The Guy Who “Doesn’t Know” Mainstream Music

The Guy Who “Doesn’t Know” Mainstream Music

– If you go into a
California Pizza Kitchen, and you say that it’s your birthday, they have to make you a manager. – I don’t think that’s true. – Everyone! Discard your bologna and heed my words! I’m going to the Beyonce concert! – Oh, my god! Are you serious? – Yes, she’s playing at The Fonda tonight. – Oh, hey, cool. I’m gonna be at The Fonda tonight, too. – Rav! – Wow, the Hive is strong in this office. – I didn’t know that you liked Beyonce. Where’s your seats? – Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I’m not going to see Beyonce? I’m going to a Jumbo
Lake Michigan concert. They’re a German crunk-core band. – Who? Who?
– Who? – Who? – Jumbo Lake Michigan! It’s like, my favorite band! – Raf, you didn’t really just spend $300 for the opening act, like
these are Beyonce tickets. – I mean, I didn’t even
know there was another band playing besides Jumbo Lake Michigan, but, is your friend good? – You mean, Beyonce? – Hello? Yeah she’s–
– This is the Queen– Beyonce.
– The Queen Bey. – Oh! You’re talking about Queenie
McBaggins on synth French Horn. – No, no! – Yes, she really kills it. She’s gotta be at least,
top five French horn players on Jumbo Lake Michigan. – How many are there? – About fourteen. – Literally, I’ve never heard of this band until you brought them up now. – Jumbo Lake Michigan is
a little bit underground, but their sound is indescribable. It’s like, Lil’ Jon meets– – Wait, you just it’s indescribable. – The New York Philharmonics– – Now you’re describing it. – Meets Hans Gruber in “Die Hard.” – Yuck. – How is this freak show band
playing at a Beyonce concert? – I think Behamma is playing
with Jumbo Lake Michigan because she used to collaborate
with our lead vocalist, on like, a very small project,
like, twenty years ago. Her name’s Kelly Rowland. – Of Destiny’s Child? – Never heard of it. (sighs) – But, Jumbo Lake Michigan
discovered Kelly Rowland at an open mic in Omaha in 2007. She was in a real dark place. Said she’d give anything
to be a lead singer. – That’s ridiculous. – Actually, I kinda believe that. – You really haven’t heard of Beyonce? “Irreplaceable?”
– So good. “Single Ladies?
– Love it. – “Drunk in Love?” – No, sorry, must not get
a whole lot of air play, but you must have heard
Jumbo Lake Michigan’s classic single. (speaking in foreign language) And then it’s like– – What is this? – An eight-minute
kettlebell solo, you know! – No, we don’t know. – You do that the kettlebell is not a musical instrument, right? – Nothing is a musical instrument if it’s not in the hands a true artist. I mean, come on! – See, that’s a Beyonce shirt! I knew it! You’re not cool and unique. You like Beyonce just
like the rest of us, baby. – You got him. – No, this is a Jumbo
Lake Michigan t-shirt. – But, “Lemonade” is Beyonce’s album. – Really? Jumbo Lake Michigan’s last visual album was inspired by refreshing summer drinks. It’s really deep, though,
maybe a little over your head? – Oh, my gosh, Raf! You’re going to Beyonce concert! You’re gonna see Beyonce! You’re not better than the rest of us because of your obscure music taste! – Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, god. I’m better than you because
of my obscure film tastes. – There it is. – I’m just saying, I
own “The Bicycle Thief.” God.
– On VHS!

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  1. Thank you CH, my past decade was a blast with you guys. You guys always put a smile on my face after the daily grind, and best of all you all made me appreciate content creators ever since I started watching all your content.

  2. There have been some rough moments in my life when I would watch a marathon of CH videos. It was one of the only things that could cheer me up. I’m really going to miss the entire cast showing up in my suggestions. I wish the cast and crew the best of luck! I love you all!

  3. Wait wait you’re telling me the CH cast is getting/got Thanos snapped?

    I’ve been living under a rock when it comes to CollegeHumor recently

  4. I love and hate being the guy who listens to music no one knows about. I love it cause I get to enjoy it without people being like “You’re not a true fan unless…” but I hate it because I can’t talk to it with people, especially since I listen to punk rock bands 😂

  5. All the new group's sketches are generally weak as far as sketech comedy goes. The two or three good ones (Shiiobahn, Adam) got hired elsewhere, but let's see if the new crew can do it. Most of their sketches had the format of someone being abnormal (not knowing mainstream bands, being racist, thinking everyone was flirting with them, overpronouncing words, etc) and the other characters getting frustrated with them and voicing to them in the middle of the sketch.

    OK, I don't think anyone will agree with me, but it seems like the new crew is just not as strong as the middle crew (Owen, Adam, Emily, Anu, Murphy) or the original crew (Streeter, Dan, Jake, Amir, etc). Maybe it's for the best they cleaned house.

  6. i’m so upset for you all, i’ve been watching college humour since 2011 and it feels like i know you all personally. good luck, we love you and i hope everyone manages to get on back on their feet <3

  7. Is it just me or college humor has gone by actual “college humor” to mainstream media with some liberalism on the side comedy humor over the years?

  8. I wish I could subscribe to Dropout twice just to help you guys out😫 I've been here since the Jake and Amir/Phantom of the Office/Very Mary-Kate days and I enjoy checking in from time to time. I hope it works out for you guys!!

  9. This is what I imagine would happen if I told my friends that I didn't know who any of the villains were when I saw SpiderVerse

  10. beyonce sucks and is a massive diva and her music is pandering and horrible and woke comedy killed college humour

  11. So you fire your cast, then publish the videos they are still in? Are you sharing the profit for their likeness? No? Shitty

  12. The German was basically "your blah blah blah mother blah blah blah mother blah blah your your blah blah blah mother blah your" I do not know what Jumbo was going for but it sounds questionable

  13. This is how I am with Norwegian entertainment. I should know about it since it's from my country, but I have zero interest in it lol

  14. Because anyone who doesn't like Beyonce is a douchebag. Seriously at least those opening bands probably wrote their own music and lyrics instead of 4 songwriters and a producer

  15. Tbh at one point I almost spent a shit tonne of money for concert cause i wanted to see the opening act and really didn't care too much about the headliner😂

  16. I more or less unironically agree with Raph's comments here. The other two come off as insecure more than him being unreasonable.

    I don't feel like this is the intended humor tho?

  17. I have never heard of this Beyawnsee. I shall look into her. Which songs would any of you recommend from her?

  18. I know all these videos were made a while ago, but I don't understand why they keep explaining all their jokes at the end, especially after the title gives away the point of the sketch. They keep doing this. Do they think we won't get it unless they tell us what the joke is and then explain it at the end of the sketch again? Such a huge aspect of comedy is when something is unexpected, so why do they give away the joke in the title before it even starts. I don't understand what they think they're doing. That sucks a lot of the humor out of it. Have they ever watched an SNL sketch? No wonder the channel is in trouble.

  19. Did this guy at 1:58 try to talk in German? He remembers me of Reggie Watts while imitating different languages. His words sound like a very badly pronounced German without any context. I am not even sure which words he is trying to use. But i thought i heard something that could be Bratwurst. xD

  20. Um, Actually, if you're talking about the masterpiece of Italian neorealism, it's "Bicycle Thieves", not "*The* Bicycle Thief". I'm starting to doubt Raph actually owns that VHS …


    Y'ALL WERE THE FIRST EVER SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE I WAS WILLING TO PAY BESIDES NETFLIX. Not only that, but I look forward for the months in which I CAN pay Dropout so I can watch your content. The cast was amazing. All of you, even the guests and the crew, it really felt like a family.

    I never wanted to join the Discord server before, cause I thought I wouldn't have anything to share, but damn… I really, reaaaaally hope this is just a bad, horrible phase and that CH won't end for good. May it rise again like a phoenix, even if with some new name, but WE NEED THE CAST. 😭

  22. That's kind of like me. I only learn about mainstream pop culture through parodies of it. I see and hear the parodies before the real thing. (And, while I have heard of Beyonce and Lemonaid, I had not heard of any of those other songs.)

  23. They did this in a very different way than “the guy who hasn’t seen or heard of anything.” I was worried they were just gonna redo the joke when I read the title. I’m impressed

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