The House Next Door | Full Horror Movie

The House Next Door | Full Horror Movie


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  1. This movie has taught me to mind my own damn business. Which I always do but others just don't seem to understand. You could tell that Carl was crazy. Great movie.

  2. They look like stupid couple, especially the woman. She's doubtful about the police ' s honesty but she keeps calling him. When she tries to be curious or nosy she becomes so careless in some scenes . Then she becomes so scared and powerless. How did the neighbor manage to sneak in to the house and show up in her bed room? She looks so afraid. She should be tough enough to to defend herself in her own hiuse.

  3. wow it's Sean Young. shes a very underrated actress and she was amazing in Blade Runner. I hate that Hollywood black balled her…she deserved that role as cat woman.

  4. Be afraid of the people next door (for real). Like when the drunk next door, who talks to his invisible friend mentioned "when we get married". LOL Spent months hiding every time he went to his yard. Got me shotgun just in case. LOL

  5. AJ is so pretty…she seems so genuine and nice…she is the type of woman men/women would love to be with and women wanna be like…she seems like she would be amazing friend too…and such a kind caring person i kno she is acting but she seems so compassionate and she has kind eyes…

  6. Im about 25minutes in and the moments between AJ, her hubby and their neighbors are making me CRINGE!!! Glad my neighbors are awesome

  7. I'm brazilian. I'm very proud me because this is first movie I watch totally in English without subtitle. Im very happy. I'm feel amazing. Thank so much for share this movie I appreciated. Many people think that this is easy but for me English is so hard. Thank you😉😊😊😊

  8. A stereotypical movie but the actor who plays Karl reeaally knows how to be creepy, so I like to watch it time to time.

  9. You moved in… You are thev new people on the block. Yeah, be cordial and THAT IS IT! Just watch your neighbors and LEARN!😑

  10. Well, I am just trying to find Get out. Like I was before looking for… Split. And thank God I did not waste the time. What it is happening? No more ideas. 1, 2 3. 4 ,5 ,6 , 7 , yeah. Now, what about a crazy Hell raiser whit zombies etc. I think everyone should have a chance to give their opinion.

  11. She should have gone with her husband for the second week. Her friend would have understood. I mean, her work is portable. They should also have put the house up for sell.

  12. I enjoyed this movie a lot although it was more of a physiological thriller than horror. Thank you for sharing. Peace

  13. Good acting, but the fact that it didn't have the slightest twist or turn makes this one a dud. Crazy neighbor you know is the bad guy from start to finish. With the talent of the actors that makes this movie very disappointing.

  14. I love dis movie n I hate neighbours n yes I do have creep neighbours dis movie makes me scared 2 even stay at home

  15. SPOILER ALERT: Gotta love how in the most menacing suspense thriller movies, despite Hollywood's seemingly liberal attitude, gunfire always resolves the menace. It tends to feel like you want a gun around, but of course, reality doesn't always play out like a script. I nevertheless, feel like, if I lived in a situation like this, alone, I'd keep one right under my pillow and around my hips during the day. LOL Ol boy had the scariest eyes. Black contacts?

  16. I loved it! Very creepy and atmospheric thanks… and no feckin' demons/zombies/"entities". Just your normal average psycho!!!

  17. the white lady next door she was too nosey. I mean I understand she was curious the fact that she lived next door. but even though she was too nosey she finally got the truth. and also I did appreciate her husband keep leaving her to do things. definitely if that's their new place.

  18. But how can you start telling strangers about your wife being violated 😒 that's a really sensitive issue😒

  19. I was looking for a scary movie…I fall on that, it is not even scary 😡😡
    Anyways I still like that movie

  20. Yep he's a coward. This man is no man and doesn't deserve her or her time or respect!!! Been there done it, get rid off him move on!!!!

  21. First of all, she seriously needed to mind her own business. Who's all up in their neighbors business like that anyway. (rhetorical question). She's responsible for all their deaths, because of her insatiable urge to be nosey. Secondly, classic narcissistic behavior, he felt like he was in control of everything and everyone. In his case, he was a Psychopath Narc, he enjoyed watching people suffer under his reign. Thirdly, why would she run back to her house, knowing that's the first place he'd look – why not get in your car and drive away.(rhetorical question) Thanks for the upload.

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