The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 69 – Full Episode – 25th August, 2019

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 69 – Full Episode – 25th August, 2019

– Thank you very much. Kapil..
– Thank you.. Kapil.. Ms. Archana,
can I frighten you? Turn to your left.
Mr. Siddhu is here. Oh-Uh! He’s our international guest.
– Okay.. He has come from UAE.
– Okay.. Welcome, sir. Ms. Archana, ‘Saaho’s’ team
is coming over today. With a huge round of applause,
I would like to invite Venkata Satyanarayana
Prabhas Raju Uppalapati. Wow, what a name..
– It’s not five people… It’s one man’s name. And he is equivalent
to five celebrities. The superstar, Prabhas
and accompanied by a beautiful and talented person,
Shraddha Kapoor! “My beloved is a psycho.” “My beloved is a psycho.”
– Welcome! Welcome..
Welcome back. Sir, welcome. Wow! “I am a simple girl.”
– Welcome back. Thank you! – “I drank
half a bottle of whiskey.” Prabhas, it’s a pleasure
to meet you. “I am a simple girl. I drank
half a bottle of whiskey.” “You find you very charming
and attractive.” – Come on.. A huge round of applause
for Prabhas and Shraddha. Warm welcome to Prabhas
and Shraddha. Thank you so much.
– First of all, I would like to say
thanks to Mr. Prabhas because I know, you don’t
do promotions. In south, you have a huge
fan following but learn something
from Shraddha. – Really? She did four films in a year
and she came here eight times. She came here eight times
and her father came twice. And she came here
with her aunt as well. Shraddha, I will put up a board
saying ‘Kapoor Mansion’ outside this vacant house. You can shift to this house because we gave this house
to Sonakshi. – Yes.. And we have rented this house
from Akshay Kumar. So.. Mr. Prabhas, he doesn’t
go to many promotions because he doesn’t
have to do it. Mr. Prabhas, when so many fans
call out your name how do you feel? Very happy. We also have some
international fans. See.. Hi, girls. How are you? What’s your good name,
beautiful? Hello, sir.
My name is Farahnaz Khan. Hello. – And.. I am half- Persian,
Italian and Indian. Oh!
– Nice.. A high level of integration. I love India a lot..
– So, you’re basically.. Thank you.
– I love my country. Oh, so sweet.
Thank you. – Thank you. I love you and your family. Oh, yes, pal! You met my mom?
– Oh, yes! Did you talk to my mom?
– She’s amazing.. How did you do it?
She doesn’t even know Hindi. No one in our family
can speak English fluently. So, how you guys
were talking with each other? Another international.. No, I talk Hindi and Urdu and a little bit of Punjabi. How is it that you are so fair
like the boiled egg? I mean..
– Like what? – Boiled egg. Because I boil in India. You are very beautiful.
Welcome. Is she your cousin or friend? Hi, Kapil.
– Hi. I am from Turkmenistan.
– I love Turkmenistan. Hi, Prabhas. – Hello.
– Hi, Shraddha. You are always telling this. And you never know
where this country is. Yes, I know.
– You are always telling.. Turkmenistan, of course..
– It is near ‘Kubristan’. I know very well
about Turkmenistan. It is outside India. Is this your third visit
to our show? – No. This is my second time.
– Second time? – Yes. Earlier, your show used to be
aired from another channel. Yes.
She knows the entire history. Obviously! Why just the channel?
I know even your history. Guys, look at our popularity. People from Turkmenistan
are speaking Hindi. Very glad to meet you.
Thank you. Because we love you, Kapil.
– Love you too. Thank you. I am married,
but still I love you. I came because of you
and Prabhas. I love you so much.
You are amazing! Thank you so much. Prabhas, you have a huge
female fan following. I like your luck. So, I think you’ve to do a few
movies in Bollywood also. Yes.
– Yes. Not only in Telugu. ‘Saaho’ is a Bollywood
movie also. Right. ‘Saaho’ is in Hindi, Telugu,
and so many other languages. Thank you.
Thank you so much. Thank you, Kapil. Prabhas, Shraddha,
please have a seat. Mr. Prabhas, what’s
the meaning of ‘Saaho’? In Sanskrit it’s like ‘hail’.
– Okay, ‘hail’. In Sanskrit, it’s ‘hail’?
– Something like that. The trailer of ‘Saaho’
is amazing. Hearty congratulations
to you guys for that. Thank you.
– Thank you so much. Your videos are going viral.
The songs are getting popular. Wow! ‘Saaho..’ ‘Saaho’! ‘Saaho..’
– Thank you. ‘Saaho..’ Who knows Prabhas’s full name
among the audience here? Everyone knows it’s ‘Prabhas’. If you mention his full name,
you’ll get a gift from us. Pass the mic to him please. Venkata Narayana..
– Yes. Is he right so far, Prabhas?
– You had your breakfast? Somewhat right. – Okay.
– Somewhat right? ‘Indian Idol’ is going on
in the other studio. You can go there. You raised your hand
very confidently. Okay, no problem.
Take your seat. Who else had raised their hands?
On that side. Please pass the mic to him. Do you have my photo
on your T-shirt? – Yes, sir. That’s for you and Ms. Ginni.
– Thank you, love you. Thank you. Where are you from?
– I’m from Nagpur. From Nagpur? – Yes, sir.
– Haven’t you got us oranges? I’ve got them.
– Are you sure? We’ve got ‘Santra Barfi’
for you. ‘Santra Barfi’?
– I see! Are you all from Nagpur?
– Yes, sir. A hearty welcome to you all. Please mention
Prabhas’s full name. Venkata Narayana
Prabhas Raju Uppalapati. He is almost right. Almost?
– Almost right. Okay.
So, let’s give it one more try. Whoever mentions his full name
exactly will get the gift. Thank you, pal.
What’s your name? I’m Vivek Singh. – Vivek Singh?
Thank you, Vivek. Even he had raised his hand. Pass the mic to him.
Let’s try with him. Venkata Suryanarayana
Prabhas Raju Uppalapati. Yes. Where are you from?
– Sir, Lal Bahadur Singh. Where are you from? – Are you
from Lal Bahadur Singh? I asked you where you are from. Sir, I am from UP.
I work for Income Tax Department, Mumbai. I see!
A hearty welcome to you, sir. Offer him tea. Offer him tea. – He is
from Income Tax Department. This guy has made Rs. 2,000
crore with ‘Baahubali’. I know, sir.
That’s why I am here. Have a look.
We do it for free. Sir, I am your fan.
That’s why I am here. I am not here
on behalf of my department. I am here as your fan today. I love you, pal. Thank you very much. Come here only as a fan
and not for raiding. Prabhas told us
that he is absolutely right. Anyone else? Ma’am?
Ma’am, please tell us. Greetings.
– Greetings. Prabhas’s full name
is Venkata Suryanarayana Prabhas Raju Uppalapati.
– Yes. I am your big fan, darling.
– Thank you. Where are you from?
– From Hyderabad. From Hyderabad?
Okay. Mr. Prabhas, who deserves
the prize? She or he? Both of them. Both of them. Both of them? Okay.
So, do one thing. Get married to each other. Prabhas’s name is so long that I think his name
won’t fit in a cheque. His payment also doesn’t come
from a single bank because he’s a huge star. So his payment is also more. We have heard
that Prabhas is very shy. Is he shy in the
set as well? – I don’t know. In fact,
he has a mischievous jolly, naughty side as well.
– Okay. He has a good
sense of humor as well. He does a lot of fun as well. Not like you, sir. I understood. Prabhas enjoys
there where he gets money. He doesn’t do it for free. How much would have been
spent on this movie? It looks like a costly movie. Yeah, 350 crores. Wow. Serve me tea.
My BP is getting low. Well, I hope this movie
earns Rs. 3,500 crores. This film..
– How sweet, thank you. In this film, there’s been
a robbery of Rs. 2,000 crores. Actually, an actor like Prabhas
is there in the movie so Rs. 2,000 crores
robbery sounds suitable. If you would have
kept Rs. 10 crores then the director would think that the hero only
is taking Rs. 100 crores so the rest 90 crores,
should be given by us? So, Prabhas. Meet my friend, Dinesh. Hello.
– Yeah. He used to steal
sugarcanes from trucks. You know sugar stick, right? Sugarcane.
– Sugarcane. Commends to your English. Sugarcane..
– You know he used to pull
sugarcanes from running trucks. Then? – Basically,
he used to pull it from trucks. Sometimes, the sugarcanes
are kept so tightly that he runs
from Noida to Gurugram. My English is over. That’s all, my Lord. You know what, Mr. Prabhas your Hindi is still combatively
better than my English. My English is in ICU and the doctor is saying,
there’s very slim chance. Very little. but I like to speak English. We love to hear you
speak English. Thanks guys. Shraddha, you both taught
each other your language or you had kept a tutor? He knows Hindi but..
– Yeah, he speaks it fluently. I had to take
tuitions for Telugu. Okay. – Only
to learn the dialogues. So can you speak Telugu? No, I can’t. But I can mug up the dialogues
and speak it. You are looking
very beautiful in the movie. Thank you.. – Congrats to you..
– Yeah, lovely. Thank you. – Shraddha,
you work in Bollywood and now you are working
in the south as well. What’s the difference
between both the industries? There’s not much
of a difference. Both industries
have the passion to direct movies. Maybe, a small difference is that
they softly respectfully
talk to each other. For us..
– What about here? Get that from there..
Call him fast. There’s a difference.. We share more
of a homely feeling. Both have love. Both the techniques
are different.. – Absolutely. Yeah, some languages are there
in which if you softly call then it feels like..
– Yeah. You are scolding someone. Prabhas sir,
since you came so first of all.. We are so proud of you I..
– Thank you. When I was in America so I saw a poster of Bahubali.
– Yeah.. We felt so proud. I told one or two that I’m also there
in this movie. I thought when they will
go to see the movie then I won’t be here
for them to question. I said that and left. Prabhas sir we know that
you have a huge fan following but we have heard
that you have received more than 5,000 proposals
for marriage. Is it true?
– I don’t know. Maybe it’s a rumour. We searched it and found that he received more than
5,000 proposals. That’s only those
who knew the address. What about those who
didn’t know the address.. They must be in crores.
– Yeah! I got just a single
proposal. I married her. I wasn’t sure
that another will come. I thought to grab
the oppurtunity. So we will keep talking to them. For now, we will call one more
important member of Saaho. Please welcome,
Mr. Neil Nitin Mukesh. Huge round of applause for him. ‘I’m innocent, and little mad’ ‘Baby, I’m a bad boy..’ ‘Baby, I’m a bad boy’ Welcome.. ‘I’m always high’ Hello.
– ‘S-T-A-Y-F-L-Y, fly’ ‘Just like a helicopter’ ‘I’m so sick,
someone call a doctor’ ‘It’s all cash’ ‘My swag does the talking’ ‘Now I’m in the mood’
– My God, how are you? ‘I will burn your ex’ ‘Oh boy, I’m down with you..’ ‘You stole my heart’ ‘Now I can’t stay away from you’ Neil, welcome to the show.
– Thank you. Neil, your cousin is here. You made her my cousin? Naughty. Neil, welcome to the show. Please, sit.
– Thank you. Neil, what’s your character
in the movie? Are you also after
Rs. 2,000 crores? How much can we reveal
about the movie? Don’t reveal anything.
– Nothing? You see, he’s sitting out here.
– Yeah. When he’s sitting out here
and she’s there then the zips
are always tight. The trailer is amazing.
– Thank you. Congratulations once again.
– Thank you. All of you know
that our movie actors get a chance to play
all kinds of roles and all kinds of ages. But this doesn’t happen
in real life. But I would like to know
from our audience that if God gives you
a power.. For example,
somebody says that he wants his childhood
to be longer. He wants to remain a kid
till 30 years. Or he wants to be young
till 30 to 40 years. Or he wants to always
remain old. How many people
want to do this and which phase
do you want to hold? Childhood, teenage or
old age? Yes, Ms. Hina. Hello, Ms. Archana.
– Hi. Hello, Mr. Kapil.
Hello, everyone. Hello, Ms. Hina. Mr. Kapil, first of all.. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Ms. Hina.
– If God gives me a power to increase any phase of my life I will increase
my teenage. Okay.
– Okay. – Teenage. Why teenage?
– Somebody has said that every teenage has a story. Oh, wow!
– Teenage is a phase which has an
energetic atmosphere. Yes.
– The most. And we can flirt more,
have affairs and flirt multiply. And this is the phase
where we can do it. We can do it legally. Yes. – Legally. We can do it
in the other phases of life. But it has to be done
secretly. Wow! Mr. Kapil, this.. You have
such romantic thoughts. Thank you very much,
Mr. Kapil. Have you come alone, Ms. Hina?
Where are you from? My husband is with me.
– Where is he? Sir, what is she saying? Mr. Kapil,
this age is the best because you get
many challenges to accept in this age.
– Yes. You get to learn
new things. – Yes. According to me,
this age is the best and I would like to go back
to this age and enjoy my life. Will you marry the same man
if you go back? Exactly! Can’t say, Mr. Kapil. Because you are here. I think that is why
she wants to go back. Yes.
– Sure, Mr. Neil. Mr. Kapil, I have a request.
– Yes, Ms. Hina. This is my present age. The atmosphere has become
flirty. Consider me
as Deepika Padukone for today and please.. Please!
It’s my hearty request. Please sing
‘tu hi re’ for me. This is my favourite song. Sure, Ms. Hina. Hello.
– Mr. Kapil. Increase the volume slightly. Mr. Kapil, can I come
there? – Please come. You are looking like
Deepika Padukone in this dress. Isn’t it?
– Thank you, Ms. Archana. Outstanding! Wow! Hello.
– Hi, Mr. Prabhas. Wow, he sings so well.
What a singer! Is there anybody else
who wants.. Yes, sir. Hello, Ms. Archana.
– Hello. Hello, everyone. Sir, I would like to bring back
that phase of my teenage when I was
in my courtship period. What does that mean? – The time
between engagement and marriage. Heavy flirting. Heavy flirting. So, you have been caught. But you haven’t
been sent to jail yet. – Yes. Under trial. We will be lost
in our worlds then. – Yes. We have no sense
about anything be it our parents
or friends. We keep disconnecting
all the calls. – Yes. Because we have
only one dream. How will my
would be wife look? I have met her.
– Yes. How will we spend time?
– Yes. How will we meet
secretly? Giving gifts
to each other. It is a sweet moment. Generally, these things
come to an end after marriage. Why does this happen?
What would you like to say? Mr. Kapil, you know
the answer better. Has your wife come with you? Yes, my wife has come with me. Greetings.
– Yes, she is my wife. Basically, he’s complaining
about you indirectly. He cannot complain
about me. Oh!
– He has to go home too. Sir, where are you from? Mr. Kapil, I am from Nagpur.
– Okay. One more sweet moment is you wonder how your
sisters-in-law will be. Mr. Kapil, by God’s grace.. By God’s grace, people
don’t get one sister-in-law and I have four
sisters-in-law. Give the mic to the man
sitting behind you. Ask him the names
of his sisters-in-law. Why are you concerned? You focus on your wife. He is telling me to ask
the names of his sisters-in-law.
Look at that. Mr. Kapil,
that is a different story. I think that is why
he told you that. Okay.
– Okay. Because my sister-in-law..
My wife, Priya. Yes.
– The song “Oh, Priya” had become very famous
back then. That is why her name is Priya.
– Okay. It was Neha’s time then. So, she was named Naina. Okay.
– Hello, Neha. Okay. It was Naina’s time then.
Shah Rukh Khan had done a movie. Yes. – His heroine’s
screen name was Naina. So, she was named Naina.
– Okay. ‘DDLJ’ became
very famous then. – Yes. The heroine’s name
was Simran. – Yes. So, she was named Simran. Movies are being made
even now. I think their dad has retired. After that, it was
Shah Rukh Khan’s era in the 90s. Yes.
– Yes. I have a brother-in-law.
His name is Rahul. Oh, ho! Hi, Rahul. And my last sister-in-law’s
name is Kiran. Wow!
– Hello, Kiran. Are there other people
in Nagpur or is it only your family? Sir, you say
interesting things. I would like to talk to
any of your sisters-in-law. Yes.
– Anybody. Hi, Mr. Kapil.
– Hello. Simran, does your
brother-in-law make you guys laugh
like this at home too? Yes, a lot. So, he is a good man. He comes home for a day
and we go crazy laughing. Does your brother-in-law
have brothers? No. I am alone.
– Brother-in-law is alone. Doesn’t your dad
watch movies? It was a pleasure
meeting you guys. Thank you so much
for coming. Thank you. Anybody else who wants
to talk about this? Yes, he wants
to say something. Mr. Kapil.
– Hello. I’m your huge fan.
– Thank you. What is your name?
– Rupesh Yadav. Rupesh, what would you like
to say? Where are you from? Mr. Kapil,
I have come from Delhi. Okay. I would like to say that I want to stay
in this age itself because we cannot do
anything later that we do now. What are you doing
at this age? Tell us too.
– No. That is not what I meant. I’m saying
that we have to work later. Our parents
get us married. We have to work. So, you don’t want
to get married. I want to be
in this age itself. I cannot enjoy so much
later. He is not ready
for commitment. Mr. Kapil, listen to me.
– Yes. I have seen this live. My neighbour was hitting
her husband with a broom. Oh! Oh! His only mistake was he returned home late
at night. He was getting
beaten up the next day. He went to buy
vegetables one day and he forgot
to bring okra. She sent him back
to bring okra. So, these incidents
have scared you. Yes.
– I am scared. I have lost faith
in marriage. A brave man becomes
a coward after marriage. How old are you? I am 15 years old. I have a hobby too. I translate Hindi songs
into Sanskrit and sing them because people
in our country are forgetting Sanskrit. Nobody likes it these days. He will discuss
all the social issues today. Yes.
– That’s not true. Thank you. Thank you. Superb. Yes! Yes! Kappu Sharma! Sir, hello! Sir, I am Baccha Yadav! I live here. I am in the milking
buisness. Milking? I take milk from cow
and buffalo. I supply it to people. They make cheese
and whatever. My brain is not accepting
what my eyes see! Man! Like.. Sir, I can say one thing
for you. What is it? Action hero
must be like Prabhas! And for talent.. Wait! Talent like Shraddha! And one must be handsome as Neil Nitin Mukesh! Saho! Saho!
Saho! Saho! Saho! Saho!
Saho! Saho! Saho! Saho!
Saho! Saho! Saho! Saho!
Saho! Saho! Sir! You see the level
of promotion I have done. Sir, the way you stopped
the elephant in Bahubali.. Can you stop him? Can you please keep quiet
for one century? Sir, I saw the promo
of the movie. You steal 2000 Crore.
I saw. Ms. Archana, as you see he is here so relaxed
after stealing such a sum. As if he is in the house
of his in-laws. He stole the money
in the movie. Not for real. We do not know
who took it. It is a suspense. Channel. Send me to pilgrimage. I have found out
the truth today. Thank you
for enlightening me. He’s caused.. What information
are you giving me? I know that much. And Mr. Prabhas.. Tell me, what should I
present before you? As if he is going to dance
like Devsena! If he wishes to see
me dance then have me dance. And you wil carry
the drum. Band, give me D minor. And I will dance today
and turn D minor to D major and if I fail, you must
do it. I am not going
to do it all. Band from nepotism. Sir, I want to tell you
about this. This happened here. This man is from Punjab. And he brought them
from Punjab. then those folk
got others from Punjab. From Punjab,
– From Punjab. He is now bringing audience
from Punjab. He got someone from Nagpur
and he is a Punjabi. There are a lot
of Punjabi folk here. A lot of them. I feel I am in Canada. Baccha, you are getting
quite frank here. I will. Mr. Prabhas and I share
a similar culture, Ms. Archana. Is that so?
– How? Listen, they have
have a similar society as we do here. They have violent men
and so do we. They are fond of action and we share the same
passion. We have Bhojpuri stars. Sir, I really fell.. From my end, I say.. You are brother
from another mother. Sir, if you do not mind I would like to suggest
a multi-million dollar buisness idea to you. A great idea. Sir, I can dub your movie
Bahubali in English. Do you even know English? Come on now. Look who is talking. What did he say? He is wondering if I can
speak in English. Getting smart, are we? But please seriously,
give it to thought. Please speak
to Mr. Rajamouli. We can do this project
slowly. Because slowly we win and fast gets furious. This man over here. He is always curious. I made a couplet. I hope I am not
the next great poet. You are getting way
out of shape. You must work out now. If you have got
such information then pray tell me why is dosa served
with a coconut chutney? Why? They can serve
the coconut tree but you cannot eat it. Sir, I keep cracking
silly jokes to lighten
the atmosphere. To feel good. Ms. Shraddha. Yes? I would like to tell you
that I am like coconut. I am hard from outside
but soft from within. Hard from outside? He does seem like it. Like a coconut
with a straw in it. Kappu.
– Yes? Not a word against
my hair. Just as Prabhas holds
his word very high I hold my hair. My hair is my livelihood. I end this discussion
right here. Begone! Who are you telling to go?
There is no one behind you. Sorry, my apologies. I get carried away. Frankly, I am telling you. I do not have a kingdom
like Mahishmati but we have very similar
problems like Bahubali. He is like a Bhalla deva
to me. Always dancing
on my head. There is the Lady here. Fine. She just laughs
and keeps laughing. And sometimes I feel like she
belongs to the Kalke family. While talking, she suddenly
starts.. Shall we all go out for some
time. He’ll carry on. Yes, he’ll carry on.
– What do you mean, carry on? Let me complete.
He’s jealous. He’s getting jealous.
– Jealous! Because people with such a good
personality are sitting here so he’s getting very jealous.
– Jealous! No, sir.. I am really..
Mr. Neil. – Yes. Look at the irony.
– What? Neil Nitin Mukesh.
Look at his personality. This man acts as a villain.
I mean, I am really surprised.. If you have to kidnap
the heroine then do you have to abduct her,
or the heroine herself calls you and asks you to come soon
and kidnap her? Such a good looking villain? Oh, my God!
– What have you come here for? He always keeps asking the same
questions again and again.. Ms. Archana, from the third
episode itself he’s been asking me
all this nonsense questions. This nature of yours
is the reason that the channel has to invite
new guests every time for every episode. This is the format of this show.
– No.. The show has no format,
it’s your format, sir. Always questions,
one after the other.. You guys answer, but does he
give any prize, sir? Does he? No, I am telling you. This man
asks too many questions.. Always questions.. Even if he wakes up at night,
who, what, when, where, how.. Nice. So much..
So much of questions. You give answers, but he doesn’t
give you any prize. He gives no money, nothing,
but just this. Sir, I am telling you.
In the same channel Mr. Amitabh Bachchan hosts
the show ‘KBC’. He asks questions, he gives
four options and if you answer, he gives
a lot of money. ‘Here, you won Rs. 1 crore!’
He’s happy giving Rs. 1 crore. Sir, this guy..
He gives no money, we’re poor. Sir, that’s why I wear dhoti.
– Dhoti! Because dhoti has no pockets. Why to have pockets
when there’s no money? So, that’s why.. Praise my Lord!
Oh, Bahubali! The king of Mauli!
– King of Mauli.. Please help us!
We’re extremely poor. We have no money. Our leader doesn’t give us
any money. Leader.. – Please!
We’re cashless. Help us! He’s not just cashless,
but he’s neckless too. Sorry. Just get out, otherwise I
will ask Sony to oust you! Bachcha..
– O-Oh, yes.. Bachcha..
– No, man.. Bachcha..
– Bachcha.. Sir.. It’s not that he’ll ask and I
will go. I don’t go like that. Sir, I have a collection
of jokes. Let me tell jokes
and create the environment. I am a little funny
kind of guy. So, I will crack a joke now.
Okay. Okay, here’s the first joke. Tell me something. What is blue
and also, not very heavy? You mean, what’s blue,
but not heavy? It is light blue. Oh, God!
Bachcha! I really started imagining
what it is. I thought it is.. One more, sir.. Ms. Shraddha, please focus,
because this one is technically difficult. What is the opposite of pickle?
– Thought? You won’t understand it
from the answer. The answer is onion.
But I’ll tell you, how. Pickle is called pickle. The opposite of pickle.. And that’s onion. That.. No.. – That was indeed,
technically very difficult. Sir, I am..
I am sorry, sir. Sometimes I don’t make sense,
but that’s life, sir. It doesn’t always make sense.
All right, thank you! All right, sir.
Thank you very much! Nice meeting you, sir.
Please be seated. Bye..
– Bye. Okay, man!
I am going now. Crazy lot of energy. – We have
this kind of people also, sir. Crazy. Neil, tell me one thing.
Even after being so handsome you played the role of a villain
in your first movie. Yes. – Didn’t your family say
that they gave birth to a hero and you’re playing these roles?
– The way we read the books and listen to the stories
from mother during school and the story remains
in our memory the same way I always ask
my mom to read every script. So, mom read the script
and she asked me what kind of role that was,
in which I kill five people I am a villain, and that I
am the grandson of Mr. Mukesh. Ms. Archana, do you know
Mr. Prabhas is known as ‘young rebel star’
in Tollywood. – Oh. Why? Why, Mr. Prabhas?
Why is it so? My uncle is known as rebel star,
so it came from there. Oh.. Young..
– I am not young now though. But, yes. Just a moment. Sony TV, yes. Mr. Prabhas just delivered
the fourth dialogue. We have enough contacts. We have some rumours,
which we’ve heard from people. We want to get them cleared. ‘Shraddha, there’s a rumour
that you used to threaten’ ‘your teachers in school
to increase your marks’ ‘otherwise your dad
would kidnap them.’ Really? That’s a good idea,
I should’ve done it. No.. I mean, I didn’t get
this idea. So, it’s a rumour?
– Yes. – Okay. ‘Mr. Prabhas, we heard that you
keep sleeping’ ‘on the day of release
of your movies.’ So, the public wants to know
if you celebrate a lot before the release.
– No, I try to sleep but I don’t get
because of the stress. Tension.
– So.. Tension. That means, this rumour
is quite true. Yes, almost.
Yes. Shraddha, Prabhas falls asleep
before the release. ‘About you, we heard that your
stomach becomes upset’ ‘before the release.’ Is that true?
– Tension. Yes. That is she went
to the toilet thrice when she had come here
the last time. Okay. Neil, you had done a movie
titled ‘3G-A Killer Connection’. Yes. I have heard
that the producer had stopped your cheque. That is why you did
15 kissing scenes in the movie. Did I shoot 15 kissing scenes
after he stopped the cheque? You shot for 15
kissing scenes as a revenge. And after getting the cheque? After that, I have heard
that you are waiting for 5G. It is going to be
launched soon. Okay. Shraddha, I have heard
another rumour that there is a lizard
in your house whose name is Chameli. You have named it.
Is it true? Yes. There was a lizard
in my room when I was a kid. Okay. – I
used to be very scared. I wouldn’t sleep
in the room. So, my mom asked me
to befriend it. Why did you have
to befriend it? Was it staying on
rent? You could have chased it. You befriended a lizard. So cute. How do you know this?
– Look at that. I have a very big budget
research team. Okay. – Hey, I want
to ask a question to Prabhas. You watch Hindi movies?
– Yes, I do. Which is your favourite
Hindi movie of all time? May movies.
‘Sholay’ and ‘Dangal’. There are a lot of movies. And favourite actor
in Bollywood? I like Shah Rukh and Salman. Oh!
– Wow! And actresses?
Heroines? Deepika, Alia, Katrina.
– Deepika! He is very jealous now. Mr. Prabhas,
she is married now. Yes.
Very sad. We are left behind. Mr. Prabhas, there’s
a question from the audience. Your fans told me
to ask you. What would you like
to do first if you are made
the Prime Minister for one day? I think I will stop
interviews for the industry. He has promoted
his movie for the first time and look at his
sense of humour. He is tired. Look at this man carefully. Very nice answer. Ms. Archana, do you know
that Neil is good at mimicry? Really?
– Oh, God! I have never heard
or watched it. Watch it now.
– No. He will do it now.
– No, Mr. Kapil. A little bit.
– Yes. Just for fun. Okay, whom should I mimic? Anybody whom you likee. Okay, tell me a dialogue. You don’t know the value of two pinches of vermillion,
Mr. Ramesh. Oh, wow!
– Mr. Sanjeev. So, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
has to say this to Mr. Ramesh. Yes.
– Okay. Two pinches of vermillion.. You don’t know the value of two pinches of vermillion,
Mr. Kapil. Hey, fabulous.
– Superb. Thank you. How good!
– Superb. One more.
– One more. One more. If Varun Dhawan had to say
the same dialogue it would be like Shraddha! Can you come?
Come. Come in front. That’s nice.
– Come. This body language
is required. That’s nice. You don’t know the value of two pinches of vermillion,
Mr. Ramesh. That’s it. Wow!
– Nice. Well.. But..
– Quite similar. I think he’s got
a great style. Superb.
– Thank you. Thank you. Superb, Mr. Neil.
Thank you. – Thank you. Mr. Prabhas, we know
that ‘Saaho’ will earn lots of money.
The trailer is amazing. But we are giving you
a chance to earn something here. We play a game called
‘Kay Bail Crorepati’. So, would you like to play? Yes.
– Okay. Bring the setup quickly. Yes. Yes. Greetings.
– Greetings. Ladies and gentlemen
and die hard fans of ‘Saaho’. I welcome all of you
to our game show which is called
‘Kay Bail Crorepati’. Firstly, I would like
to welcome the star cast of the blockbuster ‘Saaho’. Mr. Prabhas, welcome.
Mr. Shraddha, welcome. Mr. Neil Nitin Mukesh,
welcome. – Thank you. After watching
the popularity of this game Mr. Mahesh Manjrekar
has just joined us. Wow! – You have
three lifelines in this game. The first one being phone
a friend. – Okay. – Okay. The rule is,
the phone will be yours and the friend will be ours. Second, audience pole. The pole will be ours
and the audience will be yours. Third, expert advice. We’ll give it
if our experts arrive. It’s a bye
if they don’t arrive. Because..
– Hello. Hello. Oh!
Okay. Hello. Answer the call
if you are brave enough. Hello.Yes, Mr. Rajamouli.
– Yes. You have not come. I have made
‘Mouli Paratha’s for you. Yes, I have also made
‘Saaho Ka Saag’. Come soon. Bring Rs. 2,000 crores too.
– Why? Because I have kidnapped
your Bahubali. Bye.
Hello. Mr. Prabhas,
let me introduce. He is our expert.
– Thank you. We don’t want him
to be our expert. But he still is.
He is Mr. Arora. Let me tell you
one thing about him. A cabbage can open
and close again. But his mouth
can never be shut. Wait a moment. Rajamouli.
– Again? Hello, Mr. Rajamouli. The bull in ‘Bahubali’ has also been kidnapped by me. Take him for free. Okay. Mr. Arora, please.
I’m not in a mood today. Please.
I’m sorry. He’s folding his hands
as though I’m Ranjeet and he is Bindu. He’s talking nonsense. Mr. Arora,
our another expert doesn’t come due to
your nonsensical talks. Ms. Archana.
– Yes. 50 ‘tola’. Mr. Mahesh, 50 ‘tola’.
Mr. Prabhas, 50 ‘tola’. What does he mean?
– Shraddha, 50 ‘tola’. Neil, 50 ‘tola’. Mr. Arora, 50 ‘tola’. Everyone’s count
is 50 ‘tola’. – Yes. But when I weighed him,
the weighing scale told me 50 quintals. How are you? Are you good? Mandira Bedi is also
in the movie, right? Hasn’t she come?
– No. No problem.
I say hi through the TV. Hi, Mandira. No, I am not taking
your name. I’m asking you
to come to the temple. How long will we meet
in the gym? She’s always in the gym,
you know? Mandira. – I would like
to say something, Ms. Mandira. Don’t go to the temple
with him. He will send you inside
and steal your shoes. What is it, Mr. Arora? Sir.
– Don’t be scared. I am giving you
a magical hug. Wow!
– Very good. No, Mr. Sanjay.
This is not allowed here. This isn’t allowed here..
No hugs and kisses. This is a family show.
Hugs and kisses are not allowed. Mr. Prabhas, let me tell you.. Some time back, a group
of girls came to see him. They were confused as to
from which angle they were supposed
to see him! They saw him from the terrace
of a building but he looked the same size. Shut up! Don’t disturb me. Hey, you! – What..
– Something is there! God! Mother! Give something, Mother! I just saw something,
Mother. Stop calling me your mom. Your
mom didn’t sport a moustache. Mom, I can see something. I’m seeing a woman, Mom. A woman!
– Not at all. Take your seat.
There isn’t any woman. Shraddha, your film earned
Rs. 200 crores.. – Yes. But I was at a loss.
– Why? I went with a woman
to watch a film. A signboard read
‘Stree, come back tomorrow’. The woman who was with me
went back. She came back the next day. That day, I was watching
the film with my wife. I got caught red-handed. That was a loss for me.
– Sorry. Uncle, there is something
out there. What’s going on?
– Something is out there. What is this? Hey! Woman! Come tomorrow. I’d say, visit
day after tomorrow again. Visit us every day. Come after 11 as I’m free. I need to get married. Shraddha, everybody asks
power from God but I’m asking
Shakti Kapoor from you. Please bring him here
for a day because he has to thrash
someone. Excuse me! Excuse me. If you all weren’t
going to get scared of me there is no point staying here.
– Listen. Don’t you get scared
looking in the mirror? We don’t need you
because already there are people here more scarier
than you. – Hey! – Leave. Very bad face. I dislike.
– Totally. My apologies, sir..
For the inconvenience. Let’s start the game. Before we start the game,
I want to crack jokes. Sir, you’d made the film,
‘Vaastav’ in India. Had you made the same film
in Sri Lanka what name would
you’ve given to it? Tell us.
– ‘Shrivastav’! That was funny. Sorry, sir.
I want some fun. Sir, the first question for Rs. 9999.. After deducting the TDS. Here is the first question on your computer screen! Here is the question, sir.
– So sweet. Why did Katappa kill Bahubali? It’s a..
– Lovely! It’s a universal question. Everybody.. Option A.. Katappa was jealous
of Bahubali’s hairstyle. That’s why, he killed him. Option B.. Katappa wanted to marry
but he was afraid that Bahubali kills that person
who touches women. – Yes. So, kill Bahubali.. Maybe. Option C.. Maybe Katappa had a crush on Bahubali’s
mother Shivgami Devi but Bahubali considered
Katappa as his maternal uncle so, Katappa’s plan
was being thwarted. So, maybe.. You never know. Option D. Sir, I didn’t keep Option D
as Bahubali is no more. So, I kept that option defunct.
– Okay. That option is in mourning.
It is non-existent. Choose out of these three. You may take expert advice.
Experts, any advice? He’ll take that from me But from whom
will I take? I don’t have another
behind me. Would you like to say
something, Sanjay? – Yes! Hey! Did I ask you? I don’t care
who you are, buster! Sit or I’ll shoot you! I’ll not shoot at your heart.
I’ll aim at your head because Shraddha said,
everything is right here. – Yes. Instead at your head,
I’ll aim here because your paunch
is everything for you! You talk nonsense. Take your seat, pal. Listen, Bachaa Yadav. I heard there is a set
inside your paunch and you do your shootings there. Stop your nonsense. Let me talk
to the superstar Prabhas. Mr. Prabhas.
I had a question for you. When a person touches
a woman, you kill him. I’d to cut the collar of my
shirt. Whom should I touch? Wow! Hats off to you! I was inside hogging away
‘Pav Bhaji’. Look at him.
– I dislike him. Dislike him. Ignore him and please
answer the question. What will be the right answer? Option A, B or C? A. – A. A? Let me check, sir. That’s the right answer! Right answer! Wow!
– Stop shouting! Baba, tear his ‘Dhoti’. He scares people. He shouldn’t shout like that. Speak softly and play the game. Sit. – He scares me so much.
I’m not even wearing a diaper! Look! Your answer is right. ‘Saaho’? You win Rs. 9999. I can transfer the amount
to your bank account but I heard your bank has Rs. 2000 crores. You’ve so much money.
We’re poor. Give that money to me. I’m not transferring that money and it goes in my fund. Thank you very much, sir. Next question that
I’m going to ask you all is Ms. Shardha,
in one of your movies the hero would repeatedly
say one thing. I’ll still love you. What was that
the hero was going through that he’ll
still only love you? Your options are a. The actress had
borrowed money from him because of which
he can’t leave her. Option b. The
actor was sitting behind the actress in the
examination hall, he is afraid that he’ll fail hence
he is not ready to leave her. Option c. The actress
was from a rich family and the actor wanted
to be a live-in son-in-law that why he
will still love you. Option d. The
actress knew the net banking password
of the actors account that’s why he
couldn’t leave you. You can take help too,
if you want to. Mr. Sanjay Dutt,
would you like to help? Would you like
to say something? Hey, I don’t care! I don’t want this
additional information. I don’t.. Go and take your seat.
– If you blabber too much then.. Then what? – I’ll destroy
your Mandva right now. Understood?
– He’ll destroy Mandva.. Who is that? Hey.. Can you tell me one thing,
if you are okay with it? Go ahead.. – It is
necessary to do that every time? We have agreed it.. I’ve never
got angry till now. This man..
You’re only the villain. Yes, indeed.
You are only the villain. You’re only the villain. I’m only the villain..
– Yes, man! Yes, indeed..
– Yes, indeed. No..
Nothing has changed. Is it necessary to bring
in super dancer in this show? Is it necessary for you
to turn around every time? Talking rubbish. Mr. Soni,
I have a question. Is it necessary
for her to laugh at aspects which
are not even funny? If you guys are
done with your questions can I get the answer
from the celebrities? Go ahead,
why are you talking to the celebrities often,
talk to the guests. Guests..
So, please tell me why
was that actor still loving her? Option a, b, c, d. What was option
a? – Yes, what was it? Wait a minute,
I’ll tell you what’s option a. Your options are a. The actress
had borrowed money from him. It could be possible
or it could be option b too. Option b is that
he wanted to copy in the exam because
he was afraid to fail. Option b? Let’s lock option b.
Let me check. It’s the right answer! Oh God.. Has anyone left
a dog behind you? You’re saying right
answer for everything. Fool. Stupid man
of the earth of the century. Take this, you
have won Rs. 50,550. As we can see that this
movie of yours is a huge movie. It’s going to earn
a lot of money. Hence, why do you
need this prize money Yes, keep that too.
– Please, donate it to me. Thank you very much,
once again. You’re very kind.
Thank you so much. Let’s go further? How much more further
are you going to go? He is just going
further and further. One fine day,
India will finish and Sri Lanka will start. Manner less Paratha. Manner less Paratha it seems. Let’s ignore him and
proceed with the question. Okay, sir.
This question is for Rs. 1 lakh. This means,
it’s for one box. The question is visible
on your computer screens. The question is.. Why doesn’t anybody order samosa and dosa together? Your options are.. Option a. They’ve been stuffed
with hatred potato since years. Wow. – That’s
why they never come together. option b. The red chutney
instigates samosa and the coconut chutney
instigates dosa. Option c. The dosa
wants to meet samosa but since the samosa
is a triangular in shape and it pokes the dosa. So that’s the case. Option D.. – Okay. ‘Dosa’ is the uncle of ‘Samosa’. They had an argument
in the wedding and that’s why they don’t talk
terms with each other. I see. So, we have Mr. Sanju here. Would you like to comment
something on this? Yes! – Oh, no! Play the music. My mood has got spoiled.
Buy me some liquor. – No.. You can’t drink here. Mister, please give him
a 30 ml slap. 30 ml.. Because if I give him
a 90 ml slap he will die right here. Anyway, sit down. Don’t you dare dance now.
I won’t even look at you. Let him dance. That’s fine. But we have
someone else here. He calls himself
the nephew of Govinda. He does strange things.
He does weird gestures. Listen, did we make you
a villain? What’s our mistake?
– What’s our mistake. We know that
you are a villain. He yells in my ear,
‘I am villain’. Sir, ignore everything.
– Funny! What’s your answer? Is it the option A, B, C or D? You tell it, sir. Sir. – It’s the option A. Option A? – Yes. Let me check. That’s the right answer! Mind blowing! You are giving right answers
back to back. You win this box. You can keep it.
– Is he giving it? And then.. It’s just a box. It’s empty. You can use it to store
your coats. That was bad. I just said that for fun.
It’s just a joke. Let’s move on to
the next question. The next question
is for Rs. 1 Crore. Rs. 1 Crore. Okay? He is talking about crores. What? I didn’t’ say anything. Did I say yes? – No.. I didn’t say it, right?
– No. No.. When did I say anything? I can’t hear it. Did I say anything? All right, sir. Here’s the next question
right on your computer screen. I love it.
I love the energy. Mr. Neil, you did a film
named ‘Aa Dekhe Zara’. Okay. It means, ‘come, let’s see’.
What are you trying to see? Option A. – Okay. Are you talking about
seeing that? Oh, that thing? Option B. Are you talking about
seeing this? Option C,
it’s about seeing this but you are talking
about seeing that. Option D, you are talking
about seeing something a little but you are seeing everything. Yes.. Nice. Would you like to say
something about this question? What do you feel? I am the one, right? I don’t think I can ever
hear this song again. All right. So, Mr. Neil, please answer.
– Okay. Which one is the right answer? I agree with Mr. Sanju’s answer. It’s the option D.
– Option D? – Okay. – Yes. I don’t think it’s the option D. I think it’s.. He is asking his family
to watch ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’
at 9:30 p.m. on Sony TV. He is asking them
to see that. – I see. That’s what I feel.
– What you feel is fine. But it’s not in the options. How did that answer come up? He is not involving the option
because of which he is here. Mr. Sony, please find
an option for him. Say it.. – Yes! Yes, even I am a villain. What? Yes! Sorry. My apology..
– I will not spare you. I don’t think we can
continue this game. My apology.
I end this game here. The game is over.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much
for joining us for this game. Now it’s time to
click some photographs. Ms. Archana will
click some photographs. Sir, please come forward.
Let’s click some photographs. It’s a nice photograph. Thank you so much
for coming here. Now, I would to invite
two playback singers from the movie ‘Sahoo’. Please welcome
Dhvani Bhanushali. To accompany her,
please welcome Tulsi Kumar.

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