“The Ghoulish Grin Short Film Chronology”

“The Ghoulish Grin Short Film Chronology”

Ghoulish Grin Films: Underground Horror [Evil Laughter] [Chainsaw Sounds] [Crackling Vinyl Record] The Ghoulish Grin Short Film Chronology [Sounds Of UFO Hum] [Alien Ship Clicking] [Frantic Beeping] [Lightspeed Swooshing] [Coordinates Beeping] [Musical Beeping Inside Lightspeed] [Ominous Hum] [The Light Sounds Of The Ocean Wake The Abductee] [Rustling Wind] [The Waves Soothe The Setting Sun] “The sunset…” “The sunset is beautiful.” “But I have no clue of how I got here…” “A flash of light…is all I remember…” “And now…” “…I wake up…to the sunset.” “My brain feels…scrambled.” “Memories…shuffled.” “I have an idea of who I am…but…” “I’m not sure where to go…where to start.” “And all I can see is the rippling water.” “The beautiful sunset.” “Oh…that sunset…” “And…and all I can think of…” “…are the people…” “The ‘Travelers… ‘” “…who came for me.” “And are coming back.” [Ominous Hum] [The Waves Soften] [Eerie Music] [Space Humming] [Ominous Horns] [The Sounds Of Spaceship Engines] [The Engine Touches Down] [Loud Swoosh] [Heavy Feedback Surrounds The Area] [Loud Beeping] [Heavy Feedback As The Ship Lifts Off] [Beeping Rings In Space] [Piano Music Plays As The Door Opens] [Talking To Family On Arrival] “I love you too…” [Shoes thud on the floor] [The sound of running water] [Loud Humming In The Hallway] [All Is Quiet] [Faint Evil Laughter] [Checking Watch] [Television Fuzz Sound] [Remote Control Clicks Off Television] [Evil Hissing Laugh] [Ghostly Moans As The Door Opens] [The Door Creaks] [The Ghostly Moans Intensify] [Strange Gurgling] [Evil Whispers] [Heartbeat] [DEMON GROWL] [The Sounds Of Crickets And Frogs] [Rustling Leaves] [Crackling Leaves Under Footsteps] [Howling Wolf In The Distant] [Ominous Hum] [Footsteps Under Dirt And Rock] [Soft Wind] [Ominous Hum] [Long Scary Accent] [Thrilling Music] [Banging Accent] [Thunder Like Accent] [Ominous Music] [Sound Of Tripping] [Creepy Accent As Victim Runs Up Stairs] [Choking Sound] [Thrilling Accent] [Sound of victim falling as he gasps for breath] [Choking Sounds As Victim Passes Out] [Creepy Music] [Birds Chirping Under Ominous Hum] [Sounds Of Crunching Leaves Under Footsteps] [Ominous Piano Notes] [Fiery Sounds] [Creepy Electric Piano Music] [Heavy Footsteps Under Junkyard] [Soft Slicing Sound As Victim Falls] [Dirt Clod Pounds Face] [Heavy Thud] [Creepy Electric Piano Music Fades] [Medieval Music] [Upbeat Medieval Music] [Upbeat Medieval Music] [Sounds Of Wind] [Gentle Medieval Guitar] [Evil Hissing Laugh As Demon Evaporates] [Sober Bagpipe Music] [Flash Of Light And Lightning] [Gentle Medieval Guitar] [Dramatic Thriller Music] [Loud Lighting Strike] [Sound Of Heavy Rainfall] [Eerie Sounds Of Steps Underground] [Sounds Of Electricity And Scientific Bubbling] [Unsettling Music] [Low Hum Then Large Electric Boom] [Loud Screaming] [Ominous Hum] “I had to find it.” “DESTROY it…” “…before it does something…awful.” “DO YOU NOT FEAR MY VENGEANCE?!?!” “I will seek death, until I am satisfied by the blood of your remaining friends…BROTHER…” “You wretched devil.” “Have I not suffered enough from your hand?” “You wish to increase my misery?” “I am surrounded by beauty and bliss and I…am excluded.” “You remember me when I was good…” “That is why you have done this.” “Humans cannot let go.” “They are not happy for those that obtain Heaven.” “They are possessive. “As if I was your possession!” “Make me happy again…and I will be virtuous.” “You are of hell. My grand mistake.” “How can you ever be virtuous?” “You’ve SHUNNED ME!!!” “It is YOU…who have brought me here…” “…and have forever…shunned me…” “Satan had his minions to admire him.” “And it is HIS THOUGHTS that I hear.” “My eloquence is of evil tongue.” “My thoughts are great and terrible…but I am alone.” “So alone.” “You will create a female for me.” “I demand it of you as a right and you must not refuse.” “I REFUSE.” “Another like YOU?” “I will not.” “Then…DIE…” [Sound of crunching bones] [Dramatic Music] [Sound of body thudding to the ground] [Dark Electric Keyboard Music] [Sound Of Strange Beeping In The Dark] [Eerie Keyboard Music] [Sound Of Door Opening] [Eerie Keyboard Music] [Sound Of Light Switch] [Light Switch Turning Off] [Sound Of Spoon Stirring Coffee] [Drinking Coffee] [Clothes Being Thrown Into Dryer] [Sounds Of Mysterious Beeps Return] [Ominous Sounds] [Loud Jump Scare] [Dark Ominous Music] [Growling Sound] [Ominous Sounds] [Loud Jump Scare] [Fast Thrilling Music] [Beat Breakdown] [Zombie Growling] [Loud Zombie Bite] [Fast Outro Music] [Creepy Old Piano Music] [Evil Bear Growl] [Ghostly Moaning] [Ghostly Moaning] [Ghostly Growl] [Native American Drumming] [Creature Growl] [Drumming Speeds Up] [Howling Winds] [Lighting Strike] [Fast Drumming] [Striking Note] “Do you believe in the paranormal?” “You will!” “Once you’ve experienced…The Cravn Chronicles!” “Come with me now!” “This is Jes Cravn from The Cravn Chronicles.” “We are here in this library. It’s very quiet right now.” “Trying to look for spirits and ghosts, so we have to be very, very quiet…” [LOUD SCREAM] “QUIET! What is the matter with you?!?!” “F#&% YOU TOO, B*%!” “Oh, oh…uh…sorry…” “Uh…anyways. We’re still looking around…we’re going to find something, I hope.” “B*% I HOPE THE F#&% YOU DO!” “Whoa! Uh…tough crowd!” “Look…I am going to find these ghosts!” “I have a feeling. I’ve been doing this for a long time…for DECADES. That’s why they call me…” “Uh…skinny penis!” “NO! They call me Jes Cravn, Paranormal EXPERT!” *sigh* “It’s gotta be here somewhere…” “I have a feeling it’s close, I’m…” “…making my way around this whole library. I feel it…I FEEL it!” “Okay, my meter is not working so that means either one thing. “This is a piece of junk, which is possible, OR…” “YOU’RE A F#@%ING IDIOT! This needs to STOP…NOW!” “Or we have paranormal activity! Ahhh! I knew it…I KNEW IT!” [Ghostly Moans] “AW, HELL NAWWWWW!!!” “Jes Cravn here from The Cravn Chronicles.” “I need some help…” “My website gets zero hits these days…” “I’m just not getting the viewership I used to.” “I’m a paranormal investigator! How am I supposed to paranormal investigate…if nobody’s watching?” “What am I supposed to do?” “YouTube algorithms are killing me!” “It’s hard work going into abandon buildings and finding absolutely…” “Uhhhhh…stuff.” “This is the comeback. This is the comeback, I’m…” “I really…need you guys back!” “I can’t get a real job!” [Wheezing] “I don’t have enough money to give an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway, um…” “I have this 20% coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond, um…” “I can do reaction videos, pranks…what do you want?” “What do you want from me? WHAAAA…???” “But overall it was told in a way that was kind of like a standard horror film…” [Digital Malfunction Sounds] “Oh no!” [JUMP SCARE] [Video Fuzz] “…ask those who are trying to prepare themselves for entry…into…” [Horrific Sounds] [Creepy Digital Voices] [Ominous Note] [Ominous Note] [Unsettling Music] [Phone Ring Tone] [Subtle Scary Music] [Haunting Music] [Soft unsettling music] [Phone Ring Tone] “The deed is done. Welcome…my new child” [Sinister Laughter] [Scream] “Are you enjoying your fresh meat?” “Of course you are!” [Laughs] “Good boy!” “Every night I have the same dream.” “A dream of a very familiar tale.” “A tale of the struggle between good and evil.” “An evil…buried deep within.” “My friend Alex…” “…he and I collaborated on the formula.” “And he took it first.” “I haven’t heard from him since…” “You want to know what was it? Because I can tell you!” “The first time I saw you!” “BITCH!” “You…you want to see me losing control, don’t you?” “I can lose control.” “Is THAT what you want?” “For me to stick a knife in my throat and bleed to DEATH?!?!” “Am I some kind of joke to you?” “Cause this is not who I am…THIS is who I am!” [Ringing] [Gunshot blast] “We both had been…experiencing the effects of the formula.” “He tried to warn me.” “But I convinced him…that this could work.” “We could summon…the evil side of our nature.” “I was right.” “However…” “I couldn’t foresee it…overtaking him.” “And if it overtook him…it would overtake me…” “I don’t know what to do.” “I really don’t know what to do…” “Can I be saved?” “Could I possibly be saved from this fate?” “The antidotes don’t work.” “Trying to reverse this hasn’t been working.” “I’m afraid…” [Running Water] “I feel the monster…rising…” “And I don’t know if I can stop it this time.” “My mind is about to break.” “Help me…” “Oh God help me!” “Time for you to leave, Henry…” “Edward’s coming…” [Vile laughter] [Agonizing Howl] [Laughter] [Somber Organ Music] [Haunting Big Band Music] [Ghostly Moaning] [Ghostly Growl] [Eerie Tones] [Ghostly Moaning] [Evil Laughter] Ghoulish Grin Films

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  1. Since I took down the "Odd Tales That Thrill And Chill" collection from my channel, I thought I'd make it up to you all by putting a short film collection in chronological order. About a decades worth. I've been part of the horror underground for almost ten years. Amazing…

  2. ਭਾਰਤ ਤੋਂ ਮੇਰੇ ਸਾਰੇ ਨਵੇਂ ਗਾਹਕਾਂ ਲਈ ਤੁਹਾਡਾ ਧੰਨਵਾਦ!

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