The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 119 – Full Episode – 1st March, 2020

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 119 – Full Episode – 1st March, 2020

Kapil.. Thank you.. Archana, you look
pretty. – Thank you, Kapil. Now praise me.
– How can I praise you? Your shoes are very sexy. But your face
is absolutely.. wonderful. Thank you, Archana. Today, on our show,
some rebels are coming. Don’t worry. None of them
are your friends from Chambal. Actually, the star cast
of Baaghi 3 are coming. So, first let’s invite the
movie’s lead star with applause. Please welcome very
handsome and talented actor Mr. Tiger Shroff and very
beautiful, very charming actress Shraddha Kapoor. Wow. There is a lot of
craze for both of you. Please applause
for Tiger and Shraddha. Tiger and Shraddha,
a hearty welcome to both of you. Thank you.
– Thank you. – Both look great. Shraddha,
you look like a doll. Yes, baby doll.
– Thank you. After the show, I plan
to take her home for my kid. I can tell her, ‘Look
what I have brought for you.’ Yes,
she is looking so pretty. When Baaghi 1 was released,
Tiger had 4 packs. With Baaghi 2,
it became 6 packs. – Now? Now with Baaghi 3,
it is 8 packs. If he continues this trend,
he will create a bar! Congratulations
for having a great body. Please come.
Have your seat. The year has just started
and it is the second month and Shraddha’s second
movie is being released. Congratulations.
– Thank you. So, what is your
target for this year? These are the only
releases for this year. Then.. So, the next movie
is later. – Yes. So, Tiger how many movies
do you have in line? May be by year end
or early next year. This wasn’t mine but
Archana’s question. – Okay. She is planning for the
whole year’s expenditure. She was counting the number of
movies being released this year 5 of Shraddha,
3 of Tiger, 8 of Ayushmann 12 of Akshay.
– Making budget according to it. Now, buy your own truck. You don’t run it on rent. That’s the trend. In Baaghi 1,
it was a super hit movie. It had more of
romance and less action. In Baaghi 2 and 3,
more action and less romance. Tiger, so does
this mean that to have good physique, one must
decrease sugar and romance too? It is a very
simple solution. You have to sleep
and eat on time. These are just basic rules. This is a tough
thing to do. One can do this
for a few days. I can go to
the gym for 3-4 days. I can’t go continuously for
years like you. I can’t do so. That’s discipline.
– What do I do? Discipline. – I manage
to go 6-7 days a year. She hasn’t gone
in 10 years. Liar. But Tiger how
do you maintain the regularity. I think I love my work and to be in shape
is a part of my work. – Wow. Now, it is time to invite
an actor playing a pivotal role and the director
of the movie. Please welcome
with a huge applause very handsome and versatile
actor, Mr. Riteish Deshmukh and famous choreographer
and director, Mr. Ahmed Khan. Mr. Ritesh..
– Thank you.. Yes, sir. You should have got it cleaned. Some stains are good. I am big fan of Mr. Ritesh. He plays villain, hero,
comic roles and also character roles. He’s a producer
and also an anchor. He’s even a judge
for a reality show. And a captain as well. Mr. Ritesh tell me is this because
you are highly talented or do you like to bother people? Well, actually I am highly
talented in bothering people. Welcome to this show.
Please have a seat. We all know Mr. Ahmed.
He’s an amazing choreographer and director as well. Ms. Archana, when I signed
my first movie ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon’. Mr. Ahmed was the choreographer
of that movie. Then he became a director. Sir, did you really plan
about directing a movie or you just lost hope
after watching my dance? I think you decided to quit
choreography after that. Actually, I had a aim for
not doing anymore choreography. I retired.
And then I became a director. You got him retired.
– Come on take it as a positive thing.
I gave him a chance to become a director. Well, first of all
congratulations all of you. It was an amazing trailer.
– Thank you. There was a time
when hero used to kick the villain and it’s game over. But Tiger has started
a new trend. He kicks a guy, then stops
him with the same leg and then kicks some more guys. He gets it over
and then discards the guy. Sir, don’t you think the movie
looks so expensive? You should ask this question
to Sajid Nadiadwala. By the way he’s a
wonderful producer. No, actually he doesn’t have
a pocket. There are some producers
who have deep pockets. But this producer
doesn’t have pockets. You never find an end to it. That’s right, sir.
But after watching the trailer it felt like a Hollywood touch.
We have such a talented action hero in our country.
– Right. – Wonderful! Mr. Ritesh is an extremely
naughty guy. But it made me laugh
when I saw you in the trailer. He’s playing such an innocent
inspector. Ronnie.. But you look so cute
in this role. Well, ‘Baaghi 2’ was also
directed by Mr. Ahmed. Before its release
Mr. Sajid Nadiadwala announced that they will also
make ‘Baaghi 3’. So, did he liked your work
so much of do you have any video of him? Well, these are the kind
of questions I ask. He has 2-3 videos.
We have seen them. It’s enough, right?
– Sure. Actually, that’s true.
When the release date comes closer
I just show it to him. Mr. Sajid..
Announce. I tell him, either you
announce it or I will. Well, sir, it’s an
amazing movie. This franchise should go on.
No matter how many sequels you make
we love it every time. Well, in this movie
the goons leave Shraddha and kidnap Mr. Ritesh. So, how would you explain it? Did you fell short of glamour
or Mr. Ritesh had it a bit more? They found me more
attractive than her. Well, whichever character
he plays he just gets into it.
– Right. Recently we had
Mr. Saif in our show. We showed him a photograph
where you were dressed like a girl.
– Right. You look amazing
even dressed like that. Let me show it to you.
Listen what he said about it. ‘There are so many actresses
who want to kidnap you.’ ‘I will show you
some photographs.’ ‘Just tell me who do you find
beautiful’ ‘and want to kidnap.
– Okay.’ ‘Please show us the photographs.
– They are all beautiful..’ ‘Hey..
– I will kidnap them all.’ ‘First look at them.
You might change your mood.’ ‘Ritesh!
– Oh, my darling Ritesh!’ ‘Oh, look at him..
– Deshmukh?’ ‘Yes.
– She has an amazing figure.’ ‘Is this from ‘Humshakals’?’ ‘Yes, he’s beautiful.’ ‘We shouldn’t say it
on television’ ‘but when he was’ ‘deciding his measurements..
– Right.’ ‘He took my advice.
So I said..’ ‘You know, the more the better.’ ‘He said, I am so classy.
So I will go for a slim figure.’ Oh, Ritesh! Next day we were about to
shoot the song. – Right. So we were discussing
about the costumes and their colours. So.. After saying ‘more the better’
Saif asked me how do you want to look? I said, I want to look average. Listen, if you want
I can look a bit bold. Please tell everyone
whose skirt did you wear. He made me wear
the skirt of Genelia. Too good.
– I did the entire song by wearing Genelia’s skirt. Wow!
– Superb! Right.
– Really? But the best part is
Genelia and I almost have the same figure.
– It’s same, right? No matter who wears a pant
but I am the one who wears skirts. Good one.
– Too good. In this movie Shraddha
has used slangs. As per her role demands..
– Beep.. Right.
– I myself get it censored. Great.
– Red velvet cake. Red velvet cake. Did you know these before
or Ms. Archana helped you? Well, I am telling this because Ms. Archana
is a method actor. – Right. So, first she uses some slangs if that didn’t work
she breaks their bones. By the way, Shraddha,
have you ever used curse words in real life?
– No. Never. She looks so cute. But to catch
the rhythm of this character.. It was so.. Sir told me it should come
naturally. So, in the middle
of the sentences.. I mean whatever it is.
– All right. He said I should include
them naturally. A slight touch.
– Do slangs also have a meter? Yes, they have. It depends on the situation
and whom you are using it for. Right.
– So, in the first day of shoot she came.. She was walking
and my wife asked me what is Shraddha rehearsing?
And Shraddha was rehearsing.. I have heard about
rehearsals of dialogues. But here, there was
a rehearsal for slangs. It’s because she has
never used those words before. Right. People who are used to it..
– You should have asked me. Ms. Archana, are you there
in Tik Tok? – No. Do you know who is
the biggest star of Tik Tok? Ritesh..
I have seen you. I have seen you.. I saw a video.
I couldn’t believe it has about 175 million views.
– What! Something like that.
– I think it was 190.. What did you do in that video? No, it’s a normal video.
– Okay. – Right. It’s getting viral so much.. Think what would have happened
if I had actually done anything? But it went extremely viral. Actually, the man who made
this app said that he made it
for leisure time. So, again my question is
are you highly talent or you have plenty of time? Well, Kapil, the thing is.. I have worked hard
for last 15 years but I didn’t become a film star. But I became a Tik Tok star
in just three months. By the way, they are
really funny. Tik Tok has a large audience. He has also introduced
Mr. Anil Kapoor. – Right. He told me he wants
to join Tik Tok. I said, sir, forget about it. We told him it’s for children.
But he said he’s a child too. Baaghi 3 is in the house.
– In the house. Yes! O man! Tiger!
Hello, Shraddha!- Hello! Hello, Mr. Ritesh.
– Hello, sir. Hello, Mr. Ahmed.
– Hello! – Hello.. I’ve been saying hello
all this while. Why isn’t anyone answering
my call? As soon I entered I’ve told you
the worst joke. But you have here
for the promotion of Baghi 3. Yes!
– Look at the coincidence. Day before yesterday, my
girlfriend ran away from home. Nice. She ran away.
– Are you watching? – Yes. To promote your movie,
I chased my girlfriend away. He chased her. Ritesh! – Yes, sir.
– I’m a huge fan of yours. I am lucky that I got
to meet you today. Lucky.. – Hey, that’s not
what it is. It’s just that you were
fortunate enough. Correct my other mistakes too. If you have taken up
the responsibility to improve my vocabulary,
then do it well. Why are you improving it
partially? Trust me, why are you
investing in this man? He will take two to three hours
to promote your movie. Leave it to me. I will promote it in two
to three minutes. Then you’re free, I’m free
to and watch Baaghi 3. That’s superb. Baaghi 3. Baaghi 3. Baaghi 3. Who was with Salman Khan
in the movie Maine Pyaar Kiya? Bagishree. Similar to Baaghi 3.
– Bagishree. Bagishree. What happened? Why are you looking stunned? Okay.
Are you done? No. The movie is still
yet to finish, my friend. This is great.
– Wow! Very good.
– By the way. Mr. Ritesh, I am eager to know
one thing from you. That there was this movie
of yours in which you
say you are brave man. It was in Marathi too.
– Your leg is heavy. Your hand is heavy..
– Marathi.. So now when you went to Syria
and there was a problem why did you call your brother?
Where is your heavy body? Answer him. Did it become light? Because my brother is better. I must tell you, Mr. Tiger.
You’re looking great in the movie. I watched the trailer.
Oh, god! God.. – God.. It’s really cool. He’s looking great. I was just asking that recently
there was a movie of yours by the name war. In that you were fighting
against Mr. Rakesh Roshan’s son. Why don’t you call him
Hrithik Roshan directly? In Baaghi 3, you’re fighting
against Mr. Raj Babbar’s son. If you fight with everyone,
you’ll destroy your reputation in the industry. Such violence.. It’s not good.
I’ve brought something for you. This is a pearl, sir. This is a pearl, sir. Wear it on the left finger
of your right hand. Okay.
– This will control your anger. Hey, the film demands for it.
That’s why he fights. You think I don’t know that! Of course, I know.
I’m aware. Sir, when people are shooting
you with a machine gun and you are walking bare chest
with a machine gun.. I was very scared. It was so sunny and you were
walking bare chest. I was scared that your body
might get tanned. So it means.. – He was not
scared of the bullets. He was scared of the tan. You are not scared
of the bullets. You’re scared that his body
will get tanned. – Yes. The bullet.. Hey, how can he get shot?
– Why? The director is answerable
to the government. Why will he mess around
with the government? How did the government
get involved? The government has told us
to save the tigers. If Tiger gest shot by mistake,
his director’s license will get cancelled. Isn’t it? Nobody takes such a big risk. What are you speaking?
You are talking like.. What grows in the slush?
– Lotus. He’s talking unnecessarily. Ms. Shraddha! She can’t stop laughing. You’re looking lovely.
– Thank you. You’re looking very beautiful. I have a request. Your father Shakti Kapoor. You be good to him. Why? Because he’s your father
only at home. Outside,
he is Crime Master Gogo. Tell me, as a family do you
get together and play Kho Kho or Gogo? This was a good one. I have brought a gift
for your father. What is this?
– Give it to him. Marbles.. Why does he take out people’s
eyeballs and play with them? Let him play with this. Thank you! – Okay, can I
give you a suggestion? Suggestion..
– Suggestion. Suggestion..
– Suggestion. It’s an advice. You make so many movies here.
You keep coming here. It takes some time when you have
to keep travelling up and down. Yes. – I mean, obviously.
You’ll need a car and petrol.. You spend lots of money. So my suggestion is
that why don’t you marry me and settle down here? Hey, what are you saying? Hey, if I propose her directly,
she will refuse. So I’m showing her the benefits
of marrying me. If she’s benefitting, she may
even agree. You never know. But I just want to know
that if I want to marry you is it a yes from your or no? It’s a no with a slap. It’s a no.
– With a slap. With a slap.
– I’ve won. How? – I won the bet. Which bet? – Sir, I had a bet
with my friends. If I propose to her,
will she say yes or no? Since she said no, I’ve won.
She will say no. But look at the coincidence.
The friends with whom I had a bet, even they won. Because even they said no.
– That’s great. What kind of a bet is this?
Everybody won. Nobody lost. What is left
Oh! – I like it. Actually, you make
so many movies, sir. Give me a role in
one of your movies, sir. He made ‘Baagi’ for him
and he’ll make ‘Haati’ for you. I have a role for him
in the movie ‘Baagi 3’. Is it?
– Didn’t you guys see? No..
– Where? You guys didn’t see?
– Maybe not. The thing that Sraddha
was running away from. Tank?
– Yes. Yes, he had
the tank gun too. Hey! fire a canon from it. Sir, you can give me any role.
It’s fine with me. And in order to get
into the character of my role. I’ll do that too..
That.. Which season
is it in December? The ‘Jaada’ season.
– Yes, I’ll even become fat. Just for the movie character.
– He’ll become fat too. Learn something
from Mr. Tiger and become fit. No, buddy..
Sir, I’m being frank. You train for 4 to 5
hours in the gym. You shouldn’t train
that much. Why? To be frank.. See what happened
in your house while you were working out
in the gym. In ‘Baagi’ your girlfriend
was kidnapped. In ‘Baagi 2’ your ex-girlfriends
child got kidnapped. In ‘Baagi 3’
your brother got kidnapped. So, stay at home, buddy! Stay at home.
– If you stay at home nobody will get kidnapped.
– You’re right. Nice! Just because you’re out
of the house, all this happens. Don’t worry, we can
build our body later. You’re just blabbering things.
Did you watch the movie trailer? Whoa man.. I was speechless! I’m sorry, I’m getting a call. My niece is calling me.
Wait a minute. Yes, baby! What happened, dear? Yes Mr. Tiger
is over here. You want me
to ask him about that? All right, I’ll ask him.
Hold on a minute.. Sir, my niece..
– Okay. She has exams going on..
– Okay. She is supposed to draw
a world map in the exam. She wants to know
if Syria still exists. What a line. Does it still exist
or did you destroy it? Tell her, for now it exists. Write this
as the answer. ‘In order to know the
answer watch ‘Baagi 3’. Okay? I.. See, sir.
Now, all the teachers will.. Another call.. I’m a very
busy person, you know. It’s because I’m very famous. Do you know this
singer called Dua Lipa? Yes.
– She is calling me. I’ll talk to her. Yes, Dua Lipa.
What happened? What? There is too
much smoke in your house? It’s because repairs
are happening in your house. That’s why
that’s happening. All right? Due to the lip
job your lips became lipa? I’ll do this,
I’ll pray to God that your lips return
to its original form. Don’t you worry!
All right? Remember me
in your prayers. I’ll hang up. Oh, God!
That’s fantastic. I have to go,
it’s urgent. It’s my girlfriends wedding
and they are distributing free food to everyone. I’ll go now. All right, sir?
– Girlfriends wedding.. All right, nice to see you.. All right,
nice to see you guys. Thank you! I’ll go now.
All right, thank you! I’ll see you.
Take care, buddy. Yo! Superb! Tiger and Sraddha have
a recreated a song in ‘Baagi 3’. It was a famous
song performed by Mr. Jeetandra and Ms. Sridevi. The song’s
name is ‘Bhankas’. – Yes. Mr. Tiger, we all have seen
your dance moves in movies. You dance pretty fast. You finish dancing on the song
before it’s over and you leave. Didn’t you find it difficult
to do slow steps? Actually, this is out
of my style. – Actually. So, I had to practice a lot. I just surrendered myself
to Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Ganesh. And I’m sure you all
must’ve seen the result. It was amazing.
– I tried.. Why didn’t
you direct the song and why did you let
Mr. Ganesh do it? Ganesh is my lucky mascot. Was doing that necessary? We wanted to put
Tiger out of his dance style’s comfort zone.
– Okay. But he performed it
so comfortably. Just like you said,
we were supposed to do shoot the
song in three days and it was done within
2 and half days. Oh..
– That’s right. Wow. There is an
action sequence in which he is running holding a rope.
Anyone can run straight. But he was running sideways. Mr. Ahmed told
me that he completed that sequence in an hour. That was necessary because genuinely we had about
500 to 600 cars stacked up. Okay..
– And the VFX in our movie.. I’ll be honest, you guys
can quote me. There is about
85 percent real action. Wow..
– Wow! There is only 15 percent
VFX in the movie. Wow..
– That’s amazing. So, the cars in the running
sequence wasn’t VFX. Those were real cars and
you’ll see it in the making. We had to make tiger
run horizontally. – Okay. He held one rope
and he ran up. The reason we finished it
in one hour was.. Tiger, can I say it?
– Yes, of course, sir. His blood rushed
up to his head – Okay. because of that posture. And many car glasses
were broken. I was scared and
in one hour I said ‘Tiger, we got it. It’s done.’ But was asking if we
could try once more. But he had a headache
the entire day. – Oh.. Because the blood had
reached till his brain. So, please, guys. Tiger, I would like to stand up
and clap for you. – Fabulous. Love you, buddy!
Superb! – Thank you so much! Another song has
been remixed in the movie. It’s called ‘Dus Bahane’. We all have made
excuses in our lives. Of the excuses we say
is that ‘I was out’. That’s become outdated. Have you made
excuses in life? No matter what
the situation has been. This question
applies to all of you. Which was the most
out of the box excuse. What I can recall
immediately is.. Definitely, I had
made such an excuse. I was doing a song shoot
two years ago. The name of the movie was.. I hope you understood. No, we didn’t understand. I had to make
the actor dance. I understood.
Sorry. I made up an excuse of
pain in my knees. Because when I’d see him dance
my legs would give away. And I’d stand behind the camera
and say.. Kapil, what would I say?
– You have to live with that.. I’ll live with it.
– Oh, you’ll live with it. And he used to think
I gave him a thumbs up. I’d say, I’ll live with it. So, my excuse was I wouldn’t
get up and teach him to dance. Because I was seeing my
choreography getting destroyed. Cast Ms. Archana in a song then. No, no..
– You’ll lose faith in humanity. But you know.. Everyone knows
that he’s a good director and a good choreographer. In fact, he never boasts of it
but all the action in the film was designed by him, too.
– Oh! – Really! It’s not like..
– Wow! I mean, every shot about
Tiger running this way.. He design it all, himself.
I mean, his action. And not just that. He’s also a very good mimic. Let’s have some.
– Yes, I’ve seen it. Pass him the mic. We’ll take turns to mimic. No matter how bad we are
please don’t laugh. I mean, you must laugh.
Well, whatever fancies you. Why don’t we do a conversation?
– Oh! That’s cool. Yeah. We’ll talk about Tiger
and Shraddha. – Yes. The trailer of ‘Baaghi 3’
was watched by Sunny Deol and Mr. Shatrughn Sinha.
– No, I can mimic Mr. Shatru or I can do Amir.
Whatever.. Mr. Shatru..
– No, Amir and Sunny Deol. Okay, Amir and Sunny Deol.
– Cool. Sunny, did you see the promos
for ‘Baaghi’? I’d done this 10 years ago. He’s so good.
– Ghajini.. I’d build such muscles, too. I’d told Tiger to come to me
and that I’d launch him. The way he’s built muscles
I need to re-launch myself. Look..
– Oh, man! Why is he sliding under a tank? Had I been there,
I’d turn the tank upside down. But there’s no hand-pump on it.
What will you uproot? But can’t you see?
Something is protruding from it. What is that? That looks like a hand-pump. Why do you uproot everything
that protrudes out? Superb!
– Oh, my God! Too good, pal!
Too good.. Mind blowing.
– Can’t help it, pal. They keep bringing things
for me to uproot all the time. When will they stop? Superb!
– Superb, sir! Mind blowing. Bravo!
– Amazing. Too good..
– Sunny will kill me. Come here, Ahmed.
Whack! Ever seen Mr. Shatrughn fight?
A man is standing before him. Okay.
– He’s the bad guy. Two of Mr. Shatru’s men
bring in the bad guy. Here’s the bad guy
and two of Mr. Shatru’s men. Okay.
– Pow! Pow! Oh, God! Sir, don’t mind..
– Once I saw in his song.. The heroine was approaching
and only she had dance moves. She was dancing like.. Mr. Shatru was standing
with a stole around his neck. Once the dancing heroine
passed Mr. Shatru he goes like.. Sir, we love you.
– Love you, Mr. Shatru. Shraddha will mimic now.
– Fine. Mr. Shatru’s voice. Mr. Shatru’s.. – Mr. Shatru’s..
– Yes. – No.. Please, Shraddha, do it.. She’s too good! – Riteish
mimics him very well. Too good..
– No. Come on, Shraddha. I..
– Mimic Nana Patekar. No..
Not Nana Patekar. I can mimic how I call him
at times. – How? We share the same sun sign,
Pisces, the fish. So, this is what I do. ‘Hi, Fishu.’ ‘How are you, Fishu?’ ‘How is it going, Fishu?’
– So cute! It was very cute. That’s fine. But we want
to hear Tiger’s response. How? How does Tiger respond?
– Tiger smiles and says ‘hi’. Tiger, have you mimicked anyone?
– No, sir. Ask.. – So sweet! Ask me to dance and jump
but don’t ask me to do all this. Siya! – Yes..
– I love you, Siya! Siya, I love you
from the bottom of my heart! I’m here! Hey, our heart is here! I was coming there,
and you interrupted me. Chandu! – Siya..
– What’s all this.. – Yes.. Hush..
I’m in my character. – Right. Siya. – Yes. – I can forget
my face in the mirror but I can never forget yours. Because she’s got
a face like that! As for you..
He goes to the salon for a shave.
He says, ‘Let it be, sir’. ‘The clean-shaven face
will look ugly.’ She’s lovely!
He is ugly! Why are you saying so,
Kappu Sharma? Mr. Tiger, Mr. Riteish..
– Sir.. Amazing, Ms. Shraddha!
– Hello. Mr. Ahmed, you made ‘Baaghi 3’.
Fantastic! But don’t you think
it’s a little short? That’s the trailer. The movie is yet to be released. And why have you
dressed up like this? I’m Aditya Roy Kapoor. You may ask my fans.
Right, fans? Chandu.. Chandu..
– Chandu.. How can you even compare
yourself with Aditya Roy Kapoor? Why?
What does he lack? Amazing! Ask what you lack! There’s nothing lacking in me.
I’ve no weakness. Nature has blessed me
with immense talent. What talent
are you referring to? Does petrol come out
of your navel? It does. Do you want
to get your tank filled? Kappu Sharma, why are you
speaking like this? I’d come here with dreams
of rainy season. And you dried them all
with your heated words. Whose bottle have you brought
with you? I’ve taken it
from Ms. Archana’s vanity. She takes it from my vanity,
and I take it from hers. Where have you got
this one from? Say the truth. I’ve bought it for Siya. Siya.. He doesn’t buy it. You know what he does?
Shall I tell you? – Yes. He goes to the wine shop..
And checks who is drunk. Then he offers
to drop them home. On the way, he smells him
and gets intoxicated. Take off your goggles. Look,
they are tilting to one side. Kappu Sharma, I can smell
jealousy in your words. – I see! You’ve taken bath using phenyl.
It must be coming from that. Get lost!
– Lack of knowledge. Not phenyl, it’s called
a body wash! Body wash! – My friend just
sent it from London yesterday. Mr. Ahmed, let me tell you.
It’s such an amazing body wash that whether you use it to wash
the floor, dishes, or cars it makes them all shine.
– Wow! – Amazing! Mark my words. If he doesn’t
sell two bottles to each of you before leaving,
you can change my name. Kappu Sharma, gone are the days
when I used to do odd jobs. I’m going to be a star soon. Mr. Ahmed, I just gave
an audition at a director’s office. As soon as I gave the audition,
the director got emotional. Mr. Riteish.
– Yes. Tears started
rolling down from his eyes. What else will happen if you
chop onions at the audition? Adjust your goggles.
I’m feeling dizzy. Kappu, Sharma, I am leaving.
That’s enough! I don’t want to work here.
– Why? – I’ll start my own show. I just spoke to Sony TV CEO
yesterday. Did you see that? He has been my friend since
20 years. ‘I’m Chandu Survivor’. I am surviving.
– ‘Survivor..’ That’s enough! I’ve had
a meeting with Sony TV CEO. By any chance, did they push you
out in the meeting saying ‘get out’?
Did any such thing happen? Not like that..
They did something like this. That’s not called a meeting,
that’s called a tussle. Sir, they were adjusting my tie.
– Right! My knot had got loose. Tell about the round table
meeting that took place after that. – After that,
they threw him out. He’s so shameless! He brushes
off his dress and asks.. ‘Should I come at the same time
or a little early tomorrow?’ Mr. Riteish!
– Yes, sir. – He’s lying. I hadn’t brushed my dress at all
because they had it removed already. I was wearing leaves.
– What? Aren’t you ashamed
that you wore leaves? – Wow. Kiara Advani did it and became
a model for the calendar. – Oh! Wow.. You say it’s a problem
when I do it! Kappu Sharma,
what’s wrong in wearing leaves? I even stated a slogan
afterwards. – What? Go green. Hail green. Go green.. – Leave it be, Kappu.
Mr. Ahmed. – Yes. I have started a show.
I invite your whole team. Mr. Riteish. – Yes, sir.
– Mr. Tiger. Ms. Shraddha. Please come to my show
once you are done here. So.. – You have to interview
them and not massage their feet! Conduct the interview here.
I am letting you do it. I.. – Despite wearing a lot
of rings and sacred threads you have no luck. Come. Look at him putting his
hands in his pockets. This is my style..
– Show them. When he is asleep, people
put blankets on him?. Come. Come. I.. – You’d began making
stray dogs wear underwear. Did you quit? Interview. Remove this first. The leather jacket doesn’t suit
you. You might have rashes. As they are expensive.
– Talk properly. I.. – Wear the glasses
properly for I feel giddy. Come on. Start the interview. Okay. Well.. – Sit properly! ‘Well..’
– You.. Look how
the director is sitting. The hero is sitting properly.
Heroine too. But look at you! Sit properly. He is wearing a white t-shirt
under a black shirt. Is he ever going
to start his show? All right. Imagine this is your show.
– Okay. It’s your show. Chandu Show.
– Okay. – Start the interview. We.. With a loud round of applause,
welcome the team of ‘Baaghi 3.’ A loud round of applause. First of all, tell me if you are
comfortable speaking English. We will try, sir. – We will try.
– We will try. Are you any good? They have studied in
top schools. I am asking if they understand
mediocre English. So, actually.. Mr. Riteish. – Yes, sir. Mr. Tiger.
My first question is.. Go ahead. I have seen Hollywood movies.
– In English! ‘My first question is…’
Complete it. I have to consider
my fans as well. Why? – They don’t know English.
– Why not? Why would educated people
be my fans? Great. Wow. Well.. Mr. Tiger
and Mr. Riteish this is my first question. I have seen many Hollywood
movies and they.. They show grand..
– Wait. Lower it. Your elbow is so dirty. Start the interview. The eyeglasses..
– Come to my show. I am leaving. – No..
Chandu.. Chandu. Come..
Come back. Come.. Continue. I am with them. Imagine I have come to
promote the movie as well. If the pitch isn’t mine,
I can’t play well. Do you think Virat Kohli sets up
the pitch everywhere he plays? Leave it be.
Let me start again. I have seen many Hollywood
movies and they show grandeur. There are a
lot of fight sequences. I saw the trailer
of your movie. It has a lot of fight
sequences as well. You’d obviously
get tired after that. How much does the
masseur charge you per day? Such a stupid question. Do you think a masseur
works for free? I have never worked
for free. Every movie has a budget
and that’s why I.. No problem. I will ask
the second question. What is that?
– Poor man’s iPad. Don’t disturb. Well, my next question
is to Shraddha. A lot of your movies are
shot abroad. You shoot pictures
in India as well. So, when you shoot outdoor someone will hold
the umbrella for you. Is that umbrella yours or does
the production provide it? His questions are so poor! Such nonsense. Seeing your eyeglasses, I feel
like looking at you this way. Like this. No problem. – If you take them
off and put ad on your face to earn rent from that. My next question is
to the director. Both of your questions weren’t
answered. – Yes. You should quit the show
after the third question. Are you going to let me ask
or should I.. – Continue. So, Mr. Ahmed. Do one thing. Have
a nail hammered to your foot. You can’t sit properly,
can you? Are your trousers
going to get torn or what? Sir, I have
a huge fan following. I see. – Don’t label
your relatives as fans. Mr. Ahmed, my question is.. I saw the movie.
It’s amazing. So, Mr. Ahmed, whenever someone
is shot in your movie his clothes will be ruined
because of the blood. Can the stain be removed
if I buy them second-hand? Just for information.. Move. – Listen..
– Leave.. Get out.
– Listen. I will change the questions.
Listen to me. Wash this sofa first. Such stupid questions! Umbrellas, bullets.. He isn’t going to
let me interview you here and I don’t want to. So, I wish your
team all the best for ‘Baaghi-3.’
– Thank you. Thank you, sir.
– Please come to my show. Thank you. Thank you so much.
– Thank you. Before we move on it’s time to invite
another important character of this movie. With a loud round of applause,
please welcome the very beautiful and very talented actress,
Ankita Lokhande. Thank you.
Thank you, Kapil. Ankita, this is your first time
on the show. That’s right. And you’re working on a hit
franchise like ‘Baaghi’. So how happy are you
to meet me today? There’s something
I’d like to say. Kapil always asks the guests
how they feel coming here. I’ve actually worked with Kapil
in ‘Comedy Circus’. Ms. Archana is aware of that.
– You remember, ma’am? Of course.
– We have worked together and he teased me
the whole time, trust me. And he’d always talk
about my birthday. I still remember.
That’s all he ever talked about. But I really am very happy
to be here. Thank you, Ankita.
– I’m also very proud to be a part of ‘Baaghi’
and to be here. Wow.
– Thank you and welcome, Ankita. Ankita, back then, it was
the team who would tease you.
In fact, I’ve always loved you. Yes, I know, ma’am. But none the less,
we did have fun. Tell me, when you found out
you’re going to appear in the ‘Kapil Sharma Show’
for promoting the movie.. Right.
– Remember how you were paid for than me in ‘Comedy Circus’
for a very few lines? And..
– I do. And today, didn’t it occur
to you that you won’t be paid for talking? It did.
I was wondering if I should go. But since this is a great show,
I couldn’t stop myself How sweet of you.
Thank you, Ankita. You know, I think I’ve witnessed Kapil’s rise
first hand, ma’am. We were all there.
You, most of all, ma’am. And I’ve been his partner
through some of those. So, I think I did contribute
in that a little. Of course.
– I guess I did. We lived and breathed
‘Comedy Circus’. When Ankita was a new comer
on T.V, we saw her play the daughter-in-law roles
on a few soaps. Then she appeared in movies. But this is the first time we’re
seeing you that hot avatar. Were you saving this
for today? That’s right,
exclusively for today. I had to..
– She was saving it for you. For him! Well, that’s actually true. I did ask myself
if I should. Then I thought, it’s okay
to look sexy. You look very sweet.
– You’re looking lovely. Thank you.
– Yes, you look beautiful. As you know, there are always
rumours surrounding celebs. So we ask the celebs to clear
those rumours with the truth. You see, we don’t trust
outside sources. Here’s the rumour about Tiger. You’re such a fan
of Jackie Chan that you stitch zippers on both sides
of your pants. Oh! Yes, I am a huge fan. He’s the reason
I do what I do on screen. But.. That is totally wrong, sir. The rumour about Shraddha
is that everyone who got their cloths
torn by Tiger’s kicks in the film, got their cloths
repaired by you because you play ‘Sia’
in the movie. These are rumours
circling around lately. Oh, God! That’s a very long connection. That is true.
– It is? Okay.
– No, it’s not. No.
– The rumour about Riteish is.. Absolutely true. Confessing already.
– He’s already surrendering. The rumour is about your debut film
‘Tujeh Meri Kasam’. Okay.
– In the movie Genelia slapped you
six times. And you decided then
and there that she’s the one. Yes, she did slap me six times. But the thing is, she
accepted by the second slap but I wanted to see
how good she can slap. You wanted to know
her upper limit. Correct.
Once I figured out that I can handle it,
I knew it was safe to marry her. Right. Ahmed Khan, the rumour
is that to save money, you buy
things at the kid’s section. Ahmed,
tell him that isn’t true. That is totally false. No.
Good. Right.
That one’s a rumour. Ankita, the rumour about you
is that you don’t melt easily because your surname
is ‘Lokhande’. That’s absolutely true. Because I’m a ‘Lokhande’
I can’t be a softy. Okay.
You see, some rumours are true. Absolutely true. Tiger, we know
you’re good at jumping. The rumour is that new born
Kangaroos in Australia call you to learn
how to jump. Is this a rumour? Well, no.. But I wish they could
teach me to jump higher. Shraddha, the rumour is that
when you went to the producer to collect your salary
for the movie ‘Stree’ he told you,
‘Stree, come tomorrow’. That’s nice. Good one.
– A very good one. Good.
That’s great. Is that still pending? I do have to go tomorrow. Okay. Riteish, because you’re so good
at playing female roles there’s a rumour that every time
Genelia holds a kitty party at home you put on a dress
and join the girls. That is absolutely true. Actually, I should make
correction. You see, I throw the kitty party
and then Genelia joins in. Ankita, the rumour is,
you really love to sleep and you love it so much
that you can sleep on your feet. I used to do that
in the past during shooting. Okay.
– We would work real hard and there were no
time outs. Even when we used
to work together and he’d be speaking I would literally fall sleep
as I stood there. Oh!
– Oh, my God! Wow.
– Actually Ankita is right about that. It was endless hard work
producing a daily soap because there are dead lines
for each episode. Her only target at the time
was to finish the shoot on time. Yes.
– Hats off to you, Ankita. You’re a very hard worker. Tiger, the rumour is that
designers often get mad at you because you tear your shirts
just to show off your physique. Well.. Actually, the only thing
I insist on is on wearing
cloth’s with stretchy material. So that it’s easier to do
the action scenes. Wow, that’s a good idea. You know,
not that you need that.. The thing is Tiger’s muscular physique
is fake. It’s a body suit.
Tiger is fat on the inside. Also, it’s true that you’re
saying that our of jealousy. That is absolutely
not a rumour. Ankita, another rumour
about you is that your eyes dried up
shooting daily soaps and that’s why the doctor
suggested you move on to films. That’s true.
It’s all the glycerine which actually
was hurting my eyes. But that’s not the reason
I chose to act in the films. It was a decision
from the heart. All the best. All right.
That’s the end of the rumours. Hi, how are you?
– Hello. Hi. Hi, how.. How.. I am very happy
to meet all of you. It’s good that you guys
are here. Boys, come.
Where are you? Come soon. Fast. No time.
Come. Keep it here. Hey, come here. Mr. Ahmed, he is
Bhandup’s Remo. Hey, Sapna.
– Yes. What are you doing?
– Planting trees. Mr. Jackie Shroff
had asked to plant trees. – Yes. So, we have continued
the process of planting trees. Inform Mr. Jackie.
– Sure. Will these boys leave
or stand here till the end? Hey, leave.
Why are you standing like this? Idiots! Very nice. Very nice.
– Hello. Mr. Jackie keeps asking
to plant trees. He has a beautiful tree
at home. I want this tree
to find a branch and have kids soon. Mr. Jackie will have
three to four grandchildren looking at home
Mr. Jackie will say ‘Hey, you are my kid’. ‘Hey, you are my kid.’ It will sound great
when he says this. One, two, three, five. One, two, three, five.
– One, two, three.. Five. You said it is ‘Baaghi 3’.
But five people are here. So what? – I prepared
the script for three people. What do I do now? This is how it works
in India. We write the name of
two people on the wedding card and the entire family
attends the wedding. Hi, how are you?
– I’m good, how are you? Ankita Lokhande.
– Yes, Ms. Sapna. I am Sapna, Saturday Sunday. Sapna, I want to tell you
something genuinely. – Yes. My dad is a huge fan of yours.
Seriously. – Thank you. Seriously, he loves you.
– Very nice. Very nice. You were acting
on TV earlier, right? – Yes. You had come earlier.
– Yes. You left TV
and joined movies, right? My boyfriend lives
in Nala Sopara. – Yes. He also wants to quit TV
and join movies. But he’s not able to do so.
– Why? What is the reason? He’s not getting a serial. Wow! But I..
She is very talented. She is very nice, you know?
– Thank you. I know her
from a long time. We’ve worked together.
– Thank you. I’m telling you honestly. Working on TV
and becoming famous and working in movies
and becoming famous is not a big deal. How did I do all this?
Amazing. Oh, my God!
Thank you. Thank you. No, but Ankita is doing
a great job. Let’s have a huge round
of applause for Ankita. Thank you.
– She’s amazing. Hi, how are you?
– Very well. You are a good director.
– Thank you. I am very happy
that your movie is releasing. Very happy. But I am sad too. Why?
– Why? We stay in the same building.
He didn’t offer me work yet. Mr. Ahmed, I wanted
to ask you this. You choreographed
for the movie ‘Rangeela’, right? Yes.
– Yes, Mr. Ahmed. There was a song called
‘Tanha Tanha’ in that. – Yes. You made Mr. Jackie wear
a shorts in that. He wore a shorts. You made Tiger remove
his shirt in this movie. What are you up to? No, Mr. Ahmed is
one of the best directors. Let’s have a huge round
of applause for them. Very nice. You praised me a lot.
– Yes. You will also remove
your shirt in the next movie and we will take you
in our movie. Oh!
– Wow! Are you telling the truth? Everyone says this,
but doesn’t meet me later. But I am very smart. Mr. Rohit had promised me
to cast me in his movie. I used to go
to his house everyday. He casted me
in ‘Bol Bachchan’ later. – Yes. We live in the same building. I’ll sit outside
your door everyday. Hi, you are very nice.
How are you? I wanted to ask you
something. – Yes. You got justice for your
girlfriend in ‘Baaghi’. – Yes. You got justice for your
daughter in ‘Baaghi 2’. You are getting justice
for your brother in ‘Baaghi 3’. Shoot one more ‘Baaghi’
and get justice for Mr. Sidhu. I saw you in the trailer. You tie a handkerchief
around his neck, right? – Yes. Nothing will happen to him. I tied a handkerchief
around the neck of my boyfriend, Mukesh. Spit started coming
out of his mouth. I’m telling the truth. Spit came out of his mouth
and I put it back in his mouth. Then he got spit
in his mouth. He got his life back. But there is spit
in the mouth. So, spit only will come out. He has become very thin.
Do you know? He has lost a lot of weight.
– Okay. Mukesh has become so thin.
– Okay. He brings the egg
of a hen too. Everyone brings that. He goes inside the hen
and brings it. I don’t know how.
– Oh, God! I don’t know.
It must be his trick. Why are you guys laughing? Riteish.
– Hello. How are you? I mean, how is everyone
at home? All good. I have watched his videos.
He dances too. – Yes. I like it a lot. The videos?
– No, him. I really like you.
I watch your videos. I’m telling you the truth. I’m feeling shy
since everyone is here. But if you have a fight
with Ms. Genelia and if you feel lonely you can call me
at midnight too. I’ll call up Ms. Genelia
and tell her that you are feeling lonely. This was a great punch.
People don’t understand it. I liked it a lot.
Too good. You are playing a police
officer in the movie, right? When police officers
celebrate their birthday at home do they cut the cake
or issue ‘challans’? Sapna, what nonsense
are you talking? I was checking whether
they laugh at my jokes or laugh on nonsensical
talks too. When we have a good rapport people laugh on anything
that we say. But we share
a good rapport. I watched in the trailer
that you call Ronnie whenever you are
in trouble. – Yes. We also follow
the same thing. When we are in trouble,
we call Sony. My brother, Krushna,
has two kids. They go to the bathroom
and call for a wash. Hi, how are you? It’s very nice to see you. She.. She hasn’t paid
the electricity bill for one year.
– Why? Whenever she goes
to pay the bill they ask her to come tomorrow. I have.. I have more such jokes. Okay..
– I have to finish it before the year ends. Year ending..
– Otherwise, I have to pay tax. All right, I have one more
question, Shraddha. You acted in ‘Baaghi 1’. Yes.
– It seems that you had to run a lot
after that. She ran so much that.. she ended up being in
‘Baaghi 2’ and ‘Baaghi 3’. Sir, can I ask you
a question? Mr. Ahmed was a choreographer
and later became a director. Yes.
– Farah Khan was a choreographer and then
became a director. Ganesh Acharya
was a choreographer and later became
a director. What if director Rohit Shetty
becomes a choreographer? How is that a problem?
– It will be a problem for the artists.
How can they dance on a vehicle that’s in mid-air? How are you? That man wearing a cap is who
writes all these bad things. Sir, I have a small
beauty parlour. We provide different
types of massages. You recently danced on a great
song and it became a hit. The song is a remix, isn’t it? So we provide
remix massage. How is it done? The customer is undressed
and oiled up. Okay.
– I have a friend named Rimi. I see.
– I call her. – Okay. Just as she comes and is
about to start massaging her ex comes from behind.
– Ex.. Remix! Since Rimi and her ex
massage together it’s called a remix massage.
– Remix! Superb. Then we have a new
type of massage called ‘Yes, there were ants’.
– ‘Yes, there were ants?’ We ask the customer
to lie down. And then we apply honey
on his back, instead of oil. And then?
– Then we leave it undisturbed. And then?
– Soon the ants come. Customer feels something
on his back and says.. There is.. There’s something. Then he calls me.
Asks me to come near. Then he asks if he had
ants on his back or not? And I say, yes, there were. Yes, there were ants..
– There were.. Were there ants? Yes, there were.
– Yes, there were.. Hence the name,
‘Yes, there were ants.’ Great! Great! Oh my God!
– Then.. You had done a movie called ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’.
– Yes. We have that one too.
– How is it done? There’s not much in it.
There’s a woman named Sapna who keeps asking
for one crore rupees. But no one gives her. So we stopped providing
that massage. Then we started a new massage. I have a new one
for you called ‘How is it done?’ Really? How is it done?
– Exactly. ‘How is it done?’ No, tell me what happens?
– How do you do it? That’s not the name.
It’s called ‘How is it done?’ Tell me how it’s done.
– How is it done? I don’t know how it’s done. Even I am confused about it.
How can I tell you? And then we have one more
type of massage. ‘Baaghi Massage’.
– Wow. How is it done?
– First of all we don’t massage.
– Okay. There are experts. We ask the customer
to lie down. Then we call Ba. Then she comes.. And she applies Ghee
for the massage. Baaghi! And she massages.
It’s called ‘Baaghi’ massage. You must be thinking that I have told this one earlier.
– Yes. ‘Baaghi’ came out earlier too,
didn’t it? So what? I will talk about this
massage ten more time. Because, there will be
a ‘Baaghi 10’, as well. And the same director
and actors will be here. It’s time for me to leave now. I should leave because I
get a lot of customers. The choreographer
Ganesh Hegde.. Yes..
– He had visited me. I put too much pressure
while massaging that he couldn’t take it. What! He couldn’t take it.. I have to leave now..
– Okay. Bye, Sapna.. Bye, everyone. Loud round of applause
for the team of ‘Baaghi 3’. Please come, Tiger. Thank you, Tiger.
Thank you, Shraddha. Thank you, Mr. Riteish..
– I enjoyed it. Thank you, Mr. Ahmed.
Thank you, Ankita. Thank you so much. All the best
for ‘Baaghi 3’ and all your future projects.
– Thank you.. Keep smiling and laughing,
everyone. Keep your surroundings clean and keep watching
‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Goodnight and take care. Thank you.

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