The Grand Tour: Describe the Show

So how do you explain the show to someone? Who’s never seen it. Yeah exactly It’s three middle aged men in poor condition
falling over and catching fire and occasionally a car goes by. There are cars in it. Yeah occasionally one goes by. It’s very exciting. It’s quite funny. We like it. It really is three men with bad teeth and
hangovers. Hammond’s got quite good teeth though. You can’t sum it up. It’s a peripatetic tent-based car-themed adventure. peripatetic is a long word. – massive word…roving tent based But it’s not like a drama where you can say I
play the part of…there’s a really slow driver and this…and that. ..I play the part of me…yeah he does, he does it very well. very good impression of him. there’s an audience there’s some bits that
are inside the tent. believe me trust me it’s a great show it is
a great show people will love it it will be like that

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  1. Will it sit on the internet like a small puddle of excellence? 😀

    I can't wait! Got amazon prime just for you guys!

  2. This show doesn't need any ads, Top Gear was the most watched "factual" show, and all that audience now wants to watch TGT. Their names is all the marketing they need, these ads are just them fucking around because some exec told them they needed to do an ad.

  3. So can anyone explain to me why we can't get this in Notway?
    We can get Amazon Prime, but trying to watch any video content gives you a "wrong location" type message.
    Basically you are saying: We don't want your money, just go get it from some bittorrent site!

  4. "It's a great show. Trust me I know shows and this is the best. It's so good that we can't even tell you how good it is, but trust me I know some of the best shows in television and this takes the cake people" – Donald Trump

  5. The show is early described in one word.

    "Chemistry" – both in the hosts and what goes on literally under the hood of the machines.

  6. 0:24
    a wave of nostalgia just washed over me, thinking of all the times they've mocked hammond's (alleged) teeth whitening proclivities

  7. Only a couple of weeks to make Amazon prime available in Australia for this…
    Otherwise I smell pirates on the high seas, yarrr.

  8. I got Amazon Prime for this. I wonder what the intro is because I can't imagine anything but the same as the top Gear intro as it was on Season 22.

  9. So Grand Tour is like… You have these three men and then they like, go do funny things around the world, and… Uum, they sometimes drive cars and then they, uuhm…
    … (・_・)
    (sigh) Look, it's the Fat, Short and Slow.
    Oooooh! ( ・ ᗜ ・ )

  10. i can`t suscribe to amazon prime to see the show, cause i`m in soud america. so ¿Whant can i do?
    Come on guys, i want to see the show legaly!!

  11. It's a show about three middle aged men (one who's fat, one who's slow, and one with whitened teeth) who get access to some of the most exclusive and horrid cars on the planet and throw themselves into multiple different adventures with basically the phrase what could go wrong???

  12. Glad to see the tree of you reunited again in a show just waiting for the sarcastic meanie jokes as usual :p and wish u all good luck.

  13. Hammond is middle aged but is still in fairly good shape. But he does fall over and catches fire much more frequently than the other two. Sorry Hammond.

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