The King – Timothée Chalamet, Robert Pattinson | Final Trailer | Netflix Film

The King – Timothée Chalamet, Robert Pattinson | Final Trailer | Netflix Film

A king has no friends. Only followers… and foe. A new chapter of my life
has begun. As prince, I spent my days
drinking, clowning. Now, I find myself a king. King Henry! Choose your steps wisely,
dear brother. King Henry! They have their own kingdoms
behind their eyes. King Henry! I need men around me
I can trust. King Henry! -You are my friend.
-I will come with you. King Henry! King Henry! Now you’ll be watched over by an altogether
different king. France is taunting us. They were
my father’s enemies, not mine. The screams of your men… shall lull me to sleep at night. You will not topple
this King Henry V of England you so underestimate. Are you ready
for what awaits us? War is bloody and soulless. This is how peace is forged. Do you feel
a sense of achievement? Surrender to me! King of England… are you scared? On me! Already, I can feel the weight of this crown I wear.

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  1. Wtf was the director smoking. Chalamet is a tremendous actor but he simply could not transition from young highway robber/black sheep son Hal to one of the greatest Kings of England. And Falstaff is laugh out loud funny in the 1st play. Edgerton as Falstaff was dull as ditchwater. Why bother to claim this is adapted when it's obvious neither the director, nor producers Edgerton and Brad Pitt ever read the fcking plays. Metacritic got it right. This was a joke.

  2. Seems really violent 🙁 I know that was the reality but it's too hard for me to watch. And as a French speaker, I must say Robert's French accent is qutie cute 😂at least he's trying!

  3. They left out the ONE reason this battle was so important, the bloody stakes that protected the archers. English knights never walked out into the middle to be sacrificed, it was the french who charged recklessly into the 3 sided hail of arrows and wooden stakes. It is historically inaccurate and outside the fighting is boring as hell.

  4. Wow the ending was so sad. The regret upon a person can be so overwhelming, yet people are depressed over test. Great movie

  5. Such a good movie. Chalamet and Pattinson were amazing…especially Pattinson. Man, I HATED his slimy Dauphin character. It's based on a Shakespeare's play which is base on Henry V.

  6. I wanted a whole new netflix series of Timothee being King Henry. Only let down is how short it is. Joel Edgerenton is fantastic. Sorry for the poor spelling

  7. This was such a great movie!! I started watching it thinking it was a show and when it ended I was so excited for the second episode then realized it was a movie 😭

  8. It's an awesome production. Everyone is at their very top in it and the beauty of the shots fascinates from beginning to end. On another level, History wise, it's a bloody mess. Let's say there's been a battle at Azincourt and Charles VI had a daughter; Catherine. The rest is theatre.

  9. Excruciatingly slow, terrible casting/bad acting and the "i speak now you speak" writing/directing, just bad. 2 hours+ that I can't get back, arrrrgh!

  10. If you walk into this thinking it's gonna be a visual epic. It wont, it's visually epic but you'll find the quiet moments in this highly tense. Very realistic battles too. I loved it

  11. lol to the people saying this is the best movie they’ve ever seen. I fell asleep watching this movie. It’s just another typical medieval movie. Nothing special. Dark, slow and boring.

  12. Roberts character literally will have people bring a chair wherever he goes-in his kingdom-in the forest-insert funny place where a chair isn't normally found

  13. おなじ学校にめっちゃティモシーシャラメニに似てる人が居るんだけど‼️

  14. >Masculinity

    It takes the stronk independent woman at the end of the movie to realize that Henry and the Dauphin were just dumb men too obsessed with showing off to realize the whole conflict had been orchestrated from the start.


    Henry is made into a pacifist. He prevents his brother from winning a glorious victory and winning his spurs


    The stronk independent woman says “all monarchies are illegitimate”

  15. this is what happens when they didnt have apps and videogames to play with during there times….meaningless war smh

  16. I really enjoyed the film. Netflix needs to make more of these kinds of films instead of those shitty teenage summer ones

  17. Great production, superb directing, amazing acting, and the cinematography was spectacular.

    No complaints at all. 10/10. Watch it. The proof is in the pudding.

  18. This movie sucked. They did not even try to be historically accurate. The acting was horrible and the story was poorly written. Save yourself some disappointment.

  19. (i wrote the below right near the end. Now watching it in its entirety I, d go a solid 9/10 for the dialogue and plot twist. DEFINITELY worth ur time) Solid 8/10.excellent acting writing and direction. There are no wasted scenes or plot slowing wasted moments. The dialogues excellently written. The violence when needed is accurate. I cant account to the historical accuracy but i base all these period based movies on the best, brave heart. My only quip is why are they all so damn skinny? Especially the royalty. Apart definitely worth the two and something hours of your time. Give a crack. 👍ohhh shit and watched the credits and now it makes sense why it was so damn good. DEFINITELY give this one a go.

  20. One gotta keep in mind that this isn't a historical movie but a movie based on Shakespeare's fiction loosely based on actual events.
    It holds as much historical value as 300 or Troy.

  21. I watched this, i finished it, looked to see the next episode, realized it was not a series… tell me an experience that can measure up the pain and utter disappointment that i now posses

  22. In Twilight to Kristen (American accent): 'are you afraid?'
    in The King to Timothy (French accent) : 'are you scared?'
    (imagining bat accented Rob Pattinson asking how much terrified the scarecrow is 🤔😱 already hyped 😍😍)

  23. It’s about damn time Netflix has something to watch that’s brilliant. The casts for this was impeccable and captivating. Well written. Patterson was indeed exceptional. Bravo 👏🏼

  24. I expected a decent medieval action movie, but this was extraordinary. This was easily the best movie I've seen this year. Brilliant directing, writing, and acting. Definitely check this out.

  25. It was a bloody good film, and not like your usual liberal Hollywood shite that most films are like these days. Can recommend

  26. A pretty entertaining film.
    But given the amount of contemporary accounts about the battle of Agincourt, I wonder why the director/producers decided to ignore 90% of it.
    The battle scene was disappointing.

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