The Katering Show – THERMOMIX

The Katering Show – THERMOMIX

I’m Kate McCartney. And I’m Kate McClennan. – We’re women!
– Welcome to The Katering Show! Ah. We’ve been getting some great
feedback from our YouTube fans. Sputnik59 writes, “Hi, girls,
I wanna (BLEEP) you in the face.” – Aw!
– Aw, that’s nice. – So lovely.
– Yeah. We’ve also got this email from
Snagprofit12, who writes, “Hey, ladies, would love to see you
do a kitchen road test “of a household appliance. “Also, I want to (BLEEP) you
in the face.” Well, snagprofit12,
we’re gonna give you what you want. That’s right, we’re gonna road test everybody’s
“Jederlieblingskuchengrass”… the Thermomix. So, what is a Thermomix, I hear
anyone under the age of 33 ask. It’s a blender, a microwave, an ice
bucket and a set of kitchen scales. It’s a gang bang
of kitchen appliances that’s created
a futuristic robot saucepan. It’s the kind of appliance that
your rich mother-in-law gives you as a wedding gift because she doesn’t
think you can cook. Or something that you buy yourself because you’ve always wanted
to join a cult but you don’t have the energy
for the group sex. One thing’s for sure, though,
if you buy a Thermomix, you will not regret it. You will love it. And you will tell everyone
you love it, ’cause you just spent $2,000 on
something you can’t get a refund on. It’s like an IVF baby
that ends up being a psychopath. You have no choice but to love it. Unless, of course, you got it
from Thailand, in which case – you just leave it there.
– Leave it behind. We borrowed our Thermomix from
a friend who’s away on holidays and she forgot she lent me her keys. This thing is amazing apparently. You can put a tea towel in there
and it’ll dry itself, which I think we can all agree
is worth the $2,000 price tag alone. If you know anyone who owns
a Thermomix, you’ll have already heard that, “It
saves me so much time making dips,” and, “I have a freezer
full of stock concentrate.” And, “I drink alone at 11am.” You’ll have also heard how it makes
a risotto in just 16 minutes. McCartney, can you believe it? I literally do not have
an opinion on this. I know, I was sceptical as well. That’s why we’re gonna put that claim
to the test today and make our own versions of risotto. Hot wet rice. So we’re going to make two versions of a lemon, zucchini
and leek risotto, one that is food intolerant-friendly
and another one that has flavour. Because I can cook,
but I’m terrible with computers, I’m gonna make
the full-flavour risotto using my own set of appliances,
called skills and a kitchen. Meanwhile, I’m bad at cooking, but last week I synced my iPhone
and only wiped half my photos, so I’m kind of a tech wizard. Therefore, I’m gonna cook the food
intolerant version of hot wet rice in the little German death machine. First up, we prepare the ingredients
for our risotto. MCCARTNEY: Hot wet rice! Now, for my full flavour,
handmade risotto, we’re gonna use some garlic,
onion and the white part of the leek. The green part I’m giving
to McCartney, because apparently she announced
today she can have that part. Yes, it turns out
I can eat the bit of a leek that you normally put in the bin. My world has really opened up. There you go. Alright, let’s get started. People have a lot of ideas
about how to stop onions from stinging their eyes. Putting them in the fridge,
washing them under cold water, or getting their child to chop them. Personally, I like cutting onions. It’s a great way to cleanse yourself
of the horrors of your life, like the fact that Tony Abbott
is Prime Minister, future generations will inherit
an arid dustbowl, and how I have ankles
that retain fluid. Right, let’s do the garlic. Meanwhile, back at the Thermomix, I’m adding some shit
and some other shit and a bit of… Who the fuck cares? I don’t know, I don’t care.
Fucking hate cooking. Cooking, for me, isn’t just about
putting fuel into my body. It’s about being in the moment and
just taking some time out, you know? The simple act of stirring a pot means that there is a quietness
and a calm in my brain, and it’s the only time I feel that without taking
prescription medication. (THERMOMIX BEEPS) Oh, it’s finished. What, chopping? No, the whole thing. I guess it can cook hot, wet rice
in 16 minutes. Oh. Now that my hot wet rice
is warming in a $300 bowl, it’s time for the Booze Revooze. White wine goes well
with white people, funerals, and it really brings out
the rice taste in risotto. This is a Pinot Grigio
and a Pinot Gris. One of them is made
from younger grapes, and it’s fine for me to drink. The other one is made from more
mature grapes that are picked later so its wine is sweeter
and it’s full of fructose. If I drank it,
it would firebomb my guts. But which is which? Well, I remember with a little saying
I was taught. Pinot Grigio grapes
are harvested earlier because it’s an Italian wine and the Italians are impatient
and passionate and want things straight away, whereas Pinot Gris grapes
are left on the vine for longer because the French are lazy. Yeah, in hindsight, whoever taught me
that saying is a massive racist. But enough about my dad, let’s try
the fructose-free Pinot Grigio. Mm. That tastes like balls. Mate, can you just stir this
for a minute? I just have to go to the toilet. Uh, no, I would,
but I’ve just got to, um… Internet, so I’m just gonna… While I wait for McLennan
to finish cooking, I’m gonna use my free time
for one of my favourite hobbies, typing the names of two different
animals into YouTube. Hey, mate, can you get me a stool? Oh, I would but I’m sitting down. So just… Well, that took most of the day. It was a bit like a culinary
filibuster, wasn’t it? And I think I’ve got a bit of RSI
in my wrist. But I feel super chilled. Yeah, you look really chilled. OK, so now it’s time to test
which risotto tastes better, McCartney’s food-intolerant,
two-minute noodle bullshit risotto that she made in the Thermomix, or my full flavour, bespoke risotto
that I made by hand. OK, let’s give it a go. OK. Hm. What do you think? It’s alright. What do you think? To be honest, it’s a bit hard
for me to say, because I actually
don’t really like risotto. I don’t like risotto either. Why did we make it? It’s fucking dinner porridge. Why didn’t we make dip? Maybe the crew will want it. CREW: No! What would you do with two grand? Probably go to Uniqlo
and buy lots of puffy jackets and then put them all on
at the same time and run out in front of a car
and see what happens. Oh, yeah? What about you? I haven’t been to the dentist
since 2002, and now I can feel my jaw crumbling, so I might do something
about that, I guess. Do you reckon two grand would cover
a nose job? Yeah, like a Thailand one. You might lose a nostril, though. Alright. Let’s give this a go. (LOW WHIRRING) Yay!

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  1. Take the Katering show off the Thermomix cooking show because swearing language is not food tolerable and its not tolerable for the academic growth of healthy food eating children…..Clarence Ormsby a proud grand parent.

  2. This is what makes me happy to live in a time when comedy doesn't have to be limited to what large TV studios are willing to gamble (or not gamble) on. Keep it up, this is great comedy!

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    It somehow makes the show funnier.

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