The HU – The Great Chinggis Khaan (Official Music Video)

The HU – The Great Chinggis Khaan (Official Music Video)

Blessed from heaven to his queen mother Brought unity to blue sealed Mongols The bearer of the eternal Tengri The lord of the Khamag Mongol The Great Chinggis Khaan Called by Teb Tengri Bestowed to enrich the world The bearer of the eternal Tengri The lord of the blue Mongol The Great Chinggis Khaan The king of the great Mongols The king of the blue world The scourge of the eternal Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan Cherished the wisdom of thinkers Declared deliverance and the Gereg The bearer of the eternal Tengri The lord of the blue world The Great Chinggis Khaan Knees be knelt and heads be bowed The Great Chinggis Khaan Engaged the world with the wisdom of Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan Declared the empire with law and order The Great Chinggis Khaan The scourge of the eternal Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan The Great Chinggis Khaan The bearer of the eternal Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan The token of the blue Mongol The Great Chinggis Khaan The scourge of the Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan The equilibrium of all The Great Chinggis Khaan The scourge of the eternal Tengri The Great Chinggis Khaan

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  2. It may leave room for confusion if you were to ask someone if they have ever heard of/listened to "The HU", and the person you ask thinks you're talking about "THE WHO" 😉😂

  3. It is important to be grateful, to love or respect our cultural heritage, our language, our homeland, our family, the soil that feeds and sustains us, the singing birds, the howling winds and our ancestors (especially our heroes who at the expense of their sacrifice and courage allowed us to have a “life”)…

    The human being’s life is an eternal battle; we are born warriors, we carry hope and illusions, joy and pain (or bitterness and insecurity …)… The evil (aggressiveness) and goodness (altruism) are within us (we may be a “shadow”, villain, "demon" or a "light", hero, "angel"…)… Justice and love or respect (even for those who bother us) are weapons that keep everything in balance, leading us to face the ”darkness" with courage and move on so that something can be positively changed…

    Inspired by this very special song, I leave the following wishes for the new year that is starting:

    May evil or hunger not prevail in our world so that it is not necessary to have a weapon or "embody" the evil in order to survive at a certain time (usually not for long due to the "retaliation/return law")… We do not desire the savage world where our ancestors lived, i.e. where disorder or revenge could be a principle of justice (the fear of extinction causes human beings to act like "tigers"…).

    May we wage our small individual and daily "wars", changing, building, "deconstructing", rebuilding and so evolving in order to sustain what we love, pursuing our dreams; may hope (or despair) lead us to have strength, courage and confidence in order to behave like a star that illuminates a part of the universe, showing galaxies to all who look at the sky…

    May we express ourselves clearly and objectively, using our freedom of expression without arrogance, aggression or rudeness (avoiding “physical” or irrational discourse)… If the human being is "rational", why do we spend much of our lives living irrationally with aggression and violence?

    May the authority of those who govern us bring peace, may there be strength in the sense of the protection of humanity in an ethical and fair manner, aiming for equality, equity and freedom (as the ancient philosophers refer, there is no justice without freedom). We hope that the freedom of every citizen against the invasion of others be assured as well as the freedom of all against the attacks of each other…

    May we save our planet from destruction by having the courage to change our relationships (among human beings and towards nature); we have to understand our animal side and also perceive in other animals, positive human traits of affection, friendship and protection.

  4. every nation: lets set our capital near to a river with lots of ressources so we can flourish and prosperous.
    mongolia: hm we are a nation now, so show me a map of our country and throw a spear on it, where it stuck we set our capital. spearthrow hm okay, at least not in a desert…

  5. 3:29 this scene , this scene gave me goosebumps , imagine u are chinese and one day u wake up and seeing this mongols coming Lol

  6. We really do need a scifi/ milscifi version of the Mongolians. Wanna guess who (pun NOT intended) does the soundtrack?

  7. All countries should have a band like this. Now while you read this I'm going to go and make a band that sings about kalevala. Wait till you hear my kantele solos.

  8. i was hearing this and now i grew a fucking long moustache, is that supposed to happen? or that's the way to get one?

  9. Хааны алдааг харц нь үүрдэг.
    Сэтгэлийг нь авч үлдсэн аваас. Бие нь хаашаа холдох билээ. Чингис хаан

  10. THE HU гэдэг нэрийг CHINGGIS KHAAN гэдэг шиг дэлхийд мэддэггүй хүн байдаггүй болох нь цаг хугацааны л асуудал.
    THE HU long and so long live.

  11. Genghis fielded over 100,000 cavalry. Can you fucking imagine 100,000 horses pounding upon the earth together. Wherever they were, the ground must have shook across the entire country.

  12. Munh tengeriin huchin door gd ter kinonii hesgees oruulsan bol goy boloh bjee..Tumurbaatar guai yaj ch harsan jamuuh haragdaad bhiin hhe

  13. Been listening to the whole album nonstop since it dropped & this track ended up being my top fav. for some reason it resonates with me. Wolf totem MV is still the coolest of ‘em all.

  14. dunno what happened but all the songs except for the two first singles have realy low volume vocals and it weirdly dont work .. at least for me 🙁

  15. So, quick question: what was that mouth-harp instrument I saw one of them playing? Is it also a traditional instrument?

  16. Imagine them changing this song to say Great Mandalore instead of Ghengis Khan and have them do this song for the Mandalorian series

  17. I was sprawled on my couch when this came on. Currently taking tribute from my entire apartment complex after creating khanate and sacking the landlord's office.

  18. I missed you guys in Vegas because I have to care for my grandmother so I hope you have another U.S. tour real soon.

  19. Би Японд сонсож байна. Би үгийг нь мэдэхгүй, гэхдээ надад цаг байвал сонсох болно

  20. When are people born from God going to stop the battle,The Anger,The killing?We all came from one place and we will all end up in one place decided.

  21. I see you finally followed my advice and "Light and catch fire…" Grats on taking over all of Metal and Rock….and Country.

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