The Devil Wears Prada (4/5) Movie CLIP – Andy Gets a Makeover (2006) HD

The Devil Wears Prada (4/5) Movie CLIP – Andy Gets a Makeover (2006) HD

Ok, so I’m screwing it up. I don’t want to, I just wish that I knew what I could do to… Nigel? Nigel, Nigel No I don’t know what you expect me to do. There’s nothing in this whole closet
that’ll fit a size six. -I can guarantee you. -These are all sample sizes-
two and four. – All right. We’re doing this for you. And-
– A poncho? You’ll take what I give you
and you’ll like it. – We’re doing this Dolce for you.
– Hmm! And shoes – Jimmy Choo’s.
– Hmm. – Manolo Blahnik.
– Wow. Nancy Gonzalez. Love that Okay, Narciso Rodriguez.
This we love – Uh, it might fit. It might.
– What? Okay. Now, CHANEL. You’re in desperate
need of CHANEL. Darling, shall we? We have to get to the beauty department, and God knows how long that’s going to take I mean, I have no idea
why Miranda hired her. Me neither. The other day,
we were in the beauty department. She held up the Shu Uemura eyelash curler
and said, “What is this?” I mean, I just knew
from the moment I saw her- she was going to be
a complete and utter disast- Miranda Priestly’s office. No, actually she’s not available, but I’ll leave a word. Ok, thanks. Bye. How did- Are you wearing the Ch- The Channel boots? Yeah, I am. You look good. What? She does. Oh, shut up, Sue.

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  1. How many movies does she have a makeover? Gisele is a witch! Not too long ago Tom Brady exposed/ was bragging his wife was into witchcraft! This was a couple months ago. Like that was anything to brag about! Gross!

  2. 1:32 The blonde one looks like an elementary school teacher and redhead’s earrings are way too big and her top is frumpy. I’ve no clue why they thought they had the right to talk about anyone. Btw, I’m well aware that they are Gisele Bundchen and Emily Blunt.

  3. Gisele should've had a much bigger role. Since her character Serena was so indifferent and actually supportive of her makeover. Maybe she could've given Andy a little advice here and there and maybe even told her to love herself more than her unsupportive boyfriend

  4. In every movie or tv show they just take clothes from the Closet and give them to someone who's really no one just like that! Is that why they keep these clothes?

  5. You know this clip makes me feel so sorry for some of the ppl who are in the fashion industry. They think they have better sense of fashion and they think just because they wear better and they are superior than others. So wrong. This industry is filled with this kind of ppl, ignorant and self centered. Without those fancy outfits, they know nothing. And they still think they are in a high class of the society. I used to be a fashion buyer and I have seen it all. I quit my job and left this field for ever

  6. I must admit loved this movie, a piss take of the fashion industry, and Emily Blunt was hilarious

  7. Esta misma pelicula la que remos pero en español la tino porf esta y algunas más ayudenme en eso plis😟😔

  8. Watched this film when it was released and 13 years later im still hoping to be pretty like Andy before her makeovers. Puberty didnt hit me much (¡_¡. )

  9. When A Victoria secret angel and highest paid model ever tells you that you’re pretty

  10. It makes perfect sense that the employees of a fashion mag should look like they stepped out of the fashion mag.

  11. Everyone: Ur fat and kinda fugly, with no self care routines.
    Me: Well that’s not convincing since she’s relatively slim, isn’t flat and has perfect skin.

  12. Tell me why, all of the outfits shown on the show are absolutely timeless and I’d wear every single piece ! Ah!

  13. Gisele,Blunt,Anne and Streep… Too much beauty in one movie. I got never bored to watch this over and over again.

  14. My favorite part of any Anne Hathaway film is when we spend the first 30 minutes pretending she’s ugly.

  15. You can put Stanley Tucci in literally any movie and he'll make it seem good while he's on-screen. Case in Point: Burlesque

  16. Nigel was so nice giving Andy a makeover and getting her to realize that fashion magazine are important and not to judge a book by its cover

  17. After watching the movie so many times, the comments below led me to look up who Gisele Bundchen & Emily Blunt are. After adoring Blunt’s acting in this, thinking there’s been a great performance put in alongside Streep by an unknown, I find out how accomplished Emily Blunt is. Obviously, adoration runs deeper in her family as her fellow actor in this movie Stanley Tucci married Blunt’s sister Felicity back in 2012. Time for me to watch more of her accomplished performances.

  18. My wife and kids kid me because I like to watch this movie and movies like this. They say I'm such a girl. Ha! I guess they can't figure I watch them.

  19. 01:36 wtf is that?
    She looks way uglier than before her "makeover".
    This dead, flat hair looks garbage and her entire outfit looks dumb, too.

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