The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Teaser | Netflix

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Teaser | Netflix

Deet. All Thra is at risk. The Darkening corrupts
everything it touches. What is the Darkening? Behold. I see many endings 
lay before us. Some good. Most bad. What have the Skeksis done?! Tell no one.

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  1. Danm they did a good job rebooting the dark crystal im crying from happines for thi movie even being an old movie people made a reboot its been so long since i rewatched the dark crystal in the 19s

  2. Just watched DC episodes 1-6 tonight (here in Singapore)- fantastic. This show has more plot twists and action than the original DC film.

  3. Ya'll I saw the ad on youtube and I thought it was some low quality garbage show. Then I looked at the voice cast and this is probably one of the most all star voice line casts of all time.

  4. Lol is anyone else getting nostalgia because they watched theodd1sout video? I haven't even watched the old movie and im feelin it XD

  5. I like it, but hate how the puppets always looks like they are blankly staring in whichever direction their head is facing

  6. I've watched the movie lots of times over the years, since l first saw it as a child back in the early 80s. And now, I just finished watching season 1 of The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance on Netflix , and can't wait for season 2 to come out a year from now. And now l'm off watch the making of the series now.

  7. Been waiting to see this since I was a kid looks like it's going to be a great one the only thing wrong with the story is they should have left it to see what happened with Jen afterwards the original film other than that I think it should be pretty good great tribute to Jim Henson

  8. I'm watching this in awe. There is a theme that sounds familiar, the Democrats are the Skesis, lying to good people, ready and willing to exploit the weak and vulnerable all for power. They turn the oppressed into the oppressor, all while feasting and claiming to be saviors that nobody dares question. Wow, the Left = Skesis.

  9. My favorite character in the show is Lord Chamberlain. Poor bastard always gets the short end of the stick from both his fellow Skeksis as well as the Gelflings.

  10. I am really excited for this…but one complaint. Why do all the Ghelflings have Botox?


  11. Heard an ad on the radio on my way home tonight & had to look it up. I grew up w/ this, Labyrinth, Goonies, Princess Bride, Neverending Story, Last Unicorn, & Flight of Dragons. Grandma read Tolkien to us as bedtime stories & had Brian Froud art books. This looks so amazing and I'm so glad they didn't go cgi or something.

    Anyone know if they used any of the original puppets? The glimpse I got of Aughra & Fizzgig looked exactly the same. That would be so cool if so! 😃

  12. Ok this series is freaking fantastic. It relates so much to human greed, corruption and self interest. The dark crystal isn’t just some child’s story, i this much much deeper and meaningful than that. The dark crystal has always been meaningful in that sense.

  13. Started watching it. It seems feminism has wiped its arse all over it too. Completely devoid of male leaders on the light side. All the bad guys and bullies are male. I wouldn't recommend letting anyones kids see this.

  14. Was the creator of Daenerys Targaryen inspired by female Gelflings? Also, my brain keeps calling those old birdies SEXIES instead of their proper name!

  15. Watching first one. Really beautifully made. My one thing I am not keen on are the actors voices. Seem very babyish . Not sure!

  16. So happy it wasn't until I started reading the comments that I realized I'm part of a bigger Community than I ever realized…

  17. I have to say, the Hunter was pretty bad ass in this TV series. He was pretty much the only competent warrior in the whole series.

  18. This is like an animated series of Bold and the Beautiful, a movie with endless sequels and indecisive end. U just keep watching it till the story becomes idiotic and loses it's charm and then when the fan following begins to crumble, the producers suddenly end it in a most idiotic way. This has been going on for decades all over the world and this is nothing new.

  19. I would just like to say that I have seen all 10 episodes and I only have one thing to say.

    Thank you. Thank you for being bold and taking chances. Thank you for taking the long and hard rode to creating a masterful work of art. Thank you for simultaneously paying respects to the original while creating something so magnificent and uplifting. My heart physically aches from the joy and wonder I have felt watching this series and I can only say thank you again and again for making something so beautiful. Please never get rid of this or at least sell it in a format that it may be as cherished and as loved as the original. You all may never know how many people this will touch but I hope it helps that you got at least one, one person who this meant the world to. So thank you, thank you so much.

  20. This looks freaking amazing and I plan to binge it all tomorrow. Now I just want Netflix to do a sequel of Labyrinth with the Sarah character as the Goblin Queen to replace the Bowie character and the little baby boy could be an older teen in this instance without knowing he's going against his half sister, etc.

  21. I had a feeling this was familiar…
    I think my mum was flicking through channels, and it was this, because I remember it seeming interesting and Hella creepy at the same time.
    Can't wait to check this out! :3

  22. I just finished season 1 and this show is a masterpiece 💎✨!!
    Although now I have 3 questions;
    1- Will we ever get to see Raunip in the second season?
    2- Since the General died, will we get to met the other one from the movie who becomes Emperor?
    3- Will this show ever be released on DVD/Blu-ray? PLEASE LET ME KNOW?!?

  23. I'm grateful to be watching the Dark Crystal, but here is the reality:
    1. The sound is bad. It's almost always either over compressed (radio loudness war all over again), or the stereo placement is way off, so
    everything sounds like a bad overdub. Audio makes or breaks a movie, believe it or not, so this is a big deal.
    2. Shaky-cam destroys the crucial subtlety of movement upon which puppetry depends.
    3. Both the CGI and the script feel forced and gratuitous at times. That's never a surprise anymore, and by itself not enough to ruin experience, but in CONJUNCTION (see what I did there) it's a problem.

  24. Why did Hensen, or whoever wrote this show, feel it necessary to add different races of Gelfings? This was never part of the movie, and it reeks of marxsist propaganda.

  25. Fucking American accents in narration annoys me use English accents, it's like using American accents in game of thrones American accents are lower class dumbed down for children British rule drama.

  26. Game of Thrones owes a Debt of Gratitude to this Show. I think the Skekksis should have like some silver, gold, maybe diamond encrusted in their teeth as well. For Got, I'm just waiting to watch their final episode, because I haven't tuned in to any other season.

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