The Kapil Sharma Show – Season 2 – Ep 85 – Full Episode – 26th October, 2019

The Kapil Sharma Show – Season 2 – Ep 85 – Full Episode – 26th October, 2019

Hello, Ms. Archana.
– Hello. People say that police
comes late – Yes. but the truth is that
– Yes the police came two hours before
– Yes. but Sony channel’s previous
programme didn’t finish. I don’t know,
what’s with their happiness they don’t end their songs. They keep on singing.. Anyways, Ms. Archana.
– Yeah. What should we do sitting idle? We should do some work.
– Yeah. Taking God’s name,
let’s fine a penalty.. According to me.. Oh.. Mr. Shamsher has come! Wow.. One minute, come here. You called out the law’s name with such an illegal
and vulgar mouth. What’s this? Use words such as mister,
sir, chief justice when I come. Why is your restaurant outside? Electricity went off inside so
it came out for air circulation. A restaurant is supposed
to be outside. It won’t be attached
to the bedroom! The way you confused the law
by saying the first line and by saying the second line,
the way you have teased me both of them
requires a penalty. Such complicated words! By using these words,
you won’t get a prize. Listen.
– Yes. Owl-faced man! At least, get your face right. Seeing his face,
I feel like the property rate is going to decrease. Show me the PUC of your face.. Show me the PUC
of your restaurant. Do you want it dry or gravy? I asked for PUC.
I didn’t ask for a food item. Talking nonsense! Sir, what are you saying?
– Show me the PUC certificate or else,
I will beat you in a place where you pollute
the environment. Sir, how does my restaurant
pollute the environment? Really? The utensil kept there..
– Yeah. Does Nora Fatehi come out
and dance from it? It creates smoke, right?
Smoke means pollution. Show me the paper. Sir, if a moving thing
ejects gas then a PUC is made of it. Come here.
– Yes. You are walking, right?
– Yes. Show me your PUC. Do I eject gas while walking? Sir, don’t you
know the difference between truck,
utensil and a human? Absolutely, no.
Law sees everyone as equal. Ms. Archana,
yesterday I saw a woman and winked at her. I don’t know why,
but she got angry on me. A crowd gathered due to it. Sir, be thankful that she
didn’t file a case against you. You got saved. – Why would she
file a case against me? Why will my wife
file a case against me? Oh, I see.
You can wink at your wife. I can wink at wife?
– Yes. So yesterday, I winked
at the constable’s wife. He got angry on me. I can’t understand.. Sir! Sir, you can’t wink
at anyone else’s wife. Hey, you are confusing the law! First you say, I can wink
then you say, I can’t. You are fined Rs. 50,000.
– Rs. 50,000 for this? You can take lakhs from Sony
for such absurd conversation but we can’t take
even Rs. 50,000? Sir, I’m a poor man. Is there any other way?
– There’s one solution. Today, my constable didn’t come.
– Okay. Stand as a constable here.
– Yeah. Whichever car comes
– Yeah. you have to stop it.
– Okay. If it doesn’t stop then you
have to lie down in front of it. Oh really?
What if he runs over me? We will place a bench here
in your honour. Along with that,
we will give you a 2-gun-salute. Sir, it’s a 21-gun-salute. Do you think your
face deserves it? The arrangement of the same will also be commenced
under the table. Do you want to become
a constable or pay the penalty? Wear the uniform. Very good. Now penalise
any car which approaches. Constable Chandu reporting. Yes.. Yes.. All right.
First send the fodder. My cow is hungry.
Send the fodder. I will RTGS the money. Yeah..
Send the fodder. Stop..
– Move.. Stop..
– Move.. Stop..
– Move.. Stop..
– Move.. Stop..
– Move.. Hey! Where are the other two tyres? You will be penalised. What penalty?
What are you saying? I wasn’t driving it.
I was walking along with it. What do you think
only you have seen the video of walking with it
in front of police? We have seen it as well. The law sees all
the viral videos. In fact,
my video got viral yesterday. The Commissioner
was punching me affectionately. Affectionately..
– 26 lakh people have seen it. That’s how viral it was..
– Wow.. Why are you tell me
about this stupid topic? He’s calling me stupid. Tear his clothes
starting from the collar. Do it! Don’t dare touch my collar
or I will ring your caller tune. Understood? Hey, you! Mind your language! I recently got appointed
as a constable. Yeah, you recently got appointed but I’m Bachcha Yadav
since the start. He’s threatening me
as if Bachcha Yadav is a post. It’s okay, if it’s not a post but he’s looking like
a postbox though. Don’t keep your mouth open.
Someone will drop a letter. Listen.. Mister,
a postbox is red colour.. This stick will be used
to make you red. Check his bike. Sir, I don’t think
it’s a puncture but I guess,
the back tyre has less air.. Spit and check
if it is punctured. Stupid, did I appoint you
as a constable or opened
a puncture shop for you? Do you have your license?
– Yes, I do. What else is there?
– PUC. Do you have PUC?
– Yes, I do. I have insurance
and RC papers as well. Wow.. Sir is checking here and you are carrying all
the documents for your vehicle! Don’t you think about seniors? Sir, I think he’s going
somewhere to cause harm. Okay, so we have to handle
this case like Crime Patrol. Yes. – I was doing
The Kapil Sharma Show. How dare he even
think of causing harm under my jurisdiction! Come, I will lock you in prison.
Come! Why is that?
I have all the documents. Since you have all the documents so we should take
you to police disco? Come!
– Come! You are under arrest.
– But why am I under arrest? What did I do?
– You didn’t do anything. I forget this line always so I said it before
this time around. You won’t believe previous day I told a person that he is underarm by mistake.
– Okay, then? He came walking
towards me like this. I was puking a lot that day and the department
started thinking that I was about
to become a mother. Yeah, sir.
Commends to your bravery. I will appeal to the government that they reward you a prize
but please, let me go. Baccha, a person comes
here by one’s own wish but leaves
according to our wish. Hey. You are a constable,
not a villain. Do one thing, take this. Take out both the tyres
of this scooter and put it in my vehicle.
It’s parked behind. No, don’t do this.
These are small tyres. Your car has big tyres. No worries,
my car will run like this.. Doesn’t make a difference. I will feel like, it’s a
camel ride inside the car. What’s your problem? What are you doing?
– This has horn. He’s blowing it. Sir, please listen to me.
Let me go. My cow is hungry,
I have to feed her? If the cow eats,
then it will produce milk. This is my business!
– Oh, smuggling? What? That means,
by feeding fodder to the cow he takes out the milk. If the cow eats,
then only she will produce milk. Do one thing, try making
the cow drink the milk. It’s possible that,
it may produce milk. How about it? How can it produce fodder? Doesn’t a chicken lay eggs?
– Yes. And the same egg,
produces another chicken. Looks like your chemistry
is weak. What are you saying?
How is chemistry related to egg? If a chemistry happens
between a rooster and a hen then an egg is produced. You are right.. One minute, where’s my bike? Your constable took it.
I don’t have spare time. Here’s my driving license. Have a look
and let me go, please. Oh, Bachcha!
– Yes. According to the driver license you are a kid,
that means a minor. A minor can’t drive a car.
Have you worn a diaper? No.
– You haven’t worn that as well. You will be fined
Rs. 1.84 lakh. My name is Bachcha but I’m a fully furnished male
from my body. Chandu you know it well.
Please, tell him. No, I’m on duty.
I can’t tell the truth. A rule is a rule. Of course. – You should
have thought about it before getting named. Hello. Hello. Hello. I’m coming. Okay, bye.
– Hey! You with a gloomy face,
park your scooter aside. What happened, sir? Come here.
Here.. Show me your visa. Pizza for who?
– Who did the immigration that you have crossed
seven oceans? Move. Stop your nonsense
or else, I’ll break your mouth. Get out. You were called
at the last moment as she didn’t know to ride
the scooter. And you’re trying to investigate
over here. Just go away.
– Okay, sir. Thank you. Hey, wait.. He won’t stop. He wants to go further
So, he’ll heed my words. Sir, what’s going on?
People are just coming and going randomly.
They’re talking randomly. No one is listening to us.
Let go of us. Where do you want to go?
There’s a beautiful girl here. Shouldn’t I investigate her?
– Do it.. He’s talking nonsense.
You, fool! Come on, sit like a rooster
and you like a buffalo. So, what will you be to me?
Option A. Sit.. – Beloved.
– Okay. Option B.
– Okay. Darling. Option C. Sweetheart.
Or option D. Kiss. Excuse me. I’m not here to play KBC.
– Okay. – Please let go of me. How can I let go of you
so easily? I have spent years
with such people. You’re still beautiful. Sir, it’s very important
for me to go. I have my final exams.
– This is our final stop, too. We’re going to die
after this one. Okay, fine.
Finish your checking soon. I’ll surely do it. That’s something
I’m doing sine you’re here. Oh! Do you have.. Hello. I don’t drink.
– Hey, no. I meant, the vehicle’s
documents. Documents.. How can this be the gesture
for the paper? – Right. This is how you gesture paper,
right? That will be for cake, right? That reminded me it’s my girlfriend’s birthday.
I have to go to wish her. So, can you drop me?
I’ll sit behind you by holding you tightly
so that I don’t fall down. I can’t drop you.
– Are you sure? Hey.. The girls always tell me
they won’t leave me but they leave me
in just two minutes. I wonder what enjoyment
they get. Then, I feel quite sad. And then, the deep sighs came
from the tortured heart. I am punished
for falling in love. I wonder what crime
I have committed. I’m destroyed..
There’s prelusion after this. You may be knowing it anyway.
So, that’s it. I’m not interested in serving
the punishment. I’m fine as I am.
Why are you not charging her with the challan?
She was talking over the phone. Why the challan?
I was sitting behind That’s what the challan is for. You sat behind
such an ugly looking guy. I would have anyway let you go
for talking over the phone. Sir, then her scooter
should be burnt. How do you say such nice things
with your dirty mouth? Fine.
Ma’am, you’re not at fault. Just give me your number
and you can leave. Hey.. How can you
let go of her.. What’s your problem..
– Hey! We came here first
and we’ll go first. Anyway, she has violated
more rules than us. Hey, you. I’ll put
the stick inside your stomach I’ll open it, put it in
your pocket and sell it. You won’t talk much then.
What rules did she violate? She’s such a beautiful girl.
It’s such a nice tattoo. Everything is perfect.
What’s the challan for? Thank you, sir.
– Most welcome. She thanked me.
Keep your welcome to yourself and just leave.
Go. If you want to thank me,
you’re such a nice model. Don’t say, thank you
like the middle class people. Just as the models thank by kissing on the cheeks. You can thank me that way
if you wish. Sir, I miss the target
when I kiss on the cheeks. Come, I’ll do it.
I know to kiss. Thanking and welcoming
is going quite good here. That’s so strange.
You checked all my documents. Why don’t you check
her vehicle’s documents? Okay. I’ll check it. This paper.. Not penalties,
but flirting is written in your destiny. Sir, documents
are meant for vehicles and not for hands. Show me the papers
along with mine. Let’s show them to the priest
for the auspicious moment. Nothing wrong in it.
– Excuse me! Why are we matching
our horoscope? Let it be if your
family doesn’t believe in it. I’d say, that you marry me
at the earliest and be a part
of my family. – Oh, God! Or shall we settle
for a court marriage? A court marriage will be great. I’ll become your witness
and he’ll become hers. The judge is also there.
Stop this nonsense! Enough!
Enough of this. I’ll expose you.
Just wait and watch. If you’re so tough,
then fight with me. – Hey! Just wait. I’m making a live video.
– Go ahead. I’m dressed
from head to toe. Live video.. Look. Here it goes! Public, are you watching? He’s the policeman
who is harassing me. He is the one. Go ahead
and explain it to the public. Hi! This is Shamsher Singh. If you think that I’m
looking like Singham then, please comment
and also tag Rohit Shetty. If Rohit Shetty is busy then, you may tag Arbaaz Khan.
I’ll also do a jig. Look. I’ve also brought
my own Sonakshi Sinha. Hi! Thanks! I’m your adorable
Shamsher Singh. Thanks! Those who think I’m Simmba,
please tag Ranveer Singh. Tell him that his competitor
is here. People, you can see
that these two are harassing that beautiful
lady and me. I did nothing.
This man was luring the girl to come with him. What! I never did that.
– Shut up! You did it! No. – Shut up! I stopped your car, isn’t it?
– Yes. Didn’t I ask for the papers?
– Yes. Tell me now! – That doesn’t
mean I lured her. Weren’t you thinking
of luring her when I was asking
for the papers? I’ve to tell you something. That is my eatery
and he is my staff. Meanwhile, let’s have dinner.
– Shut up! Moron! Look at her. I give a darn! Don’t shout at me
but him. Get angry on him. I’ve a puppy.. Shih Tzu. Let me get even with you all.
– Okay. Hey, moron!
Do you’ve a buffalo? Curse me.
I’ll tolerate it. I’ll give slap you so hard that you’ll be seeing stars. And while seeing stars,
fly in the sky! I’m surprised to see that
a beautiful and a glamorous girl has suddenly become
violent. I’m shocked. Come here. Let me take off that.
– No, ma’am. I’d say, please help me
in opening this box. Please.. Get back! Go! A girl sheds her glamorous image and is getting furious.. She made such an effort. And you’re asking her
to open the box. – Sorry. Next time, you’ll request her
to open the toilet. He goes on doing
these stupid things! He speaks nonsense
all the time. Ma’am, please tell me.. The stance you changed
at the nick of time.. What is it all about? You ask too many questions. Do you even know
whom you’re talking to? – No. I’m not a common girl. I’m Assistant Commissioner
Phullan Kumari from the Haryana Police. I didn’t expect this from you. Honestly.. I’m in this business
for almost 20 years. – Okay. Archana knows me
since Comedy Circus. I acted as a policeman..
A woman comes and flashed her ID..
I give her the slip. Your act is old.
Think of something else. I’m serious. That’s where
the problem lies. I’ve a tough time
putting up a comedy act.. An artiste comes and makes
the atmosphere serious. This is not done! I thought everybody
will come to the police station. Want to go there?
– Yes. What to go to
the police station? – No way. What about you? – I’m
suffering from a slip disc. Oh, my! You thought of arresting us.
– Yes. Nobody told you to wear heels.
You’ll not be able to run. And we’re expert in fleeing. I just love your tattoo. Hey, wait. Where are you off to? Hey, wait. Wow! Ms. Archana, as you know,
movies are being made based on real characters
nowadays. – Yes. The movie named ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ which has been made
on the similar theme is going to be released today. What a name! It is based on the lives
of two aged women who are sharpshooters. Both these women
will come here today. But before that,
I will call those two ladies who have played their
characters in the movie. So please welcome
very beautiful very charming
and very talented Taapsee Pannu and
Bhumi Pednekar. Hey, ladies.
– Yes. What did you have
before coming here? Scolding.
– Scolding. Didn’t you see the trailer
of our movie? There is a scene in the movie
where Vineet asks Taapsee ‘What do you eat?’
– I see. And my answer is ‘scolding’.
– Scolding. Did you get scolded
before coming here? The name of the movie is
‘Saand Ki Aankh’. Why I am feeling as if we are promoting
‘Dal Khichdi’. There is yellow all over. We are like Laddus.
We are very sweet. Yes. Are we not? Please give Taapsee and Bhumi
a huge round of applause. Thank you. Welcome to this show.
– Thank you. You are looking adorable
and dangerous. Wow!
What a compliment! Taapsee came here recently
to promote ‘Mission Mangal’. And her mission is
to make profit for her producers. Whatever movies she does
become super hit. And what should I say
about Bhumi? She gives successful movies
one after another. Please give them
a huge round of applause. Moreover, they have
come to a show which is already number one. That’s it! Our lives
have become successful. We have achieved
our desired success. We were so excited to come here that we have brought
our mothers here. Where are they?
– Here they are. She is my mom. And Taapsee’s mom
is sitting beside my mom. Greetings. She is my mom.
– Greetings.. She is my friend’s mom. The first row is
for our mothers. Yes.. Thank you very much.
– Mothers’ corner. We were so excited
to come here that we have come here
with our family. Wow!
Welcome.. Just like, everyone will
go to watch our movie with their families.
– So sweet! Plug-in will be happening. Yes. We need to sell tickets. We will sell our tickets here. They are in a different
mood today. How inspiring story is
‘Saand Ki Aankh’? It is looking quite interesting. That’s why we have brought
our mothers here. They were with us
during the shooting too. We kept thinking
about our mothers when we shot for this movie. Because they never lived
for themselves. Right. – They did everything
for their children. So that’s why.. I think even your mom
did a lot for you. Absolutely!
Don’t make me emotional. Ms. Archana has already
become emotional. You can’t do this today.
We are a team today. Yes.
– Like.. Women power! Yes! Our movie is releasing
in Diwali. This Diwali is dedicated to
women power. My mom showed
me women power in my childhood itself. I burned a Rs. 5
note mistakenly. Rs. 5 used to a big amount
that time. My mom showed
me women power. It sounds so good in English,
bull’s eye. It sounds like an abuse
in Hindi. ‘Saand Ki Aankh’. Why is the name of the movie
‘Saand Ki Aankh’? This film is based
on shooting. Two aged women
started playing this game. And this sport
changed their lives. They took a courageous step
in their lives. They restarted their lives
at an age when people retire. They belong to a background where women are not
encouraged a lot. Stepping out
of such a society and setting
such a great example is the biggest bull’s eye
of life. That is why
‘Saand Ki Aankh’. Heroines hesitate to play
the role of a mother when they are as old
as Taapsee and Bhumi. – Yes. Both of you played
the roles of grandmothers. How did you agree
for this? That is how good
the role was. Which actor would refuse
this role? Many actors are saying that they wanted
to play this role. We got this chance
and we took advantage of it. Taapsee is totally
into her character. Both of you
are looking great. Please sit.
Welcome to the show. There’s a song in the movie where Taapsee
is smoking hookah and Bhumi is playing marbles. Did you know all this
earlier? We learnt everything there.
– Okay. We learnt shooting there.
So, everything else was easy. That’s true. You learnt the most
difficult thing. It was very difficult for me. The language,
body language and the mixed Haryanvi
language which is spoken
in west U.P near Meerut.. Their dialect.. We spoke their dialect.
We learnt many things. We made dung cakes. Many things..
Yes. We learnt that too.
– That’s a big deal. We learnt how to milk a cow.
– Yes. When we went closer,
it kicked us. Along with the kicks many other things
started spilling out. We couldn’t do it. We were asked to make
dung cakes from the same cow dung. We have done it. Girls from Mumbai have gone
and made dung cakes. My mom.. But that’s a great experience. We did that for income.
We had to do it. That’s great. I am already visualising
the respect that both of you
will be gaining after this. Respect from dung cakes. No, I am not talking
about the dung cakes. You have done a movie
based on an inspiring story. Both of you
are great actresses. Thank you. You have done a great job
in this movie too. Thank you. Have you noticed the titles
of Bhumi’s movies? This movie is called
‘Saand Ki Aankh’. The titles are unique. ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’. ‘Toilet-Ek Prem Katha’. ‘Sonchiriya’. Do you read the scripts
of the movies or do you say
that it’s a unique title just by hearing
the name of the movie and sign it? I was thinking one day. Bhumi has never done
such a movie like ‘Daaku Haseena’
or ‘Jyoti Bane Jwala’. ‘Hathyari Dulhan’. She has got
an inspiration now. There were such titles
earlier, right? Yes. ‘Reshma Ki Jawani’.
No. No. Oh, my God! God alone can save others
when two friends get together. You know what? Taapsee played a hockey player
in ‘Manmarziyaan’. She played a hockey player
in ‘Soorma’. She’s playing the role of
a sharp shooter in this movie. I’ve heard that you
are doing one more movie where you are playing
an athlete. – Yes. Do you get movies
from the acting quota or sports quota? Sports never helped me
in my life. I think it is helping me
in the movies because I think
nobody else is running in the movies.
– Yes. I’m running
in a thriller movie. I’m running
in a romantic movie. – Yes. So, I decided to play
the role of an athlete. Let’s end this matter
at once. They make me run a lot
in the movies. I recollected many things
after seeing you guys together. Bhumi has faced problems
in every movie of hers. She had a weight problem
in ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’. She had a toilet problem
in ‘Toilet’. Ayushmann had
a medical problem in ‘Shubh Mangal Saavdhan’. What problem do you have
in acting movies which don’t have
any problem? Kapil, the problem in doing
movies without a problem is I don’t enjoy them.
– Yes, actually. I am internally a doctor. I help the people
and the society. Are you seriously a doctor? Yes. I have pimples on my neck. Pimple.
I.. Bhumi, are you seriously
a doctor? I am a heart doctor, Kapil.
Heart doctor. I’m a heart patient too. But are you seriously
a doctor? Okay, you were kidding.
– I was kidding. There are some rumours
about you both. If you’re.. You do have rumours about us?
– Yes. – Okay. It’s a big thing. So, tell us..
– So, Taapsee let’s start with you. – Okay.
– There’s a rumour about you that you have a bad memory.
This being the reason you tie rakhi to your boyfriend,
sometimes. – Oh! What! It’s a wrong rumour.
Who’s spreading such rumours? People. Who are these people?
I’ll tie rakhi to them first. People over here. Bhumi, there’s a rumour
about you that whenever someone builds
a new house they surely invite you
because your presence completes their veneration
to the motherland. – Bhumi.. This is cooked up by me. Sorry.
– Your home production here just now.. – I’m helpless.
It’s the matter of my earning. 70 percent of my earning
goes to Ms. Archana. So, I’m helpless.
– Obvious! – Wonderful! Ms. Archana. – Yes.
– Someone just gave a message. Your cycle is parked
in front of the gate.. I have parked my cycle
next to your auto-rickshaw. Yes.. – This is how we have
completed 100 episodes. Taapsee, there’s a rumour
about you that you love ‘Chole Bhature’
to such an extent that the cake on your birthday
is also of the same flavour. Oh!
– But this one.. I would want to make
this rumour true. – Okay. So, you like ‘Chole Bhature’?
– I just love them. But looking at you, it doesn’t
seem you have ever eaten it. Then, come with me to Delhi.
I’ll make you have the best one. Are you sure?
– Sure. It’s my favourite breakfast.
If you have been to Delhi having ‘Chole Bhature’
is a must. Oh! Bhumi, there’s a rumour
about you that to understand the character
of a maid you played in ‘The Lust Story’ you took up the work
of a few houses in the neighbouring buildings.
– That’s true. – Is it? No, actually..
– She’s a method actor. I was actually cleaning
in the neighbouring houses. Seriously?
– Yes. – It’s true. There were a lot of methods
going on.. – Oh! Lust story.. – Taapsee,
there’s a rumour about you that you have played
so many courtroom dramas that you go to the court
even on a date. I’ll say, guilty as charged. Someone told me recently
that they thought they should do
a courtroom drama. But Taapsee has made it
a subgenre. No matter what the movie
is about there’s definitely a court scene
in it. So, I think I consider it
as my lucky charm. Unless I enter the court
for my movie the movie doesn’t become a hit.
– Don’t say that, friend. No, she’s taking her words back.
– In ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ we have passed by the court. Indian version of court,
Panchayat. – Right. Actually, yes.
– Our local version rather. Yes, it has.
– Bhumi, there’s a rumour that you like ‘Vikram Betal’,
very much. That’s why, you acted
in ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ so that you can sit
on Ayushmann’s back and go around. Is that true?
– I think Ayushmann likes ‘Coolie No. 1’. Because in every film
we do together he surely carries me. Sometimes, I weigh
around 90 kilograms sometimes, 60 kilograms.
In Bala the poor guy lost his hair.
– That’s a difficult task. I wonder how you manage to gain
so much weight in a movie. I must say, I really have
a tough time. I’ll never do it. You have
reminded me of my weak point.. Don’t cry, dear.. I asked Mr. Akshay if he ever
has to gain weight for a movie he replied, he wouldn’t.
I can instead work in four other films
in the meanwhile. That’s true.
– It’s very difficult. That’s true.
– Yes, of course. You try reducing sometime. Taapsee has an event company
whose name is ‘The Wedding Factory’.
– Right. – So, when you’ll marry will your company search
or will you find by your choice? The best thing about running
a wedding planning company is that you know
all the expenses.. – Okay. Are useless. Very true. – Your clients
may be listening to this. My sister is going to kill me
because she runs this company. But frankly speaking,
I’ll have a simple wedding which will have
a limited guests. Because per plate cost
is quite high. – Look at her. Do invite me and Ms. Archana.
We’ll share the plate. – Right. Oh!
– We’ll save your cost. You will have to refill it
several times. That’s there. But we.. I’d like to ask our audience
over here do you think you should marry
by your choice or by other’s suggestions? Yes, ma’am.
– My name is Anjali Mohan. Anjali.
The name sounds quite familiar. Sir, I think we should marry
by our parents’ choice. – Okay. Because if the guy
turns out to be bad later we can blame it on them.
– Smart. – Very smart. I.. But the product has
turned out to be bad.. Sir, the guys these days
turn out to be really bad. Sir, take yourself.
You were flirting even before your marriage
and you still do. – Oh! It’s already half an hour.
Did I flirt? I don’t know. – Yes.
– I’m playing an old lady. So, I don’t get any vibes. Anjali, thank you very much
for coming to our show. Thank you, sir.
– So sweet. Is there anyone else? Fine, ma’am wants to say
something. Greetings, ma’am. Mr. Kapil, I’d like to say
that the marriage should be by our choice. Because, we have to lead
our entire life. Right.
– It’s 35 years for my marriage. Wow!
– I married by my choice. I had a few options. So sweet. That’s nice! Then? – One of them was
a Ph.D. holder, a doctor. He’d completed his doctorate.
So, I chose him. There were other relatives
of mine. They recommended
some other boys. I refused and said
that I want to marry this man. Has he come with you? – He has.
He’s seated next to me. I see. Greetings, sir.
Congratulations, you won! Is your husband a Ph.D. holder?
– Yes. Despite being highly educated,
you fell into the trap? He showed interest in me.
That’s why I got married to him. Yes, actually you are the one
to spend your life with him. But parents
are your well-wishers. I’ve been married for 35 years. I feel that I got a diamond
with my choice. Wow!
– So nice! The blue diamond..
– The blue diamond. How lovely! – I wish to speak to Mr. Diamond.
– ‘Mr. Diamond..’ Greetings.
A hearty welcome to you, sir. Greetings, Mr. Kapil.
I am Dr. Kamal Kant Jain. Greetings, Doctor.
– I am a retired scientist. Wow! Doctor, have you made
any discoveries? – Yes, I have. I have done research on fish feed and fish breeding. I see. – It has
benefited the people greatly. The fishermen and the people
in the fishery business. Wow.. It was a great pleasure
meeting you, Doctor. Greetings, ma’am.
Thank you so much. Thank you.
– For coming on the show. I wish to say something.
I am a big fan of yours. I don’t miss any
of your episodes. – So sweet! Thank you, ma’am. Your choice turns out
to be good every time. The first time, you chose
diamond for yourself. The second time,
a yellow diamond. ‘Yellow diamond..’ Anyone else who wants
to present their views? Yes, please. Hello, sir. – Hello.
– I am Gayatri Mali. Where are you from, Gayatri?
– I am from Mumbai. – I see. What would you like to say?
– Sir, I wish that we get married as per our wish. I see. – Because I belong
to a Marwari family from Pali, Rajasthan. I see. – Over there, there’s
a system called ‘Saata Baata’. Sorry? What does it mean?
– ‘Saata Baata’? Sounds interesting.
The one who is not engaged. It means giving a girl
and taking a girl. You know?
‘Haata Baata’. ‘Haata Baata’.
– Does such a system exist? Yes. It exists.. A girl of your family gets
married into another family and the girl of that family gets
married into your family? – Yes. I see! If I don’t get along with
my husband, we’ll have to end the marriage of my
brother and sister-in-law also. I didn’t know about it. No.
It does exist, sir. It exists in the villages
even now. But, sir, I want the ‘Saata’
system to come to an end. I wish that we get married
as per our wish. Luckily, I’ve got good parents. But our relatives
keep pressurising them. It’s a good thing, right?
Parents should be on your side. Yes. – What do people
have to do with it? Touch wood! I’ve got very good
parents. – God bless you. Okay, sir. Thank you. Sir, my sister is here.
She’s your fan. – Where is she? She has left her new-born baby
at home and come to meet you. – How sweet!
Thank you so much for coming. Thank you. Whom has she left her baby with?
– With my mom, sir. That’s how the maternal
grandmas are. I admire them. Firstly, she raises her kids,
later, the kids’ kids. – Yes. A big hand for the mothers
and grandmas please. Thank you.. Anyone else wishes to present
their views on this topic? Yes, sir. His experience will speak now.
Yes, sir. Greetings, Mr. Kapil.
– Greetings, sir. Greetings, Ms. Bhumi.
– Greetings. – Greetings.. Had you got married
as per your wish or.. My sister told me
about a suitable girl for me. I see.
– I said, ‘Set us up’. I love it.
– ‘Set us up’. I love it. ‘Set us up.’
– ‘Set us up.’ Then we got hooked up.
And we’ve been together for 40 years.
– Where’s your wife? She’s sitting next to him. Have you brought
your wife along? Has your wife accompanied you? She’s sitting beside him. – I
don’t go anywhere without her. Wonderful! How much is your ‘settlement’?
I mean, kids. We’ve two kids.
– I see. It was a great pleasure
meeting you, sir. Thank you very much. We will be continuing
the conversation with Taapsee and Bhumi. It’s now time to call those
people here on whom this movie is based. Bagpat’s famous sharp shooters,
who are sisters-in-law. Please welcome Prakashi Tomar
and Chandro Tomar. Ma’am, bless the people
out here, cutely. My blessings to all of you.
– Thank you, ma’am. My blessings to all of you. It’s a great pleasure
to have you on the show. Thank you so much.
– We are also very happy that we came to meet you. That we came on your show. We are very happy.
– Do you watch our show? Even we are glad, we are
delighted. – We do watch. We came rushing
to see you. Yes. We are very glad.
Please come, ma’am. Please come, ma’am. Please sit.
– Please come, ma’am. Please come. Today, I am feeling so good
after seeing this lovely sight on the sofa. Two of our beautiful talented
actresses have enacted them and two women who have faced
many challenges in a village yet they became sharpshooters.
That’s amazing! If anyone talks about women
empowerment in any corner of the world these ladies represent our
nation and we’re proud of them. I wanted to ask you something. Have you brought your guns
along with you? No, dear. Give us a gun
and I’ll demonstrate. Let me tell you,
Ms. Chandro has five children and 12 grandchildren.
God bless you. Ms. Prakashi has eight children
and 20 grandchildren. – Wow! Ma’am, I would like to know was it difficult for you
to become a sharpshooter? Initially, the villagers
and your family members might have opposed you. Initially, the people
from my village ridiculed us when we were learning
how to shoot. But we didn’t pay heed
to anyone. – Okay. I was ridiculed and my husband was against it. – Okay. We didn’t care
about their opinions. – Wow! We kept pursuing.
– Okay. We were formidable.
We weren’t scared. We became professed
in sharpshooting. So, after you won the awards,
did you show the medals or the gun
to the people who ridiculed you? Gun.
– After a year of training I had to compete against
Dheeraj Singh who was a DIG. Okay.
– He was a renowned shooter. Okay. I was trained
only for a year. – Okay. They handed me a gun. I won the gold medal
and the DIG lost. Wow! That’s amazing. So, people stopped ridiculing. People will stop opposing
by themselves. People used to say..
You have become famous no one knows you here. Such people are embarrassed. When you prove to them
that you have succeeded by showing the medals,
they just laugh shamelessly.. ‘We knew you’d win.’ People do that. Well, a biopic has been made
on our lives. That’s it! After seeing you guys I feel like giving a gun
to my mom. You better be cautious
if you do that. You’re right. We’ll turn her
into a sharpshooter as well. Wow..
– That’s amazing. When did you start shooting? 60..
– Son, when people retire. Yes.
– I was 65 years old. Wow.
– I am 87 years old now. You’re 87 years old now..
– Yes. That’s remarkable. The age difference between us
is only around 4 to 5 years. She is six years younger to me. I am five years
younger to her. You turned 81 years, right? I started to learn shooting,
first. – Wow! And.. Ms. Chandra, you started
to learn shooting, first. Ms. Prakashi, were
you interested in learning how to shoot? She used to learn shooting
covertly. – Okay. I learnt about it after 15 days
and then I joined her as well. How did you find out about her? I found out
she goes to the range. And then? I watched her
for a couple of days. One day, I wanted to give it
a try. I hit the target. The coach told me
that I was good. – Okay. He asked me to practice
and I got better. I won a medal after a year.
– That’s amazing. – Yes. Ms. Chandro, your sister-in-law
started shooting after seeing you. How did you get inclined towards
shooting a gun? I had no time
from the household chores. I used to be busy
throughout the day. – Yes. I started shooting
when I was 65 years old. – Yes. I kept pursuing
and I was determined. I ignored people
who opposed me. – Yes. I kept practicing. I started teaching
kids too. I told the girls’ parents send the girls, I assure you. All were like family. They were all mine. Wow! She changed the future of the girls of her village because a lot of girls
started shooting because of her. Okay.. – Girls got employed
in government offices. Many went into the army.
– That’s amazing. She changed the future of over 50,000 children.
– Wow! That’s amazing. And then, both won a medal
at sports event. A man lost to me
in Chandigarh. Her photograph was taken
when she won but my photograph
wasn’t taken. They are so cute!
– But then.. A movie has been made
based on me. – Wow.. I feel like hugging them both.
– ‘Saand Ki Aankh’. She’s upset because her picture
wasn’t taken. – ‘Saand Ki Aankh’ ‘Saand Ki Aankh’..
We broke it. Tell them,
how did you learn English? She speaks English
better than you. I learnt English.. The children
would teach me. A pig is going..
– So sweet! They used to say
that a pig is going. A pig is going.
– A donkey is going.. We said that.
– Okay. And when we go there.. When they bring your food.
If you ask them in their language you’ll get it. Give me a spoon. Spoon!
– Then you’ll get it. Otherwise, you won’t get it. So, I learnt English.
– Okay. I don’t know how to read
and write. – Okay. But I know
to speak fluently. Wow!
– Fluently. – Yes. – Amazing! At times, we say that
we’re tired of working. Today, we feel so energetic
after seeing you. It feels like, we are not
born yet in this world. There is no age bar for
learning. – Yes. You can achieve anything
at any age. Actually, there’s no age bar
to do any work. Absolutely.
– Absolutely. You may grow older,
but you’ll be young at heart. Wonderful!
– Wow! – Superb! Ma’am, my mom often keeps saying
that she’s grown old. We had less chances. You all are so young. Why can’t you all do it?
– Yes. She has applied lipstick
and come to our show. She looks healthy.
Give the mic to my mom. Ma’am, please explain to her. We’ll explain to her.
And make her a shooter. Mom, do you know
how old she is? – 86. How old are you, Mom?
– 62. Then why do you keep saying
that you’ve grown old? Look at ma’am. She was three years
older than you when she started shooting. I’m introducing you to mom so that she can learn
something from you. Yesterday, I was quite shocked when I saw a video of mom
on tiktok. Oh, so cute!
– Seriously! Really? She had gone
to visit some place.. There’s one thing
good about my mom. Mom keeps learning new things.
– So sweet! She keeps herself updated.
– Okay. Yesterday,
I was literally shocked because I wasn’t there
on tiktok. I saw the video made by her.
Mom, love you. My loving mom! So sweet..
– Keep up your spirit, Mom. Learn something
from the two of them. All right. Ms. Prakashi,
what else did you teach Taapsee and Bhumi. What did you teach us? You could’ve taught them how to hold a pistol
during the shooting. I’m sure, you have a lot of work
to do in the village. I didn’t have to teach anything
to Taapsee and Bhumi. They already knew
how to shoot. They taught us. They acted in the movie.
They acted in such a good movie. What is there to learn
from us? Yes, they acted so well
in the movie. We got to learn certain things
from them. Ma’am, do you watch movies?
– Dear.. Dear, we watch movies when the children
are watching it. We don’t go to a theatre
and watch it. So, you haven’t gone
to a theatre to watch movies.
– No, we haven’t. But you’ll go and watch
this movie, won’t you? Absolutely,
we’ll watch this movie. Now we will surely see
‘Saand Ki Aankh’ Ma’am, it is usual
in the villages to find match for girls
when they grow up. Didn’t you find any match
for Bhumi and Taapsee? Their work is still pending. They don’t need a man
in their life. Now, tell me, such fast forward
thinking, practical.. That’s amazing! Actually.
– I mean, hats off to them! Wonderful! The important
thing is, it is understood if you’re living
in Delhi or Mumbai. But staying in remote villages
with such mind set.. Absolutely.
– I salute the two of you. That’s wonderful!
– We salute you! We salute the two of you! Wonderful! Greetings! Please come.. This is wonderful! Fantastic! Wow!
It’s nice to see you all. Today, I feel
as if I’ve come to an area
with female majority. Amazing!
Greeting, Ms. Chandro and Ms. Prakashi,
Ms. Taapsee and Ms. Bhumi. Greeting, Ms. Archana.
– Greetings! Kapil Sharma, it would’ve been
a ladies special episode had you draped a sari
and come. You should’ve attached
a pair of horns and come. Anyway, the buffalo is here. It would’ve been
an animal special episode. Tell me something.
Do you think I’d look like a buffalo
only by attaching horns? A buffalo has a tail..
– Exactly. – …and four legs. Don’t you see that? Kapil Sharma, you don’t know
the parts of a buffalo properly then how did they let you host
the entire show? I want to.. Sony Television,
what’s happening? How can you entrust him
to host entire show? By the way, Kapil Sharma,
to be honest Ms. Bhumi is here..
– Yes. We should’ve begun the show
by performing ‘Bhumi Pooja’. Actually, I keep cracking
such jokes to light up the atmosphere
of the show. – Okay! Thereby increasing the TRP.
– Oh! I help increase the number
of sponsors. And he feels jealous
after seeing me. He often asks me
why and how I came here and when I’m leaving
and whether I’m done. Are you done?
– There you go. I am sick and tired
of this question. How do you do, Ms. Taapsee?
– Tell me? Is everything ‘Mission Mangal’? I could’ve asked,
are you doing good. But the movie has earned
Rs. 300 crore worldwide! We were on the show
by your grace. So, we did it.
We want this film to do more than ‘Mangal’.
– Of course. This film will break records.
This is amazing. Great. Bachcha, you have researched
everything about her. I have researched
about Ms. Taapsee. Oh, my God!
– I will tell you. Perhaps even you wouldn’t
have noticed. If you combine two of her films..
– Yes. It becomes the favourite
colour of 80 percent girls. Which one?
– Baby Pink. It’s really interesting. Shall I tell you more,
Kapil Sharma? No.
This is enough. Get me some coffee.
Where is it? Neither do you have coffee
nor tea. You keep saying.
You never serve us. What’s happening? Ms. Taapsee,
you can have coffee if you want. If you want to spend
time with me then I don’t mind.
– Oh! You don’t mind. Don’t you feel ashamed
by flirting with guests? Only Kapil can do this. I can only flirt.
I cannot marry them. No.. I mean..
I really want to but there’s a procedure
that we follow. When we start with coffee the matter will go
to the next level. I mean.. I am just saying. Have you seen yourself? I have seen you. If you can flirt..
I am still cute. Really.
– Ouch! Really. Not everybody
knows the truth. I have a killer smile.
I have a killer smile. Killer.. I am not joking. My smile is banned
in Delhi. 25 girls fainted
due to my smile. I am not kidding.
Shall I show you? – Yes. I will show you my smile.
Please pay attention. Ladies, I request you not
to come running on the stage. I know, I am very charming
and attractive. One, two, three.. It’s great, isn’t it?
– It’s amazing. Actually, I am inspired
by Ms. Bhumi. I see.
– You had put on weight for the film ‘Dam Laga Ke Haisha’. Even I increased
my weight. – Then she.. Why are you not
getting inspired now? Why are you not
reducing it? She lost weight
for her film ‘Toilet’. Did you lose? I reduce at least
5 kilograms every day in toilet. Ms. Chandro..
Ms. Prakashi.. You have achieved so much that’s why, there’s
a film after you. A big round of applause. Ms. Chandro, I’d like to give
you a suggestion. – What? Ms. Chandro, you should
never sit in your ‘Yaan’. Why?
– It will become ‘Chandrayaan’. Ms. Prakashi, even you
shouldn’t sit in the ‘Yaan’. Even she will become
‘Prakashiyaan’. You are king of comedy? Is this your comedy?
What is ‘Prakashiyaan’? What are you saying? If you can’t make a joke
then don’t ruin it. You are very good.
I have seen you. You are good. You are good.
– I have seen the trailer of ‘Saand Ki Aankh’. ‘Saand Ki Aankh’.
– Wow! It was amazing.
My buffalo enjoyed it. When I told my buffalo
that you all are coming she came running
without wearing clothes. A buffalo doesn’t wear clothes. First of all,
it doesn’t wear anything and you are staring at her.
Don’t you feel shame? Protest.
– She is complaining. Come on, Kappu Sharma.
I had told you to buy clothes
for my buffalo. By the way, Ms. Bhumi,
Ms. Taapsee, I was saying.. Why not change this promotion
into a relationship? How?
– I mean.. Your ‘Saand Ki Aankh’..
– Yes. Weds the tail of my buffalo. It will make
a great couple. What will it be
after combining them? A great couple. I mean, we can match
their horoscope. There’s no horoscope
for animals. Let match their dung.
– Right. We can make
biogas. But, I am telling
the truth. My buffalo
loves your bull. – Really? How do you know? It’s standing here.
I will ask her. Tell me.
Do you like ‘Saand Ki Aankh’? Yes. Look.
She likes the bull. Let me ask more. Will you go
and watch ‘Saand Ki Aankh’? Yes. It admits. She is saying yes
for everything. No.
Will you go with Kappu Sharma? ‘No.’ It rejects. It rejects. – It happened
right in front of you. By the way,
you can take my buffalo along. Ms. Taapsee, Ms. Bhumi. It is very useful.
– How is it useful? You will go
on a morning walk. Take the buffalo along. You will walk
so will the buffalo. Walk.. Walk.. If you feel like
having milk.. The buffalo will
give the milk. You can have it. By the way,
my buffalo is very useful. She is not
an ordinary buffalo. – Right. She is linked with ‘Aadhar’. Trust me. If someone else
tries to milk the buffalo you will receive a message
on your mobile. What if we don’t receive
any message? That means, the buffalo
is no more in your control. If they shoot
then you will lose your life. You are narrating
poems here! Tell you what?
I know many jokes. I see. ‘Joke’.
– Shall I say it? – Sure. All right.
– Ready. Kappu Sharma,
even you can answer. Okay.
– Tell me. Where does it rain
the most in the world? Where?
– On earth. Too good. Too good.
Wow! Wow!
– One more. Why do kids
go to school? – Why? Because the school
can’t come to kids. I have a unique
sense of humour. Anyway, thank you
very much. I will take your leave.
Thank you very much. It was fun being here. Greetings. I shall take your leave.
– God bless you. God bless you.
– Thank you. Bye. I shall get going. Bye. Let’s go.
You need not worry. Come on. It is time to call
the one who is playing Taapsee and Bhumi’s coach
in the film. Please welcome a very
talented actor, Vineet Singh. Please take your seat.
– Thank you. Thank you. You are looking
very handsome. – Thank you. As soon as I looked at you I noticed this smiley.
– This? I think, it’s wrong.
– Why? – Why? He can pacify
even a crying baby. He doesn’t need one.
– Love you, sir. Love you. Thank you, Mr. Vineet.
– Very true. This should be repeated
several times. I think, all the emoji’s.. There should be an animated
version of Mr. Kapil. It will work more.
– Right. – Animated. You must have seen
Vineet in many films. He is punching everyone
in ‘Mukkabaaz’. ‘Ganga of Vasseypur’. A big round of applause.
– Wow. He has done a great job.
– Thank you. Thank you so much. He had played
the role of a goon. He is shooting. What does Mr. Anurag Kashyap
see in you that you get to play
only the role of a goon. Now, you are playing
the role of a coach. But why does he
make you do this? None gave me work
before that. So sweet.
– I am in this game
since 18 years. – Okay. Now, he is repeating me. I would like to tell you
one more thing. Our audience wouldn’t
be knowing this. Vineet is a doctor.
– Oh! Yes.
– He is a doctor? – Yes. Like me or a real one? He is a doctor
in actual. – Actual. Vineet, what have
you studied? I have done MD in Ayurveda. Wow! – Okay.
– I am specialized. Wow.
– And.. But, before going to the medical college
I was sure I wouldn’t practice this. I did this for my father. Okay.
– Because he is a mathematician. People read books
written by him. – Wow! Okay.
– I had certain pressures. I am from
a middle class family. – Okay. So, education
was very important. When my father saw my
interests in movies.. – Okay.. He told me
that I can go out if I wanted to do this.
– And you left. Yes.
I mean.. I followed my dreams quite late. I thought, if I become
a doctor then I will practice in the
first half, that it till 1 p.m. And then I will struggle. Because I have read
the stories about struggles in the newspaper.
– Yes. I have witnessed it.
I thought one has to struggle a lot.
One actually struggles a lot. But all the movies
you have done after struggle are amazing.
– Thank you. Congratulations to you.
– Thank you. Thank you. As all of you know that the film ‘Saand Ki Aankh’
is based on the lives of Ms. Chandro and Ms. Prakashi. So it’s based on their talent of shooting.
We want to do something live. Because Taapsee and Bhumi
have worked very hard. And he is playing
the role of a coach. He must have learnt
the art. – Oh, no. We will make you
show your shooting talent. Please bring the props. Here are the photos
of the Bollywood stars. You can aim at your favourite
stars one by one. – Oh! Bhumi, you have to tell me
who you are aiming at? I am aiming at Mr. Akshay.
– Okay. Bhumi is aiming
at Mr. Akshay. You have hit it. Almost.
– It was hit. Not bad. It had hit.
– Not bad. Too good.
I am in pressure. Let me say the dialogue.
– Yes go ahead. We just have to
look into the bird’s eye. What!
– Like Arjun did. We don’t see the bird’s eye. I see the bull’s eye. From here.. I missed it be a bit. Close..
– This is their respect. They hit at the border.
– Right. She got all four. We can’t aim at them.
We have to treat them with respect. You will one more chance. Don’t aim at the border.
I won’t cover up this time. Can I remove it..
– I will choose Mr. Shahrukh.
– Okay. Amazing. This is bull’s eye. They have worked hard. Amazing.
– We have worked very hard. Taapsee, who will you
aim at? The most good looking
man in our industry. Who?
Me? That’s a tricky one. The line I was
speaking out. – Our Greek God of the industry. Who?
– Oh! – Let’s say that. Hrithik Roshan, Guys. Not bad.
Not bad, guys. I am feeling proud
of myself. Oh, my God!
– Kappu! Wow! Hey.. Kappu, I am here..
– Why are you here, Aunt? Give me a hug, my dear. Aunt, don’t hug me.
You almost killed me. Dear, tell me something. There are so many women
over here. You are narrating the story
of ‘Karva Chauth’, right? Hey! Taapsu..
Are you doing good? Yes, I’m doing great.
– That’s great. Bhumu.. Have you been doing good? Ms. Prakashi!
Greetings, Ms. Chandro. I’ll talk to you later.
I am upset with you. I don’t want to talk to you. How’s everything going? I have seen the trailer
of your movie. Ms. Chandro, I couldn’t tell
the difference. You guys look exactly
like the actresses in the movie. Aunt..
– You look the same.. They were impersonated
in the movie. Why did let them enact you?
Why didn’t you do it? Sorry, my family is not familiar
with the film industry. She doesn’t know much
about it. I am not from the film industry
background. He’s the heir of Kapoor family. He’s insulted me.
Why are you laughing? I am upset with you.
I’ll deal with you later. Have you forgotten that day?
– Which day? I don’t remember.
I am so forgetful. It happens sometimes. Oh, Bhumu, Taapsu.. Why are addressing them
in that manner? Their names are Taapsee
and Bhumi. Bhumu and Taapsu..
– Hold on, Kappu. You can address them
by their names but I am going to call
the Taapsu and Bhumu. Bhumu..
– Yes. I am very upset with you.
– Why? – Why? I will not tell you.
– Hey.. – Please tell me. You used to go with me
to the fields to attend the nature’s call. Ms. Chandro, she used
to go with me to the fields. I used accompany her even when I didn’t have
to attend the nature’s call. Oh, no..
That’s gross. I taught her everything about attending the
nature’s call in the fields. But when it came to inviting me
to the premiering of the film she forgot about me. Akshay was so kind. – He.. I am upset with you.
– I’ll deal with you later. I didn’t help Akshay
but he invited me when the movie was premiered. Well, you went to the premier
of the film regardless of whether you got
an invitation. I didn’t go.
– Why? – Why? The movie was premiered
at 4’o clock. – So.. I have to answer the call
of nature at 6’o clock. Every year, she..
– Oh, dear! So, I didn’t go. Why would I go everywhere?
– Aunt.. You get humiliated
if you’re not in a group for wasting my time. I didn’t go. I sent my mother-in-law instead.
– Okay.. She always has to attend
the call of nature. I am speaking the truth. You can ask her anytime she’ll say, she has to attend
the call of nature. I saw the trailer of your film. Taapsu and Bhumu were
shooting like professionals. Professionals..
– So, I wanted to check whether they can
shoot at the target. What do you mean? So..
I always carry everything. Here are five salwars.
– Why five? Here are the strings.
Just have a look.. What is this? There are five salwars. What should we do? Let’s see who is good
at aiming. Quickly, insert the strings
in all the salwars. Come on, start.
Come on, guys. Aunt, they are stars
and you’re asking them to insert strings
in the salwars. So what if they are stars? Should I ask them to insert
CNG in the salwars instead? To all the youngsters
present here do not underestimate the string.
– Why? If you tie a bow
with the string you can burn 1,500 calories. How can they insert the strings? Give them the necessary tools
to put the string. You’re challenging me again. My bag contains everything.
It contains helicopter as well. Here you go, dear. What should we do? That’s a toothbrush. This is your uncle’s toothbrush. Here you go..
– What! Take it. It’s all right. He
just brushes his teeth with it. She’s so lovely. Oh, dear..
– What should we do with this? It’s my husband’s toothbrush. He used to insert the strings in
everyone’s salwar in my village. Ms. Archana, he was very famous.
– Ms. Archana.. He was an expert. He used to insert
several strings together when he used to brush his teeth. Oh, I miss him.
He lives abroad. I’ll deal with you later. When I saw him
for the first time.. – Tell us.. He inserted 35 strings in the
salwars within 30 seconds. Really? – When he was inserting
the string in the 35th salwar.. What happened? Our fingers got tangled
in the strings. He couldn’t move his fingers
and I kissed him. Aunt, was my uncle’s assigned
with a job to insert strings? Do not disrespect
his profession. Do not look down on the strings. People are under
the misconception that pyjamas protect them but the string is essential
to fasten pyjamas. That’s right.
– Yes.. It is true.
– Absolutely. If the string isn’t fastened
properly the pyjamas falls down. My husband was very famous. People used to seek his services
from afar. A woman from abroad
had also sought his service. What’s her name? Angelina.. Angelina Jolie.. You’re lying.
She wears shorts. I lied because I wanted
to text you. I was checking whether you have stopped
checking out women in shorts after you got married. Aunt, why are you talking
inappropriately? Kappu, I used to talk inappropriately
with Mr. Dillu. Who’s that?
– Who’s Mr. Dillu? Mr. Dillu..
Dilmohan Singh Pannu.. Oh, dear! I used to have
a great time with him. I mean..
– When did my father do this? When did this happen
and where? He’s very good at aiming. He could observe a pumpkin
for a couple of minutes and say how ripe it is. Are you serious?
– I am serious, dear. He could look
a lemon for a second and remove all its juice. Oh, God! He was very naughty. Why are you
cross-questioning me? Are you tricking me
into spilling the beans? Oh, no!
– What’s wrong? I spoke about Mr. Pannu
and me in a television show. Hold on.
Focus the camera on me. I have a request
to the Sony authorities please do not reveal about
Mr. Pannu and my relationship. We will get defamed. Sony authorities.. If your air the details
about Mr. Pannu and me I will spill the beans
about Ms. Archana and you. Why are you smiling at me, dear?
I’m upset with you. At least tell him
why you’re upset. No one stays upset for so long.
Come and hug me, dear. Come. Bless you. Come, dear. Dear, when you come the next
time, do learn to weave sweater. Yes. – Is it because
winter is coming? No, dear, because you are
going to have a baby soon. Well, let me tell you, ma’am. The young girls are playing
you on screen. They are amazing.
The girls were terrific. True. – But they think
we can’t play them on screen. Of course you can.
– At any age. See! These days, they click
selfies with their phones. They think we can’t pout.
Stand up, dear. We will do it.
– Let me sit. Here you are, ma’am.
Now pout. Let’s take a selfie. Where’s mine? – Take this.
– You can pout. – Okay. They think we can’t do it. Do this, ma’am. As if you
are blowing a candle. – Okay. Do this. This is good.
You do it too. Okay, do it on the count
of three. Keep trying until then.
One, two, three. Wow, ma’am!
You were great! Lovely! Do this once. One, two, three.. How sweet! This was great!
Come, dear. Sit down. Okay..
– Is Mr. Pannu okay? It seems to be
in trouble now. No.. Dear, I’m upset with you.
You know why? – Why? You took sweets to
Mr. Bachchan’s house. Dad sent it.
– I know that. But he also said you should
give some to me. You should have at least
given me an empty box. So, ma’am, I’ll leave.
– Okay, dear. Great. Wonderful. A huge round of
applause for the ladies. Kapil, where’s my bag? You didn’t even put
the drawstring. – Take this. Never mind, when I talk to
Mr. Pannu at night I’ll complain about you. Okay, bye..
– Bye.. Now it’s time to take a nice
selfie with everyone. Vineet, are you going
to do it? – Come. – Absolutely. Ma’am.. Thank you.
– Thank you. Taapsee, Bhumi, Vineet,
thank you very much for coming on the show.
– Thank you.. – Thank you.. All the best.
– Thank you. This story is beautiful. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of
love from everyone. – Yes. Thank you. – And Ms. Chandro,
Ms. Prakashi, thank you. Bless you.
– It was great meeting you two. We are blessed to meet you
today and hear your stories. Thank you. – It’s great.
We’re happy too, dear. Thank you. – It’s great.
‘Saand Ki Aankh’. ‘Saand Ki Aankh’.
– ‘Saand Ki Aankh’. Keep laughing,
keep smiling. Maintain cleanliness, and keep
watching The Kapil Sharma Show. Good night. Sleep well.
Thank you.

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