The Kapil Sharma Show – Season 2 – EP 82 – Full Episode – 13th October – 2019

The Kapil Sharma Show – Season 2 – EP 82 – Full Episode – 13th October – 2019

Get lost from here! Hello, Ms. Archana!
– Hello, Chappu! Do you recognise me?
I’m Kappu’s brother Chappu. Yes. – Why is the whole city
not very bright? Because you’re wearing glasses.
– What did I ask? That why is it not very bright?
I wanted to check if you’re focused on the show
or just here to make money. I’ve started this new business.
Wedding planning. From kids to old people,
we do everyone’s wedding. Kids? – You know,
the last week I organised a destination wedding.
– Oh! Every newspaper wrote about it.
– Whose wedding? Oh, my dress! It wasn’t some
rich man’s wedding. I chose such a destination
that the wedding procession couldn’t even reach there. They left one month ago
for the wedding. They’re missing.
The police is looking for them. Well, there is
a destination wedding here the day after tomorrow.
We haven’t even made all the arrangements.
Only two days are left. There’s this headache of wedding
and I’ve to watch cartoons too. Cartoons!
– Wow! My God! Wow!
– Hello.. Yes..
Yes, I’ve reached the venue. Come here quickly.
– Wow! Come.. Yes. It’s my daughter’s
wedding today. You.. Hit him!
– My daughter’s wedding is here today.
And no arrangements have been made! Hey, Chappu!
Chappu! What!
I’m watching cartoons here. What’s that?
It’s my daughter’s wedding today and you’re watching cartoons!
– No problem, I’ll watch your daughter the day
cartoons are getting married. Your daughter’s wedding
is on the day after tomorrow. It’s today! The wedding
procession is about to arrive. How’s that possible?
Wasn’t the wedding supposed to take place on Sunday?
– It’s Sunday today! Hold on, it was supposed
to take place on the 20th. It is 20th today! What a dark age it is!
It was 19th yesterday and now it’s 20th!
Oh, God! Dates change
so quickly nowadays. Oh, nice! – What kind
of wedding planner are you? I even sent you
an invitation card. Hit him!
I don’t read the cards. I’ve never even read
my own report card. When I see my father is
about to me, then I realise that I’ve failed
this year as well. That’s how I find out. Oh, man!
Forget all that. The wedding procession
is about to arrive here. Arrange the things
you can quickly. Call your men.
– Hey, I have no man! I’m thinking about
becoming someone’s man. I don’t have any man. I meant, call your workers!
The bride and the groom are on their way here.
And this.. What is this?
– A chair. Only one chair for both
the bride and the groom? The other chair is
at another wedding ceremony. I’ll tell you what,
we’ll have the bride and groom play musical chairs.
And the winner can wear the nuptial chain.
– Are you out of your mind? The bride wears
the nuptial chain. That happens in normal weddings,
mister. It’s a bit different here.
I organised a wedding the day before yesterday.
I had the groom make an entry on a parachute, you know!
– What? Yes.
– Really! Yes, really. But there
was a small problem. The parachute didn’t open. The groom was
all over the place. You know, it took us six hours
to reassemble him. But there was a small problem.
We fixed his ear here. When someone calls him now,
he turns like this to hear. It’s difficult. There’s always
a little risk involved. Oh, man!
I beg you make all this right.
I’ll get humiliated otherwise. It’s all right. Go inside
and drink a couple of shots. Then you won’t feel
the humiliation. Go drink a couple of shots.
Then we’ll do snake dance here. We’ll dance here?
I’m the bride’s father! How can I dance?
– You don’t know how to dance? What kind of a person
is he? Hey, you are the father
of a 21st century girl. Sonam Kapoor got
married recently. – Yes. Anil Kapoor performed
snake dance so much that the priest had
a slip of the tongue. ‘It’s time to perform
the ritual.’ ‘Call the snake.’ So much.. To heck with your snake dance! Who will serve food
to the groom’s party? I am not seeing
any waiter here. Don’t worry.
You just pray to God that the food should
be arranged. I will serve food.
What’s the big deal? What do you mean?
The food is not prepared! We have a tie-up
with an NGO. They will go to other
wedding parties and bring excess food here. Oh, no! That NGO had a tie-up
with this wedding. Food.. No problem.
I will ask another NGO. You are too much! You will bring excess food
from another wedding and serve the groom’s party!
– So what? Even she has replaced someone
in this show. It’s not a big deal. You should have prepared food
instead of cooking up stories. Oh, God!
What will happen to me now? Don’t worry.
The cook is on his way. Cook.
Hello, cook. For God’s sake,
please set everything fine. It’s a question
of my reputation. Tell me one thing. Is the question in Hindi
or it is in English? Stop cracking jokes.
Concentrate on your work. I suggest you to crack jokes
instead of working. You don’t need
to work anywhere else if you are good
in cracking jokes. Chappu Sharma,
why are you shouting? Mister, my daughter’s wedding
will take place here today. You were supposed
to prepare the food. Yes.
– What’s the status? I prepared the food
last week itself. As soon as the groom’s
party will arrive I will heat the food
and serve them. What!
– Yes. What rubbish are you talking? He will serve the food
which he prepared one week ago! How can you do this? Look, no matter how good
food you serve the groom’s party the groom’s
brother-in-law and uncle will remain upset for sure.
– Yes. Mister, he has done
what he had to. Please prepare the food properly
and save my reputation. Do you tie the food
around your waist? How can the food
save your reputation? Do you know?
I have prepared so tasty food.. Don’t worry.
Don’t be tense. I have prepared so tasty food that the groom’s party
will lick their finger. Hey, don’t believe him.
He doesn’t prepare tasty food. He prepares very less quantity and asks everyone
to lick their finger after putting it
inside the food. Do you know? I licked
my little finger so much that it couldn’t grow properly. Everyone’s little finger
is their smallest finger. My mother used to say
that no work is inferior. What rubbish are you talking? I see.
It’s okay if Shahrukh Khan’s
mother says this. But if my mother says this,
it’s rubbish! No kid is becoming
Shahrukh Khan now because of people like you. I am finished.
I am destroyed completely. He made so many tall claims
at the time of booking. Don’t talk rubbish. Otherwise, I will punch
on your face and you will start bleeding. Why? – You yourself
asked for jungle theme. I put my life at take
and caught two snakes which will be used
as the wedding garlands. Garlands.. The bride and the groom
will exchange snakes instead of exchanging garlands! Do you want elephants
instead of snakes? I have seen
the bride’s costume. Snake will go well
with the costume. I asked for greenery, trees. So that it feels like a jungle. Don’t go for so much greenery. Otherwise, people will sit
to defecate here. The groom’s party must be
on their way. Look, I am ready to pay
your more if you want. But please save my reputation.
Please do something. Look, don’t worry.
– Okay. It’s your daughter’s wedding.
It’s your headache. I am interested in money. Hey.
Hi. Chappu, has the groom’s
party arrived? Not yet. What is the makeup
artist doing here? Where is my daughter? Her makeup is getting dried
inside. Her makeup is getting dried
inside! – Yes. I have applied ‘Sultani Mitti’
on her face. It takes 2 hours
to get it dried. It’s ‘Multani Mitti’,
not ‘Sultani Mitti’. Our producer acted
in a movie named ‘Sultan’. So I apply ‘Sultani Mitti’. Do you hear me? Thank God, Mr. Salman didn’t
act in ‘Garam Masala’. Otherwise, ‘Garam Masala’ would
have been used as a face pack. Hey, you poor soul! Go to your eatery
and kill mosquitoes. Go. Hey, you royal maid!
– Oh! Mind your language.
– Just think. I was a royal maid. Just think
what I will do to you. The groom’s party must
be on their way.. Please do something.. Hey, you steamed momo! Didn’t I tell you?
It will take time. Chandu.
– Yes. Get coal from your tandoor.
Kohl has been finished. So I need heated coal.
– Hey.. You will apply coal
on my daughter’s face! Why are you getting so hyper? Don’t get hyper.
It’s okay.. I will apply normal coal.
Don’t worry. This means, you were
planning to use heated coal! It’s herbal.
There will be no infection. That’s why I asked for coal.
Please get it for me. I don’t have coal.
Should I bring some tar? No, I am not going
to do her facial. He is too much! Coal..
Tar! Are you applying makeup
on a bride or you are constructing roads? The groom’s party
has arrived.. The groom’s party
has arrived. Hurry up!
The groom’s party has arrived. Catch.. They’re here! The groom’s party
has arrived. The groom’s party has
arrived. Please do something. I am feeling scared.
I am going to do yoga. Hey, listen.. Liquid yoga.. Come.. Bye. Welcome.. Mister, come.. Oh, wow. They came. Wow, he looks like
poor man’s Kader Khan. Great. Wow. It was fun. Come. Now we will commence
ribbon cutting. Hold this. Come. What’s this? This is someone’s pony. Yes, I asked
for a ribbon from a girl but she said no. So I cut her pony.
This is how I am.. I don’t request much. Cut it! Cut it fast. Wait. Mister, you never told that you have
a manly daughter as well. If you are looking
for a groom for her then please do tell. Hey! What?
– Jharkhand’s prawn. Don’t talk nonsense..
Your son is the same rabbit
who lost in the race, right? Commence his wedding
and get lost from here. What does he think of himself! Wow.. They both started arguing! By the way, she doesn’t
look like your sister-in-law. No, she looks like one
from all the angles. Everyone calls her the same when they come out
from her parlour. Hey! Listen here, you idiot! If you talk nonsense then I will break
your restaurant. Then everyone will curse you.
Got it? Look at your face! You look like a tired
female mongoose in a battle between
a mongoose and a snake. Keep calm.
I will go get the food. These laughter usually
happens in a wedding. Mister, listen. Hold this. What happened?
– If we start the same then police will come here. Police..
– No worries. Cut the ribbon fast. The auspicious time
is passing. Fast.. Cut it. Leave it.
You won’t be able to do it. He can’t cut a pony.
Why are you getting him married? Yeah, it’s done.
– It’s done.. It’s done. Cutting is done. Wow. The ritual is done?
– Yes. Fine. Give 51 crore. 51 crore? Is it too much?
– Yes. Then leave it. Give a crore. Everyone knows,
it costs me a crore here. Sapna.
– Yes. Let them come inside. Let them come, I.. Hey, not so easily. We can’t let them inside. The shoe hiding ceremony
isn’t done. – Yes. One minute. That happens later. Honeymoon happens later. Honeymoon happens at the end. Yeah, it depends. If it’s love marriage then it happens later. If it’s arrange marriage then it happens later. What? What’s that? Both are the same. Honeymoon is the same.
Don’t find varieties. Stop talking rubbish. Kapil, come.
Let’s steal their shoes. Let’s go.. Let’s go. Come.. Come on. Come on. Hey..
– Move! One minute.. It was fun.
– What’s happening? It’s a ceremony
to hide the shoes not forcefully pulling it. This is what happens here. Dad.
– Yes. I can’t find my purse. That is also a ceremony.
Don’t worry. Mister. I also can’t find my purse. No worries.
This is also a ceremony. Dad.
– Yes. My gold chain
and diamond ring is also lost. Looks like you have hired
professional thieves in order to commence
the ceremonies. Listen. Listen! The car in which you came is also stolen! Come, let’s find. Looks like,
Mukesh’s friends came. They have started
the ceremonies as well. I will be back. Okay? Here, keep it. Bye. Come.. Come, sit here. Tell me, if there’s any problem. Don’t hesitate at all.
Come sit. Remove this or else,
there will be trouble. No, why will I hesitate? You saved a lot of money. We do better arrangement
than this in a cremation. Am I right, Dad?
– Yes. Did you hear him? Heard him? Shame on you! Be thankful that your
teddy bear dad has organised such
an expensive wedding for you. Who would marry
a guy like you? Did you hear? Heard him? Fool! What all a father has to do for a son like you. You are right.. You don’t start. What did you do for your son?
Nothing! Is there any
arrangement for food or we have to do that online? Heard him? Heard him? There’s no one next to me. Everything’s here.
– Here’s the starters. Enjoy your starters. What is this?
– It’s ‘Dal Tadka’. Who has this for starters? Who would have him
as the bridegroom? You tell me one thing. If this is the starter, then
what’s the main course? We have computer course
and English speaking course in main course. Listen, you are insulting
the bridegroom. – Yes.. Don’t worry,
I will insult you too. Don’t misbehave. We are
from the bridegroom’s family. Don’t wear it out by
saying it again and again. Or else, I will ask Kapil Sharma
to make you the bride’s family. Listen, mister.. Don’t be angry. Mister! – This is how
we get rid of anger. That is not what I meant. I meant that we have
to live here permanently. Come on, let’s start. We have
to do the marriage ceremonies. Let’s start.. – How can
we start just like that? Where’s the bride?
Call the bride. Darling Don’t irritate me. Where’s my daughter?
Where did she come from? From my parent’s planning. Were you an unintended child? No, we mean
that where is my wife? Yes. She is being betrayed. Because she is getting
married to you, fool. Have some patience.
She will come. And be grateful that you
are getting married. People like you don’t
even win anything from a Scratch and Win offer. Stop this nonsense.
Where is the bride? Call her. Didn’t I tell you
that she is drying? She is drying? It’s a wedding. There should
be some entertaining programmes. Of course.
– Yes. And Sapna will present it. Sapna..
– Music! Excellent. You danced like a man,
despite being a woman. Great, I enjoyed it.
– You can enjoy later. Call the bride first. Dad, the bride. Yes, don’t do it. She will run away. Hey, Sapna. Why is she ruining it by
howling like a dog? Every Tom, Dick,
and Harry are getting married. When am I getting married,
Chappu? Hold on.. Come, dear,
do the ritual quickly. Stop. Let’s talk about the dowry
before the rituals. I knew that you would give me
a tip for my hospitality. You look like a bat
hanging upside down. He is not tipping you. He will tip me because
I groomed her. Do I not get anything
for bringing you the scapegoat? I mean that.. Are you not going to pay me for doing all
these arrangements? I will take her. I will hand you
over to the police. I will accuse you.. Don’t touch me. Give me what was
discussed earlier. The car.
– Listen, mister. I have spent all of my
money for this marriage. I have nothing to give you now. Who would give a car
to this idiot? And if anyone asks for a car
for marrying me then I will break it’s exhaust
valve. Do you understand? Acting too smart. Listen, I want a car
and it’s been decided. Great, a man is giving
you a piece of his heart and you are asking for a car. What do you mean?
I have spent money too. I gave him education
and made the boy eligible. Hey, mister,
daughters are better as they go to another family
and make the adjustments. They even make adjustments
for such hideous people. The boys are useless. Hey, listen..
– Shut up. There are men who steal
their mother’s jewellery. He looks like a thief. Hold on a minute.
We are not here for your speech. We are here.. For the car. I mean, you
must give us the car. He wants a car, doesn’t he?
– Yes. We will give him a car. In fact, we will run
him over with it. Take your car, fatty. Take the bride inside. Stop. No.. Stop. You want a car, don’t you? You want a car, don’t you? Take it. You want a car, don’t you? Catch him. Catch him. Run! Ms. Archana,
I am very happy today. Why? – And the
reason for my happiness is that person who is
the entertainer number one of our generation. Let’s have a huge round
of applause for him. Wherever he goes,
he wins everyone’s hearts with his comic timing and rhythm is found
in every bone of his body. Oh, wow! So, I would like to invite
with a huge round of applause our favourite
and versatile actor the one and only,
Mr. Govinda. for entertaining us
for all these years. Thank you so much.
– Love you. – Love you too. Thank you so much. When Mr. Govinda dances,
his face, his eyes his hands, legs
and waist also moves. – Yes.
– His eyes also dance. That’s great. Mr. Govinda, when did you
realise for the first time that a dangerous dancer
is hidden inside you? I think many things
made me dance. For example, poverty. I was wondering how to
get out of my problem. There is one more reason.
– Yes. One thing that makes me dance
perfectly. – Yes. That is the local train.
– Okay. Oh! I think God decides
your journey. Our lives are not
in our hands. – Yes. I think God had decided. I used to work very hard
because I wasn’t a dancer when I joined the movies.
– Okay. I had watched
the best dances because my mom was
a classical vocalist. – Okay. I had watched
the performances of legends like Ms. Sitara Devi Birju Maharaj,
Lachhu Maharaj and these dancers
were beyond their time. My uncle asked me
to show him a movie song. He told me
that he’ll tell my future by watching my performance. I said, okay. He watched my dance
and said that I am working hard. He said that I am
a hard worker and an honest man. There are many things
above honesty. Let me explain. He cleaned his face
and came. And he told me that he is explaining
the rhythm of the ‘tabla’. Understand everything
through this. The way I was dancing
was like this. Wow! He told me to perform
as per his explanation. Wow! The notes are the same,
the ‘tabla’ is the same and there are
many such people. And the one who talks
without saying anything will be called
Govinda’s style. Wow, well said. Mr. Govinda, I heard
that you married twice. You married Ms. Sunita
first and you married her again
after 25 years. Did you get married
on lease? Was the lease ending
after 25 years? I mean, the plot was
already yours. Why did you spend again
for the registration? Why did you do this? My decisions were never mine
in my life. – Okay. I used to follow
mom’s orders. – Okay. She told
me that I can marry at the age of 49. I’ll have to be in
‘Gandharva’ marriage till then. I asked her
what that means. Mom told me
that the elders will be with me and the Brahmins
will be there and the old people of
the family will also be there as a witness
to my wedding. I thought of doing
as she said. She asked me
to get married again with all the rituals
at the age of 49 and she will say
that Govinda is married. That is how
it was allowed. It happened due to my mom.
– Wow! This was not
my thinking. This was my mom’s
blessings. Now that we have spoken
about his marriage let’s invite the one who
rules over Mr. Govinda’s heart. Please welcome
Mr. Govinda’s better half Mrs. Sunita Ahuja. Ms. Sunita,
welcome to the show. Thank you.
– It’s amazing. Mr. Govinda, it was great to see
Ms. Sunita and you dancing. When a man feels like
dancing in the party and he asks his wife
to dance with him many of them
don’t know how to dance. You dance with his wife. But look at them. Both of them dance so well.
They look amazing. Mr. Govinda, God bless you.
– Thank you. – Thank you. Thank you so much.
– Thank you. Ms. Sunita, welcome. Please be seated. Mr. Govinda, please.
– Yes, I was.. – You too.. Ms. Sunita, before you
arrived I was asking Mr. Govinda about you guys
getting married twice. Yes. – He got married to you
once again after 25 years. Will there be a third wedding? We are thinking
of getting married on your show. Okay. You look like a bride
and he looks like a groom. Do you have vermilion? We can arrange. Do you have the budget?
– Yes.. – Hey! You just have to say it.
Look, it’s already here. As soon as she
demanded it was arranged. Hey! – Really!
– Sir, the third time! Ms. Archana, really?
– Nothing? Didn’t you receive
your cheque yet? He takes all the money. We don’t get anything. Ms. Sunita.
– Yes. Mr. Govinda rules many hearts. Many girls like him. Many girls must be wanting
to marry him. Of course,
before he got married to you. But you are the lucky one
whom he married twice and this was the third time.
– Yes, third time. How do you feel? Feel.. I feel good. I feel so loved. Ma’am, you guys are together
for many years now. Is there any habit of his that you wanted to change,
but couldn’t? No, there’s no such habit.. There’s none!
– As of now, nothing. I just wish
he had some affairs. Oh my.. I would like my wife
to hear this. I don’t know, but I feel that after 25 years
you are saying this.. Or may be 30 years..
– 35! – 35 years! Wow! 35 years!
– Thank you. Now, you are saying that you
wanted him to have affairs. But you didn’t have this on mind
when you were newly married. No, I was never jealous. I knew that he cannot be
without me. Yes! Wow!
– Where else could he go? Okay, Mr. Govinda’s dialogues are copied by many, but they’re
not able to do it properly because his style
is very unique. He uses a tempo,
that’s amazing to hear but cannot be copied. I would like to know
from our audience that how many of you think that you can deliver
his dialogues very well. You can show your talent.
Who all are there? How are you?
– Hello, sir. Hello. – Hi. Hello, ma’am.
– Hello. I want to deliver
a dialogue of Mr. Govinda. Okay.. Wow! Okay. ‘Move away the clouds,
eat.. Lights off..’ Correct! No! – ‘Move away the clouds!
Lights off!’ Your ‘lights off’
sounds so wrong. What are you trying to say? Try once again. ‘Move away the clouds..’ ‘Eat and lights off!’ Aren’t you expecting
too much from the clouds? ‘Listen, you..’ – Clouds!
– What are you trying to say? Do you think
you pay the clouds for rain? Once again! ‘Move away the clouds..’
– Yes. ‘Lights off..
Hey, Pintu! Get lost!’ ‘Outside there is..’
– You want lights off so that you can invite Pintu!
What did you say? Okay, last try. Close your eyes and then say it. Imagine that there’s
no one here. Okay? Now try. ‘Move away the clouds..’ There’s no difference. Mr. Govinda is enjoying,
otherwise.. The director would have
committed suicide by now. So true! You didn’t tell us your name. Anil Rawal.
I am from Gujarat. Anil Rawal!
– You are from Gujarat! Gujarat!
– He’s from Gujarat. You shouldn’t try
my dialogues. Please, man. Anil, what do you do? I completed
my civil engineering. Is it done?
– Yes. What next?
Do you want to be an engineer? No, sir. Mr. Govinda
is a very good dancer. I want to be like him. Dancer! – You want be a dancer
like him. – Oh! Do you like dancing?
– Yes. Do you dance?
– Yes. Show me a step of Govinda. Yes, do what he does
with his hands. Be careful.. Your elbow
might prick that lady. But I must say,
your blouse is very nice. Oh, this is your style! Sorry, I thought
it was a blouse. T-shirt! Thank you, Anil.
– Thank you. Is there anyone else? Yes, ma’am. Hello, everyone.
– Hello. Mr. Govinda, actually I love all your talents but I love your vibrant
dressing sense the most. Thank you. – I also have tried
to make an effort. I hope you like it.
– This dress suits you. – Yes. Thank you so much! ‘Get that cloud off my face!’
– Okay. You’re not scolding your hubby.
You’re reciting a dialogue. ‘Get that cloud off my face!
Eat, drink go to sleep.’ ‘Eenie, Meenie, Mynie, Mo.
Catch the tiger by the nose.’ ‘If she hollers let her go.
She will come back anyway.’ Very good!
You did improvise! So sorry!
– ‘Catch the tiger by the nose’? It was good. – Oh, God!
– Your style was different. Okay, thank you. Where are you from, ma’am?
– I’m from Goregaon, Mumbai. Are you here all alone?
– No, my cousins are here. Where are they? – Hi!
– Hello, cousins! Are they all your cousins?
– Yes, all of them. Mumbai has traffic jams
because of you, I guess. So many cousins! Thank you so much.
– Thank you.. Anyone else? Yes, ma’am?
– Hello, Kapil! Hello! How are you?
– I’m fine. Sir, I want to say my dialogue
on the stage. – Here? Can’t you say it there?
– I need Mr. Govinda’s help. Mr. Govinda’s help?
Please come on. Oh! She needs your help.
– Okay. Hello! What is your name? Kapil..
– My name is Nimisha. I’m from Vashi, Navi Mumbai.
– Oh! Sir, there’s a dialogue from
your film ‘Hadh Kardi Aapne’.. ‘Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!’ I just love it. What if she gets agitated
behind you? She’s even staring at you. She did it good.
– Sir, you say it once. This one? – Do it to her once.
– Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Thank you, sir. Thank you! – Hello!
– It wasn’t a dialogue. She just came on stage
to have fun. What exactly does it mean?
– Scratching yourself is boring. So, she just came here
to get scratched. Another gentleman
had raised his hand. Hello!
– Yes! You! Hello! – How are you?
– I want to say ‘Hi’ to all. Really! Hi! Hi!
– My name is Vimal Kumar. I’m from Uttar Pradesh.
I wish to recite a dialogue from his film.
– Sure, go ahead. – Okay. ‘How much will you
make me dance?’ ‘How much will you
make me dance?’ ‘Do you think you’re a king
and I’m your courtesan?’ ‘Why you!’ ‘How much will you
make me dance?’ It was from the movie
‘Bade Miyan, Chhote Miyan’. If you have the time
I wish to enact a scene before Mr. Govinda.
– Yes, we have years of time. Please come. Yes, Mr. Vimal?
– Okay. There’s a dialogue
from his film.. Mr. Vimal, your underwear is
peeking out of your pocket. Oh, sorry!
Your handkerchief.. Okay?
Go ahead. – Too good. So, you need a glass? Hey!
– Are you going to drink? ‘Oh! I want to drink poison!
I want to drink poison!’ ‘Come to me!
So, you won’t come to me?’ Which movie was this from? You’re taking a banana? This was from
Rajesh Khanna’s movie. Which movie was this from?
– It was from ‘Swarg’ he says. But it was Rajesh Khanna’s
dialogue. – I see. It was from ‘Swarg’. Kapil, look! Thank you, sir.
– Oh, God! Sir felt hungry
after seeing you act. I wish to ask something, sir.
– I see. Sir, this dance and..
– Okay. Go ahead, ask.
– The dance you do.. How do you connect the steps
with your body? Lately, the dances are like.. What is all this?
– Right. In the good old days,
it was you.. Do you mean the ancient times?
How could you! I mean to say
when Rajinder Singh was famous and when his era passed
he took over. Mr. Govinda, Ajay Devgn
and others took over. Now, your era is passing. His era is passing. What do I say? The courtesy with which you have insulted here.. Oh!
– Oh, my God! What were you saying?
– I have no words right now. You just silenced me. What do I say?
You praised me so much! The dance you asked me about and where it comes from..
– Connection! It comes out! Come here.. Lots of kids are here.
Are they school kids? – Yes. How are you? Where are you people from? Himachal Pradesh.. Where from in Himachal Pradesh? Palampur? Welcome to the show. Where are they from?
– Palampur. Palampur.. Okay.. Today, Govinda and
Sunita are here for a reason. A music video has been
recently released in which the popular song,
‘Milo Na Tum To Ham Ghabraye has been presented in a new way. Their daughter, Tina,
has performed for the song. I’d like to call up on the stage
the lyricist, composer and singer who recreated
the song, Gajendra Verna and the very beautiful
and talented, Tina Ahuja. Welcome, Tina and Gajendra. Put your hands together
for them. – Thank you.. Tina, you look very beautiful.
– Thank you. First of all, congratulations
for the album. – Thank you.. I heard the song,
it’s very nice. Thank you so much.
– Thank you. Gajendra, I want to ask
you something. – Okay. You’re from Haryana.
– Yes. Most of time, sportsmen,
athletes or wrestlers appear from Haryana. How come you got into music? Actually, my dad was a singer
and a writer, so.. – Okay. Everyone in the house
is educated in music. – Okay. I’ve got three
brothers and sisters. They also sing. – Okay. Music has been prevalent
in the house, so ever since I was a kid,
I’ve been into music. Tina, you gained beauty
and dance as legacy. All that talent.. – Yes. Tell me, do you have more
benefits of being born into such talented family?
– Okay.. Or are you under
a lot of pressure? It’s beneficial, because people
praise you in the parties and boys are around you.. So it’s beneficial.
It’s pressuring. I’m enjoying it. That’s good. This song.. – Okay..
– ‘Milo Na Tum to Ham Ghabraye’. How did it come to be? Tell us how you can Tina
came to collaborate. Should I? – Please. So, basically,
it was a simple day. As usual, I returned
from the gym and was having a cup of coffee in the house. I got a phone call from dad,
he said that he was sending a couple to songs. He asked me to listen to them
and give him my opinion on them. I listened the songs
and liked them both. He told to me come over,
that there’s a director, Aman.. He’s sitting here.. He said that he wanted
to cast me for the song. And then.. I met him and said
that I’d love to work with him. Coincidentally, the producer
of the song, Hiten was my friend.
And we’ve worked together. He’s also here.
And he’s very shy. Hi, Hiten. So.. It just happened that all
of us were friends and it just kind of happened to us. It’s a great number.
– Thank you. – Congratulations. I’d like to tell
everyone about Gajendra. You all must’ve heard
his previous song. It’s called ‘Tera Ghata’. This song.. I think it’s got more
than 450 million views.. Yes.. – Congratulations..
– Thank you so much. Thank you. Tina, I’ve got some questions
about your parents for you. Okay.. – The audience has given
me the duty to ask Tina.. Since you’re their
daughter, everything you say would be true. Okay. – And they won’t
get mad at you over that. ‘Whom of the two
gets angry quicker?’ Mom.
– She didn’t even hesitate! She straight away answered! This is great! She didn’t even
think about it before answering. ‘Whom of the two is more
conscious of their looks?’ Who is conscious of their looks? Is it your mother or father? It’s him. Both of them
are signaling differently. It’s dad. – Him!
– Is that so? ‘Whom of the two
is more possessive of you?’ Who do you think? Both the parents usually
are, like it should be.. They’re not possessive,
a bit protective. They’re not possessive.
They’re not like.. Why are you laughing, Dad?
– It’s nothing. You look pretty. But when I’m outside, when
its 10:30 p.m., mom calls me up. She asks me where I am. If I don’t answer
the phone call, she’ll call up the driver and everyone
else know she knows to contact. So, yes, she’s keeps
her eye on everything.. It’s good. – Which is good..
– Yes.. – That’s her job. That’s the parents’ job. Hello! I’m here! Kapil! – Aunt! Greetings, Govinda.
– Greetings. Greetings, Sunita.
– Greetings. Oh, Tina.. Gajendra.. How are.. What happened? I don’t want
to talk to you guys. I’m mad at you. Why..
– What happened? I was walking on a street
once, eating ‘Bhelpuri’. I ate a chilli and he says
he doesn’t care. He never thought
to give me water! On top of that,
he teased me like this.. I.. I’m mad you too, Tina.
I don’t want to talk to you. Why? What have I done? It’s not like she gave me water. She was enjoying
her father dance! Oh, the emperor
sits on his throne! Sunita.. – Yes.. You weren’t nice either.
I don’t want to talk to you. Why? What happened? – Did she
not give you water too? No, she did something worse!
– What? – She married him. You don’t know
how much I like him. Oh, Gajendra.. Oh, dear.. How are you?
– I’m fine. How are you? How sweet! He’s nice. Gajendra, I’m mad at you too.
I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t remember what
I’m mad over, though. I’ll get mad at you suddenly
if I remember. I saw a song of yours.
– Yes.. He’s a smart guy. He earned lakhs of rupees
by mentioning losses. I saw the new song of yours.
– Okay. Girls were dancing in the song..
Why did you not call me? You could’ve asked me, I’d
have sang a couple of ‘Boli’. As if! It wasn’t
a ladies sangeet program! You’re always up
for singing your ‘Boli’. Don’t talk
to me like that, Kappu. You can ask about me in Delhi. I sang ‘Boli’ right
after taking birth! Do you want
me to recite it? Sir, listen to it. Sir.. ‘I was away for 12 years,
when I came back’ ‘I brought a purse.’ ‘I was away for 12 years,
when I came back’ ‘I brought a purse.’ ‘Where’s the doctor
who delivered me?’ Aunt, you should’ve rhymed
purse with nurse and not doctor! The nurse was on a day off
and ruined my ‘Boli’. Aunt, are you here to talk
this nonsense? No, I’m here to meet
my first love. Gajendra. Oh, no! I wanted to ask
him how Govinda is. He’s nice.. How come Govinda
is your first love? The whole industry knows
that we’ve had it for a long between us.
– What? It’s our affair.. Aunt, you are flirting with him
in front of Ms. Sarita. That’s what..
– She’ll mess up your hairstyle. I always get into this.
What do I do now? He doesn’t flirt with me
in her absence and she doesn’t let
me flirt her in front of her. What do I do..
Mr. Govinda, do you know what.. Let’s go to a disco
and eat in some hotel. – Yes. Shall we go on a date? I need your help
in this move. Please come. Aunt, what if your husband
comes to know about this? I will give him the same
answer what Govinda gave me. What is it?
– I can’t help it! Oh, my God!
– What do I tell you! I have this strong
attachment with Govinda. But, Aunt, you are from Delhi
and he is from Mumbai. He was once shooting in Delhi. He was acting
and I was watching him. He looked into my eyes
and said this. “What is your mobile number?
What number do I dial?” Ms. Archana, I laughed so much! I told him that we don’t
even have a landline at home and how I can have
a mobile phone. It was awesome, wasn’t it? Due to the absence
of mobile phones back then our love story
remained incomplete. Then you could have written
a letter to him. I did. I tied the letter
to a pigeon’s leg. But he landed on
Shakti Kapoor’s terrace. It ruined everything. And now,
whenever Shakti Kapoor sees me he does cheap gestures
at me. How do I go to him? But let me tell you one thing.
Ms. Archana, I am very happy that ‘Hero Number One’
got ‘Biwi Number One.’ Thank you. Ms. Sunita, you stay with him.
– Yes. I saw him now after
seeing him Delhi. Do you want him for today?
– No. You will be in trouble if I
agree for it on national TV. No.. In fact, I am waiting for
someone to take him. Really?
Listen.. I just take one minute.
I want to ask him something. Take him. So cute!
– Come.. I want to ask you something. It was Mr. Govinda
who danced here. But don’t clap for him. Clap for Ms. Sunita! Do you know why? – Why?
– Why? Because these days, nobody
even lend their handkerchief but she lend me her husband. Thank you, ma’am. And, Gajendra.. – Yes. This is the first time you
have come to your aunt’s house. Don’t deny this.
I won’t send you barehanded. Okay. – Don’t deny this. Don’t deny me.
– All right. Please fix this dress. Do it soon. Aunt, is he here to do that?
– Dear! Whoever has fixed my dresses their songs have been
in trending. Badshah calls
me every other day asking me for my
clothes to fix. You can see that his song
is now on trending. Gajendra. – Yes. Pick me up on
your way back home. Tina, remind him of that. Govinda, remind this to Tina. Ms. Sunita,
you can remind this to him. Okay? Until then, I will go inside and
collect all the dirty clothes. Because you have
washing machine at home. – Yes. These children will wash
our clothes as we have dinner. All right. Make sure you pick me up. Govinda, pick me up. Bye, Kappu! Bye! – Bye, Aunt! She is too good! She is so cute! Ma’am, we usually get to
here these rumours about the film stars. I want to ask this
to you all. Sir, there’s this rumour. You changed your name
six times before joining films. Is it true? Six times?
– I didn’t count it. Because I have changed my
name a lot of times. – I see. Govindraj, Govind Arun, Govind. Then I choose Govinda.
– Wow! And since then,
I always got success. Wow, amazing! Ms. Sunita,
I have heard this about you. It seems, whenever you
have a fight with Mr. Govinda you go the market and shop
from his credit card until he apologises to you. Oh, my.. He doesn’t keep even
one credit card. – Is it? I keep all of them with me.
– Exactly! Oh, my God! – So, these servants
discuss this sometimes. I eavesdrop them. – Okay. ‘He always wants us to ask
Ms. Sunita for everything.’ ‘What does he do, after all?’ But it’s true. – Good!
– Oh, God! ‘Poor Govinda!’ ‘He just eats and sleeps.’ Gajendra, there’s
a rumour about you. – Okay. You fall in love with a girl,
every week. They say that’s why you
make romantic songs. That’s not at all true. I see.
Do you want this to come true? Do you feel like
falling in the trap of love? Yes. – I see. – Right. There’s a different
bliss in that. I think the finest person
in the world is the one who doesn’t get a chance. Okay. Mr. Govinda,
there’s this rumour. Oh! You are laughing.
– No. They say that the laced short
which Nandu wore in the film ‘Raja Babu’
belongs to you. Why are you looking at me? I mean.. I love shorts. It don’t care whom they
belong to. I just wear them. Tina,
there’s a rumour about you. Once, your teacher told you that if you make her meet
your father in private she would give you good marks. And you scored good marks
the same year. Not at all. But I am sure your
teachers have told you this. Did they ever ask you
to make them meet Govinda? That has happened.
They have used me for it. Ms. Sunita, there’s a rumour that you don’t fall asleep
until Mr. Govinda sings lullaby for you.
– Oh, God! I sleep at 10:30 p.m. and
he sleeps at 2:30 p.m. How do I sing lullaby for him? Oh, God! How can she
sing lullaby for him? Sir, this turned out
to be a rumour. But she is right in front
of you today. It looks like you
are just married. That’s actually right.
– Yes, Kapil. Sing something for her today. You sing very well.
– Let it be romantic. Romantic song! Yes. Please come, ma’am. Yes. Set the mood lights. Thank you so much.
– Superb! Superb! My God! How well you sing!
– Mister.. Yes? “This is your loss.. Sing this.” All of us are singing. – Yes. We can’t let him go.
He has this popular song. Mr. Govinda, you sang with
such feeling. It was original feel..
– Yes, it was so good! Very good! Keep it up.
I love you both. I am very romantic.
I just don’t show it. Get me a guitar. Get him a guitar. – Yes. Superb!
– Thank you so much. Thank you.
Thank you, Gajendra. Thank you so much,
Mr. Kapil. Thank you very much. The Raja Babu
of the industry has come here
with his queen, daughter and Mr. Gajendra. Let’s have a huge round
of applause. Mr. Govinda, greetings from
this small artist. Greetings.
– Mr. Govinda, I have started
this eatery with your blessings and I am the owner. Wow!
– Wow! You never said
that you dance so badly. And which eatery’s owner? What else do you have
in your eatery apart from 24 flies
and nine rats? Look how much knowledge
he has about my eatery. 24 flies and nine rats. Tell them how many
are married and how many of them
are having an affair. He doesn’t run a show. He keeps an eye
on the rats here. One, two, three, four. When the census people
come they say that it’s good
to have only two kids. They look at him and say that he is only child,
but he’s not good. That was the problem
of the census people. They had seen me
from a distance. Yes, when they saw him
from a closer distance do you know
what the census people said? He is still a child.
We’ll hit his father. Kapil Sharma, please. Let me
talk to the guests. Please. Ms. Sunita, how are you
feeling to be on the show? It feels great.
– Wait a moment. Why did you say
Ms. Sunita? Call her ma’am. Ma’am, I’m sorry.
I’ll call you ma’am. You also call her ma’am then. Why? We are same.
– How are we same? Both of us
are from Amritsar. Dinesh is your friend
as well as mine. – Yes. I get money from Sony TV.
– Yes. You also get money
from Sony TV. – Yes. Your show is running
in front of my eatery. – Yes. My eatery is running
in front of your show. – Yes. He spoke 10 to 15 lines.
But nobody laughed. People don’t laugh
at Trump’s speech too. Should he resign then? Wow! Mr. Govinda, just how
you own an eatery in the movie ‘Dulhe Raja’ and you fall in love
with the daughter of the hotel’s owner I also have an eatery here. And I have fallen in love
with the sister-in-law of this colony’s owner. Please help me.
I’ll call her. Buri. Buri. Hey! Oh, my God!
Hello, Mr. Govinda. Don’t you dare say
hello to him. You say hello the moment
you see the guest. Don’t you start flirting
when you see a heroine? I flirt with heroines.
Do I flirt with you? Girl with a small face.
– Move aside. Hello, Mr. Govinda.
How are you? Hello, Ms. Sunita.
– Hi. Hi, Tina. How are you?
– I’m very good. Hi, Gajendra.
What’s up? Mr. Govinda,
did you call me? Hello, Buri.
– Yes. I called you. Yes, go ahead. Is this the way to talk
to your love in front of everyone? Love? Okay, bark. His pyjama is not clean. And she is asking him
to bark. I will die in your love.
Somebody stop me. You said hello, hi
to everyone and you’re asking me
to bark. Wow!
– Well said. Chandu, why will you die
in my love? Just wait and watch. You’ll be a waiter
at my wedding. Do a work which benefits you.
– Yes. Think a good abuse
about yourselves and get lost. Leave. He doesn’t have
a good name, Mr. Govinda. Chandu!
How do I love him? The name Chandu is bad. And Buri means
Jennifer Lopez in English! How do I say
anything more? All the stars
are with Chandu. Oh, wow! Buri, go and eat poison
worth Rs. 5 outside Film City and die.
Go. He humiliated you.
He supported Chandu. What can we do? Explain it to him.
He is your friend. How will he explain
anything to me? I am the one
who convinced him to start the show because we can’t survive
without money. That is when
this show began. Buri, sit. Mr. Govinda, you have
a huge friend circle. Introduce me
to some handsome friends. He is a good friend,
but he’s not presentable. I cannot take him
to any party. This face is okay
if I have to inquire about somebody
in the hospital. You are being
humiliated so much. This clearly means
that you are a good man. Wow! He is right. He gives this expression
perfectly. Hey, how did this happen? He can never say
congratulations with style. He can only say that God will make
everything all right. It suits him a lot. I agree with Kapil
on this. Thank you.
– You’re right, Kapil. And I want two beautiful
girls too. Mr. Govinda, I didn’t feel bad
for myself the way I felt happy
about her because I come here
the way I am. She needs five people
to do her makeup. She looks slightly
presentable after that. Ms. Sunita,
he’s talking nonsense. This happened
one month ago. Mr. Sanjay Dutt
had come here. I got drenched
and danced in that episode. That episode received
the highest TRP. I had removed
my shirt for the first time on national television. That is why it received
the highest TRP. He was looking
like Hrithik Roshan after removing his shirt.
He’s right. His stomach looked
like kneaded dough. Buri, now that you’ve spoken
about kneaded dough let’s make ‘Parathas’
with love. Wow!
– Wow! If you’re interested
in making ‘Parathas’ go and propose
a confectioner. Yes! Convince my
brother-in-law first if you want to marry me. Convince your brother-in-law. Your brother-in-law
is like ‘momo’. He melts
the moment he sees sauce. Who said that? Lovely,
– Who said that? Who called me Momo? Brother-in-law!
– Who called me as Momo? He said so.. This idiot called me momo? Yes. Beware of what you say
or I’ll cut your threads. That’s a song. Did you get it? This is great. Govinda Sir, I am a huge fan of yours. Greetings.
– Greetings. Greetings. Myself Bachcha Yadav.
I own the whole area. This is my sister-in-law, Bhuri.
This is my brother-in-law. Though he isn’t related to
me. I use him to curse someone. Bachcha, listen to me.
Okay, fine. We have such
distinguished guests here. So, accept Bhuri
and my relationship or else.. Hey Chandu..
Don’t even think about Bhuri. Or I will thrash you.
Understood? Okay,
I am also no weakling. Oh God.
– So you want to fight? Let’s start. I will fight.. But think. You will lose, not me. Wow.. I like her so much.
This is my favorite song. Very nice song.
– Thank you.. Gajendra.
– Yes, Sir. When we look at you,
you are young and dynamic guy. When we go by the name, we expect Gajendra
Bahubali type guy. I felt you would go about
shooting three arrows at a time. But you look cool.
– Thank you, Sir.. What nonsense
are you talking? No nonsense. I want to
ask him one more question. Please answer me.
– Okay. You go to concerts and give performances since
you are singer. Your name is
Gajendra. – Yes, Sir. Don’t you feel odd when girls
shout ‘I love you, Gajendra’ I had given
a thought to that. You did think. I felt it’s not my name but
my work that will get me fame. You are correct.
– Isn’t it? Actually, it rhymes
with my dad’s name. He is Surendra.
I am Gajendra. – Wow. So, I never thought
of changing it. No. Nothing to worry.
It feels good. ‘Will you marry me,
Gajendra?’ Will you marry me, Bhuri? I will kill you, Chandu. You acted as porter in the
movie ‘Coolie No. 1’, isn’t it? So you will have an idea of
where to drop unclaimed luggage? Excuse me,
he may be the luggage. If you wish, compare me
with trolley bags in airports. Just saying. Hey, you packet-faced girl.
What are you talking? You know? When she laughs,
she sounds like a helicopter. Did you have
enough? – Oh God. Look at her Mr. Govinda.
So many people tease her but I am still
ready to marry her. You should
be thankful to me. Thankful? To you? You keep
begging from Monday to Friday.. And you expect me
to be thankful to you? Very good. Thanks, Kapil. Please, agree buddy. First, tell me,
how much you earn? Listen to me..
– Tell me.. You’re asking so much
detail about me. First,
tell me what does she do? She digs her nose
and then cleans the sofa. Gross. Brother-in-law. What am I doing? I’m supporting you.
You never clean the sofa. You only dig your nose. Mr. Govinda
is sitting here. Look at him He started his
career from Virar and then see now
he’s one the best actors. Now, look at yourself. You started along
with Kapil Sharma but you’re
still stuck there. What’s the matter? Do something.
Make your existence meaningful. Do something similar to Mr. Govinda
then I’ll appreciate you. Shut up.. Or else, I’ll slap you.. See, Mr. Govinda.
This is what he has done. If you want break his head
for this, please go ahead. I will not stop you. This is what you did? Dance like Govinda or do something nice and show. Mr. Govinda, if you could teach me a few steps
it would be amazing. Teach him..
– Then, I can dance. Come on.. Come.. Do it. Or else I’ll smash
your face with the papaya. Chandu..
– Keep it aside. No,
I want to see you dance. Dance.. Come on, dance. Not like that my buddy.
Dance and show it to us. Listen to me, come here. What’s the matter? If there is any other way
or solution then tell me. There is no other way. If you dance and prove it
only then it’ll happen. Or else do what
suits you the best. Get out of here. All right then,
if the alliance has been broken because of dance
then I announce in front of everyone
that I’ll only return when I’ll be able to dance
like Mr. Govinda. I’m leaving.. Wait a minute.. This means,
Chandu is never coming back. Let’s cheer up our mood
a bit. Mr. Gajendra and Ms. Tina,
if you can sing your single that would be really great.
– Sure. Wow.. Give them a very big hand. It was incredible. Every thorough enjoyed! Outstanding.. Put your hands together
for Mr. Govinda, Ms. Sunita Gajendra and Tina. Thank you. Thank you so much. Viewers, keep smiling
and laughing like this. Keep your surroundings clean. And keep watching
Kapil Sharma Show. Good night.. Thank you.

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