The In-Laws – Watch Youtube Movies Online | With English Subtitles HD | Сваты

The In-Laws – Watch Youtube Movies Online | With English Subtitles HD | Сваты

When I turned five, I was left alone. I wasn’t completely alone, though my parents went away
and didn’t take me with them. Instead of them my grandmas
and grandpas arrived. Soon after they went bonkers. Grandma Olya eat some cholesterol and went on hunger-strike. Oh, God. Have you seen a little girl?
My God, I lost her. Zhenya! Zhora. Have you seen a little girl? No. ľ Zhenya!
ľ Zhenya! Yura! Grandpa Yura, Olya’s husband,
nearly crashed on a bike. Zhenya! Grandma Valya and grandpa Vanya
are very different. First granddad Vanya nearly died. For this grandma Valya nearly killed him. What? What “what”?
I was on the parking, it’s OK. Thanks God! The car is where it should be. What about Zhenya? What about her? She’s not there. Goddamn it! ľ Go find her!
ľ I’m looking! ľ Keep looking!
ľ I’m looking. They think I got lost. Before this we had a fire, and earlier we had a flood. My best friend nearly died. Being a little over five, I decided to start smoking. You don’t understand? OK, listen from the very beginning. The In-Laws Accountancy. Max, my son! Something’s wrong? Everything is fine. Mom, there’s a thing. Masha and I have got
a free voucher for a trip to Italy. That’s the problem.
The voucher is for two. Could you and dad spend a week
with Zhenya? Max, you know how we both love you, but it is impossible. Your father is in the selection committee,
I have a report to write. OK, no worries.
Masha will talk to her parents. Thank you. Say hi to dad. Kisses. My parents can’t. Call yours. Vanya! Vanya, pick up the phone! I hear! Why don’t you pick up, then? I’m cooking! Why are you screaming? I am not deaf! Embassy of Kenya. Hello, dad! Daughter, is it you? Yes, I received a salary. How’d you guess? You’re always happy when you receive it. Masha? Let me speak with her! Your mother will bite my hand off now! Take another phone, Valya!
Don’t be ignorant! I forgot! Your mother is a country bumpkin! Hello, daughter!
We’ve just got a new phone line. How are you doing? Everything is fine. Here’s a thing, mom. Max and I are going to Italy. Forever? Vanya, wait! Baby, why Italy? Why not?
We’ll have some rest, see the country. What,
you don’t have enough spaghetti at home? Come here, mother will cook for you! What’s going on?
Did you lift the elbow already? Valya, stop it! I haven’t even started yet! I have received a salary,
I have a right to drink! I’ll show you your right now! Masha, are you there? Wait a minute. Today you’ve got a salary,
and how about yesterday? ľ What about yesterday?
ľ Yesterday doesn’t count. And why doesn’t it count, huh? Mom, dad, listen! I have little time. Could you look after Zhenya? Daughter,
I have the only car in a village. We can’t leave everyone without bread! Masha, dad is working all day long. And I am the only junior technologist
in the whole bread-making plant. If you told us a week ago,
we’d found a decision. It’s OK, mom, we’ll figure it out. We got very lucky with the voucher. I kiss you, bye-bye! Kisses to you also! Now, look into my eyes. Valya, do not start again. No, let me put an end to it! Mine also can’t. What should we do? Masha, don’t be worried. We’ll invite a babysitter. Bye! ľ Mother!
ľ What? Here’s what I think. I have a few days off. Finally you remembered! I already called the personnel department. We’re both on vacation. Why you are laughing? If someone has no time to look after
our granddaughter, we should be able to find
some time, right? ľ Right!
ľ Good. ľ Go get ready.
ľ I’m going. ľ Go, then!
ľ I’m going. ľ Go, go.
ľ I’m going. What? I remembered Zhenya.
I’ll see her tomorrow. Do not cry. I missed her. Take a look. ľ Olives with anchovy. Is it good?
ľ Yes. Sweetie, I’ve decided. ľ Darling, wait up.
ľ What? ľ I’m too busy with a selection committee.
ľ You have this problem every year. ľ They can make do without you for once.
ľ Theoretically it isů ľ possible, butů
ľ What? ľ I need to call Berkovich.
ľ OK, give a call. Give a call to Berkovich.
You helped him a hundred times. ľ Not a hundredů
ľ Yura! Look at me. Do you want those imbeciles to brainwash Zhenya for a week? We’ll spend another month
fighting her bad habits? I have decided. We’re going. What is this rubbish with anchovy? Wait up, baby! Sorry. Mom, I don’t want to stay
with a babysitter. Zhuzha and I
will be better off without her. Didn’t you tell me
that I’m smart and self-reliant? Here she comes. Of course you are! But Zhuzha needs a babysitter. ľ I see.
ľ Here she comes. ľ Hello! Hello, my dearest!
ľ Hello. ľ Grandma!
ľ Yes, that’s me! It’s your favorite grandma. You did not expect us,
but we found a way to come visit you! Grandpa! Hi! Didn’t you say you wouldn’t come? We took a leave from work. Very good. ľ Hello, daughter!
ľ Hello, mother! ľ Hello, son.
ľ Hi. Why are you so thin?
Masha doesn’t feed you, or what? Mom! Careful, it’s hot. Just tell me, and I will reprimand her. Zhenya, high five! Yes! Here’s a present for you. ľ A present from your loving grandparents.
ľ Thanks! A present? Thank you, grandma and grandpa. ľ Do you like it?
ľ What’s that? What is it, you old fogy? Didn’t you tell me
to buy an assemble game? I took the biggest box. Have you lost your mind? These are Indians, it’s for boys! Stop screaming at me! You told me to choose up to my liking,
and I did. It doesn’t say who it is for. She will be fast, swift and brave,
like the Indians! ľ No, like the grandpa!
ľ You are not the best role model. Hello, children. Good afternoon. Another grandma arrived! Hello, Zhenya. Let’s agree
that you will call me Olga, OK? Yuriy Anatolievich,
what are you waiting for? Give the child her present. Evgenia Maximovna,
you have grown up so much! Hi, in-laws! Ivan Stepanovich, Valentina Petrovna,
you’re also here? Happy to see you! Thank you. We worked this out. I had to take a leave from the institute,
and Olga took a leave from 3 companies. It means we will have a house
full of elderly people! ľ Shut up, Indian!
ľ Mom! Enough of this. Hello! I showed you the nursery, the bathroom. Mom, let me show your room. Mother, this is your bedroom. We have remodeled it recently. My son did it. Olga Nikolaevna,
let me show you your room. Very nice. No doubt about it! Our daughter has a wonderful taste. I wonder who it comes from. What a bitch! Zhuzha, we will not have a babysitter. We will have two grandpas, Olya and grandma Valya. The pipe is leaking. I’ll mend it later.
Don’t do anything by yourself. Don’t be worried, son,
I’ll mend it tomorrow. Maxim and I will use
a video connection to call you. ľ Uh-huh.
ľ For thisů Passwordů One moment. Uh-huhů Olga Nikolaevna, you’ll have
to press this button. This one. ľ I see.
ľ That’s it. ľ That’s it.
ľ That’s it. Ask Zhenya if you forget. ľ Okay.
ľ All right. Let’s go. ľ Sweetie.
ľ Yeah? ľ What is that?
ľ Oh, that? Mom, let me show you the kitchen. ľ OK.
ľ Yes. ľ Olga Nikolaevna?
ľ Yes. You’ve got a wonderful jacket. Is it the one you were wearing
at the wedding? Looks almost like new. Wonderful, wonderful. I’ll go check the kitchen. What a bitch! Do not worry. That’s enough. Good luck, son. Don’t be worried, mom. It’ll be fine. ľ Daughter!
ľ What’s up, mom? Here, for the road. Take it. Wave goodbye to your parents. ľ Bye-bye!
ľ Good luck! Bye! ľ Goodbye!
ľ Don’t worry, don’t worry. ľ What the hell?
ľ You’re a lowbrow! Are you leaving after dinner
or staying till evening? We’re not in a hurry. We’re officially on vacation. We’ll stay overnight and tomorrow morning we’ll see you off. You don’t need to see us off. We’re also on vacation. Andů You shouldn’t worry
and go home right away. We’ll take care of Zhenya. Do you think we don’t know
how difficult it is for you? The university students will have
to sit for exams soon, right? Besides, you’ll have to produce
a quarterly report. What does the quarterly report have
to do with this? It’s not such a big deal. But breadů Where is it, by the way?
Bread is much more important. ľ Here.
ľ Thank you. Thank you, my dear, thank you. How can a plant make do
without a technologist? We understand how important this is. Very good! Nobody goes anywhere. Yeah. According to the Russian tradition,
let’s drink in decency. ľ Thank you!
ľ Thank you, he doesn’t drink. ľ He’s got problems with heart.
ľ I also don’t drink. This is for the meeting. No, she’s right, I’ve got a weak heart. But this is like a pill
that you take for good health. Stop bothering him, Ivan! No means no. Pour me some. And me, too! She’s one of us! Here you are. ľ Does anyone want some juice?
ľ I’d like some, please. Thank you. To the meeting! Sure. If you don’t drink, at least eat some. Mother has cooked some awesome meat! The meat is really good. Yura, it’s cholesterol. Masha cooks really wellů Excuse meů Really well. But it’s an easy thing to do when there
are plenty of good products in the fridge. You are right. Maxim is a really nice boy,
he provides for a family. Thank you. There’s nothing to add. But when your bases are covered and
the house is clean, it is so easy to work. ľ Am I right?
ľ I won’t argue. Masha keeps good order in the house. ľ But it’s quite easy in such house.
ľ This is true. The house is wonderful, you’re right. Butů it was Masha who found the wallpaper. Too hot! She found the wallpapers,
the parquet, the furniture. I suggest to drink to the health
of the lady of this house. Why only her? I meant Zhenya. She’s the hostess, we’re guests. Sweetie, let’s drink to good health. It’s ridiculous to drink to health. To good health! To good health! How do you like me?
I put on all the presents! ľ You my little dumpling!
ľ You my little sun! You’re my sweet pie. Dad, why are
you sitting here? Look at our beauty! Hello. Look at this fashionable Indian!
Let me look at you. What a bow! Let the grandpa make a shot. Boom! Did you see how I shoot?
Your grandpa is a horse now. Come on! What a good horse! Why are we sitting? ľ Yura, go play with the kid! Go!
ľ I’m going. Come on, come on. Where are my Indians? The palefaces approach!
We have to scalp them! He’s so crazy! What kind of present is that?
That’s a game for boys! Those chicken wings
aren’t for girls either! My dear, don’t be so active
before going to bed. Chase me and get me scalp! Of course! It’s a great game! ľ Come on
ľ Come on! Stop this nonsense!
You’ll break something! Let them have some fun. If we break something,
we’ll glue it together. I warned you, didn’t I? That was an arrow with poison! Vanya, that’ll do, enough! Yura! ľ Vanya!
ľ Stop, horses! OK, the horse is tired. The horse is dead! I announce the truce. Come here! Yura, stop, please! When the Indians stop fighting, they gather around the fire, light the pipe of peace so that they never ever fight again. Wonderful!
We will have to smoke this pipe, too. That’s an idea! Let’s smoke! Zhenya, isn’t it time to go to bed? Olga Nikolaevna,
let her watch TV a little. It is already quarter past eleven. ľ So what?
ľ “So what?” is a great argument! Do not quarrel. I’ll go to my room. There’s also a TV there. ľ I’m so confused.
ľ Why? How are we going to deal with them? They are so different from us. Don’t worry, Valya. We’ll be OK. These are some relatives! He refused to drink! Don’t take it so seriously. He’s got heart problems. I’m not heartless either! Vanya, you are soů What? What did you just say? ľ Heartless!
ľ Yeah. ľ You’re soů
ľ What? So attractive. Let’s theů Those are the people Maxim
was going to leave the baby with! Can you believe it? Sweetie, but they’re also grandparents. So what? So what? Should we put up with their shenanigans? What “quiet”? They bought her a bow and arrows! Great idea! Why didn’t they buy a soldering tool? Do you hear this? Yura, do you hear this? They justů They’re shameless! Vanya, what are we doing? It’s revenge. He’s got problems with heart? ľ Now he’ll get problems with jealousy.
ľ Right. Do you hear this? Do not stop! Don’t get distracted! What are you waiting for? Go do something! You’re such a lump! Oh, gosh. Right, as alwaysů Yura! That’s an idea! Vanya, isn’t it too much? Seven minutes. They’ll know we’re cheating. OK, enough for the first time. Unbelievable! We’re jumping, and they’re sleeping! How could I know?
I thought it would be different. He thought! Sleep, avenger! One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three.
Don’t follow me, run around the house! One, two, three. One, two, three. Breathe! One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. Yura, stop pretending you’re tired,
we’ve just started. ľ One, two, three. Wave your hand.
ľ I’m trying. One, two, three. Move your ankle quicker! One, two, three. Sweetie, don’t drag your feet. ľ Kitty, I’m not dragging!
ľ One, two, three. One, two, three. ľ One, twoů
ľ Is this enough? I thought we gave up smoking. Sweetie, it’s too much of a stress for my body. We’ll do it gradually: first you, then me. Raise your knees higher. One, twoů Thank you! Raise your knees higher. Hi, in-laws! I’ve been thinking, what’s this noise?
It appears you’re rattling your old bones. ľ Good morning!
ľ Morning! Yura, I didn’t say “Stop”.
Continue. One, two, three. Olga Nikolaevna, why “three”? He’s got two legs! That’s not funny. Why are you bothering him?
Leave him alone! “Professor Dole’s Head”, hello! ľ Good morning!
ľ Hello. Yura, one more run around the house. Hi! Bro, I’m with you in my heart. You should move your butt also
and run a little! Short distances aren’t for me. Hey joker, don’t interfere
with the old chaps’ activities. ľ Go where you were going!
ľ I’m going. ľ Go, then.
ľ I’m going, I’m going. All right. Wimp! I’ll be doing exercises
in the swimming pool. Don’t get offended. He’s very arrogant. But in fact, he’s a good man. I’ve noticed. Very good. ľ I wanted to sayů
ľ Yes? Did you have a good sleep?
I hope we didn’t disturb you. Not at all! We were tired
and slept like babies. We heard. It’s impossible to fall asleep fast
with my husband. It’s terrible! God bless you! Thank you! Country bumpkin! What did you say? Let’s continue
with the respiratory gymnastics. Who has woken up? It’s my plump dumpling! Let me kiss you. Granny, don’t kiss me,
I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. You my little girl! Who is stealing my pies?
Who is stealing my pies? Not me, not me! Not me, not me! I will eat you, little thief! ľ I’ll eat you.
ľ Granny, don’t eat me! I’m toxic! ľ What?
ľ I’m toxic! Don’t you understand? ľ Olya!
ľ What? Granny Valya wants to eat me. Don’t worry, baby. Granny Valya has bad teeth, she can only eat porridge, not little girls. Again with onions? Zhenya, come here! Here, give grandpa Ivan some
so that he doesn’t die of hunger. He’s in the swimming pool. Is there some misunderstanding? Are you talking to me, Valentina Petrovna? ľ Yes.
ľ Please, you shouldn’t be offended by the truth. What’s your name, Olga? Olgaů ľ Just Olga.
ľ Just Olga? Olga, by the way, we are the same age. ľ Seriously?
ľ Yes. Who would have thought! ľ Is it tasty?
ľ Very tasty. You’re very welcome! Flood! Calm down. Flood! Flood! Do not scream! Yura, I’m coming! ľ What are you doing, butter hands?
ľ Yura, what have you done? Valya, work with the mop,
not with your tongue! It’s an import nut.
I thought I could tighten it a bit, but it got out of hand! Ivan Stepanovich, what have you done? Didn’t you see the warning sign? There are many signs around.
You can’t trust everything! You’re right. Grandma, Zhuzha and I
are going to help Grandpa Vanya. Don’t worry, baby! Make sure Zhuzha doesn’t drown! Zhuzha, if you drown I’ll kill you. Zhenya, there’s no need to help grandpa. He’s go to clean his own mess! You may get rheumatism from that!
Yura, stay away from water! Your wife is calling you. I’ll fix it myself! Please, do something!
Why are you sitting there? Yura, call the emergency service,
do whatever! ľ Okay!
ľ Anatolievich, stop! Calm down, Olga Nikolaevna!
We are men, aren’t we? We’ll fix it! After you tried to fix the TV,
it lost all the colors, except for two! Call the emergency, Yuriy Anatolievich! ľ Yura, follow me!
ľ Where? Anatolievich, stop! Don’t speak too much, or you’ll be watching your TV shows
over the radio! Anatolievich, give me the spanner! Come on, faster! Here you are. You are of no use, professor.
You better hold this! Okay. Okay. Grandpa, may I help you? Don’t worry, baby,
I’ve got some help here. Give it to me! Stop. Don’t touch it. One more! Excellent. That’s it. That’s it. Nothing to worry about. Behind you! Goddamn it. Ivan Stepanovich, it was leaking less
before you fixed it! Yeah? Anatolievich,
I didn’t expect this from you! Statement of fact. Zhenya? Where are you going? Zhenya? Why did it stop? What happened? Whyů What a good girl! Come here! You’re our savior. She’s my copy! If you soak for too long you may go bad. Are you hungry, honey-bunny? It’s ready! Here, my baby, try this. Wait a minute. This contains a lot of
cholesterol and carbohydrates. So what? It’s a fresh homemade salad. ľ Eat, my dumpling, eat!
ľ Valentina Petrovna, enough of it. Better eat some carrots!
Carotene is good for your eyes. Zhuzha, eat some carrot. Maybe you’ll grow another eye. ľ Would you like some, Yuriy Anatolievich?
ľ By no means! We’re trying not to eat heavy food. Why? You don’t want to overstrain yourself? Bro, try a meat chops, huh? This is her signature dish. ľ Wow!
ľ Don’t “wow”, Yuriy Anatolievich, you can’t eat this! You’ve got liver. So what? I’ve got liver, too. Shut up! We know about your liver. You should spend less time drinking
with your colleagues after work. ľ How about the Russian salad?
ľ By no means! It contains mayo.
Yuriy Anatolievich has got a pancreas. I see, you’ve got
all the necessary organs! Why are you bothering them? Don’t you see they’ve got
a scientific approach to food? We are simple people. We eat everything,
we don’t throw food away. This is unfair. I broke the faucet, but you’re the one being punished. Anatolievich, why don’t we poison ourselves a little? No, thank you.
I gave up this habit long ago. Willingly or unwillingly? Willingly, of course. I’m training my strength of will. Oh. Here’s what I think. Healthy lifestyle
is in fashion these days. Everyone is giving up smoking. Friends, neighbors, colleaguesů I’m the only one holding on. This is the real strength of will. Zhenya,
give grandpa a lift to the university! ľ Grandpa, I don’t know how.
ľ No problem! ľ We’ll teach you know.
ľ Come to me. Easily! You’ll soon be running, likeů Grandpa Yura from grandma Olya. ľ Ivan Stepanovichů
ľ Anatolievich, it’s a statement of fact. Zhenya, come here. Come to the grandpa! Come to the grandpa. ľ Grandpa, let me go.
ľ Uh-huh. Hold Zhuzha that she doesn’t fall. Listen to me very attentively. The most important thing is the balance. Put your hands on the rudder, your feet on the pedals. Step aside, grandpa. And here we go! I still remember how to do this. ľ Have you got it, Zhenya?
ľ Yes! Grandpa, may I try? Wait, let me do a few circles. Watch how grandpa is going it. Ivan Stepanovich, I apologize, but you’re showing her
a male cycling technique. A girl can’t cycle like that. I apologize, professor,
but what do you know about technique? I was in the university team! ľ Right!
ľ That’s right! In synchronized swimming? Why swimming? Cycle racing. I used to be able to ride on the back
wheel without holding a rudder. ľ Oh, yeah?
ľ I still can do it. You?! Can you imagine? On the back wheel? I don’t believe it! ľ I’ll prove you.
ľ Let’s have a bet. With pleasure. On what? Sheer interest? No, that’s not interesting. ľ How about a flick?
ľ A flick? I agree. ľ Zhenya, break it.
ľ Explain to me what it is. What, you don’t know what it is?
I’ll show you now. Like this. Oh, how painfulů Attention! I’m checking the rudder. Check it. ľ It should be well-centered.
ľ Yes. Sit on it. Where are the brakes? ľ Where are the brakes?
ľ I won’t tell you. No problem, I’ll find it. Right? OK. Andů Let’s go! Where are the brakes? Where are they? Grandpa, were you teaching me correctly? Huh? Yes. Watch and learn what you shouldn’t do. Anatolievich! Anatolievich! Don’t drown, man! Anatolievich! Anatolievich! Don’t drown! Where’s the bike? Grab it! Goddamn it. Quiet. Quiet. Please, explain to meů Please, explain to me why an adult person, a mature man decided to ride a child’s bike? I apologize. Ivan Stepanovich was the one to start it. That’s right! Professor of philosophy! Professor of philosophy likens
himself to some primitive driver! What of Ivan Stepanovich decided
to start collecting empty bottles, you’d be eagerly doing the same, right? ľ Kittyů
ľ What? What? What kind of a role model
are you for the kid? ľ Why are you silent?
ľ I’m guilty. I’m guilty. What else can I say? Tell me you’re not suffering
from the senile marasmus yet. ľ Calm down, baby. I beg you.
ľ Reassure me. What are you doing, you old nitwit? Look into my eyes! Stop it, Valya, please. I haven’t even started yet. Why are you disgracing me
in front of the in-laws? You broke the granddaughter’s bike
and nearly killed Yuriy Anatolievich! Quiet! What’s wrong with it? He’ll be fine. Smelling water lilies is good
for the professor’s health. Ivan, you know me! One more prank like that, and you will regret it. You got me? I am so scared! ľ You will see.
ľ I will see. ľ You will see.
ľ I will see. ľ You will see.
ľ I will see. ľ You will definitely see!
ľ I will definitely see! Hands off! Carefulů ľ I will help.
ľ Is it bad? ľ Yes.
ľ Where are you goingů I will help. I’ve been kneeling
in front of you you my whole lifeů You ruined my whole lifeů Zhenya, are you asleep? No. The grandpas got you tired, didn’t they? ľ No, it was fun.
ľ I bet you were laughing! OK, time to sleep. ľ Yeah.
ľ Uh-huh. I wish you to have a dream
about a red cat. OK? OK. I’ll go. Grannyů What, my dear? Don’t close the door,
I’m afraid of darkness. I’ll leave a little chink, OK? Yes. Zhenya? Zhenya, are you sleeping, my dear? Not anymore. Let me kiss you. Would you like to do some morning
exercises with me and grandpa? I would. Good girl! I wish you to have a dream
about a white puppy. No, it will bite the red cat. Let it be a rabbit. A rabbit? Let it be a rabbit. Good night! We’ll wake you up
in the morning, all right? All right. Grandma? Yes. Don’t close the door,
I’m afraid of darkness. All right. Knock-knock! Are you sleeping, baby? Come in, grandpa. I came to wish you good night. Did you injure yourself seriously? It’s rubbish! It’ll heal by wedding. But you’re already married. I meant your wedding. No, it’s too long. Let it cure faster. My sweetheart! Have a good night. Have a good night. Grandpa, close the door. OK. Where did Valya hide it? It’s not the one. Grandpaů Valya, I just wantedů Zhenya, what did you want? Grandpa, are you going
to kiss me goodnight? Yes, of course. You should do it now,
because I want to sleep already. Come here, my baby! One, two! One, two! One, two! One, two! Raise the knees! One, two! One, two! Faster! One, two! Pass me now. Put the knees higher! Higher! To the left! Zhenya! I fell, sweetheart! Do the push-ups! One, two! One, two! Zhenya! Sound the trumpet. One, two. One, two. ľ Do you know how big the real fish is?
ľ How big? The real one is this big! Everyone do the exercise!
For beauty and good health! We’ll be smilingů We’ll be smilingů What’s next? We’ll be running, we’ll be jumping, we’ll be dancingů That’s enough. We’ll be running, we’ll be jumping! The sun is upů Oh, God. ůthe rooster has sang his song! Show us the rooster. What a nice rooster, indeed! It’s a bad rooster! It’s a bad one! What are you doing? Stop it, stop it! Hello! Hi. Can you imagine, grandpa Ivan
took me for a real fishing! He was catching fish,
and I was letting it go. Here! That’s how we’re killing time
in the morning. Zhenya, how about the exercises?
We had an agreement, didn’t we? Grandpa Vanya and I thought
you wouldn’t wake up so early. I’ll get changed
and come for the exercises. Yes? Put it away! Anatolievich, this thingů It was wonderful! Chaplin wouldn’t stand a chance. Grandmas, grandpas, may I visit Vitalik? Who is Vitalik
and why should you visit him? Zhenya, why don’t you play
at home with your jolly grandpas? Of course, I have grandpas. We don’t have
a seesaw whereas Vitalik has two! That’s no problem! We’ll make you a seesaw in a moment! A real one, like in the amusement park? Even better! Show me
where your daddy keeps the instruments. That’s right, keep your hands busy!
Let’s go. Anatolievich! Yura, why are we sitting? What do you mean? Those peasants are going to turn
your granddaughter into a carpenter! What can I do about it? I can’t hide
the instruments from him! Yura, you’re such a lump! Let’s go! ľ Let’s go.
ľ Come on, quick, Yura! Zhenya,
a great surprise is waiting for you. Get ready. Get ready. One, twoů ľ Three.
ľ Three. How do you like it, Zhenya? This will serve you well!
Your grandchildren will be using it! Let’s fly! Zhenya, look what a beautiful,
real seesaw we’re giving you! Now I have two seesaws,
like in the amusement park! Yeahů ľ It’s a nice thing, indeed.
ľ Yes. Wonderful. I hope you kept the check?
You still can return it. ľ Why would we do that?
ľ Because Zhenya already has a seesaw. Grandpa Vanya made it
with his own hands, with love. It’s better than the Chinese who
haven’t seen our granddaughter even once! It’s German, by the way! That’s even worse! Hands up! Wait a minute, Yura. Hold on. Valentina Petrovna, your seesaw
is much better, of course. ľ Surely.
ľ If you use them in winter as firewood. Right, right. Yours are for the entire year,
aren’t they? But this is not a seesaw, it’s a hanger. Do you see, Valya? Big one.
It’d be good in the hallway. But it’s too fragile, it won’t hold Zhenya,
or even a couple of coats! ľ Ivan Stepanovich, stop it.
ľ Here. Zhenya, do you see what grandma is doing? Zhenya! Zhenya, till grandma Valya
is collecting splinters, let us swing on a beautiful, real seesaw. ľ Grandma has fallen!
ľ Yeah. As far as I can see,
this is out of question now. Well, let’s see how good yours is. No problem! Wait a minute, my baby. We even have straps here. Go, go! ľ One moment. Right.
ľ You see? ľ Andů
ľ One, two. One, two. I am not flying as high as you,
Valentina Petrovna, but I feel very comfortable. Yura, wait, wait. Here’s what we can do. Look. We can twist it like this, you see? We twistů Wait, wait! Get your fingers out! Yura, be careful. What happened? What’s wrong? You should speak with it in German! While you’re having fun
I’ll go visit Vitalik. I don’t understand, why indulge a kid
with such expensive gifts? ľ I don’t understand!
ľ We forgot to ask you! We don’t see her often
to save many on her giftsů ľ ůlike someone else does.
ľ What? Calm down, Valya. Calm down. We know that you don’t get
to see her very often. When Zhenya was cutting her first tooth,
we came here with presents. ľ For some reason, we haven’t seen you.
ľ That’s one. When she had the first birthday,
we were here, and you had a session! Two! Do you remember when she had tonsillitis? You were in Egypt, but we were here
with jam the next morning. ľ That’s three.
ľ Three. ľ They’re ashamed.
ľ Shall we continue? Yeah! Why don’t you bring up
from your memory storage the fact that when Masha was giving birth, Yura found for her
the best doctor in the best hospital? The best doctor! By the way, the land lot for this house, my honeyů I mean, Olga Nikolaevna got thanks
to her friend in mayor’s office. See, they remember about the land, ľ but not about the wedding!
ľ You forgot the wedding! ľ How could we forget that show?
ľ Yeah, that was a show. And who bought groceries for that show? ľ Valya!
ľ Valya! That’s right. Of course you, Valentina Petrovna! Valya, with the capital V! And you invited half of your village
for the wedding. I still have a feeling that those people were starving
for three days before the wedding! I apologize, but your civilized friends
weren’t that modest either! Uh-huh. The presents they gave were crappy! I can’t speak. I can’t speak. What? Truth hurts, right? This is a call from our children! Yura, clear space for me! What should I press? ľ Space.
ľ What? Valentina Petrovna, give me some room!
Here you are. ľ I told you they’ll make it.
ľ Yes, well done. Hello, my dearest! Hello? Do you hear me? Where should I speak? Here, here. How are you? Mom, we’re fine. Tell us how you are. We live like friends. That’s it. In harmony, so to say. Yes. Are the grandpas with Zhenya? No, Max, they’re around. Wait a second. Yuriy Anatolievich! Ivan! The children are calling. I didn’t expect this from you.
Why did you bring that seesaw? Are you jealous that Zhenya likes me more? You’re dreaming, Ivan Stepanovich. Yuriy Anatolievich! I’ll call him. Yuriy Anatolievich! You have no shame!
Reproaching us for the wedding! Go speak with your daughter! Here comes Ivan Stepanovich. Hello, kids! Have you got a suntan yet? I thought you were civilized people,
but you are petty, stingy, capricious! Get off! Yuriy Anatolievich,
why are you standing there? Come here. Come talk to your children. One moment. ľ Wait a minute.
ľ Uh-huh. I’ll sit here. Go, Yura. Go ahead! Yeah, rightů Hello, kids! How do you like the Mediterranean? We love it! How are you? We’re fine. Dad, call Zhenya, please.
We don’t have much time. Where’s Zhenya? Is she OK? ľ Sheů
ľ What? She went to swing
on the seesaw with Vitalik. It’s near-by. Wait, aren’t you confusing something? ľ Vitalik went to Spain for the summer.
ľ Yes. ľ Where’s Zhenya?
ľ They suddenly came back. ľ They suddenly came back!
ľ Really? They didn’t enjoy it this year. ľ They like going there so much.
ľ Why are you staying? Go find her, we’ll stall for time. Let’s go. Oh, heels. Soon Vitalik will be coming
to swing on our seesaw. That’s right. Grandpa Yura bought
a wonderful seesaw for Zhenya! Really? That’s awesome! We bought it together. ľ Really?
ľ Yes. ľ Yes.
ľ Yes. I’m happy everything is good so far. Here comes Zhenya. Mom! Dad! Oh, sweetie, hi! So irresponsible! You left her unattended. I thought it were you
who let her go to Vitalik’s place. ľ Who, me?
ľ Who else? Got disconnected. Come here, my dear! ľ Zhenya.
ľ It got disconnected, yes. It’s OK, baby. Zhenya, where have you been? Didn’t I tell you? At Vitalik’s place. Didn’t his family go to Spain? They came back.
They didn’t like it there this time. Don’t like it? Come here. Dearů relatives. Don’t do this. Because of our feuds we lost the child. Zhenya is not a blanket, so let’s
stop pulling her from side to side. Zhenya is not a blanket! Do you hear this, Valyaů Go on. Thank you. I suggest a compromise. Olga Nikolaevna, may I go out? Will you shut up, or not? Here’s myů I mean, our suggestion. One day you’re looking after her,
and we’re listening to you, the next day vice versa. One day we live according to your rules, ľ the next day vice versa.
ľ Do you agree? ľ I agree.
ľ Sign it. We even have to sign it? If you agree,
we’ll start tomorrow morning. Why do you have to be the first? OK, you can be the first. Why do we have to be the first? ľ Why are you asking those questions?
ľ Why are you giving orders? Let’s better flip a coin. I pick tails. Why are you arguing?
What’s the difference? We agree. See you in the morning.
Here, sign it. We meet at 8 a.m.
for the exercises. Anatolievich, I need to speak with you for a minute. I thought
we’ve already discussed everything. ľ Not everything.
ľ Sit. Don’t give in. Now I’m ready. Uh-huh. Here we go. Uh-huh. Are we free? Valya, let’s go.

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