The Interrogation Telugu Short film || Runway Reel || Latest Short Films 2019

The Interrogation Telugu Short film || Runway Reel || Latest Short Films 2019

In the conversation between a protagonist and an antagonist, their thinking does all the talk even before any conversation starts! They say Patience is virtue. if the characters are silent? How does the story go ahead? In any story, There will be a Protagonist and an Antagonist. But I am both, in this story Protagonist, Antagonist It’s been 2 weeks since I took hold of this case. In every evidence, in every record, there is only YOU! SANJAY! SANJAY PORUGANTI! AKSHAY BANERJEE IPS, Joined in the department three years back! Five Transfers Nine encounters, That too most dangerous criminals! Learned 7 languages, and specially aligned to this case directly from Delhi. Not a bad record at all We are not here to discuss my biography I am here to interrogate you about those goddamn murders! But you got to know well about me. Well! Even I know about you! Let me correct myself, I HAD TO know about you You have been saying that I am involved in the murders, Also, you are saying you are the protagonist and antagonist! Despite crime’s being your side You still want to interrogate me? Though you got suspended from department, you haven’t really stopped accusing others. Old habits die hard So are you accepting!? I accept the habits I have But, not the mistakes. Also! I don’t have anything to do with those three murders! I did not say that there were three! Anyway! How many encounters did I say before? Don’t divert the topic Tell me why did you commit those murders? I will!… I will! You first, tell me how many encounters? It’s you who said nine. Isn’t’ it? I think I really have a bad memory! 9,10,11
(Counting) It’s all together twelve, right? I have evidences which say that you have committed these crimes! Evidence can be changed anytime I can even change my name to AKSHAY BANERJEE if I offer money. But no one can change the truth This is not my interrogation which is happening It’s yours which is going on Irrespective of anyone’s interrogation, Whatever the evidences and records say Only we both know the truth The truth without any evidence Is like a kingdom without a King Just a namesake There is no use of it! I remember a story by hearing your words! There once lived an Owner He used to hit his servant every now and then Irrespective of him working or not One day, when the owner was out of town, A thief breaks into the house! The servant with all his anger takes an advantage of the situation and Helps the thief rob the owner’s house In this story, there is only one crime. But there are two criminals Interesting Story But! In our case, there is only one crime and one criminal You are taking the credit for the nine encounters which we did, And now framing me as a suspect in the remaining three murders! If you are saying that I did those murders, then you are also involved in it! If you don’t accept that you are involved, then I too have not committed those murders. If we think about the story which you have told me Only the servant and the thief know the truth! Until there are no proper evidences, there is only one thief and he is the criminal. The story remains same, But just the summary is different! Whatever the summary is, the truth won’t be lost for the all murders we did together. We always tend to express the good things we do, But we never speak about the betrayal we do! OKAY! I COMMITED THOSE MURDERS!! Same Mistake Again, and Again and Again How many times? You are repeating the same mistake even after being told Never ever trying to be good. Huh? You are not supposed to confess Even if I asked you to We are trying! We will get better How many times do I have to tell you not to interrupt me while I speak Sanjay! I forgot! Whether it’s you! Or it’s us, IT IS ME! Akshay! You have been improving always If you improve more, We will never get caught! Remember one thing! You! Us! It all starts from ME! If any one of you make any mistake, We will be caught We will continue the remaining practice tomorrow. If your thoughts are in your control Neither protagonist nor antagonist And not even the person who have had written your character can influence you!

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  1. Pranam ji.Im urgently pulled out you short story video and illustrated you till end .analysed three angles such as story ,dialogs and photography. Im not satisfied all the angels .Those days people ready to listen forty minutes what ever matter but I surmise that listing capacity now only twenty minutes. People very interested to watching triangle infrastructure of short story 👍.First they wants any one of the day to day happening theme of Subject and 50% face impression of actress according to story theme and each one shots how director handling at lost how acting actress🤷‍♀️They are not ready to listen complicated stories.Take simple subject and illustrate beautifully.Not most important of big stories now a days 🍀🙏💐.

  2. ఆలోచనలు అదుపులో ఉంటే
    నీ పాత్ర రాసిన వాడు కూడా నిన్ను ప్రభావితం చెయ్యలేడు. 🔥
    Man, so lit this one is.
    Writer especially.

  3. Nice short film with a good story line, Good Prudhvi…… keep it up….. Best of luck for your future……. Hoping to see you in big screen……

  4. gud try guys.. it could be much better…!!! iam saying this based on your past short films, don't take it other way. All d best👍

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