism is not a religion, but a colonial project implemented to inflict tyranny, eradicate a peoples culture and race, and settle in a region by military force and ethnical cleansing. Zionism is not Judaism. Get your facts straight. A century of incessant ethnical cleansing of the Palestinians and Zionist colonial settlement is not religion, it is pure evil.

  6. Now that I'm rewatching Jon Stewart, I'm realizing more and more how much better he was than Trevor Noah. Jon made fun of politics. Trevor boils every single thing he talks about down to race. That can only be interesting so many times.

  7. This is one of his best segments of his later years. So many great lines. I don't know how much of it was Stewart and how much of it was the writing team, but he was just ON.

  8. If only they new we'd be stuck with C.C that is taking us right back to the middle ages and ppl are to scared to say anything caz he leads the army..

  9. I love John Stewart but this misnomer about the Jews building the pyramids is ridiculous… the pyramids are older than Judaism and were NOT built by slaves, Jewish or otherwise

    Were there Jewish slaves in a incident Egypt…. sure but not during the pyramid building phase

  10. I don’t support him but Egyptians are not against jews we are against the actions of those in Israel for taking land from the people of Palestine. It does not mean we hate all Israelis but we do not support their actions. He is not qualified but that does not mean Egyptians are all antisemitics

  11. جون انا لا اعرف اتحدث الانجليزيه لكن اكيد هناك شخص يترجم لك كلامى نحن الآن فى ٢٠١٩
    لقد قال باسم يوسف كل ما يحدث فى حياتنا الان لكن اكتشفت أن العيب ليس بالرئيس للبلاد مرسي كان شخصيتة ضعيفه لكن الان الرئيس السيسي بشخصية قويه لكن الذي تحدث عنه باسم من سنوات يحدث الان هل لذلك علقه بالرئيس؟!

  12. That was so taken out of context. Basem got a contract from a businessman owning CBC, one of the old regime guys [EVEYBODY IN EGYPT KNEW THAT] and yet he was working alongside with the army intelligence who were working against Morsi to overthrow him in July 3rd, 2013. Of course that being said, Morsi was wrong saying those things against all Jews but in general he doesn't differ a lot from the public Egyptian opinion about Israel as a historic enemy of Egypt (Check 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973 wars and the largely opposed inside of Egypt peace treaty in the late seventies). Needless to say, right now as I am writing is comment, Bassem Yusuf who was critical about everything the one-year presidency of Morsi, was quickly terminated and kicked out of Egypt to work as a standup comedian talking about American nonsense and refusing even to admit that he was used by one of the old regime men to raise a public anger against Morsi.
    And Just before someone says, but this is a satirical show!! how would it affect the president of a country? to answer that, I invite you to read more about the details of the January uprise in Egypt and the role of media and satire in it to shape the public opinion and produce momentum for political changes. Egypt was a special case. And the youth uprise was taken advantage of by so many parties including Muslim Brotherhood, gulf countries, the military that is 100% loyal to the US and Israel.

  13. This perfectly demonstrates what I miss about Jon. The dry wit and the jokes that you miss if you don’t get the context. Like when he’s talking about how the prez of egypt has tanks and missiles that we still have the receipts to.

    The Daily Show – Constant Intractable Madness

  15. So it must be okay to deny the holocaust in America then, u know as pert of that whole freedom of expression businese

  16. Actually the late president didn't arrest him. Believe me the police there and the army act on their owns. Shit happens man! But look now bassem has no show in Egypt. He can't even go there safely. Egypt is going down pffff

  17. Fast Forward six years

    – The military has overthrown Morsi, building on the mass provokation Bassem Youssef helped with.

    – The military killed thousands of innocent protesters in Rabaa after calling them terrorists. And Guess what Bassem did: He made a song dancing over their death.

    – Bassem realized he had freedom during Mosri's rule, because after his arrest, he was released almost in the same day. He tried to do the same during El-Sisi rule, but could not. Now he is in the US and cannot come back to Egypt. He left politics and made a TV show about cooking

    – Mosri "The Dictator, allegedly" after being overthrown was imprisoned over phony charges with systematic psychological and medical torture until he died few days ago.

    Bassem is no doubt a talented comedian that was doing something he believed in. He was just too naive to realize how his work could be used and now, not only him face the consequences, but all Egyptian people with a level of hatred and national division, never recorded before.

  18. 2.33
    دي مش خريطة مصر كامله فين حلايب وشلاتين فين الجزيرتين

  19. just little thing,, Morsi didn't insult religions..
    in Egypt we are in a war with Isreal, and he was mentioning them only.. not related to religions..

  20. Look where Bassem Yousef is now when el-Sisi came. He ran like a bitch. Bassem Yousef is 1 reason why people turned on Morsi.

    Now, Egypt is far worse

  21. People in comments are too ignorant they can't imagine that every community and country have it's own law and what is right for you is wrong for other like someone who said that he got married to his cousins is wrong in Egypt we don't think so

  22. باسم يوسف النسخة الثانية لك في الشرق الأوسط. ربنا يحميكو

  23. يانهار ازرق ده باسم يوسف كان بيقلده تقليد حرفي
    حتى لما بياخد الكاميرا على جنب ويدي نصايح صوت الحق دي 😀

  24. After 5 years of this vid
    ‘ mursi is dead ‘ died in prison
    ‘Sisi is ruling ‘ ‘ albarnamg was stopped ‘
    ‘Bassem yousef is a refugee in the USA ‘

  25. Birds with a feather flock together. There is no difference between both of you. The former was selected for a mission, and had done it well. And was also kicked out later on after the job was finished. He, however, was rewarded by being allowed into the home of his masters. The world would have been more cleaner without such bad faces.

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