The Daily Show Podcast Universe – These American Lies | The Daily Show

The Daily Show Podcast Universe – These American Lies | The Daily Show

– [Trevor] Lying. It’s as American as apple pie. Or getting in a fist fight
over a chicken sandwich. And it’s especially American
now that the president is a ninja level liar. Donald trump lies so often
that even his biggest lies can get lost in the fray. This is These American Lies. (upbeat music) – [Michael] Have
you ever told a lie? Let’s admit it, we all have. Just this morning I was talking
to the doorman at my co-op and he said, Michael,
do you know my name? And I said, of course I know
your name, don’t be silly. In reality I have no idea
what my doorman’s name is. I think it’s something Italian, like Credenza, or Gabagool. So I lied to him. Today’s show is about lies. People lie about
all sorts of things. They lie about their age,
they lie about their weight, they lie about there whereabouts the night their neighbor’s
charcoal grill went missing. But some people lie
more often than others. One of those people
is the president. And we’re gonna look at one
of his biggest whoppers, that three to five
million people voted illegally in
the 2016 election. From WTDS in New York,
I’m Micheal Costa. And Credenza, if
you’re listening, I apologize for not
knowing your name buddy. You’re listening to
The Daily Show presents These American Lies. (upbeat music) Part one. What’s three to five million
illegal voters among friends. I’m here with
producer Desi Lydic. Desi, it’s been a while. – [Desi] I saw you on Saturday. You crashed your
car into my mailbox. – [Michael] So,
you’re here to talk about the voter fraud lie. – [Desi] Right. The lie this week is that
three to five million people voted illegally in
the 2016 election. – [Michael] Wait, what? Do people know about this? – [Desi] No, it’s a lie. Costa, we’re on
these American Lies. – [Michael] Yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure, sure, okay. – [Desi] So the voter fraud
lie is still important today. Republicans use fears of voter
fraud to restrict voting. We’ve seen it in swing
states like Georgia, Virginia, and Wisconsin,
where 200,000 people were recently purged
from the voter rolls by a circuit judge. And to understand
this lie you really have to know about
this guy, Donald Trump. – [Michael] Hm. – [Desi] Donald has lived
a pretty incredible life. He’s been a real
estate developer, a mail order steak salesman,
a two time Emmy loser. And in 2016 he became the
president of the United States. – [Newscaster] It is now
official, Donald Trump has won the Electoral College. – [Desi] Now, most
people would be happy to win a presidency, but for
Trump winning wasn’t enough. – [Newscaster] Donald trump
won with 306 electoral votes. Even though Hillary Clinton
got nearly 2 1/2 million more popular votes. – [Desi] See, Trump won
the electoral college but he lost the popular vote. – [Michael] So it’s
like he won the lottery, but only because he
stole the winning ticket from a 7-Eleven cashier? – [Desi] No, not at all. – [Michael] Tell
me more about that. – [Desi] Trump won the election
even though he got almost three million fewer votes
that Hillary Clinton. And you’ve got to
understand Donald Trump has a fragile ego. At his Comedy Central
Roast in 2011, he told the comedians
who were roasting him there was one thing they
couldn’t make fun of. Do you know what that was? – [Michael] His enormous ass. – [Desi] His wealth. He’s got think skin,
especially when it comes to having less than others. So rather than admit
he won fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, Trump
did what came natural to him. He lied. – [Newscaster] He told
members of congress that maybe three to five
million people voted illegally in the most recent
presidential election. – [Newscaster] It’s a claim
the president repeated during his first official
White House meeting with congressional leaders. Telling them he lost the
popular vote to Hillary Clinton only because millions of
illegal ballots were cast. The same claim he made
on Twitter after his win, saying, I won the popular
vote if you deduct the millions of people
who voted illegally. – [Desi] I won the
popular vote if you deduct the millions of people
who voted illegally. That’s a stunning claim. – [Michael] Right. It’s kind of like saying,
I won at Scrabble, but only because I kicked
my opponent in the crotch. – [Desi] I can do the
rest of the story myself if you just want to take off. – [Michael] Oh great, I’m
gonna go microwave a taco. – [Desi] Every lie
starts somewhere. And this American lie was born in one of the birth places
of American democracy. – [Michael] Long Island? – [Desi] Massachusets. (upbeat music) – [Man] I got a number. How do you like them apples? (laughter) – [Desi] The state flower is
a Dunkin Donuts coffee bean, and the state song
is an Irish guy puking outside a
baseball stadium. And now this state has
another claim to fame, a professor whose
work inadvertently ignited the voter
fraud controversy. – [Newscaster] Brian
Schaffner, one of the academics behind the study told CNN
Trump is misinterpreting the study, calling
Trump’s claims absurd and not even plausible. (phone rings) – [Brian Schaffner]
I’m Brian Schaffner. – [Desi] This is
Brian Schaffner. – [Brian] I’m a professor
of political science at Tufts university. – [Desi] He’s a professor
of political science at Tufts University. – [Brian] Why are you
repeating everything I say? – [Desi] Schaffner’s
a smart guy, even if he doesn’t
know how podcasts work. – [Brian] I’m a
principle investigator for the co-operative
congressional external study, which is the data set that
has caused all these problems. – [Desi] Every election
year Schaffner’s group surveys internet users
about their political views. The survey doesn’t
specifically ask about voter fraud, and yet. – [Brian] There’s a question
included in the survey that’s not really meant
to look for non-citizens, but there’s a response option
the responders can select that would identify
them as non-citizens. And that essentially lead
to this big controversy. There were over
30,000 respondents to
the survey in 2008, and among that group there
were a little over 300 who identified themselves
as non-citizens when they responded
to the survey. 38 of those supposed
non-citizens claimed to have voted. – [Desi] So we’ve got this
internet survey taken in 2008. Now flash forward from 2008. – [Newscaster] Senator
Barack Obama of Illinois will be the next president
of the United States. – [Desi] To 2014. – [Newscaster] 30
year old Jeremy Meeks, also known as the hot felon. – [Desi] Because that’s
when this data set evolves from a curiosity to a
flaming political hot potato. (upbeat music) – [Michael] This
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correctly Josh? Crip Recruiter. Less cramping, more lamping. This doesn’t make sense. Hi everyone, we’re back
with part two, a rough lie. I just wanted to say, for
anyone listening at home, the next part of our podcast
contains severe profanity and extreme graphic
description of sex acts. – [Desi] What? No, it doesn’t. – [Michael] If you’re
listening with your children you’d better turn it off unless you want those kids
to grow up fast. – [Desi] Okay, just ignore him. Okay, so it’s 2014. Jesse Richman, a researcher
at Old Dominion University, or ODU, comes
across this survey. Richman takes the responses
to that final question about being a citizen
and extrapolates that anywhere between
38,000 and 2.8 million non-citizens voted in 2008. There’s only one problem with
Jesse Richman’s conclusion. – [Michael] Jesse Richman
has been dead for 50 years. – [Desi] Uh, no. Here’s Brian Schaffner
revisiting his 2008 survey that became the basis
for Richman’s work. – [Brian] We did a study
where we actually recontacted the people who had claimed
to be non-citizens, and a lot of them, when we
asked the same question again, changed their answer. And among the people
who actually claimed to be non-citizens
both times we asked, none of them were
voters, none of them. – [Desi] Brian Schaffner had
renounced his own findings, but by this time it’s too late. Right wing media members
are using the ODU survey to claim that voter fraud
is an enormous problem, even though it’s based on
one study’s interpretation of a flawed data set. – [Michael] So I guess, Desi,
just one question remains. – [Desi] Right. How did this lie get to Trump? – [Michael] Oh, I was gonna ask, is 15 minutes in the microwave
too long for a single taco? But that’s good too. Your question’s good. – [Desi] So it turns out
Trump may have been turned on to voter fraud in
his natural habitat. – [Man] Four. – [Desi] A golf course. Five days after
Trump’s inauguration he hosted dinner for
Republicans and Democrats. He tells his guests
that he would have won the popular vote
if it hadn’t been for the three to five
million illegal votes. So according to
the New York Times a democrat at the
dinner asked Trump, where are you getting
this information? And trump cites a guy
named Bernard Langer. – [Michael] Oh, I
loved him in Das Boot. – [Desi] Bernard Langer is a
German professional golfer. He won the Masters twice. – [Commentator] It is not
often you smile after a miss. But you can if you’re
Bernard Langer, and the Masters
champion of 1993. – [Desi] He’s now 60 years old. So apparently Trump
went golfing with Langer some time between
election day 2016 and this dinner on
January 23rd 2017. And on the golf course
Langer told Trump about his experience on
election day in Florida. Langer went to vote,
and he was told that he wasn’t eligible to. – [Michael] Because he’s
been dead for 50 years. – [Desi] Because he’s
German, and not a US citizen. But Langer looked at
other voters in line who he said looked as if they
should not be able to vote. – [Michael] Because they’ve
been dead for 50 years. – [Desi] No one’s been
dead for 50 years! No one. – [Michael] Boris Karloff
has been dead for 50 years. He died February 2nd, 1969,
complications from pneumonia. Boris Karloff has been
dead for 50 years. – [Desi] So trumps got this
idea in his head from Langer. People are illegally voting
because this German golfer told him so, and he’s
upset that he didn’t win more votes than Hillary. So instead of
investigating this claim, instead of checking with
any election officials, he just starts
saying it in public. – [Interviewer] Millions
of illegal votes. That is something that
is extremely fundamental to our functioning democracy,
a fair and free election. – [Trump] Sure, sure, sure. – [Interviewer] You say
you’re going to launch an investigation into this? – [Trump] Sure, it’s done. – [Interviewer] What you
have presented so far has been debunked. It has been called false. – [Trump] Take a look
at the Pew reports. – [Interviewer] I
called the author of the Pew report last night. And he told me that
they found no evidence. – [Trump] Really, then why
did he write the report? – [Interviewer] He said no
evidence of voter fraud. – [Trump] Excuse me, then
why did he write the report. – [Desi] That Pew report
he was mentioning. He was probably confusing
it with the study from Old Dominion
which leap frogged off the survey from Brian
Schaffner which, remember, has been debunked
which, remember, doesn’t really matter
because now this lie has been super charged. – [Man] He continues
to make this assertion that there is somewhere
between three and five million voters that voted illegally
in the last election. – [Desi] He’s got his
spokes people lying, citing the survey. – [Spokesperson] As I
said, I think the president has believed that
for a while based on studies and
information he has. – [Spokeswoman] But you
made it about the media. – [Man] The scandals are
about the presidents lies, about voter fraud. – [Spokeswoman] Excuse me? – [Man] About wire tapping. His repeated lies
about those issues. – [Spokeswoman] He
doesn’t think he’s lying about those issues,
and you know it. – [Desi] And of course,
his friends at Fox News repeat the lie back to him. – [Newscaster] President
Trump continues to claim that anywhere form
three to five million undocumented immigrants
across the country voted, costing him the popular vote. – [Newscaster] A
lot of people think, and remember the
president’s comment about three to five million
votes illegal in this country. – [Desi] All this
because of something that happened on the
internet in 2008. That’s like a scandal
breaking today because the president thought
a Chuck Norris fact was real. – [Michael] Desi. I just
want to break in here and warn our listeners. The next section of the
podcast contains several slurs about the Irish, and audio taken from a hardcore pornographic
film from Japan. – [Desi] What script
are you reading from? Anyway. Donald trump doesn’t just
let this lie go, oh no. In May 2017 he does this. – [Newscaster] Donald Trump
just signed an executive order creating a commission
of election integrity to investigate
alleged voter fraud. Vice-president Mike Pence,
and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach will chair it. – [Desi] That’s right,
this lie created jobs. Real people kissed their
kids goodbye in the morning and went to work in
service of this lie. – [Michael] That’s crazy though. People are kissing their kids? – [Desi] But it turns out
this commission was a mistake, because after a year of work
the commission disbands. They couldn’t find any evidence
of widespread voter fraud. – [Michael] He formed
a commission to
investigate his lie. That’s like lying to friend
about how much you weigh, and then insisting on
stepping onto a scale. – [Desi] Actually that. Oh, yeah, no that
is a good metaphor. – [Michael] And then
you step off the scale, kick the guy in the
crotch, steal his wallet. – [Desi] Nope,
you lost it again. Trump’s department of justice
was also investigating, and was able to find
just 19 illegal voters in North Carolina. So three to five million illegal
votes in the 2016 election? That’s just a lie. – [Michael] A lie with
humble beginnings, that worked it’s way
from an internet survey to a Virginia University,
to a right wing website, to a German golfer, to the
president of the United States. Desi Lydic is a producer
at these American Lies. She recently unfriended
me on Facebook, no hard feelings Desi. I’m Michael Costa,
we’ll be back next week with more fibs, falsehoods,
and fabrications on the Daily Show presents,
These American Lies. (upbeat music) (fast paced music)

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