The Great Hack | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Great Hack | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who has seen
an advertisement that has convinced you
that your microphone is listening
to your conversations? All of your interactions, your credit card swipes, web searches, locations, likes, they’re all collected
in real time into a trillion-dollar-a-year
industry. The real game-changer
was Cambridge Analytica. They’ve worked
for the Trump campaign and for the Brexit campaign. They started using
information warfare. Cambridge Analytica claimed to have
5,000 data points on every American voter. I started tracking down all these Cambridge Analytica
ex-employees. Someone else
you should be calling to the committee
is Brittany Kaiser. Brittany Kaiser, once a key player
inside Cambridge Analytica, casting herself
as a whistle-blower. The reason why Google
and Facebook are the most powerful
companies in the world is because last year,
data surpassed oil in value. It is the most valuable asset
on Earth. We targeted those whose minds
we thought we could change, until they saw the world
the way we wanted them to. I do know
that their targeting tool was considered a weapon. There is a possibility that the American public
have been experimented on. This is becoming
a criminal matter. When people see
the extent of the surveillance, I think they’re going
to be shocked. -And I still fear for your life.
-Yeah. With the powerful people
involved. But I can’t keep quiet
just because it’ll make -powerful people mad.
-I know. Data rights should be considered
just fundamental rights. This is about the integrity
of our democracy. These platforms which were
created to connect us have now been weaponized. It’s impossible to know
what is what. Because nothing is
what it seems.

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  1. The problem is not data analytica or Trump but the fact that tech is moving as such pace that it's hard to keep up with it. And the people who are at forefront will have great advantage which others will not be aware of.

  2. watched on Netfix OMG Bias Bias Bias and err Bias so far Left it fell off the screen at no point does it remind us that big tech is 99.9% Left wing PS (guess this will be removed)

  3. What I don't understand is, how exactly the rise of authoritarian govts. Across the globe, wether it is Trump in US or modi in India, is a consequence of this apparent misuse of digital data!!? As was suggested in the documentary itself!

  4. 100 cuts per minute is always a good indicator for aids content. this is trash infotainment for people without college-degree who like to be scared but never clicked NO.

  5. This movie is bullshit biased. They telk you that obamas campaign was really succesfull with cambridge analytics and then they tell you that they only want to expose trump and brexit

  6. How did I know Trump’s name would be injected into a Netflix (owned partly by George Soros) movie.
    Really? Obama’s administration factually wiretapped the WH to eavesdrop on Trump. Yet there is no mention of them on here. smh..

  7. Data about citizens has been collected many many years before the internet, Our data now day became the currency we use to buy "free" online services

  8. Only american think this documentary was about Trump
    remove him and this documentary gave enough evidence that almost 30 countries have been successfully manipulated in elections

  9. We have great True story of Years about surveillance. It would be great hit for Netflix. The truth about surveillance. They prolly would not even let you make the movie because we have uncover the truth about so much you do no know. Like if you read some things we know You be like wow thats a great idea!!! Their no way someone thought of this. Trust me.

    Contact Us. We are all on donation.

    Well help you write a movie or how it goes. All we want is our name out their and the truth for the people and small donation. We have so much info you can make many series. This show would be a hit.

  10. And you are going to fall for this data-paranoia thing by watching this movie…? You are a fool because They Netflix will collect your data

  11. World celebrities and artists such as Alyssa Milano, Lebron James, JK Rowling, Lady gaga, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Jimmy Fallon, Olivia Wilde, Chris Evans, Meryl Streep, Robert Deniro, Madonna, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cher, Alec Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, Stephen King, Ben Stiller, Shakira, Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Lovato, Sara Larsson. The list continues with about 40-60 additional world artists. All of these have joined TV, radio, twitter, facebook etc. that you should NOT vote for Trump. These people have hundreds of millions of followers together… this is what I would call cheating

  12. Got about 20% into this movie and it revealed itself to be more of the same politically tilted stuff designed as "straightforward, unbiased journalism". The media-class Left is only for privacy when they lose an election.

  13. They should have called it MeLowDrama. Only somebody with low mood would be susceptible to this kind of melodramatic stuff.

  14. If you live in a cave this might be news to you otherwise it's a pretty lame doco. Doesn't take long for the narrative to slide to the left of course, this is Netflix. Actually it's very one-sided. Complete waste of time trying to comment on nefarious activity in politics. They all do it, corporations do it and it's nothing new. The general public has been manipulated in some way or the other for decades. This is biased, one-sided and unfocused.

  15. I’m curious what outcome is if there’s no intervene of CA In 2016 US election and brexit poll. The outcomes are still the same, I guess, however we love digging up this shit.

  16. First thing you know, you just watching a cat video, then some data collected to reprogram your brain then you go vote for president based on cat videos you watched!

  17. The overly dramatic nature of this trailer diminishes the actual substance of the topic. Treating that woman like a spy whose life is constantly in danger is rather disingenuous. The fact that she's being followed with all these documentary cameras is a testament to how not true that is.

  18. the documentary is about finding reasons to why things didn't go the way like it should be….. brexit and trump happen because Cambridge Analytica…. truth bomb : actually brexit and trump happen because liberals and democrats have become crazy extremist…….

  19. The problem is large – you can see it even now in the comments section of this trailer – people fall over themselves to make the most ironic comment which in itself is ironically just the kind of datapoint they need to shape recommendations and predict behaviour.

  20. Unfortunately the damage has been done – people have been stupefied and polarised by these practices that they cannot see the wood for the trees anymore. They are steadfast and rigid, believing their way is the only way – thats a recipe for civil unrest if I ever saw it….. and yet people still sleep walk to the lullaby of their political masters.

    Grown adults, unable to form original thoughts, just thoughts implanted by ad campaigns, soundbites and slogans of questionable reliability. Grown adults with the minds of children – a great way to rule the masses

  21. The issue here is the attempt at a new world order by the Far Right, Brexit is the first domino, Trump the second in a push for global dominance by essentially the Fascists. Trump and Johnson are basically puppets, joking and allowed to be idiots while in the back ground dark forces are at play.

  22. wait so is it just possible in germany to get all the private data for example google collected about oneself?
    just requested all my data from google a few weeks ago and i got around 11GB of data and stuff beggining in early 2014. thought everyone could do this and find out what information is collected. in germany you have the right to know.

  23. 1 party in Thailand we call them orange party is using kind of tatic too now still no prove but soon or later we will put them up to the task!!!

  24. That's funny!! Those that don't like the fact that they have been shafted, shift the blame to netflix!!! Cancelling Brexit and Trump is THE only viable option.

  25. Told you so. Could have just listened to us "paranoid conspiracy theorists", but you had to let it blow up in your face. Serves you right you bunch of idiots.

  26. They should stop this before Trudeau can use this to win the next election and continue to destroy Canada

  27. you are nuts if you think that you can hide something, not from companies but from God….i have nothing to hide, probably only my phone and card numbers, the rest can be put on make an apocalyptic drama when it's a paranoiac thing

  28. Neither Cambridge Analytica, the Russians or Facebook ads made Hillary Clinton look like a pathological liar and criminal. She did that to herself over 30+ years.

  29. hello everyone check out hacktivistworld/com, they got the best hacking service ever, they did hacks for me and sent me over 25000USD.

  30. This entire movie is one big script. How incredibly stupid. Absolutely stupid. They pretend to be right wing, use fake news, are directly racist, and then the entire plot is mislead. What a waste of two hours.

  31. I was hoping this would expose how all data is tracked not just an expose on the Trump campaign and Brexit. I guess instead of politicizing the documentary it could have been better focused on how our data is mined, the data model used to predict our future, and a way to protect citizens from the exposure.

  32. This seemed like a lot of hype in the style of CNN: kept promising a "bombshell" but never delivered. In the end, I couldn't figure out what CA actually did that was illegal besides failing to comply with Carroll's request for his records.
    It is common practice to use data in elections. Obama did this. Clinton tried to do this, the only problem there was she fabricated a dossier in order to use our federal government (not Facebook) to illegally spy on Trump campaign. I'd rather see a Netflix expose on Fusion GPS and the Steele Dossier; personally would find that much more intriguing.


  34. Don’t underestimate people they will still exercise their freedom to chose or not choose for themselves even if you’re collecting data on them LOL

  35. This was good but even though they shut down cambridge analytica and caught FB what is to stop another company from collecting data without us knowing nobody unless you have whistle blowers

  36. Increible pelicula, demuestra como las personas en Argentina fueron manipuladas en el 2015 con noticias falsas en facebook para bolcar sus votos hacia un partido politico.-

  37. I found out how many data points there are on me and it turned out to be 12. The bastards stopped collecting after that. When i asked them why they said "There's only so much cheese one can buy."

  38. Netflix collects your data, than recommend this documentary film that is about how stealing data is dangerous for people.
    I see you Netflix

  39. Oh, everything is a spin. Even when they promise to tell you the truth here, they are fucking with you. Keep thinking you are awake now.

  40. I never fill out politically motivated poll questionaires truthfully and send them back a curve-ball… {;>^) Keep 'em guessing what I like…

  41. It is boring and long winded and appears to have a subtle anti-Brexit anti-Trump bias. The problem is that people are ruled by their emotions instead of by reason It also seems to exaggerate the power of this technology to create a bogeyman. When the NSA and the like are the real threat. But yes we should own our data and then we should be able to present it anonymously to advertisers etc to decide what we want to see. Cryptos are the technology to allow us to do this.

  42. If Youtube and Netflix are collecting my data and know what I like, why don't they both offer the full length movie about the 'Nam War, filmed in the Philippines, titled, "The Boys In Company C" ??

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