The Danish Girl Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander Drama HD

The first time we met she propositioned me. She seemed so sure. I was sure. He was so charming… and mysterious. Is there something you’d like to tell me? Is there something you’d like to know? I’m your wife. I know everything. Could you help me with something? You will not tell anyone about this. Hello there… We’re gonna call you… Lili I want to sketch you… Lili We should go out tonight. Give them something different. Lili, you’re exquisite. You’re different from most girls. I feel I’d need to ask your permission before I kissed you. Exactly what happened last night? There was a moment when I wasn’t me. There was a moment when I was just… Lili But Lili doesn’t exist. We were playing a game. Something changed. He’s lost his way. He needs a friend. Let me help. I think Lili’s thoughts, I dream her dreams. She was always there. I need my husband… I need to hold my husband. Are you alright? No. The fact is…I believe that I am a woman. And I believe it too. Surgery has never been attempted before. You’re my whole life. It could kill you. It’s my only hope. This is not my body. I have to let him go. I love you because you’re the only person who made sense of me….. Who made me… possible.

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