The film that changed my grandma’s mind on euthanasia.

The film that changed my grandma’s mind on euthanasia.

– My grandma has a deep fear of death, and I think it was these
things that motivated her to become a sponsor of a group
of people in this country whose sole purpose is to perpetuate
euthanasia in our country. It’s called the Hemlock Society. – Which is now called what? – I’m not really sure. – Compassionate Choices. – That’s the same organization? – That’s the same organization. – I was not aware of that. So we’re sitting there, watching
the Euthanasia Deception. But watching this program,
from the start of the program to the end of that program, she flipped 180 degrees about
her view, about euthanasia. She said, I think, some people are very vulnerable, and that euthanasia would
be dangerous towards them. I do not think that the quality of life
argument applies anymore. The quality of life is
much determined upon, who will support you, who loves you. She was especially very
much frightened, herself, for the people who had
disabilities, herself. She said that she had never considered that they would be considered, to not have value to have life. The quality of life argument falls short. My grandmother is like the, is the most important person in my life. She has been from a very young age. She filled in in a parental role. And it would be a great honor for me to be able to accompany her as she, if she were to grow
more and more dependent. It’s a great honor for me to be able to participate in that with her. And for me to know that she
was not going to seek out to end her life, is a
tremendous comfort for me. (inspirational music)

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  1. These specialists are admitting that their prognoses are often wrong and that the diseases behave in an unpredictable pattern . Wake up people! Don’t fall into the trap of euthanasia! It’s nothing but suicide for the victims and act of murder for people who assist the process ! Are we becoming a society of killers ? Started with putting down our pets then our parents and our children ! What’s next ?

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