The Darkest Kids Movies That Will Give Children Nightmares

The Darkest Kids Movies That Will Give Children Nightmares

Some of you whippersnappers might not be familiar
with this one. Heck, some of you old timers might not be
either; these days, Disney does just about everything it can to make sure nobody finds
out about The Black Cauldron. “Why?” you ask: Well, partly because it
was one of the biggest commercial flops in the history of the studio – and partly because
it’s one of the darkest, most disturbing films they ever made. The Black Cauldron is based on Lloyd Alexander’s
series of high fantasy novels, “The Chronicles of Prydain”. I’ve never read the books myself but basically,
it’s all elves and goblins and whatnot. According to Alexander himself, the movie
isn’t a whole lot like the books anyway. Instead, it follows a sort of generic fantasy-by-numbers,
orphan to hero plot-line. What it does take from the books, however,
is an army of undead warriors, raised from a cauldron by the film’s protagonist – The
Horned King. Just look at these creeps – and that’s
not the half of it. Many of the film’s most terrifying sequences
ended up on the cutting room floor, in a bid to bring the film down to a PG-13 rating in
the US. 9. Pinocchio
What? The little puppet who just wanted to be real
boy? If you’re asking that, it’s probably been
a long time since you’ve seen Pinocchio. It’s dark enough when you consider the implications
of tricking naughty boys into going to a place called Pleasure Island, but what actually
happens there is somehow even worse. Pinocchio becomes embroiled in a hedonistic
rampage of drink, tobacco and vandalism, before the Coachman, who is a deeply unsettling person
in general, turns his friend into a donkey. Just the concept of what is happening in the
scene is horrific. The look on Lampwick’s face as he realizes
his inescapable fate. It’s a scene that somehow becomes more disturbing
the older you get. And we’re just throwing this out there… Geppetto is the creepiest Disney character
ever. I know he’s supposed to be endearing, but
his obsession with creating his own little boy is… concerning. I dunno, maybe puppets just haven’t stood
the test of time… He just comes off as a creep. 8. Spirited Away
Sure, in some senses, Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is the cute fantasy adventure that introduced
the wonders of Japanese animation to so many in the west. In other senses, it’s a dark and lonely
adventure where a vulnerable girl’s parents turn into literal pigs, and she’s transported
to this freaky world where everybody, who doesn’t want to eat her, wants to exploit
her in some way. Or, almost everybody. There is one boy who’s actually nice to
her but he turns into some crazy river dragon and gets slashed bloody by like a million
little paper men. Okay, so it all turns out okay-ish in the
end but, from the moment her pork chop mom and pop turn their heads around, Spirited
Away pumps out a whole lot of nightmare fuel, especially for a PG rating. With that said, this movie is nothing less
than brilliant… But that doesn’t change how screwed up it
is. 7. The Prince of Egypt
The Bible’s a big book – whatever version you do or don’t subscribe to – and in
case you never got round to reading it, it’s a pretty dark book too. Especially the Old Testament. The Prince of Egypt, an often overlooked early
Dreamworks title, produced in an effort to rival Disney’s claim to the crown, is basically
about the biblical story of Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt. For better or worse, that entire process involves
a whole lot of dead babies. In one of the film’s most climactic scenes,
The Angel of Death finally comes to wipe out all the first born Egyptians. Just its creepy, sighing noise as it sucks
the life out of thousands of children is enough to scare any child into saying their prayers
at night. 6. The Secret of NIMH
This might just be the darkest cartoon you’ve never heard of. For those who saw The Secrets of NIMH as a
child, it was probably an experience they’ll never forget. In many ways, it’s hard to pick out anything
specific about NIMH that really sets it apart as a dark film, but the overall morbidity,
desperation and warped sense of scale all add up together. There’s nothing which sounds too scary about
a cat and an owl, but from the perspective of these little rodents, nothing could be
more terrifying. And those glowing, inhuman eyes just stick
with you. 5. Fantasia
Is Fantasia really a kids’ movie? Sure, it’s got Mickey Mouse and it’s animated
but have you ever heard a kid say “mommy, I want to watch Fantasia again. Those mops that split into like a million
tiny, terrifying mops while classical music plays in the background – that’s my favorite
movie!” Of course not. Fantasia was a way of pushing the envelope. It was a demonstration of what could be done
with animation, made by Walt Disney, in order to cement the studio’s legacy. But despite that, Disney still insists it’s
a family movie, so it gets its shot at taking a place in our list – and wow is it a dark
one. When you watch Fantasia as a child, there’s
really nothing to cling on to. No real plot. Just one long LSD trip, full of weird stuff
that gets weirder and scarier, accompanied by music that you would never listen to, and
also happens to be scary. Who thought this would be a good way to get
kids to do their chores? 4. Animal Farm
Look, this one’s not for kids – I don’t care what you say. If you looked at the title of Animal Farm
and thought “hey, that sounds like a nice, fun, family-friendly rural adventure,” you
were in for a nasty surprise. Animal Farm is actually based on the novella,
of the same name, written by British author, George Orwell, who fought in the Spanish Civil
War and, most famously, wrote 1984 – the defining work in the dystopia genre. Like 1984, Animal Farm can be broadly received
as a satirical critique of Soviet communism; unlike 1984, all the characters are animals. Oh and the leaders are all pigs. That’s satire for you. Dark lowlights include when the trusty old
horse finally succumbs to the injuries of hard labour and is immediately shipped off
to the glue factory. Oh and the final revolution scene where the
cows do not look like nice cows – oh my god. 3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
This film is, in our opinion, Disney’s darkest. There’s a good chance that the first time
you watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as a kid, you didn’t really know what was going
on. For starters, there’s a fairly unrelatable
hero in Quasi Modo. I mean, you feel sorry for him, sure, but
it’s hard to actually put yourself in his shoes – or anyone else’s for that matter. Frollo is this creepy old man; Esmerelda is
a gypsy, which is something some people really don’t like, for reasons you don’t understand,
and at the end of it all, Quasi doesn’t get the girl. Why? Because he’s a big ol’ freak and she’d
rather date this handsome guard who was trying to hunt her down. Nice guys finish last, Quasi. Also, Frollo is a pretty terrifying villain
in more ways than one. 2. The
Brave Little Toaster How dark can it be? With a cute face like that, this is sure to
be a fun, friendly romp with a bunch of happy-go-lucky electrically powered pals, right? Not exactly. In many ways, this movie is like Toy Story
if toy story was about appliances instead of toys… and they replaced the themes of
childhood with the themes of existentialism and suicide. Meet the air conditioning unit who loses his
mind, rants maniacally at the other appliances and then self-destructs – that is, he commit
suicide – right before the rest of the cordless cast shrug it off like it’s nothing. Good God, the vacuum cleaner is cold blooded. What follows this little spell in an abandoned
house is a trip through the woods, which turns into a nightmare picnic. But the real kicker is when Toaster, the film’s
protagonist, has an actual nightmare about losing his master, which includes this clown,
fireman, hell-spawn abomination, equipped with a range of weaponry designed to torture
a toaster. There’s this guy, who kills appliances for
parts. And let’s not forget the junk yard scene. There is a 4 minute song in which broken cars
sing about how useless they are as a giant magnet tosses them into a car crusher. The song is called “Worthless” and it’s
the most depressingly nihilistic children’s movie song that exists. Oh, and this last car drives itself onto the
conveyer belt. Another creative suicide choice. 1. Watership Down
Of course it’s Watership Down. Nothing comes close to this epic tale of bunny
migration and… err getting laid? Yeah. A whole load of this film is about getting
laid. There’s an entire section dedicated to busting
out the lady rabbits from a farm so they can uhh… “repopulate the warren.” On top of that, the scariest rabbit you could
possibly imagine makes several references to doing the dirty with all the female rabbits
in his colony, even using them as an incentive for his guards. Back to
the scariest rabbit you could possible imagine, because that’s exactly what General Woundwort
is. Just a big pile of cascading muscle and scar-tissue
with a violent streak that makes Ted Bundy look like a primary school teacher. And the violent imagery… It’s just… Yikes. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Art Garfunkel sings the hypnotically beautiful
“Bright Eyes”… which happens to be about a dead rabbit. It’s a melancholic masterpiece – the darkest
film on our list. But what do you think? What’s the darkest children’s movie you’ve
ever seen? Let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
and hit that notification bell. But most importantly, stay wicked.

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  1. the book about the hunchback is so much different than the film as Esmeralda dies when she is burned and so does Quasimodo and they are in the book buried together as they were "lovers"

  2. So much innaccuracies stated about The Chronicles of Prydain while talking of it's horrible movie adaptation.

    Wont rant about it though, or I'll never stop. Darkest childrens movie for me?

    Little Nemo or Labryinth

  3. Th brave little toaster was insane . I watched it over and over as a kid. Might explain why I have so many emotions problems now.

  4. Weeeell, Spirited Away is an anime. Animes are usually not for kids.
    Many ppl just wrongly think it must be for kids because it's drawn or animated.

  5. Return to Oz didn't make the cut?? That movie is nightmarish right out of the gate! And The Black Hole? A robot with twirling blade hands grinds up someone just off screen. That haunted me for a long time as a kid.

  6. Just a few days ago, I almost downloaded Pinocchio for my 3 year old, but then remembered that donkey scene. This video is a useful tool for parents. That said, as a kid, my nightmares was an old PBS show called Vegetable Soup. Creepy animation but there was some continuous story about kids lost in space in a homemade spaceship. I don't remember the details at all. I just remember shuddering whenever the show started and quickly changing the channel. The people who made that show were either on drugs or hated children or both.

  7. The Adventures of Mark Twain
    It's a claymation film, and there's a part where they adapt Twain's story "The Mysterious Stranger", which is about the devil. It's not a story or scene for kids, although the rest of the movie is. I'm pretty sure you can find the scene on YouTube.

  8. Oh please I whated these movies fro 3 to 6 years old qith my great grandma, this is supposedly frightening to kids? My kids watch horror films with me and laugh, these are just boring ole films atleast you didnt ad polar express theres some rediculous crap that scares kids these days parents have to teach them to face fear.

  9. watched for the list but my god you fucking suck at script writing. you sound like an unoriginal 14 year old which you probably are. Saying something is "an lsd trip" and bringing up the gippeto boy thing are just so fucking predictable and easy. get better man

  10. American & European children are too weak or maybe its their parents. We Asians grew up with ZERO restrictions from our parents & we turned out fine. I was surprised when I got to the States in 18 and they asked me for an ID to buy a game. LOL Most mass shootings and psychotic murders in USA, maybe because they surpresss all these violent games & movies from children

  11. I remember watching Spirited Away when I was little and I wasn't scared, but I do remember being amazed at the incredible visuals and the characters.

  12. The sequel to the brave little toaster was somehow darker tbh. Regardless they are all bizarre as hell.

    Like one involved them going to mars using a ceiling fan and a microwave to save a baby and they found a giant refrigerator and his cohort appliances who want to destroy earth because they were designed to fail. So the toaster runs an election, and it's revealed the fridge was actually a Nazi hearing aid.

  13. I remeber the black cauldron and I remembered loving it as a kid BECAUSE it was so scary. It was different and weird and I honeslty think this is where my love of horror and creepy things

  14. How about a worm guy who has a head on 2 ends of his body
    Or a cave muppet people with a mentally distorted giant on the outside

  15. Secret of NIMH is the way it is because it's basically a classic Low Fantasy – all the characters are medieval swords-and-sorcery archetypes.

    Mrs. Brisby is a pleasant girl beset by problems beyond her ability to solve.
    Dragon (the cat) is a troll/giant/gryphon other local hazard, rather dumb but very cunning.
    The Great Owl is the real dragon, a Great Wyrm with the knowledge to solve Brisby's problem. He is secretly allied with…
    Nicodemus, a powerful mage-king who leads the rats, what amounts to a secret elvish kingdom.
    Jenner, the ambitious nobleman that ensnares Brisby in his intrigue.
    Justin, the loyal and upstanding captain of the royal guard.
    Mr. Ages, the grumpy local apothecary who's secretly a noble in the hidden kingdom.
    Auntie Shrew, the town crier and local gossip who knows a LOT more than she lets on.
    Jenner, the helpful but bumbling village idiot.

    And so on. When you realize this, the movie makes a LOT more sense.

  16. I remember reading the Nimh book when I was younger. It terrified the absolute shit out of me. I can only imagine how scary the movie is

  17. "The Secret of NIHM" (also known as "The Rats of ININ", or also just "ININ"), is one of the GREATEST Animated Movies I've seen in my Life…!!!

    It may be considered "Grey-ISH Dark", because of its dark & elaborate Plot but, in the end, it gives you a very ample and profound Vision of Human Nature and the World, and it makes you THINK (which is a VERY HEALTHY thing), but from a "fictional" perspective, that doesn't make you feel vulnerable.

    As a matter of fact, this is one of my ALL TIMES "MUST WATCH" recommended Movies, for the grown-up Child and the Pre-Teenager, and after a couple DOZEN times I've recommended watching this Movie to Friends with Children, it ALWAYS have been a very POSITIVE and entertaining experience. (No nightmares AT ALL…!)

  18. I grew up undiagnosed with autism. How could you say nobody could relate to quasi. I'm an ugly freak who never gets the girl.
    Severely depressed thinking that the world will never accept you for who you are spite your looks. Quasi modo was the only person I could relate with.
    These are still all fantastic children films. Too dark not even close.

  19. You mixed up protagonist with ANTOGONIST. The Horned King is the antogonist while Taran is the protagonist. Usually the hero is the protagonist while the villian is the antogonist. Often antogonist drives and/or sets up the plot, like wanting to take over the world, while the protagonist reacts to it, e g trying to stop said villain from taking over the world.

  20. I First Saw Watership Down when I was 4, It was Easter and I had My First Chocolate Bunny, I still go back to that Film.

  21. The Wizard of Oz, Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh my, Followed by the Cowardly Lion Doing a Jump Scare, Pete's Dragon with Mickey Rooney, The Entire Film, The Gogans, and Doc Terminus.

  22. The Air Conditioner in The Brave Little Toaster was Voiced by the Late Phil Hartman, and he sounded like Jack Nicholson, so yea the Appliance was a jerk.

  23. "Once upon a forest was really dark" , the little girl badger ran through a gas infested forest only to find her parents dead from the gas & she collapses in her parents home. Whole plot is the younger animal children going to find a plant that can heal her all the while a Lil mole is worried about not even if his mom is alive regretting kissing his her goodbye 😢

  24. I’m surprised they didn’t mention The Dark Crystal movie, there’s a lot more to it that I don’t want a make long comment about it.

  25. Felidae was creepy as crap watch it cause i liked cats but it was a nightmare movie though it was a kids movie but no x.x i could not even finish it cause it was just too much for me

  26. 8:10 Someone didn't do history lessons. 15th century, Renaissance, a time when religious persecution begins in Europe, especially in Germany and France. Gypsy was minority with own culture and beliefs, by the way laws were stricter for them (craftsmanship mostly, they had problems with guilds ) thus they are committing more crime, and so the repression began, later you have Religion War..

  27. As a guy who studied music, I disagree with your assessment of Fantasia. It brings a compliment of great music with interesting animation. I mean kids watched Adventure time and that is way more of an acid trip than Fantasia.

  28. Also considering for it’s time, The Brave little toaster was one of the best movies I have seen. There may be dark moments as well as great moments. The master also fixes and revives the Air Conditioner so it’s not all dark.

  29. Half of them are for adults. Adults also likes cartoons which aren't hentai. Why it is such a problem for market to accept it? Adults also likes 2D animation. Animal farm, watership down, Felidae. All are loved by me as adult person. But every one is so rare. The adults have money, not the kids. Why all the staff made just for kids?

  30. Haha I watched all of these except the Black Cauldron, many many times when I was a kid. I liked scary things though, so I guess that makes sense.

  31. Of course, they are gonna be scary if you base the story from books that are not meant for children!
    Animal Farm, Watership Down and The hunchback of Notre Dame are not children's books. And with the exception of Notre Dame, was never meant for children either.

    + I have to mention, anime and manga are note viewed in the same way. They are not meant for adults or for children in mind. Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Grave of the Fireflies and so on, was not children's movies.
    But that is classic, especially in the west, "it's animation/ anime so of course, it's a meant for children". The same thing when it comes to manga. Maby do some research first…

  32. The darkest part of this video is that horrific mispronunciation of Notre Dame -I'd ask if you were raised in a barn but I'm pretty sure the animals in Animal Farm could have pronounced it better.

  33. my parents showed me all these when I was little and none of them really scared me…

    …except Watership Down…that didn't scare me as much as it did make me bawl my eyes out out of sadness for the rabbits.

  34. I get that Geppeto by TODAY'S world has the "creepy uncle" vibe, but this is not the case. Is it so wrong for a man to want a son to pass his legacy on to? No offense but the narrator sounds 1 to young to have children of his own and 2 not old enough to remember when things weren't like they were now. I'm not saying things were better back then than now or vice versa. But if you were alive back then you would have never thought that, now you would. I don't know what else to say other than time marches on.

  35. To me the darkest animated movie i have ever seen is that bunny movie. I mean daaaaaaammmmn that is some brutal shit. Especially. that scene with the two bunnies underground look beat up badly. I mean wow. That is dark and creepy to the eyes man and the dead bunny heads. I mean i totally not recommend this movie eva.

  36. He said it . He said the red pill. We have a red pilled guy over here. Looks like red pilled guys are everywhere after all smart people are the red pilled ones

  37. I've watched Watership Down when i was a child buz i don't remember much because i was around 5-7 maybe? But i certainly watched it the thing is i didn't really thought much about because idk i was only a child, well i still am but that was 7-9 years ago since i watched this movie.
    I still remember some scenes that aren't pretty pleasent (sry if that's spelled wrong xD)

  38. The darkest Disney movie I remember is Aladdin. The book look scrarier. The most traumatic animation I saw was Spider-Man Animated Series and the darkest movie some kind of Grimm Stories.

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