The Hellfire Club Explained! | Earth’s Mightiest Show

The Hellfire Club Explained! | Earth’s Mightiest Show

LORRAINE: Meet the elite
of the Hellfire Club and then enjoy their
luxurious looks. [THEME MUSIC] Hi, I run the Inner Circle. I’m Lorraine. And I smell of fresh mahogany.
I’m Langston. Hm. And this is “Earth’s Mightiest
Show,” presented by Bioworld. I hope you’re all feeling
nefarious today because we are playing with hellfire. Or, more specifically, the
Hellfire Club, the X-Men’s most influential and affluent foes. What– what’s that? You don’t– oh, you don’t
know the Hellfire Club? Well, don’t you worry. We’ve got you covered. LORRAINE: You don’t
know the Hellfire Club? Well, sit right back,
darling, and get ready to meet the elite. Founded as a 1700s
British gentlemen’s club, this exclusive group has evolved
into a shadowy collection of the most powerful and
morally corrupt men and women, with chapters all
over the world. But one does not simply
waltz into the Hellfire Club. Like any high-class
social organization, you inherit or have enough
power to be seduced in. [WHISTLE] Within the club, there
is a mutant in a circle that’s pulling all
of the strings, including iconic leaders
like the energy-absorbing billionaire Black King,
Sebastian Shaw, and the psionic psychic ice queen– I mean, White Queen, Emma Frost. Like a game for
world domination, the Inner Circle takes on
monikers of high-powered chess pieces by rook or by crook– mostly by crook. Trust me, it’s good to be the
king, or queen, or bishop, or– you get the idea. And though their playing
pieces are black and white, they live in a moral gray
area, willing to backstab even the people closest
to them to gain power, influence, and cold, hard cash. The Hellfire Club first
came to clash with the X-Men when they began recruiting
the same young mutants as the Xavier School. When Jean Grey–
you know, the mutant known for embodying the cosmic
entity known as the Phoenix– proved to be a powerful
match for their Emma Frost, Jean just had to be theirs. So the Black Bishop– a.k.a. the
mind-bending Jason Wyngarde– began playing with her mind. His reality-bending influence
sent her spiraling, thinking she was his Black
Queen, and forcing her eventual transformation
into the Dark Phoenix. Fabulous– until
she flayed his mind. And as the decades
have rolled by, the Inner Circle
has grown, changed, and had its own internal
power struggles. Imagine. Welcoming new members
like the co-White Kings, Magneto and Storm, Selene, the
Black Queen, Damon Hellstrom, the White King, Emma Frost,
ascending to the rank of Black King, and Jean Grey’s
clone, Madelyne Pryor, as the Black Rook– because if you can’t have Jean,
just use her genes because bad is in this team’s DNA. The power of the Hellfire Club
simply can not be contained. Now run along, darling, because
you do know the Hellfire Club. [CLINK] All right, sign me
up for high society. I’m ready.
– Oh, really? Mm-hm. Even with the murders? Yeah, that’s, like,
half the fun, Lorraine. OK. Anyways, you guys should be sure
to read about the new Hellfire Trading Company in the “Dawn of
X” tie-in “Marauders” issue 1, and number 2 is out this week. LANGSTON: All right,
check this out, y’all. LORRAINE: So, read it. LANGSTON: Led by
Captain Kate Pryde, and funded by Emma Frost and
the Hellfire Trading Company, Marauders Storm, Pyro,
Bishop, and Iceman sail the seas of the world to
protect those hated and feared. Yeah. Oh, I like that. It’s pirate-y X-Men goodness. What could be better than that? And that roster– so delicious. Chef’s kiss. Oh, listen– they
may be villains, right, the Hellfire
Club, but honestly, you kind of got to love them. I mean, they’re a secret club–
LORRAINE: Mm-hm. LANGSTON: –powers–
LORRAINE: Mm-hm. LANGSTON: –high-end fashion. LORRAINE: Yes. They are serving looks and
that’s because they dress for the job that they
want, not the job that they necessarily have,
which is running the world– LANGSTON: Yes! –or, they’re working on it. It’s work in
progress, all steps and plans and machinations. Now, maybe you don’t want to
rock a black tie and evening wear to the supermarket. Maybe you do. That sounds cool. But, hey– our friends
at Heroes and Villains have a way for you to show your
flair for the Hellfire Club. Yeah, I mean, as
you guys can see, we’re already rocking these
awesome Hellfire shirts. And while you’ve already seen
the business in the front, I think we should show
them the party in the back. Yeah.
Check it out. Check out the back
of this sweet shirt. Now, as you can see, on the
back of Lorraine’s shirt, has the Hellfire Club
symbol like I have here on the front of my shirt. On Lorraine, let’s
switch around. What do I have on
the back of mine? Oh, well– as
you guys can see, the iconic chess pieces
including the bishop, the queen, the king that
are the members of the Inner Circle because,
hey– you can’t have a high society without chess. LANGSTON: That’s
true– and exclusivity. Oh, well, hey– plus
at the bottom, it says, “Fais ce que tu voudras,”
which means “Do what you want,” which is pretty– it’s a perfect catchphrase
for a secret society, “Do what you want.” And, of course,
there’s the Phoenix because of the
Hellfire’s instrumental role in turning Jean
Grey from the Phoenix into the Dark Phoenix. LORRAINE: Yeah, plus I love
the little detail of all of the stars because the
Phoenix is a cosmic entity, and the little triangle circles
because it’s, like, the Inner Circle, and it
kinda, like, looks like the Illuminati
or the occult, but obviously, also
the innermost circle. LANGSTON: Oo. Now, maybe you like headgear. Surely, the Hellfire Club,
they have top hats and stuff, but that’s also a
little bit much. So how about this dope hat
with the Hellfire Club symbol. Oh, Lorraine, check
out this suede brim. LORRAINE: Oo, yeah, it’s soft.
It’s nice. It’s worth it enough
just to hold on to it, it feels so nice. And also, my favorite
little detail, that mantra “Do what
you want” embroidered under the brim, stealth style. It’s secret. So fun. Also, you know that I
am super pin obsessed, and I really dig this
highly-detailed Hellfire symbol enamel pin. It is one of my favorite things. I love a good enamel pin. But if it’s a secret society,
you wouldn’t want to put the pin– we’ll talk about it. I want people
to know, Langston. Oh listen, hey– you
can totally join our inner circle and do what you want. Grab your own Hellfire clothes
from Heroes and Villains at Uh, you know what? I for sure feel that I belong
now in a club whose members are identified as chess pieces. I feel like– now I’m ready. CREW: Oo. I see it. Yeah, I spend a lot of time
in front of fireplaces. So you’re a shoo-in. Tell us your favorite
member of the Hellfire Club and #EARTHSMIGHTIESTSHOW. Mm-hm. See you next time.
– I’m Lorraine. And I’m Langston. And this is Marvel. Your universe. [THEME MUSIC]

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