The Day Music Changed For Me

The Day Music Changed For Me

I used to be the guy who’s whole range of musical taste went from Linking Park to Limp Bizkit I was a young angsty teen and payed more attention to the music videos on Mtv than the Music itself so when i watched that flying whale in the apocalyptic CGI world of In the end i had found my favorite band. But one day the way i listened to music changed completely that was the day i decided to learn how to play the guitar I started with the basic boring stuff, learning notes, scales, etc… but my main objective was to play like the bands I loved so i learned to read guitar tabs little by little I learned how to distinguish each instrument from a band playing and that’s when it hit me playing the songs from those bands was really easy easy… and kind of boring i noticed they were all very similar to each other and i needed something more interesting, i needed new musical role models to look up to So i started researching who were the best guitarist in the world and that’s how i found out about the classics like Hendrix, Jimmi Page and Eric Clapton But i also found out about virtuosos like Petrucci, Satriani and eeeh… “Yngwie Malmsteen”? this guy: I think this is the perfect time to tell you that I’m not good at playing guitar at all but that’s not the point The point is, that learning to play the guitar taught me how to really appreciate music and I think that’s true with any musical instrument it makes you recognize talent no matter the music genre and that helps opening up your music taste You might not like pop music, but you got to admit John Mayer is an amazing guitarist and Adele has an incredible voice And don’t get me wrong, i still listen to old school Linkin Park from time to time but i also learned to enjoy some Fiona Apple Lukas Graham and even Mark Anthony, stuff i wouldn’t even touched 10 years ago By the way, my current favorite band is Tool, just so you know. What about you? do you play any instrument? what’s your favorite band? or favorite singer? let me know in the comments if you liked the video, hit the like button I’m planning on uploading a new video every week so remember to subscribe.

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  1. I used to think that electronic music was garbage because I thought you didn't need talent to use a computer to make sounds and you just pressed some buttons but then I played some games with mostly electronic music and I loved it so I tried to see how hard it was to produce your own electronic music and holy hell is it complicated. I gained a ton of respect for things that aren't rock and metal (what used to be my favourite genres) and now I listen to everything from mainstream hip-hop (I love Kanye's music) to drum and bass, trance, classical and just old pop songs. When I was a teenager I thought I was better than everyone for not liking popular things, but now I see I was just missing out on great music because I was edgy and stubborn.

    Anyway, good video. I never did get the hang of guitar, I should try to pick it up again, I have a lot more patience now.

  2. Bass player here, so many people hate on bass just because it's simple… Think again people! – Michael Manring (yngwie of bass IMO) – Primus (Les Claypool is a god)

  3. I played beginning level piano, although i don't think it changed my taste in music too much. I suggest that you listen to Dream Theater, very melodic, impressive vocal range and an impressive guitar. I think your music taste followed a very similar path as mine.

  4. Dude, Vangelis changed how I thought about synths, his albums are just amazing to listen to. It's insane what he could do with synths at the time.

  5. Great video man, both content- and presentation-wise 🙂
    I can absolutely relate to appreciating music more as you're learning to play an instrument, even music from other genres than what you play.
    It's impossible (for me at least) to pick just ONE band as a favourite, but I always drift back to Metallica every now and then (their latest album Hardwired is amazing btw!).

  6. Cool video! I play a lot of instruments, and I suck at almost all of them :p But I agree! Knowing how hard it is just to be a novice really opens up your eyes to how amazing experienced musicians can be. AND Tool is also my favorite.

  7. This phenomenon can kind of backfire in a sort of way. I got into playing the saxophone and studying jazz and classical music and in my eye that music was vastly superior to what was on the radio (which I still think is true). However, it took me too far, I became a snob who refused to listen to anything outside of jazz and classical music and I literally became a misanthrope because it seemed no one liked the music I liked and everyone liked the music that I fucking hated.

    I think pretty much everyone who is a real musician probably is a snob to some degree, ask any jazz musician what they think of Kenny G and just step back and watch them explode, but it's hard not to be once you understand how good real musicians are at what they do. The fact that a lot of these pop stars cannot perform their music without studio tinkering is pretty unforgivable to anyone who has spent the thousands or tens of thousands of hours honing their craft. You meet musicians who are amazing that struggle financially their entire careers. You go to the best symphony orchestra performance of your life and you are the youngest person there by about 40 years and it's extremely disheartening as a person who is passionate about this music.

    I've sort of come around now. There are a ton of artists in hip hop who I think are real deal musicians. Every now and then I'll even hear some great pop music that is completely original and complex. However, I am really sad about what might be happening to classical and jazz music. In the case of classical, it only exists because multimillionaire or billionaire patrons of the arts keep pouring money into it and no one under 40 seems to give a single fuck about it. Jazz is even rougher, poor as fuck musicians spend money to put their albums out, it is a guaranteed loss.

  8. Another great video!
    I was the same when I took up bass.
    though actually I noticed it more when I became a filmmaker. Fi;ms I never would have liked before I now saw the beauty in. For example I use to hate Tarantino but now I kind of respect him for his uniqueness.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. My hands were too small for the guitars we had in our school so it was really hard for me to play instruments. I rocked on the drums though.
    I grew up with a lot of different kinds of music and when I got older I also found out about Linkin park. I love rock but I also really enjoy listening to the soundtracks of Phantom of the opera.
    Of my it depends on my mood for what kind of music I like the most (on that moment).

  10. I play the piano, and what you are saying is totally true! I used to listen to music, melody and voice before this because I wing and compose songs, but when I started playing piano (its been 9 months now), Its like I have anothe type of ear for the music.

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