The Hype Is Real for These Epic Upcoming DC Movies

The Hype Is Real for These Epic Upcoming DC Movies

Over the last few years fans have watched
the Justice League and the wider DCEU come together, but that’s only the beginning of
Warner’s plans for Worlds of DC domination. So just what is there to look forward to in
the years to come? Here are a few of the most exciting DC movies
slated for release. In July 2018, Warner Brothers announced that
Joaquin Phoenix had signed on to star in Joker, a standalone feature exploring the origins
of Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime from director Todd Phillips. The internet took a moment to scratch its
collective head, then voiced a fair degree of skepticism particularly after a short teaser
surfaced showing Phoenix looking pretty much like he normally does, albeit wearing some
Pagliacci style clown makeup. Phillips, a director known mostly for his
comedy work, promised “a gritty character study” and a “cautionary tale,” which only
seemed to add to the skepticism. Then, in April 2019, the first teaser trailer
dropped and the skeptics fell silent probably because their jaws were on the floor. Joker looks to be a dark film anchored by
a ferocious performance from Phoenix. It’s also the first of Warner Brothers and
DC’s promised attempts to tell filmmaker-driven stories outside Extended Universe continuity. While speculation has run rampant that this
will connect to Matt Reeves’ forthcoming The Batman, Phillips has insisted that his Joker
is strictly a one-shot, and a unique one at that. As Phillips recently told The Hollywood Reporter: “When the marketing department asked me the
other day to describe the movie, I said ‘I can’t.’ They said at least tell us the genre, and
I thought about it for a minute and said, ‘It’s a tragedy.'” Suicide Squad may have been a bit of a mess,
but it at least featured a solid take on fan favorite Harley Quinn. There are multiple projects on tap for the
character, but first up is Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley
Quinn), which has been described as an “R-rated girl gang film” in which Harley teams up with
Huntress and Black Canary to face off against Black Mask, who is chasing after a young Cassandra
Cain. It sounds like pretty dark stuff, but Margot
Robbie has explained that the film’s mouthful of a title was meant to reflect the fact that
the it’ll be a bit more lighthearted than it might appear. “Like, Birds of Prey makes it sound so serious,
and that kinda, you know is like Harley adding ‘Hey,I’m in this, too.’” Fans will be quick to note that, in the comics,
Cain eventually takes up the mantle of Batgirl, though it remains to be seen if her film incarnation
will follow suit. 2017’s Wonder Woman was the first DCEU effort
to be widely embraced by fans and critics alike, and its sequel, Wonder Woman 1984,
will see Diana taking on new challenges during the era of yuppies. Originally scheduled for a November 2019 release,
the flick was pushed back to summer 2020 to avoid competition with Joker and placing it
in the same release slot where the first film found blockbuster success. The sequel has cast Kristen Wiig as the hero’s
frequent nemesis Cheetah, as well as Pedro Pascal in an as-yet unconfirmed role which
some insiders have claimed will be Maxwell Lord, who in the comics is a villainous telepath. Interestingly, Chris Pine is also set to return
as Steve Trevor, despite his character meeting his end in the first film. Patty Jenkins will return to the director’s
chair, working from a screenplay she co-wrote with comics legend Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham,
who will also be scripting Shang-Chi for Marvel Studios. While it’s always seemed inevitable that DC
would field a solo movie starring the Flash, the project has endured a troubled road. The character was introduced in 2016’s Batman
v Superman with Ezra Miller in the role, but since then, the Scarlet Speedster’s standalone
film has seen a revolving door of behind-the-camera talent. In early 2018, Warner Bros. landed Spider-Man:
Homecoming screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to direct the picture,
which by that point had already been announced as an adaptation of the Flashpoint storyline. With Miller’s WB contract expiring in May,
the star took it upon himself to craft his own version of the Flashpoint script along
with legendary comics scribe Grant Morrison in a bid to hang on to the role. It’s been reported that Warner’s brass liked
Miller’s dark, gritty script, but unfortunately not enough to reverse course on the lighter,
funnier version that Daley and Goldstein are intent on delivering. This means that, despite his best efforts,
Miller’s time as Barry Allen is almost certainly done. Warner Bros. is likely to act fast in recasting
the part, as Flashpoint is still thought to be on track for a 2020 release. The fate of standalone outing The Batman has
been up in the air ever since the relative failure of Justice League at the box office. One misses the days where one’s greatest
concerns were exploding wind-up penguins.” Ben Affleck was initially on board to reprise
the role and direct, but after he relinquished the director’s chair to Matt Reeves, rumors
started swirling that he was done with the cape and cowl. This has now been confirmed, as Reeves has
gone public with a few details about his film and Affleck took to Twitter to wish the director
well. Although the story will focus on Bruce Wayne’s
early years as a costumed crime-fighter, Reeves has gone on record saying that it won’t be
an adaptation of Frank Miller’s Year One comics storyline. He’s also confirmed that the film will indeed
share a connection to the rest of the DCEU, which may or may not have something to do
with Joker.. Production on The Batman is slated to begin
in November 2019. Marvel fans rejoiced when it was announced
in March 2019 that James Gunn had been reinstated by Disney as director of Guardians of the
Galaxy Vol. 3. Unfortunately, they’re gonna have to wait
for him to finish up one other project first: The Suicide Squad, which he was hired to write
and direct during his brief exile from Marvel. With the project firmly in Gunn’s capable
hands, this new Squad is shaping up to be not so much a sequel as a soft reboot of the
story, so, we’ll be seeing some new faces when the film drops in summer 2021. “Well that’s it so we’re some sorta suicide
squad.” Foremost among these is Idris Elba, who may
be taking over the role of Deadshot from Will Smith. Gunn is said to be drawing heavily from the
the antihero team’s Deadshot-centric ’80s comics run, with the mercenary serving as
a sort of mentor figure to the assembled baddies. Among the other characters rumored to be appearing
are Ratcatcher, a former exterminator who commands armies of rodents; King Shark, a
humanoid shark; Polka Dot Man, who can use his wardrobe’s spotty adornments as weapons;
and Peacemaker, a vigilante so dedicated to peace that he’ll kill. Sounds like a James Gunn joint through-and-through. Jason Momoa’s appearance as Aquaman in 2017’s
Justice League was received well even though the movie itself underperformed at the box
office. But then a funny thing happened: James Wan’s
Aquaman, again featuring Momoa in the role, became a smash hit, raking in over a billion
dollars worldwide and becoming the highest-grossing film in the DCEU. It didn’t take long for Warner Bros. to determine
that they had a hot property on their hands, and in February 2019, it was confirmed that
a sequel is in the works. The first film’s co-screenwriter, David Leslie
Johnson-McGoldrick, is already hard at work on the script, and Wan will be returning as
a producer, although it’s unclear if he will direct. As for Momoa, nothing is set in stone but
given his intensely charismatic performance and wholehearted commitment to the role, it’s
unlikely that the project would be moving forward if he were not on board. If nothing else, Warner Brothers is definitely
taking their time to make sure they get this one extra-right: Aquaman 2 splashes down in
theaters on December 16, 2022. Back in 2014, Dwayne Johnson was handed the
role of Black Adam during the first round of casting for Shazam!, but his involvement
was scrapped when the filmmakers decided on a more lighthearted approach to that movie. As producer Hiram Garcia explained to Collider,
it was also determined that Black Adam was compelling enough to support a feature of
his own. Garcia said: “We were just realizing that both characters
are so special that we didn’t want to compromise either of them by cramming them both into
the same movie. We’re actually very deep into a script on
it right now, which is coming along really well.” In an Instagram post in April 2019, Dwayne
Johnson confirmed that due in large part to the success of Shazam! production on the flick
is expected to finally begin in 2020. Warner Bros. hit a bit of a roadblock when
it comes to meeting its scheduled July 2020 release date for Green Lantern Corps. The film was set to feature a script by David
Goyer and Justin Rhodes. The script they’d prepared featured Hal Jordan
and Jon Stewart as the primary Lanterns and had been described as “Lethal Weapon in space,”
which admittedly does sound pretty awesome. That script has since been scrapped. Acclaimed comics scribe Geoff Johns, who made
his name writing the world of Green Lantern for several years, is now attached to rewrite
the script from page one. He says it will be very much akin to what
he recently did with DC’s Rebirth initiative and that it’s “…going to celebrate the mythology, and
reinvent it in a different way.” Justice League may have been a resounding
disappointment, but with the DCEU having finally found its footing with the critical and financial
success of Wonder Woman and Aquaman, that doesn’t necessarily mean that another go-round
isn’t in the cards. Indeed, the sequel could be seen as an opportunity
for Warner to make good on the things they got wrong the first time, but the big question
is, “will the movie shift the focus to the more successful DCEU movie characters?”
– you know, instead of the one’s whose mother share the same name. “Why did you say that name!?!” Some have speculated that Aquaman director
James Wan would be a perfect fit to take on a Justice League sequel, especially now that
Zack Snyder is officially out of the picture. For his part, Aquaman star Jason Momoa loves
the idea of a sequel, and has theorized that Black Manta could assemble the Legion of Doom. He told the Toronto Sun: “Seeing all the bad guys together and seeing
us come in would be awesome. I’d definitely like to come riding in on a
tidal wave to whoop some ass.” “Ride ain’t over yet.” “My man!” Perhaps no piece of superhero news has rocked
the movie world quite like the rumors that actor Henry Cavill will be stepping down as
Superman. In September 2018, news leaked that negotiations
between Cavill and Warner Brothers had broken down over a cameo in Shazam!, leading to the
actor removing himself from the role. Since then, Warner Brothers and Cavill’s own
rep have insisted that Cavill is still employed, though the star himself has played it coy,
with one bizarre Instagram video being his only public comment. While a script for Man of Steel 2 is confirmed
to be in the works, there’s no telling how this potentially massive shakeup will affect
the film’s progress. After all, finding the perfect Superman is
no small feat, and it’s hard to imagine the studio moving forward with this one until
they land a replacement for Cavill. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about the DCEU
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  1. DC is taking baby steps in the right direction, but I’m not at the point where I am super excited to see where they go next.

  2. i was so excited when he said there was a flashpoint movie coming out but then he said ezra most likely won’t play the role and now i don’t wanna see it 💀

  3. Ezra Miller is the heart of Justice league and WB wants their golden boy out? I hope Ezra is still going to act as the flash

  4. Marvel always introduces new characters .. why doesn't DC do that ? How many more batman and superman movies do they wanna have ,it's boring

  5. In other words no more justice league stuff and connected DC movies. Just DC doing its usual thing of making one off movies.

  6. Keep the same actors n actress.. Just improve the story lines. Tooooo many moving chairs. Marvel got it right by keeping the same ppl.

  7. ok isn't the flash info wrong and the fact that most of the S. Squad from original will be in it? sound like their info is wrong. so I'll wait for official info

  8. my excitement for these movies from most to least

    1. Shazam! 2
    2. Wonder Woman 1984
    3. Black Adam
    4. Aquaman 2
    5. The Batman
    6. The New Gods
    7. The Suicide Squad
    8. The Flash
    9. Birds Of Prey

  9. HawkGirl, Green Lantern Corps., Martian Manhunter, Shazam 2, Black Adam, The Batman, WW 1984, Joker, Birds of Prey, Super Girl, NightWing, The Suicide Squad, New Gods, Snyder Cut lol, Green Arrow, Aquaman 2, Man of Steel, The Flash, Blue Beetle, JLA Dark, Justice League vs. The Legion of Doom

  10. All I can say is praise God Ezra Miller won't be doing The Flash. He can't run and looks stupid even trying. I don't care what the critics say. I personally think Henry Cavill was a fantastic Superman.

  11. Glad the actor for flash is gone wtf was his running action he literally swung his hand in the air like he was swimming when he was supposed to be running

  12. the minute you said ezra gave them a dark version of flashpoint and they made one of the single darkest arcs light & funny i turned off the vide. WB wil never get anything right fml

  13. There was nothing wrong with Justice League, it was awesome. I do not believe in movie critics they do not know a good movie if it bit them on the ass. Justice League was better than Averngers Infinity war because that wasn't the infinity was I know in the 80s and have the comics. They were missi g Alpha Flight, x-men, x-factor, Daredevil, Elektra, west coast avengers, plus Warlock who was the one that help get the gauntlet glove away from thanos and was the protect of the gauntlet. Plus the Male Captain Marvel was in along with Ms Marvel. Plus, Ryan Reynolds did great as Green Lantern, he was like Hal Jordan was in the comics I read. Plus everyone doesn't understand origins of how super heros get there bower and such.

  14. Justice League 2 The Rise of Darksied with a team up with members of the Legion of Doom AND THEN Justice League vs the Legion of Doom as JL 3 is just about what they SHOULD do. But they probably won't.

  15. I think Justice League 2 would be a great opportunity to reset the DCEU with all these changes they are doing and tie up the loose ends they are soon going to have and introduce the multiverse…

  16. Movies I want:
    -Batman and Robin
    -Batman: Under the the Red Hood
    -Teen Titans
    -Green Lantern
    -Justice League 2 (blackest night/vs. Darkseid)
    -Superman reboot
    -Red Hood and Arsenal

    Edit: Teen Titans 2 (focus on Blue Beetle)

  17. All I can say is, come October, things are going to change, forever, and there's no going back HA HA HA HA🃏🃏🃏🃏

  18. DC's movies would've been great, if they weren't trying to outshine Marvel all the time. DC has great animated movies, and I wish the writers for the live action movies put more heart into them.

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  21. I'm gonna pass on Disney's filler-ish Phase 4 shit till they get on with the X-Men. Until then, I'm gonna be rooting for the future DCEU roster.

  22. It's hard to trust DCEU and WB with their story lines. Their visual effects and the fact the fact that they change the characters to fit their stories makes it hard to bare their movies.

  23. I have stopped going to DC movies because of bad scripting and the constant change of actors. In the early 2000s they did the Dark Knight trilogy and Superman Returns (yes I liked it) and later they did Man of Steel which was great but then things went wrong. I disliked The Suicide Squad, Batman Vs Superman, Justice League and Green Lantern and I avoided them. After hearing good things about Wonder Woman I went and loved it and I hear Aquaman is great though I haven't seen it yet. I am excited about some of the films DC has planned but am skeptical about some of them. They need to find a great Superman and Batman to really make the DC Universe the best and maybe they could make a feature film out of Arrow like they are doing with the Flash.

  24. DC just can't seem to get things right when it comes to the big screen rebooting every second movie and not keeping actors
    Great TV shows but

  25. I've honestly realized that these videos aren't to entertain us, aren't by creative people, and aren't accurate. These are literally only for views (which is typical) but still, that just makes the entire video (instead of just one part) garbage and wrong. Justice League was awesome, people say it didn't do good in reviews, lol this same people also never mention how much money it made/talk sht about DC movies in general. DC has only truly started making worth while content to watch, we know that movies like Green Latern, amongst others weren't the greatest of films, but even those films weren't completely terrible. People also compare every single succesful Marvel movie to every DC movie that is viewed as not spectacular. (so most) People just love to talk shit, and Hey if it gets views and people in fights/debates, more Subscribers! LoL it's not comic book fans that are messed in the head, its just some individuals amongst us who have a warped mentality. That being said I enjoyed the Batman V Superman, Dawn of Justice and other DC films, but yes I also know/accept the films mistakes/view of it being a terrible film. LOL that moment U realize some of the poorest actors in the DCEU and the MCU are 10 times richer/more intelligent (also actually act like humans) than the people who run Looper. (looping bad content to get views)

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