The Daily Show Explains It Good: The Biden-Ukraine Story | The Daily Show

The Daily Show Explains It Good: The Biden-Ukraine Story | The Daily Show

(dramatic music) – If you’ve been following
the Ukraine scandal, you know Trump thinks Joe
Biden did something illegal, but what exactly did
Biden supposedly do? I’ve watched Fox News
for eight straight days and I’m ready to break
down it, break it down. Okay, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who remember, deep state swamp. He gets wired $1.5 billion,
and you can follow the money from Ukraine to Italy to
Crimea to, you guessed it, the whistle blower,
who documents hearsay, and thus, is inadmissible. Cannot and may not,
James Comey, you got it? That’s part one, part three. Hilary Clinton and George Soros. Obama, Netflix, Papadopoulos, and somehow that’s millions
and millions of dollars? I don’t think so. We all know this, because,
and this is key, China. China, that’s not
first-hand, that’s three. John Kerry, of all
people, his nephew, right? What about Bill
Clinton’s G-chat history? Chelsea Clinton’s
iPod, acorn diamonds. And then, this is based on
Rudy Giuliani’s detective work. Remember the Steele dossier? Yeah, it’s a coverup. And then final part,
which I think is obvious, I mean, the mainstream
media gives a pass too? I haven’t even mentioned
drain the swamp. The swamp is the swamp. FISA Court, hearsay,
the document was altered not two days before
Secretary Pompeo and you’re not gonna
look into that? Remember this? 33,000 missing email
servers, acid washed. I mean, where’s the
Pakistani fraudster? They’re all in on
it, Biden, Clinton, the Steele dossier,
Australia, of course. What about Eric
Holder’s Hulu password? Malia Obama’s Venmo history. Oh, hey, Jay-Z visitor logs? Fake birds. Soros funded weather
modification turbines? Did that ever cross your mind? You got Robert De Niro’s
leaked Whatsapp text and Lithuanian
ambassador book deal. What does that equal? Illegal Pokemon stash, do I
have to spell it out for you? And guess what else. The Obama justice league. Okay, that pretty
much sums it up. If you’ve got a friend
who doesn’t understand the Biden Ukraine scandal,
just share this video to help clear things up. Bye, everyone. Oh, and Adam!

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  1. Y’all laughing but this man was left brain damage after watching Fox News for 8 straight days. Good luck with therapy bro 🙏🏼

  2. Just watch a video by a lawyer who has a YouTube channel. Apparently hearsay is admissible, under certain conditions, such as the ones surrounding Trump's recent criminal activities.

    Legal Eagle video link:

  3. A quick summary of my reasons why I don't watch Fox and RT, now please don't do it again. Or at least offer fresh ideas of what went wrong in the families of former VPs etc., no e-mails, no pizzas, no Russians, just the money.

  4. It's really sad what the Fox commentators are pushing. Watched Lou Dobbs for a bit and it was unreal. Its no wonder the Trumpsters are so brainwashed about him. Couldn't watch the whole video.

  5. I hate you for this video. Not because you made it but because of its VERY subtle and REMARKABLE accuracy. Because this is what we have now. This is where we are. Language like this that is not just harmful but EXTREMELY debilitating. And for reference to those that don't know..



    Learn to pronounce


    (of a disease or condition) making someone very weak and infirm.

    "debilitating back pain"

    tending to weaken something.

    "the debilitating effects of underinvestment")

    Thank god for the Affordable Care Act.

  6. Oh my God! I just spit my coffee 😂😂😂
    Hilarious masterpiece of comedy!
    I'm sure Fox and friends' audience would agree with everything that was said! 😵😜😅

  7. we need a graphic here … like a lot. maybe it doesnt spin circles and contradicts itself then… maybe?

  8. I'd be careful with videos like this. Those crazy right wing conspiracy theorists will probably believe it and spread it like wildfire. They already can't tell the difference between fact and fiction, and they probably can't understand satire.

  9. After watching this it literally feels like my IQ dropped a bit. Now I see why #45 & #45 supporters are so fucking stupid. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. I didn't vote for Trump and I don't care to much for Glenn beck. I would say there is some evidence about Biden and documents beck pulled together. If this shit had Trump name on it the dems would crying. My issue both parties is you are to dam perfect to ever recognize your problems. Just look at the document he put together and make a decision.

  11. Well that explains everything. We need to shut down fox, put down anyone who worked there and Burn them. Appearently, watching it turns People into nonsense babbling lunatics

  12. the only thing more insane than what I just watched is the ppl that actually watch garbage that sounds like that and get all worked up and end up shooting up a pizza place because they think Hillary Clinton actually is running a child sex ring in the basement…. I mean…

  13. All of this is somehow connected. Just like YouTube targeting me with Golfing ads relentlessly, while I have zero inteerst in playing a game where you essentially chase a ball with a stick. Makes perfect sense

  14. A friend showed me this video when we were talking about Ukraine.

    Things got really weird for a while. Then we start talking about Fox News. Can a media be sued for too much bullshit?

  15. I dunno, this made more sense than Trumps latest Twitter rant, so…
    I guess we're all going to die when he accidentally starts a nuclear war thinking is was a Big Mac, aren't we?

  16. C'mon you guys can't fool people for a long time. eventually, you will have a sad show, with sad faces, and sad Biden…

  17. I was confused about what was happening until I recognized the way he was talking and I was like “wait, Sean is that you??”

  18. This is great, I mean it's great, like perfect video the more perfect video of history of theater I understand the meaning of life and it is not 42. We are understandin FUX! #THOR

    The gay guy, Trevor & Fake CNN just forgot to tell you about this! lol

  20. This is funny, but Biden did use his influence to get his son a job in Ucraine, he was even paid when he was in rehabilitation facility for Cocaine use, he must be amazing businessman.

    Like Trump.

  21. If someone said this to me in person I would reassure the person talking that the gentlemen in white (that I called) are very good people and that they are gonna take veeery good care of him.

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