The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (3/12) Movie CLIP – Mastering The Drift (2006) HD

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (3/12) Movie CLIP – Mastering The Drift (2006) HD

Yeah, baby. l told you.
l told you, didn’t l?

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  1. This comment section
    90%: People talking about the AE86 in 0:42
    5%: People making fun of Morimoto's rage in 0:56
    5%: People who ACTUALLY enjoy the movie and discuss about the cars and the scenes, especially 0:50 where Keiichi Tsuchiya was a stunt double

    Edit: Yeah, yeah I know the AE86 was an Initial D car, but come on! Barely anyone here knows what the 86 is capable of, and how it is a legend in drifting.

  2. Lol everyone talking about the ae86 referencing Initial D lol do you not remember when Han and DK were talking about putting up the Pinkslips 2 the cars? "Ready to take that 86 corolla off your hands" "(scoffs) alright put up the 72 skyline" "Done" lol i watched this movie 2 much

  3. So I've wondered but don't think the movie really touched up on it (that I know of) but what is Han's association to DK? Is he just kind of there?

  4. 0:50 driver wearing grey tshirt and no jacket. 1:19 and when he get out of the car , he has black jacket.

  5. This one got a lot of mixed opinions as being the worst the beat in the middle I think movie wise wasnt that good but at the same was the best because the Japanese aesthetic and Han being it with Bow wow and reminds me of the early 2000s.

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