The Killing of a Sacred Deer | Official Trailer HD | A24

The Killing of a Sacred Deer | Official Trailer HD | A24

♫ We, we don’t have to worry ’bout nothing ♫ ♫ ‘Cause we got the fire ♫ ♫ And we’re burning
one hell of a something ♫ ♫ They, they gonna see us from outer space ♫ Yeah, I’m really sorry about Bob. It’s nothing serious. No, it is. ♫ Like we’re the stars of
the human race, human race ♫ Where did you two go? ♫ When the lights started out ♫ ♫ They don’t know what they heard ♫ ♫ Strike the match, play it loud ♫ ♫ Giving love to the world ♫ How did his father die? A surgeon never kills a patient. An anesthesiologist can kill a patient, but a surgeon never can. ♫ ‘Cause we got the fire, fire ♫ Don’t be scared, mom. You’ll see. You won’t be able to move
either, so get used to it. ♫ Let it burn, burn, burn ♫ Where is she?
What did you do to her? ♫ Let it burn, burn, burn, burn ♫ ♫ We’re gonna let it burn, burn, burn ♫ I don’t understand why I
should have to pay the price. Why my children should
have to pay the price. ♫ Let it burn, burn, burn, burn ♫ It’s the only thing I can think of that’s close to justice. ♫ We can light it up, up, up ♫ ♫ So they can put it out, out, out ♫

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  1. Can somebody help me find the story/myth this film is based on? I thought it was maddening the way that reality melted away in the film. It starts you off ostensibly in the real world, but it quickly goes into a place of unfathomable horror.

  2. The acting and dialogue is so bad , I thought there was going to be a plot twist at the end that they were all aliens or robots. Bad movie

  3. Acting is good but the movie is crap the plot itself is boring they could make movie much better still colin was great

  4. Im Greek and I have to tell you I am not a fan of Lanthimos. I cannot watch his movies more than some minutes… I find no meaning at all in these films and its true I have tried a lot. But… I must admit that Yorgos Lanthimos has achieved something extraordinary. Either you will absolute love his films either you will absolute hate them. This is admirable and despite of my rejection I cannot deny this guy's work and effort.

  5. This movie was really odd. I love odd movies but this one was all around too weird. It was too obvious to me that everyone was an actor lol there was no family chemistry. I didn't believe they're husband and wife. They acted so dry and monotone. The constant creepy music that never stopped. Always acting that something was going to happen at any given point. Not to mention that Collin Farrell's character is quite the idiot to be a doctor lol there was so many times where be could've seen the shit coming. Plot holes combined with a snail like pace didn't help. I wasted 2 1/2 hours of my life on this piece of shit

  6. The trailer forgets to note how NOBODY ACTS LIKE A HUMAN IN THIS MOVIE! They're basically robot/ aliens pretending to be people. Within the first few minutes the dialogue is so bizarre the movie turns into something else. I laughed at the movie through most of it's entire run time due to the absurdity of what I was witnessing.

    "WTF did I just watch?"

  7. “Bad…”

    “Worst 2 hours of my life…”

    Jesus people, I know it’s your own opinion but this is Yorgos we are talking about. Yorgos does make films like these

  8. Crazy weird frigging movie. Based on Greek mythology if you can wade through it, it's worth watching. And no, it's not about deer

  9. I love art movies,of any kind. But now I'm sure of one thing ! This director is a total waste of time ! Lucky for me I didn't watch this movie in a theater and was able to mute the sound of the final scene. I prefer to remind this beautiful piece of Bach from the end of Zerkalo ( The mirror) At least you didn't manage to screw my head all the way !

  10. A24 makes only two kinds of movies. movies with brilliant characters and gripping accessible storytelling or… stuff like this where i can literally feel the directors breath on my ear going "ask me what it means! Ask me what it means!"

  11. Pretentious I get the meaning of the movie but I still think it was pretentious and slow.

    I appreciate art movies, different movies otherwise. Films by directors like Kubrick, Ingmar Bergman and von Trier.

  12. A movie where none of the main characters are even American but are better actors then hiring Americans

  13. Honestly this movie is the strangest for me
    The scenarios are very odd and got no sense … how come a boy ask a doctor in his work to show him his armpits hair and the doctor has no problem on that ..Just to compare their hairs with serious look 😐😐😐😐😐

  14. The daughter singing is VERY ANNOYING throughout this Trailer! It almost kept me from renting the movie.

  15. I loved the visuals from this film. I have edited a fan video using scenes from this movie in my channell. Y'all are welcome to chekk it out. 🙂

  16. Classic Hollywood couple gender behavior reversal.
    I had no doubt as to who would be eliminated.
    Nonetheless, at least the story was original and thus i ended up watching it till the end.

  17. The emotionless dead pan acting in this is truly orgasmic… Farrell takes his character from lobster and carries on with no cut in the production, for this director Farrell must be a wet dream come true…a film for the thinking man as most of the population will not capture the meaning of this and will be left wondering what the f**k was that they just watched…

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