The Follower Official Trailer 1 HD (2017) – Kévin Mendiboure Movie

– I’ll just ask one thing of you.
– What is it ? Tell me. Upstairs is a sacred place. Do not shoot or even enter
my grandmother’s room. I don’t know what’s going on here,
but Carol seems completely insane. She keeps talking nonsense.
It seems she’s gone over the edge. What are you doing here? Go back to your room! Don’t ever stop recording,
whatever the cost. I told you I have a sixth sense.
Spirits and I can communicate We have a special bond
they can use as a bridge every time they want to give me
their stories, their suffering. Anyway, I can see things
that people can’t even imagine. I’ll know it right away if ever you
come too close to that door. Leave while you still can. David!
Home at last!

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