The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

What do you dream for? That less people
have to say goodbye too soon to people they love. ♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ MAN:I had heard about Theranos
and Elizabeth Holmes.
You know, her story’s
so compelling.She was going to herald
a revolution
in medical treatment
in this country.
MAN 2:It was obviously,
such an incredible story.
A woman creating this
nine-billion-dollar company.
MAN 3:Everyone worshiped
the ground she walked on.
She could do no wrong.
She was the next Steve Jobs. The idea with the Edison
was to stickthe lab inside the box.MAN 4:She wanted Edison devices
in every home in America.
MAN 5: This could be the Apple
of healthcare. ELIZABETH HOLMES:
You all are part of something
that is gonna change our world.
-What higher purpose is there?
-(APPLAUSE) WOMAN:Elizabeth came to me,
and she described her idea.
It’s impossible. Physically. MAN 4:Elizabeth was lying
about the accuracy
of the blood tests.It’s all a show. MAN 6:
She didn’t want anybody to see
what was going on in there.
HOLMES:We don’t need
to explain ourselves
to competitive companies. She aligned herself
with very powerful menwho succumb to a certain charm.MAN 2:
She was deceiving investors
to the tune
of 400 million dollars.
It comes back to “fake it
until you make it.” MAN 7:
There was definitely something
going on behind the scenes.
She had bulletproof glass
on their windows.
Anything I typed was watched.
It was very scary. MAN 8:Like what are they
trying to hide?
MAN 3:
The mantra in Silicon Valley
is “Move Fast, Break Things.”
MAN 7:
That’s not the way you approach
science that’s going
to be impacting people’s lives. MAN 8:
Quite frankly, people can die.
♪ (MUSIC CONTINUES) ♪ It snowballed
into this crazy situation. MAN 3:In a panic, I went
and bought a burner phone.
I called
The Wall Street Journal. What is coming out of her mouth
is not reality. WOMAN 2:She never thought
she had any limits.
She was gonna conquer the world.This was real lunacy. INTERVIEWER:
Can you tell us a secret? I don’t have many secrets. I’m– ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪

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  1. Her voice is horrendous lol. Its not her real voice which makes me feel so creepy lol

  2. What a vile piece of shit of a woman she is. Evil bully and a psycho.

    But I will give her some credit for being a great saleswoman and marketer. One if the best ever.

  3. Elizabeth Holmes is not a inventor. Please do not call her that anymore. Scamming people that are too trusting is not science. However, She is something and she can definitely show others how to build an empire. I will watch this documentary sounds really interesting eventhough I said I won't.

  4. Inventor my Ass ! She is a scam artist ! I'm shocked that she made billions of dollars fooling large health organizations who didnt even check the credibility of Theranos products! #Scammer

  5. It is so aggravating to see how smart and capable people like her desperately pursue the so-called "success" at any cost. In our society, being successful means not only being rich but authorative. I think her faking the voice is just as ridiculous as Steven Jobs and Zuckerberg wearing a uniform-like clothes for sustaining public images.

  6. Jungle conclusions….

  7. very beginning of the video, im thinking thats totally a dude in a womans disguise. no way around that voice, its a mans voice.

  8. For every 10 videos I watch online , 8 are about theranos and 2 are about her fake voice… I’m definitely obsessed over a sociopath lol

  9. in the documentary movie is showing her side mostly, and trying to make the viewers symphathetic with her, martin shkreli for example was crucified in the media for far less… "todaysfeminism"

  10. You know she actually purposely makes her voice deep and gross like that because she thinks it will make people take her seriously.

  11. Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store.

  12. "We should be suspicious of Silicon Valley unicorns and their exorbitant valuations

    Theranos, which was recently valued at $7bn, is a good example of why we should not be too quick to believe claims of creative ‘disruption’ " by Mike Daisey:

  13. HBO what is wrong with you? Are you mentally ill? Presenting sociopath, a fraud and a criminal as inventor?

  14. There's nothing scarier than a genuine psychopath. Seeing her eyes in that documentary, it felt like predator stalking prey.

  15. I've observed enough people to say with authority that this woman is a psychopath. And that fake deep voice – I suspect she is a lesbian as well, possibly a potential rapist of young girls, given the opt.

  16. Anyone see the documentary? They didnt even portray her that badly! No where near as bad as Martin Shkreli or Enron. Gross double standards

  17. Honestly, she kinda looks like an AI. The texture of her skin and its lack of folds (she’s 35?) just doesn’t look natural. Or maybe she just has amazing makeup.

  18. Read the book "Bad Blood" and you can tell immediately this woman is crazy. Here's hoping she and her lover rot in prison for their crimes.

  19. Look at the family and the society, not at the individual. Wack-job family and society conditioning her self worth based on fame and money. And yes even if she did create something, that would be true.

  20. its not imposible.. its just that we dont have the advance technology yet.. just think when nicola tesla once said that phones will be just handheld without cables and can be put inside our pockets and now we have smartphones.. and she really does have those dead eyes..

  21. Ridiculousness x 1m n more than just 2 ppl shld have been caught in the crosshairs here……this has 2 be the dumbest shit i have ever heard of……walgreen(a public co) invested 100's of millions of dollars absent of any validation of her claims……..the CEO shld have been held accountable n fired…….n this stupid fraud went on for well over 10YEARS, WTF!!!…the 1st red flag shld have been the fact that the chick does not have ANY medical background…….n before you give a dime you contract a team of medical prof to validate her claim….which is as simple as we don't need to knw how you arrive at the results…U simply run one for one tests against a standard blood panel vs her finger prick n match the results…..n that shld have been done before you invest a nickel……much more going on here than was ever made public…

  22. Sad part we live in a Anti-GOD Liberals society that shunt when you speak the Spirit of TRUTH but when you lie, cheat or fraud the Liberals Anti-GOD Fake News and Pedophile Hollywood Glorify it. GOD Bless America and TRUMP 2020.

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