The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done (Official Music Video)

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  1. “If you can hold on, if you can hold on, HOLD ON” preach🙏🏼. This time of year let’s keep a look out for those we love and those around us. Suicide can be prevented if we spread love and kindness. Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Years!

  2. When my Dad died he was on vacation and all of his shit came back in the mail. His iPod had this song playing with a few seconds left. It’s been long enough that when this song comes on I forget why it stops my heart, but then I remember and imagine my Dad and his last day.

  3. When the Adrenochrome hits just right, and you lip-sync to the Killers while Machine Elves in the guise of nurses serve as your back-up dancers…

  4. Still here in 2020. Beautiful music by the killers. One of my all time favorite musicians. 👏🎶👏👏👏👏🎶💕

  5. This song got me through the days and nights of hopelessness.. it was what I played when I would go skate. It was the song I played when on the train to school.. I played this song in my Sony Walkman when I threw that cheese burger at that asshole in lunch..

  6. This was my friend Rae's favorite song. He was an alcoholic who took his own life 7 years ago. He was a talented artist, saxaphone player, and an air traffic controller. But, most of all he and I could talk endlessly about anything and we never got mad at each other. I love ya Rae. Thank you for being a "true" friend!

  7. Southland Tales has a pretty good skit that includes this song, an arcade, beer, and Justin Timberlake. Check it out.

  8. I google Runaway sounds like and this song came up in the results. This sounds absolutely nothing like Runaway. They both start with a single piano key but that's it. Runaway is much more like the song Linger.

  9. This popped up in my head out of nowhere, haven't heard this since it came out probably lol. Crying of nostalgia right now

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