The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 62 – Full Episode – 3rd August, 2019

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 62 – Full Episode – 3rd August, 2019

Ms. Archana,
entertainment means cinema. Yes. And specially, if we talk about
Bollywood and Hollywood there is a lot of
difference between their working styles. You all know it.
You might have noticed it. In the story of our movies the main focus will be
on how the love story of the hero and
heroine should be. Yes.
– Isn’t it? And in the end,
if the director is a bit bold and even if the
heroine also agrees and everything is fine, they
show a kissing scene these days. Earlier, in old movies,
they used to show two flowers coming
close to each other. Isn’t it? Those yellow flowers. In my childhood, I used to
wonder how a baby used to born when two flowers
come close? After that,
our movies advanced a bit. They used to show
the heroine and hero bring their faces
close to each other. Yes. That’s true. The shot used to end there. After that, the audience used
to vent out their frustration after going home. Our population has not become
125 crores just like that. Okay,
if you see the English movies. The English movies.
– Yes. They don’t bother too
much about such things. Kissing is very
normal for them. Even when they are
leaving for office they kiss and tell that
they are leaving for office. Then they leave. Our.. Now,
we have so much exposure. There are so many
digital platforms. I mean, the situation is
different now. – Very different. Earlier,
only a couple of English movies used to get released in
India for us to watch. And the people who used
to go to watch them it was not necessary that
they understood English. On the contrary,
after they watched that movie their friends used to ask them whether there were any
sex scenes in the movie. Whether there were.. They were not at all
concerned about the story. The heroines of our movies these
days have become very bold. I mean, the stories are such. You guys might have watched
‘Luka Chuppi’ movie. Yes.. – In that movie,
the heroine says that she wants to be in
a live-in relationship. She says with so
much confidence to her dad that she
wants to be in a live-in relationship as if
she wants to do MBA. The heroines of the old
Bollywood movies used to be very shy,
Ms. Archana. In the scenes where
the guy comes to meet his prospective bride the heroine used to
hide behind the pillar and listen to
their conversation. And she used to chew upon
her meter long dupatta feeling shy. One and a half metre of veil!
– Isn’t it? And the moment
she used to see her parents the girl would shy
and run away. – Yes. A father who used
to often pray for his daughter. There used to be one, right? He used to often
recite the same dialogue. Looks like Radha got shy. And the girl’s father
used to remove his turban for each and everything. Because there used to be
a scene, right? – Yes. ‘You didn’t pay us the dowry
that we’d demanded.’ ‘Please don’t humiliate me.’ ‘My reputation
will be tarnished.’ Poor guy! That person
used to be so innocent I would wonder if he is
really the father of the girl. I mean.. Nowadays,
biopics are in trend. Many biopics
related to Mary Kom MS Dhoni, Milkha Singh
came up. They even give permission
for it. You know, the directors
of Bollywood.. – Yes. …make it
more entertaining. When Milkha Singh
watched his biopic.. – Okay …he was shocked.
Everything was fine as long as running and winning
the medal was concerned. He was wondering as to
when he’d been to Australia and kissed the lady! He was quiet puzzled.
– He was puzzled! He said that he never knew that even the kissing scene
was included. He said,
‘Had they informed me’ ‘I would’ve done it by myself.’ Yes, he would’ve done
that scene by himself. He said that there’s
some problem with his knees and that his lips
were absolutely fine. It’s good. They should
definitely make the biopics. The recent generation
should know that our heroes
have struggled a lot in their lives..
– Exactly. …and what they’ve achieved. So..
– ‘Kalyug!’ Mary Kom, M.S Dhoni,
and Milkha Singh, we love you! You must’ve watched
the spy movies of Hollywood and Bollywood.
– Yes. They are quite different.
– Yes. In Hollywood movies, they appear
in a very formal look. Like James Bond.. ‘My name
is Bond. James Bond! 007.’ You should see the spies
in our movies. They dress up like beggars
and spy. Isn’t it?
– Yes. The Hollywood spies
use flamboyant cars and they have an affair
with girls. Hey, what’s up! The spies in our movies
put up a tender coconut shop in front of
the villains hideout. They shave the coconut,
and side by side.. Yes, they keep an eye. They chop the watermelon,
and out comes a walkie talkie. Raaka has left. He agrees whatever he says. He must’ve left.
Okay fine. When the heroes in Hollywood go to the villains hideout..
– Yes. …to shoot the them. There’s something attached
on the rifle.. Silencer.
– Yes, a silencer. There’s one with silencer and one with lens, as well.
– Yes.. They focus first,
and then shoot the target. Take a look at our heroes. They are capable
of shooting 50 bullets from a gun that holds
maximum 6 bullets. I wonder how they manage
to do it. The hideout is so huge. They keep shooting
from every corner. People are falling.. They’d be 50 people shooting
at a time. – Okay. Not even a single bullet
strikes him. – Yes. The moment they shoot at him,
he moves away. Do you even see the bullets
coming? How can one just move aside to save himself
from the bullets? What if the bullet
is coming in the other direction and hit you! But they never get stuck
by a bullet. Because the mother’s blessing
are always with them. Wow!
– And.. – Yes. You know, in Bollywood,
the mother’s love is more powerful
than the bullet proof jacket. Nothing can harm them. That reminds me of something. In Bollywood movies when moms are tied up
in the enemy’s hideout. – Yes. She already know that her son
has enmity with someone and that even she can be
kidnapped by them. Why can’t she move to some other place
for a few days? Isn’t it? Move to some other place! When the hero comes
and watches his mother tied up. I wonder what magical bullets
he fires! He cuts the ropes. His mom is set free. It has never happened that he has shot
his mom accidentally. ‘To heck with you!
What have you done?’ It never happens that way. In Hollywood,
the heroes never talk when they’re firing
at the villain. He just comes
and shoots him directly. So, you are the.. That’s it!
– Yes. In Bollywood movies both heroes and villains
have guns. They have a big conversation.
– They just talk a lot. They know.. They decide
among themselves not to shoot. He’s completely relaxed. I will kill you. I will definitely kill you,
but I will kill only when the gun will be mine,
bullet will be mine and even the time
will be mine. The person opposite to him says
that it’s him who arranged this role for him, so he will
comply with whatever he says. He says that he can get killed
by him, there’s no issue and he’s ready to go
to his house to get killed. Hilarious! Our actors are so fond
of delivering dialogues that they complete the dialogues
even while dying. The hero’s mother gets shot
by mistake.. She’ll say it completely..
Dear.. The hero screams and asks
for help and she says.. Dear, it’s time for me
to depart. Take care of your sister. And I want to tell you something
before I die, dear. The killer of your father.. Yes, Mother.
Who is that, Mother? Dear, the killer of your father is J.K. J.K.! The mother says
all the useless things. About taking care of sister,
he’ll surely do that as she’s his sister. When she knows that you
are shot and are dying then you should come
directly to the point. She should first tell the name
of the killer and then she can ask him
to take care of sister. After J.K., she should ask him
to take care of sister. She should die like this.
– Yes. The important thing..
– She wastes time. And even the mother is later.. The mother has a GPS
in her brain. The moment ambulance arrives,
she passes away. Even the mother wants to die
and to end the movie soon so that she can dance
in the next movie. The car chasing shots
in the Hollywood movies are shot outdoor.
Car moves and they chase it and all that.. In our industry, they’ve started
doing this now. Earlier, this much of action
was not there. Earlier, they just used
keep the shot footages of the passing trees
and the roads. It was there, right?
– Yes.. You even worked in the movies
of that era. I worked many times.
– Okay. The hero and heroine
used to sit and the music was played. The speed of trees is high. The heroine asks
to drive faster.. And look at how he used
to drive faster. He doesn’t hit the accelerator,
he plays with the steering. This.. Does this increase the speed? Car is moving straight.. She asks him to drive faster
and he used to get closer. Wow! The TV serials of Hollywood
and ours. There’s a huge difference. Their budget is too high
even for TV serials. If they need 400 people
to shoot a crowd scene then they bring 400 people.
They even bring 450. Our people manage
even with 100 people. Suppose, they want to show
the battle between Mughals and Rajputs then the person who is already
fighting from Mughals’ side will later come and fight
from Rajputs. By changing the costume.
– Yes. Many times, it happens that someone gets
a close-up shot then they ask him to get away
as he already died on Mughals’ side thrice
and died once on Rajputs’ side. This happens. If there’s a battle scene
in Hollywood, you’ll observe.. 5,000 people are fighting. And the one who is at last,
even he fights with dedication. Right?
– Yes.. Here, our people are clever.
They know that the focus is on the people
who are in front of the camera. Then they simply enjoy
among themselves. They’re junior artists
and they know each other. They fight while scratching
their belly. Scratching belly..
– The sword is in the hand.. Hey, did you find Sana
in the local train? Even the other one
who is fighting says.. Her father was saying that..
Just like that.. That.. They are busy among themselves. The movies influence
our lives a lot. We do many such things
which we saw in the movies. Be it the hairstyle
or the clothes. I want to know from our viewers if you ever did any such thing
in your life getting influenced
by the movies. Yes, buddy. What’s your name?
– Sir, I’m Sehan Qureshi. Okay. – I’m from Alirajpur,
Madhya Pradesh. What’s the pin code?
– 457887. Yes, Mr. Qureshi.
So, what’s your opinion on this? Sir, that Aditya Roy Kapur, RJ.. He’s not that Aditya Roy Kapur.
He’s just Aditya Roy Kapur. Aditya Roy Kapur.
– Right.. His character in Aashiqui 2.
– Right.. His character.. Yes. I played that for my girlfriend.
– Wow. I wasn’t able to impress her.
– Did she get impressed then? Then, let me tell you a truth. Who should I listen to? I’ll narrate you the scene.
– You mean, your story? Yes, please..
– Yes. I went to her house secretly in the night.
– Is it? – Yes. I climbed from the top.
– What do you mean by you climbed from the top?
– Sir, I climbed the terrace and jumped straight
into the mud. Okay. Then?
– I climbed and sat there. What does that mean?
– Sir, it’s like a low wall. Okay..
– I sat on it with the bottle. The bottle must be a fake one.
– It only had juice. – Okay.. But for her, it was a drink.
– Okay.. – Okay.. I didn’t make her realise
it was duplicate. She felt it was original.
– Wow. You should be given ‘Dadasaheb Phalke Award’.
– Right.. – You.. Okay, then? Sir, then, I acted as if
I was drinking and told her I will quit drinking
or I will leave her. – Oh! That’s one and the same.
– I will either quit drinking.. You will either quit drinking
or you’ll leave her. Or her.
– Then? – Sir, then she asked me to get down
and hugged me. – Oh! – Great. Happy ending. Well, thank you, Mr. Qureshi.
– Fine, sir. Anyone else here? Yes, ma’am. Sir, we come across a lot
of movies in real life. – Yes. But a film was made that matched
an incident in my life. Really?
– So, the movie, ‘Sairat’.. Yes.. – Sairat.
– I’m the Archi of the movie. Okay.
– I made the guy elope. Wow!
– Oh! That’s wonderful. I made the guy sit in the car,
eloped with him and took him to the priest
and asked him to get us married. Wow!
– But you took him forcefully? No, it was not forcefully.
– Okay. – We had a fight. Four years had passed.
I told him, we’ve spent enough time. It’s time
we should get married. So, let’s go.
– Let’s go. – Wow! We got married. The priest
completed the rituals. I asked him to hurry up.
He asked me what’s the hurry? I told him,
I’ve to go to office. So, where are you put up, ma’am?
– Sir, Nashik. – Okay, Nashik. Is your husband here with you?
– No, sir. He’s managing our children at home. So, how many years have past
since this took place? Sir, let it be.
Why are you reminding me? You said a film is made
on what happened in your life. But yes..
– Sir, Archi’s full name in the movie is Archana Patil.
My name is Madhuri Patil. Okay. – Oh..
– Wonderful, Ms. Patil. There’s so much similarity.
– Even I used to ride bullets. I drive tractor, trucks
and everything. – Okay. – Wow! Wow, that’s wonderful.
These films are based on the real life incidents.
A boy and a girl fall in love. Then, some villain enters
in their lives. But it was nice meeting you.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you, ma’am.
– Thanks to you, too. Anyone else here?
Yes, buddy. Hello, sir.
– How are you? – I’m good. Where are you from?
– My name is Rajiv Kumar and I’m from Chandigarh.
– Okay. – I want to say that songs play a big role
in our lives. – Okay. Some songs inspire so much..
– What did you say? They expire? No.. Not expire.
– Inspire. I was so confused
after seeing you. I.. Not at all..
– For me, it’s like a dream come true moment.
– So sweet. Thank you, dear. Thank you so much for coming.
You guys don’t get so confused. That’s just for time pass. He never gets confused. He’s doing his job.
– Right. You should be focused in life
in the same way. – Right. He just doesn’t bother. They inspire us so much that..
– Then? I listen to such songs..
I like Mr. Salman Khan, a lot. It’s my second day
in Mumbai, today. Is it?
– Yes. I came to Mumbai just yesterday. I came here
on a trip on my cycle. You came on your cycle?
– Yes. – Wow! – I get it. No wonder you’re so slim.
– Right. – Yes.. Cycling is my hobby.
– You’re quite fit. It’s not an ordinary cycle.
I’ve designed it, myself. You designed the cycle,
yourself? – Yes. – Wow. Wow, buddy.
That’s wonderful. My name has been recorded
in Limca Book, India Book and Unique World Records. Johnny Creations.
Limca Book record holder. India Book record holder.
Wow! Chandigarh. You designed the cycle,
yourself? It even has a light.
All of you, have a look. Wonderful, dear. You’ve done something so good. Cycles are decreasing
in numbers. – Right. Cycling is a good thing.
I mean, if you.. In fact, I’m planning to start,
ma’am. I feel I can come cycling
from my house to Film City.. I’ll come from Madh Island
and you come from your house. Let’s come cycling.
– You’ve been coming cycling since ages. No, it’s a good thing
to use cycle for commuting. You came all the way
from Chandigarh till here? Yes, sir.
– But what’s your motive behind? Sir, I wanted to attend
your show. – So sweet. Thank you, buddy.
– Secondly, I had an aim. I’m here with a message,
‘Switch to cycle’ ‘to save our environment.’
We ask the children and they think it’s a shame
to go cycling. – Right. I just want to appeal
to the adults that at least once in a week,
go by your cycle instead of your vehicle.
– Very nice. – Sure.. The pollution will be
under control and it will also improve
your health. Very nice. Buddy, it was nice meeting you.
– Thank you, sir. You’ve given
a very good message that we should encourage people
to go by bicycles. Cycling is a good thing. Thank you!
Thank you! Kapil!
– Kapil! Thank you! Kapil!
– Kapil! Archana.
– Yes? Some people have a gift. They can heal people
by simply a touch. You know you have
such a gift. Is that so? You will say that I made
Sidhu go away? I would not call that
a gift. It is a conspiracy. Your laughter is
a gift. Wherever you laugh,
that show turns a hit! A big hand for Archana. We love you, Archana. It is said that people
who are born inverted can heal backache
by simply kicking the patient. Really? – My own
brother was born like this. Yes, it is true.
– Yes. A lot of people came to him
to get healed. I do not believe so. Had that been true, people
would be kicking each other. Doctors would no longer
recommend an MRI they would rather
make us go for kicks. There is a place in south
where Asthma is treated. They say that placing
a live fish in the mouth their asthma gets healed. Many vegetarian folk
go there. I do not know about
their illness though but I do know they get
a taste for the fish. Some people have no gift
but they do act like it. They tell you put some
horse shoe outside your house and that shall bring you
a lot of money. Well, they might not make
a lot of money but the horse does
start limping. The horse would think
that if the shoe brought money it would not have
to pull carts! Some people walk around
calming to be a seer. You must have heard
of one from Assam. He used to heal patients
by a kiss. Kiss. – Yes,
a lot of women he kissed.. I never heard of him.. Then the cops took him
and well he is not working now. He did have a different
style though. He used to kiss the pain away
from hands and forehead. A man came suffering
from piles. And the seer goes running. Archana, I speak of
such gifts today since we shall have
the star cast of movie
‘Khandani Shafakhana’. So with a great applause I would like to invite our favourite, bold,
very beautiful and charming.. The very talented,
Sonakshi Sinha. Thank you.
Thank you. This movie of Sonakshi
will be a great one. Not everyone dares
to do such a movie. Sonakshi why did you take
such a challenge? What is it about? When I heard the one liner
about the movie and Mrigh and Shilpi
came to me. They said that there is
a girl in the movie and she inherits a sex
clinic of her uncle. – Yes. So the first thought
that came to me was they my track record
is for family movies. Why did you come to me
for this movie? When I read the script
it talks about relevant topics So I thought I must
do such a movie. Yes, great! You are right
about this. We get scared. We have a double standard. We would speak about it
within ourselves. These seers misuse
this thing. We have such a seer
in our movie. Is that so?
– Yes. We heard that there is
one in the movie. There is a fraud man
that sells snake oil. There are people
that go to such seers. And now times
are good. Earlier when people used
to watch TV together.. And if there was ever
a romantic scene and we all had one TV
in the house back then. And there would be chaos
if an intimate scene popped up. Even now.
We shy away at such scenes. It actually happens.. Earlier.. Earlier flowers colliding
meant romance. And I really tried that
with the flowers. And kids would hide
under the bed and the elder would
sit on the bed and he would stand suddenly
and start looking for his shoe. Women rush to kitchen. And when the kid used
to shout that the scene is over everyone would be
embarrassed. Sonakshi, we welcome you. Please come. Sonakshi, you look great.
– Thank you. We have heard of your
other name? – What is it? Selfie. She puts up a lot of selfies. Doctor has told her
to take selfies in the morning and night. Four after a meal. I have got
the face so I play the part. Yes! Not my fault. Sonakshi, it happens that
when a celebrity puts a picture some useless people
post comments. There are a lot of them. Way more.
– A lot. Have you ever argued
and fought anyone? Once or twice. but I think that is
what they want. Our attention. Not worth it. Indeed, not worth it. Earlier I felt that
he should not get away with it. I will fight them. I used to do it before
but I stopped now. Make an anonymous account. And then go after him.
– Go after him. I have a friend
who is a singer. I will not tell you
that it is Mika. Yes. He has an account
by some name. So when someone
puts a vile comment Mika has his way with him. So now it is time
to call someone else from the movie
‘Khandani Shafakhana’. He rules our hearts
by his rap songs. He is doing his acting debut
from this movie. So amongst your applause
I would like to call our favourite, king of rap,
singer Badshah! I was so ready to dance. A big hand for him! You look so dashing! Badshah!
– Badshah! Badshah!
– Badshah! Badshah!
– Badshah! Badshah!
– Badshah! Sir, where do you get
such classy clothes? This is the best
we can do. This is the best
we can do. Think of what our normal
would be! Where do you get these?
Take me shopping! I take a free size. Not even girls can go
shop like he does. Where does he go? Everywhere! It is an illness. Have you tried that place? It is near Jalandhar station. I had heard.. I do not know it is true. That they sell all used
clothes by the foreigners. They sell jackets
for Rs. 200. They have a huge cot,
Sonakshi you are rich. I have been
to the station. I will take you there. The variety there
is astounding. Brands mean nothing. They have this huge mound and you are to dive in. And drag one out. And good clothes
for cheap prices. Good ones.
– We used to get a lot. I will go there to shop. When I have a free day. A big hand for Badshah. We welcome you. Mr. Badshah,
you are a healthy man. How did you join
‘Khandaani Shafakhana’? I mean, you have been
a star from a long time. Many movies might have been
offered to you. Why did you choose
this particular movie? The script is amazing.
It is a perfect script. I mean, the earlier scripts
were good too. Well, Sonakshi was
a part of the movie. And..
– That’s it! That’s it. Varun Sharma, Mr. Mrigdeep
and Ms. Shilpi are also there. It was family. So, even if I make
any mistake during my debut and Sonakshi
was in the movie I knew that I could ask her
for one more shot. There wouldn’t be
any problem. – Yes. I thought it will be
a comfortable debut. How was it to act
on your songs? You knew that your songs
were playing and you were enjoying. But were you nervous when you had to recite
the dialogues? More than the movie,
I’m nervous today. Mr. Badshah, you have
been here earlier too. You are..
– Yes. Whenever I would watch
the show the guests would be
movie actors. So, I thought
it’s a big deal. So.. – Even you have
come as a movie star today. I’m feeling nervous. When you would type
‘Badshah’ in Google earlier you would get news about
Alauddin Khilji or King Akbar. Now, you can find only him.
– Yes. In fact, if you ask kids
to write four lines about ‘Badshah’ they start writing about him. Badshah’s real name is
Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia. He writes rap for Hindi,
Haryanvi and Punjabi songs. Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia
is a common name. How did you become
Badshah then? I’m a huge fan
of Mr. Shahrukh Khan. When I was looking for
a stage name for myself his movie ‘Baadshah’
had released. Okay.
– Oh! That is when I decided
to call myself Badshah. I also didn’t know that.
– Very nice. Badshah is a cute
and sweet man. He composes good music. He rules over the hearts
of people. Badshah is a father
to a girl too. When your daughter
was born did you announce
like the kings that Badshah is happy? Did you gift your chain
to the person who gave you this news? Mr. Kapil.. That was my first experience.
So, I didn’t know what to do. So.. So.. When a child is just born.. I have a daughter.
I love her a lot. You don’t know
what to do. I mean, I didn’t know
how to react. I was quiet. People were shaking me
for two minutes and congratulating me. ‘I made her.’ My best creation till date. Yes.
– Actually. I was quiet. How old is she now? She is two and a half years
old now. She is two and a half years
old now. Has she started talking?
– Yes, Mr. Kapil. She watches your show. Kids these days
are very smart. They like good things. When we receive
our first payment we plan great things. I have heard
about Sonakshi that when she received
her first payment.. I think it was a cheque
of Rs. 3,000. – Yes. Her mom framed the cheque
and hanged it on the wall. Really? Am I right?
– Yes, you’re right. Being a Sindhi,
didn’t she realise that it will be a loss? She should have
encashed it first. Where did you get the cheque
of Rs. 3,000 from? I had gone
to a fashion week as a volunteer
through the college. My duty was to guide
the people to their seats. I had to check
their tickets and guide them. Did you get
Rs. 3,000 for that? I got paid Rs. 3000
for five days. – Okay. It’s really okay. And I spotted
Salman Khan there and he asked me there
to start losing weight because he will launch me
in a movie. Your first pay
was not Rs. 3,000. You got a movie
as your first pay. A movie with Salman Khan.
– That is also true. Ms. Archana, when you received
your first payment.. Had Indian currency
come into existence or were coins being used? I mean.. I was just kidding. Ms. Archana is a senior actor. I love you, Ms. Archana. Ms. Archana, what did you do? What did you do
with your first payment? Rs. 100.
Rs. 100. Rs. 100? For an ad film. Only Rs. 100? In that Om..
I was standing in the corner. Okay.
– Oh! Om Puri was
the main lead. And after 10 years I worked as a lead heroine
with Om Puri. Wow!
– Wow! I had also received
Rs. 200. What did you do? I had rapped
in Mr. Gippy’s album. He doesn’t know
about it. Gippy Grewal?
– Yes. Only Rs. 200? When was this? Around 2005 or 2006. So, I’m the highest paid
after Sonakshi. Sonakshi received
Rs. 3,000. I received Rs. 1,500. What for? I was working
in the factory. What work did you do?
What work? Printing on the fabric. You guys were suits, right? We print on it. There’s a dye.
– Okay. Add paint to it
and spread it. The print gets painted
on the fabric. Like this.
– Okay. I have printed
many clothes. You are printing
notes now. Thanks to God. I would like to ask
our audience. You might have also
received your first payment. Yes, sir. I am a Sindhi. So, I didn’t have to work.
She is my wife. She was my girlfriend
earlier. I wanted her
to become my wife. – Okay. So, she insisted
that she will inform at home only if I work first. Her dad is an officer.
– Okay. I had to inform her
about my job. So, I joined a job. She asked me
about my salary. She belongs to a rich family. I told her
that I’m getting Rs. 50,000 when I was actually getting
Rs. 9,000. Oh! Minus Rs. 41,000
was working from day one. She was expecting
Rs. 50,000 and I had told my dad
that I’m earning Rs. 25,000. You told your dad
that your salary is Rs. 25,000. I told her dad
that I’m earning Rs. 50,000 and I was actually earning
Rs. 9,000. The amount was decreasing
every day. I bought a gift
worth Rs. 50,000 for her. I gifted some shirts to dad. I have been working
on minus till date. When did you tell her
that you lied to her? In front of you now. Oh, my God! Ms. Archana, one good thing is I’m getting the money back
in installments since she is rich. Are you taking money
from her? Yes, so what?
She is my wife. It’s okay in this time
of equality. I’ll take money from you too
if you don’t mind. I’m somebody else’s wife.
I’ll give it to him. Why will I give it to you? Do you work?
What do you do? Yes,
I’m a chartered accountant. I work for a MNC.
– Okay, wow! Your wife is a CA.
– Yes. Very good.
– Very good. I am an engineer.
I’m also educated. Your salary must have
increased now. No, I quit my job
after marriage. I got back to my business. Oh!
– What! My aim was to become
a businessman. That’s great.
– Very good. It was a pleasure meeting
both of you. Thank you, Mr. Kapil.
– Thank you. Where are you from?
Are you from Mumbai? No, I have come
from Bhopal. Okay. – The problem
is she has got a job in Mumbai. I’m come from Bhopal
every Saturday and Sunday to meet her.
– You stay alone in Bhopal. I am happy there. He talks so well. He says interesting things. Yes.
– What is your name? My name is Mohit Shewani. You speak interestingly. Yes.
– Yes. Does he entertain you
at home too or is he talking like this
only here? He entertains people
everywhere. So, he is good.
– Yes. That’s great.
– You look happy too. Yes, she looks happy
because she is happy. It’s the weekend too.
– Yes. You have come here. We have booked
a hotel too. Wow! Why have you booked a hotel? Because she lives
as a paying guest and six girls live there. That’s great.
You stay there too. They don’t let me in.
How is it good? You’re happy after hearing
about six girls. It was pleasure
meeting you, Mr. Mohit. You talk very well. Thank you for coming
on the show. Thank you, Mr. Kapil. Thank you. Yes, does anybody else
want to discuss this topic? Yes, sir. Good evening, everyone. My name is Raj Singh. When I took admission
in the Lucknow University.. Okay. My situation was tough
after getting the admission. I had a friend
who supported me a lot. In which matter? In money matters
and as a motivator. Okay, she used to
motivate you. I didn’t have money.
So, I was looking for a job. I was not getting a job
even after working hard. She told me that I’ll get one
someday. She has motivated me a lot. Why did she motivate you alone? I want to know the reason. She motivated me because we had become
good friends. I used to motivate her too.
– In which way? I didn’t find any motivator. I got a job the next day
due to her motivation. I went to a place.
– Okay. I got a good job. Did you get the job
due to her motivation? Yes. Where would she motivate you? Was there any fixed place? She.. The place was
Lucknow University where I was studying.
That was the place. So, you were getting
motivated there. I got a job after that. I got Rs. 3,500
as my first salary and I gave her Rs. 500
from that. Motivation fees.
– Yes. I gave Rs. 500 to her
from my first salary. She was impressed that I gave her money
from my first salary and she became
my wife later. So, she is my wife today. Wow!
– Wow! Has your wife come with you? She hasn’t come because I have
a two year old child and kids are not
allowed here. So, I left her at home. You could have taken care
of the baby and sent her. I thought of visiting first
and sending her later. Both of you got
equal motivation and she has to look after
the child alone. It was a pleasure
talking to you. Thank you.
– Thank you. Have mercy on us. Come on. Wait. Wait a moment.
I don’t need this. Keep it. Yes! Kapil Sharma,
why are you standing? If your ponytail can stand,
can’t I stand? He’s giving me respect. And I deserve it too.
– Yes, why not? I deserve it.
– Yes. But I cannot believe this.
I don’t believe this. Bad boy Badshah
and Sonakshi Sinha. People with big bungalows and
cars visit you, Kapil Sharma. There must be
something special about you. Do one thing. Do that for me.
What is it called? During exams, if we write
the answers on a paper what is it called? Chit. Chit me to them. It is introduce
and not chit. Why are you imparting
knowledge? Introduce me to them. Badshah, just how
you are ‘DJ Wale Babu’ he is our PJ man. You have ruined
my introduction. Let it be.
I’ll introduce myself. Mr. Badshah.
– Yes. Ms. Sonakshi,
I am Accha Yadav. There’s a man called
Baccha Yadav here. – Yes! I am his brother.
I have come from London. Oh!
– Yes. You have come from London.
– I’ve come from London. Why do you have
an American accent then? I-It’s not like that. I can also do
an ‘English’ accent. Oh! Yes.
Thank you. So, you’re here now. I saw your movie trailer. You play a doctor
in the movie? Well, kind of. I’ll tell you what I have
a problem with. Go on.
Please. Whenever I go out
in the sun I start to leak. Right?
No.. Every time
I go out in the sun I leak water
from every part of my body. You don’t leak,
you sweat. You sweat. It’s called ‘sweating’.
– ‘Sweating’? That is perfectly normal. ‘Sweating’?
– Yes. Oh, I always though
that I suffered a puncture. That’s my bad.
– Right. By the way, Ms. Sonakshi you did a movie
in ‘South India’ called ‘Linga’.
– Yes. You may not know this,
but that movie is being released
in ‘Sri Lanka’ today. However, they changed
the title to ‘Malinga’. You should consider yourself
lucky that they released
it today. Because if it were released
tomorrow they would have called it
‘Kalinga’. And we would be eating
bananas. Hey, that’s how you talk
to a guest? She maybe your guest but for me, she is the daughter
of ‘Mr. Mitru’. Her father’s name is ‘Shatru’. For you he is ‘Mr. Shatru’ for me he is ‘Mr. Mitru’. Every time we meet he commends me
until he drools. What? And, Ms. Archana,
he asked about you. Really?
– What did he ask? He asked,
‘how is the bald headed lady?’. That’s what he said.
– ‘Bald headed lady’. That’s what he.. You’re lying.
You don’t know Mr. Shatru. I know him very well. Whenever Mr. Mitru
visits ‘London’ I always stay at his place. Are you an idiot? If he’s visiting ‘London’ shouldn’t he be the one
staying at your place? How would he stay
in my place? I am a ‘Brijwasi’. You mean,
you live in ‘Mathura’? No. I live
under the ‘Tower Bridge’. Oh, ‘Brijwasi’.
– ‘Wasi’. Whenever Mr. Mitru visits
I always stay at his place. Sometimes Shilpa Shetty
visits ‘London’ then I stay at her place. You should visit London
as well so I could stay
in your place. I sometimes wonder when will I stop
living like this. However, Mr. Badshah I have a question for you.
– Right. You were the second born,
right? What make you think
that? Because there has to be
a ‘Shah’ before you get ‘Badshah’. ‘Badshah’. But, honestly I know you are a ‘Shah’ but you don’t look like
a ‘Gujarati’ at all. Not all ‘Shahs’ are ‘Gujarati’. I know they aren’t ‘Gujarati’. They are ‘Bhogles’. But, Sir, I want you to know that I watched your movie,
‘Badshah’. It made me crazy. I’m not in that movie. No!
Listen I totally went insane
after the interval. What? I watched the entire movie but you never showed up. He wasn’t in that movie.
– It was Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan
stared in ‘Badshah’. ‘Shahrukh Khan’? Don’t tell me
he isn’t a ‘Gujarati’ now. No, he’s not ‘Gujarati’. Isn’t Naseeruddin Shah
a ‘Gujarati’? He isn’t.
– No, he’s not. Why did all the ‘Shahs’
leave ‘Gujarat’? What’s going on? You’re talking non-sense. I’m a very busy man. I don’t have time
for non-sense. Hold on.
I’m getting a call. Take a look. That’s ‘Pitbull’ calling me
from ‘America’. Oh!
‘Pitbull’! Just a minute. Hey, Pit.
Talk to me. Speak up, pal.
I’m listening. What?
Your.. Your bull hurts?
– What? Listen, I want you to play
the bull a song. ‘Ladki Beautiful Kar Gayi Chull’
from ‘Badshah’. And then,
bring home a ‘Pande’. That will give you
‘Chull Bull Pande’. And that’s going to create
a ruckus at home after that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. I’ll come.
– That’s right. Moreover, I don’t want to speak
to you anymore, Pit. You should forget about me. Got it?
I’m hanging up now. By the way,
why are you here? You see, I’m from ‘London’. We have a queen. Her name is ‘Elizabeth’. She’s tired
of sitting around and wants a little romance
in her life. So, Mr. Badshah,
I bring you a proposal from the queen. What do call the thing after which a boy and a girl
locks themselves in a room they drink milk
and no one is allowed in? You mean, a marriage.
– A marriage! I have a marriage proposal
from the queen for you. She is like my grandmother. She is crazy about you. She even grazes cattle
just like you told her. Why does she graze cattle? Because, in his song,
he tells the people who can’t dance
to graze cattle. On your behest,
she does a light jig. She does the jig every day. So many times
she has danced that she is getting bored. She’s a fan of yours. Once you marry her you don’t have to worry
about the honeymoon. Why? – She’s an expert
in going on honeymoons. Shall I take this proposal
for you as.. What do we call
when we fold a dress? Fold.
– We’ll you give your consent? No? Take your time.
No worries. After all, you’ll be becoming
someone’s life partner. Take your time. But Sonakshi.. – Yes? I’ll not dishearten you.
– I’m not at all disheartened. I’ve brought a marriage
alliance for you and the boy is an NRI.
– Where is the boy? Look behind you. Look behind you! Look behind you! Where?
– Where? You keep watching behind.
The boy is right here. Let me assure you.. Stop shouting.. I didn’t have
to see such a bad day. No.. Take your time.
I’ll not force anybody. Take your time
as it is your life’s decision. Badshah can think
about the Queen and Sonakshi
can think about me. I brought something for you.
– What is it? – Pushes. What me to push you
out of here? Before leaving,
let me tell you that in London,
I’m an ‘alstrologer’ there. What? – ‘Alstrologer.’
– Wrong. It’s astrologer. Whatever. I’m a consultant
in astrology. Future.. – Yes. When the World Cup started.. Before it started,
I predicted that India will win the World Cup.
– But India didn’t win. My job is to say it.
It’s their job to win. But seriously..
Do you know Bumrah? Bumrah? – Yes. Before he met me,
he was ‘Boom’ but I showed him the path. Only then, he became Bumrah. Sir, I’ll see your palm
and tell you the future. What?
– I’ll forecast the future. May I see your hand? I’m
seeing something interesting. Hey, bro! You have five fingers!
– What.. Obviously.
– No way. In the photos,
he has three fingers! Lovely! Why show three fingers
when you have five? Do the other two fingers blush? Show the world
all your five fingers. Show it on the camera.
No need to be afraid. Show all your five fingers.
No worries. Ma’am..
– Want to see my palm? Not aggressively. I’m scared of slaps.
– Really? Everybody predicts the future. There are numerous
astrologers out there. They predict the past
and the future. – Yes. Have you ever seen an astrologer
who predicts the present? I can predict the present. Please show me your palm. Okay.. No. No.
Okay. No. At this moment,
you’re at The Kapil Sharma Show where I’m helping you in
predicting your future. – Wow! This is the present. Present.
– Wow! Wow!
What you just discussed.. I swear, I’ll have you thrashed. You spoke so much rubbish. Nobody does this.
I’m do good palmistry. Please come to London. I’ll stop by
in everybody’s house. This way, a year will go by. If your come every year I’ll live in your
homes for life. Come to London!
All right. Thank you. Yo, bro! Yo!
– Yo.. We know that the first time
when Badshah had penned a rap song, it was for his
Math teacher. Were you weak in Math
or was the teacher strict? He was a terror
among the students. Okay.
– He was strict. Deliberately, he.. He was good to those
who took tuitions from him. Those who didn’t,
he used to harass them. So bad. He used to fail those students.
– These things happen. So, I wrote a lyric on rap. So, the rap song
did the rounds but I was detained in class. Sonakshi has also worked
as a costume designer. She is very talented. Sonakshi, can you tell me
the names of five actors whose dressing sense
is pathetic? I shouldn’t be saying that. Whose dressing sense
is very elegant? Not five, I’ll take three names.
– Okay. Ranveer Singh. His dressing sense is good?
– He is very good at it. Only he can carry it well
and nobody else. He has a unique sense
of fashion. Ranveer carries himself
with elan. – Yes. Right.. Whatever he wears,
he oozes confidence. He’ll look good
in any clothes he wears. Only he can do it. That is
called individual style. – Yes. Second, Akshay Kumar’s sense
of style is good. His clothes are hide to find. He is very selective.
– Yes. Maybe he does his shopping
in foreign countries. He also stands..
– Like this.. He is tall. So he can carry
himself well. His image is aggressive. He always stay active.
– Yes. He’s always on the move. Normal people get up
casually but he..
On the word go.. Right? Akshay Kumar is always
oozing with energy. But I love you, Akshay! Who’s the third person? The third person..
Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik Roshan.. He’s a handsome man, isn’t he? He looks good in everything. He’ll look good
in everything he wears. Did you know.. I’ve heard that Sonakshi designs
clothes for her parents as well. No. – You haven’t heard?
– No. But.. She might do it.
She’s very intelligent. Our parents used
to do that for us. They’d get clothes for us.
– Yes.. If you get fat, they’d remove
stiches of waist of the pants. Stitches of fat boys’
pants are removed at back yoke and tall one’s have those
removed at the bottom. The pants are then
of the same colour except the bottom part
and the back yoke. People make victory sign
after winning but we’d have that sign at back yoke. That signifies victory
over circumstances. Bad joke! I understood!
What do you mean! There’s an ancestral
clinic in the film in which she solves
people’s problems. Sonakshi, we’ve got many
such people here who want to tell you about
their problems. So please solve them.
– Oh, yes! Who have problems here?
Oh! Come on, babes! Curly hair! How are you! Good? – Hi, sir,
I’m good. Hello, ma’am. Hi! – Hi.. – English..
I knew it. I recently had a breakup. Oh, wow! Do girls like you also
have breakups? That’s the solution..
– Yes! That’s a solution!
– That’s not a problem! Girls like her have breakups. So
people like me should be hanged. What’s your name? Arshiya. – Your name is very
pretty. – Thank you, sir. Where are you from?
– I’m from Chandigarh. Okay.. My mom is a huge fan of yours.
– Aren’t you? I am too, of course..
I like Badshah a lot. His name is also very nice. Since I’m speaking here.. My next boyfriend has
to be cute like Badshah. I’ve never found a cute guy! We’ve only got lean models. Do you get it?
She’s insulting me. No.. It’s not like that!
You’re very cute.. A chubby guy.. What’s the problem? You actually don’t need
a teddy bear if you’ve got a boyfriend like him. I couldn’t have
gotten any redder. Why did you have
a breakup, Arshiya? Sir, it became a long distance
relationship and we were having lots of fights too. Okay. – So, I decided
to be single. – Very nice. Yes.. I think you don’t need
to take any advice. You could give advices. I’ve got a problem. I haven’t been able
to have a girlfriend after getting married. Sir, you shouldn’t have
a girlfriend after the marriage. You’ll lose your mind. I want to do it, though.
– She’s correct! I’m just kidding. Play this line six times.
Save me! I speak things for which
later I have to pay. That wasn’t my intention.
Please forgive me. Arshiya, you got
me into this problem. What’s your problem? Sometimes, my heart hurts. Is there any cure
for that or no? Badshah will give you the cure. I’ll find you someone.
– Will you? – I promise. Like yourself. – Shall I message
you on Instagram? Will you give
me the reply there? Come here. Badshah
will give you the solution. Is there anyone else
here who have problems.. Oh! White jacket! Come on, bro! I’m from Surat.
– I see. Sir, my problem is that
I’m afraid of lizards. Why is that? I’m more scared of lizards
more than I am of snakes. They even haunt my dreams. Oh, God! What.. – You’re the first
young guy who has lizards in his dreams.. Lizards never speak, though.
– Yes. If you observe, they stick
to walls for a long time. When there’s a sound,
they go.. They stay like that
for some more time. Then they go like this again. I’ve never seen them say
anything to anyone. – Yes. Then? How do I overcome it? Keep a peacock near you.
Lizards never go near those. Yes! – Really? – That’s
what they say. That’s what they say..
I’m also scared of lizards. Look at him!
– He’s such a huge guy! And he’s scared..
– There you go. Secrets are being revealed. Were you a fly
in your previous life? No, sir! – They come to you.. Are you scared of lizards? I’m not scared. But I don’t really have a close
relationship with them. Thank you for coming
to the show, Pardesi. Thank you. – Thank you.
– Anyone else? Yes? Hello, Archana. Hello, Kapil..
– Hello. Hello, Sonakshi.. We’re only four and you’ve
said ‘hello’ six times. Oh, my God! – You’ve said
‘hello’ two times more. ‘Hello..’ Yes..
What’s your name? I’m Suman Thakuri.
– Suman? – Thakuri.. Where are you from, Suman.. From Nepal. – I love Nepal! That’s a very nice
place you’ve come from. Yes, Suman? Sir, I like tamarind. My friends ask me why
I eat so much tamarind. That I’ll become
a woman if I do. If there’s a solution
to this, do tell me, Sonakshi. Tamarind.. – You don’t need
any cure. Your friends do. Yes.. Wonderful!
You’re right. Well, everything goes on here. We even don people in saris. Actually.. – Girls wear pants.
– Yes.. If girls can wear pants,
boys should be allowed saris. Imagine Badshah putting
his ‘pallu’ on like this. Even the sari.. We went to an interview. “Ishu boy Badshah..” You can eat tamarind. It’s okay.
– Okay, sir. – All right, Suman? What’s the worse
that could happen? You’ll get married to Ramesh. What else? Thank you, Brother..
– Thank you, sir. Does anyone else want
to ask anything? Give her a microphone. First of all, I’d like
to thank you, Kapil. Thank you, ma’am. Your show makes people,
even if it’s for some time. Thank you.. People forget their
sorrows and problem. I’ve been through many
things in life but one incident was very bad. My husband passed away. I’d be distressed.
I was alone in the house a lot. Okay. I used to be alone. At that time,
my sister-in-law in Jaipur.. Her two daughters
are here with me. – Okay. She’d tell
me over phone calls to watch Kapil’s show. I started to watch it. I’d have tears
in my eyes but I’d laugh. Wonderful! – Thank you. – So.. May you always be happy. Incidents happen to all of us
but as they say.. – Yes. This is what life is. Of course.. – It’s very
unpredictable. – Yes. You’re very brave.
I salute to you. Thank you.
– May you always be happy. Of course.. I loved talking to you,
ma’am. Thank you. – Welcome.. Hey, how are you? To be honest..
– Yes I have danced with many here.
– Yes. I always get large or medium. For the first time,
an XL got an XL. Sonakshi, I wanted
to ask something. Go on.
– Sit. Your dad said
that he is the third king. Yes. He’s the first one,
so whose the second one? Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, that’s there but it’s so nice,
these superstars have come. His dad is a king. He’s King, he as well. How are you? Okay. Hit with shoes. You acted as a doctor, right?
– Yes. Can I apply ‘teeka’ on him? Why are you doing this?
– Why? Doctor can apply ‘teeka’ on us,
then why can’t we as well? No. Okay, I had some work.
– I’m listening. Please get me work
in Dabangg movie? It’s a film,
not a government job. Do you know, there’s no
guarantee of government job whether it will stay or not but Dabangg movie
will keep on coming. Am I right? You are doing
for the third time, right? You will see,
there are 100 more to come. Thank you.
– I don’t know about mine but your job is sorted. Can I tell one thing? No one can kick out
Rajjo Pandey from Dabangg movie and this drum Pandey
from our show. Where did he come
in the picture? Maybe because of friendship. You are talking as if people
come here based on talent! All his friends
keep coming here. Someone owns a restaurant,
and what all. His family is here,
brother-in-law is in the back. Everyone has surrounded him. How are you? I’m a huge fan of yours. Okay. I like your style. In every song,
you do this, right? If anyone
asks you the directions then you show
the person the same? The person will be confused
which direction to go. Sapna, this is their style. This isn’t yours,
then why do you meddle with me? It’s his habit. I like the style
of your shades as well. My ‘chava’,
Mukesh, in Nalasopara.. What’s ‘chava’? ‘Chava’.. He’s my boyfriend. Boyfriend is also
called ‘Chava’. He also wears
shades day and night. He’s a fan of his? No, he is into welding. Wear it, you look nice. Can I pass you a suggestion? Start gambling,
you won’t ever lose. How come? He has a king. I had to ask one more thing.
– Ask. In your song
‘Ladki Beautiful Kar Gayi Chul’ what does chul mean? It means itchy. Like you are eager to know. So itchiness is called ‘chul’? Yes. So, itchiness is ‘chul’?
– Madly fall in love. Are you serious? I thought something else. What? I had submitted an application
in Nalasopara as well. What? I’m going to do
‘chul’ for a week. Kapil, it’s very simple. What all I thought! What are you saying, Sapna? This is stupid?
– Yes. Don’t you talk stupid things? I will take your case, wait. What?
– Sonakshi, listen. Whenever you don’t come here he enacts Shatru sir. Like this. I have seen.
– Tell? He has also seen.
– Right? Yes. I still do less compared to him. He jumps and does it. Have you come here
to bitch around? No, I have a problem. I’m the doctor. Oh, you are the doctor? Yes, come here.
– Sorry. Sit comfortably. No worries. Check it. I like these welding shades. What’s the problem? My boyfriend has grown very weak.
– Okay. He gets tired even in a lift. Who gets tired in a lift? Try cleaning the lift
of a 20 floor building. You will also get tired. I covered it nicely, right? Leave Mukesh. Tell her if you have a problem. Yes, I also have a problem.
– What? When I dance and enter the stage then I get irritation here. Acidity? No, I guess cash problem. I start envying the person
who earns more than me. You always talk about yourself. Talk about the guests as well. Who? Badshah and Sonakshi. How are they guests? You call Sonakshi sister, right? I’m your sister as well. I call Mr. Shatru uncle.
He loves me so much. Tell him. We are family.
How are they guests? Badshah is a guest then. He’s a Punjabi.
Where is the guest? Everyone in punjab
calls brother, right? Yes.
– So where is the guest? After 60 episodes,
you are losing it. What happened to you, Kapil? Guest..
– I think I have come in this show so many times,
so I’m no more a guest. Obviously. We love you,
and are fan of yours as well. I..
– Thanks. I loved your song
‘Mogda’ as well. ‘Mungda’.
– It’s ‘Mungda’. My father-in-law’s
name is Mogda. You are still not married. Mogda also isn’t married. Where did Mukesh come from? From Nalasopara. What has happened to you? Sir, I was saying. What? You are doing live shows
since so long and earning money. Now you are a hero as well. Give me one wheel. Wheel?
– Wheel? First you used to ask
for one crore. Have you seen his car? He purchased it for
six and a half crore. Each wheel must be more
than one crore. Yes. Do you know? If the car is punctured,
then how much it costs? How much? Same as the other cars. This is the same thing. Puncture is puncture. What happened to you? How does a puncture happen? By a nail, right?
– Yes. Right?
– Yes. Nail and lawyer are almost same. Nail is somehow removed
but a lawyer never leaves. How did lawyer come in between? My father-in-law is a lawyer. How is it related? From Nalasopara. What happened to you? Lovely. Are you fine? You are getting your
salary cheques from Sony, right? What all are you saying? My God! Something has happened to Kapil. Let’s talk business now.
Sir, I own a beauty parlour. Ma’am, you know..
It’s not any petty parlour. Stars like Shah Rukh, Salman,
Amir, Kareena.. – Wow! They all refused to come there. Sir, we offer various types
of massages. We have ‘DJ Wale Babu’ massage
for you. What is it about?
– First we strip the customer. Then we rub oil on him
and lay him on a DJ turn-table. Then Babu comes over and massages the customer
until his music comes out. That’s how it is.
– I see. There’s another special massage
just for you. Badshah massage.. We don’t oil up the customer
in this type. We put talcum powder in cards and then we play poker.
– Okay. If the customer gets a king,
we massage him. And what if he doesn’t?
– Then, we carry on playing. We pass our time with customers.
Don’t worry. Sir, we also have
a dry-day massage. – Yes. You composed the song
‘Dry Day’, didn’t you? – Yes. What about it?
– So, when the customer comes we tell him
he will get it tomorrow. Then, he calls his friend to ask
if he has got any. Then, the friend refuses, too. Then we go to the rear door
of Shetty Bar and Restaurant and buy moonshine for Rs. 100. Where’s the massage here?
– Right. Who massages while drinking?
What rubbish! We don’t do such things. Then, you released
another famous song that sounded like..
“Pom! Pom! Pom!”. What about it?
– I don’t want to know. No, it’s really interesting.
– I see. – Tell me. We get two ‘Pom’ sounds in it.
– Okay. What then? Then we ask the customers
who made the sounds. Then.. Then what happens is..
– What happens? Nobody is ready to accept
that they made the noise. Then we do this.. Then we oil up
the customer’s ‘pom’ and massage him till 11:45.
– Oh! We have made such wordplay
on ‘pom’ in this. Yes, indeed.
– Okay. See you, then. I’ve to do
a Dutta massage for Lara. Okay? – Thank you, Sapna.
– Bye! Please give a big hand
for Badshah and Sonakshi! Please come.
– Thank you. Come here. Now it’s time for a group photo. Ms. Archana will click it.
– Sure. Wow! Lovely picture!
– Thank you, Ms. Archana. Even you join in.
– Lovely! Please come. Thank you. Thank you, Sonakshi
and Badshah for coming to our show.
That was really fun. Thank you so much..
– And all you, keep smiling.. Stay clean and keep watching
the Kapil Sharma show. Good night.
Thank you. Awesome.

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  1. 21:08 – Did she seriously say “ab bhagwan ne shakal aisa di toh..” 🙄. Confidence level – Sonakshi 😂👏

  2. I'm not sure why…
    But Baadshaa (sp?) reminds me of Yuvraj.
    Perhaps the talent and behavior.
    Both are very decent and yet they both are absolutely killers in their own fields.

  3. What is arshiya doing here I thought she had a serious Wala relationship 🤔🤔🤔 and now break up 😂😂😂😂splitsvilla aur kitna script likhoge

  4. What? does she really think that about her? arre oh mardana face wali aurat.tere sundar to bharti hai . Different thing wo celebrity ki aulaad ni hai. koi kam ni de raha isiliye iske pass timehota hai selfies ka…

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