The Last Guest: FULL MOVIE (A Sad Roblox Story)

The Last Guest: FULL MOVIE (A Sad Roblox Story)

Dad: Hey, son! You nearly caught one this time! Guest: Haha, yeah. Dad: Maybe one day, you’ll be as good as your old man, ay. Dad: What’s wrong, pal? Guest: I’m…scared, dad…Why are guests…like us…disappearing? Dad: That’s nothing to worry about. Guest: Then why do I have to move to a new school? Dad: Don’t worry about it, kiddo. Dad: I won’t let anything happen to you. Mother: Go on then. School’s about to start. You don’t want to be late on your first day! Guest: But mom…I’m a guest. Nobody’s going to like me… Bully: Hey look it’s a stupid guest! Didn’t think there were any of them left! Bully: Yeah I know. [Laughs] Mother: Ignore them. Go in there and be yourself, and you’ll make friends in no time! Mother: Remember what we’ve always told you. Dad: Be strong, young man. Mother: Always be strong. Dad: Woah! Look..You don’t need to do this… News Reporter: 2 guests were shot dead at the ROBLOX recreation centre this evening. News Reporter: The bacon soldier terrorist organization claimed responsibility. News Reporter: The victims were believed to be one of the last remaining guests. News Reporter: The so called bacon soldiers are causing chaos across ROBLOX. News Reporter: Killing innocent civilians and causing terror. The police seemingly powerless to stop them. News Reporter signs out. Daisy: Hi! I’m Daisy! Nice to meet you! Guest: Hi…I’m..Guest. Daisy: I heard about your parents… I’m sorry about what happened to them.. I can’t believe you’re one of the last guests! Guest: Thanks! How long have you been here? Daisy: Well I’m new here too and… I’m thinking we could be friends! Guest: Yeah…I’d like that. Daisy: Let’s go grab some breakfast. I’ll show you around the house and then later we could go to the park! Bully: You need to be taught a lesson little girl! Bully: Sorry…! My leg must’ve accidentally slipped! Guest: Hey! Leave her alone! Bully: Oh hey…! Look what little rat showed up! Bully: Come on then, fight me tough guy! Bully: You weak pathetic guest! No wonder your species died out- Matt: Go pick on somebody your own size, yeah? Daisy: Thanks…Those guys are horrible… Guest: No problem! That’s what friends are for. Matt: Hey, sorry about that! Very nasty bunch of guys. Matt: My name’s Matt, by the way. Nice to meet you! Guest: I’m called Guest. Daisy: And I’m Daisy. Thanks for helping us out. Daisy: Oh my god! I’m so wet and cold! Matt: I got some good games we can play with when we get back! Guest: Aw, hell yeah! Matt: I’m gonna smash you! Daisy: No chance! Matt: Last one’s home a loser! Daisy: Oh you’re on! Matt: I’m gonna win this! Daisy: Nah, I got this! Guest: Woohoo! I’m the champion! Matt: Uh…Guys..You need to get up and hide, quickly! Daisy: Huh…? What’s going on? Matt: The bacon soldiers…They’re here…We really need to hide…Like right now! General: Hm..Looks like I was wrong. General: God dammit! The police! Captain: You kids are very lucky to be alive. Especially you Guest. Captain: The bacon soldiers seriously don’t like your people. Captain: You know, we could really use your help one day when you’re old enough to join. Matt: *does a speech* News Reporter: There is panic in ROBLOX tonight as the bacon soldier terrorist organization went on a mass killing. News Reporter: Builderman has issued a warning urging people to remain indoors and be vigilant. News Reporter: The terrorist organization has doubled in number over the past 10 years and the authorities are struggling to remain in control. News Reporter: Tragically, another family of guests were victims of the terrorism. News Reporter: It is believed there is only one last guest in ROBLOX. Guest: The terrorists are just going to keep coming and coming. I don’t want my family to live in a world where they’re always under threat. Guest: I’m going to join the army, Matt. Guest: and nothing is going to stop me. Matt: I’m..coming with you. Captain: Welcome to training camp, maggots! Captain: We’re here today for one purpose only. And that is to destroy every last bacon soldier alive! Captain: You will be sent out on the front lines, so train hard! Captain: or die. Bully: Well, well, well. Look who we have here. It’s the rat from the orphanage. Bully: What the hell is a guest like you doing in the army? Bully: Yeah that’s it! You better run away. You weak, pathetic guest! Soldier: Holy cow….That was awesome! Matt: Nice one, mate! You really shut them up! Guest: Hopefully that shuts them up for good. Captain: Listen up, maggots! Training starts in 10 minutes! Captain: Start heading over to the training grounds right this instant! Matt: Time to go save the world. Guest: Yeah, no big deal. Soldier: Hey where are the bacon soldiers? I-I don’t see them. Guest: Incoming! Look out! Soldier: Thanks, man. You just saved my life! Matt: There’s too many of them! This is impossible! Guest: Stay strong, friend. I’ve got your back. Matt: And I’ve got yours. Guest: No! I’m not giving up. Guest: We came to protect our family and friends and I’m not giving up until every last one of them is dead! Guest: or until I am. Dad: Be strong little man. Mother: Always be strong. General: What a pleasure it is to meet you, the last guest. General: Any last words before I blow your brains out? Guest: Yeah! Go to hell! Builderman: We are here today to honor the brave and heroic actions of a fallen soldier. Builderman: He was a proud husband, a loyal friend, a loving father and a respected comrade. Builderman: He was…The last guest. Builderman: For the past few months, the bacon soldier terrorist organization has been on the verge of defeating our forces Builderman: and taking over ROBLOX. Builderman: Thanks to the last guest’s heroic actions. Their leader is dead and his army is fractured from disarray. Builderman: This statue is here not to represent the tragic end of all guests. But a memorial of hope and determination they have given all of us for. Matt: For the first time in 30 years it feels like we are going to win this war all because of one man. Matt: For the first time in 30 years people can feel like they can walk the streets in safety. All because of one man. Matt: His courage, and bravery has taught us that it is important not to judge a person from their appearance. Matt: To really get to know what the person is like on the inside. Matt: And I’m proud to say that my best friend is the best man that has ever lived in ROBLOX. Matt: And he was a guest. The last guest. Charlotte: I miss him so much… Matt: Your…dad slipped this into my pocket when I was unconscious. “To my beautiful, brave daughter. If you’re reading this, things have not gone to plan. My greatest regret is to ever see you grow up into a beautiful young woman. Look after your mom for me when it is your time to leave ROBLOX many years from now. I’ll be waiting for you up there. Life will be challenging at times and you might feel like giving up. Remember just one thing, be strong. Always be strong.” Jez: Mommy! Look at what I made! Mother: That looks wonderful, Jez! General: What are you doing? General: Drawing won’t make you an elite soldier. General: Get to the gym and practice your drills this instant! Mother: Your dad wants the very best for you. Mother: Don’t give up sweety. I love you very much. Mother: Hey sweety, cheer up! You have a visitor! Zara: Jez! Jez: Zara! Zara: Let’s go play in the forest! Jez: Woah, hey look at this! Zara: Hi there little thing! My name’s Sara and this is my friend Jez! Jez: His leg looks badly injured… Zara: Don’t worry. My dad’s a doctor. He will be able to fix him up. Jez: Mommy, mommy! Guess what me and Zara found in the forest today! Zara: Jez…Jez! Zara: Hey, wake up! I find this just as boring as boring as you do but the teacher over there is giving us the death stares… Jez: Yeah ,sorry. Just having a bad dream again. Zara: Oh…You’re thinking about your mom? Jez: Yeah…10 years ago today when was killed by a guest. Zara: How can you be sure it was a guest? Jez: Come on, you already know this, Zara! Jez: The Colonel and my father both saw the guest run away! Teacher: Jez! You may be the General’s son but you will still pay attention in my class! Teacher: Okay, carrying on with history. Teacher: Guests wanted bacon people removed from ROBLOX. Teacher: They felt we were fierce and murderers. Teacher: Police arrested us for no reason and shopkeepers refused to sell food to us so we were forced to move away. Teacher: Forced. To live here in isolation. General: Under my glorious leadership the bacon empire has grown and prospered. General: And we have an army feared by all. General: Now that you’re 15, you will train to be an elite soldier for our empire. General: Our time is close and we will march on ROBLOX to claim back what is rightfully ours. General: You will be the last group of young trainees to be part of our conquest. General: Now make your way down to the arena with me for your first training session. General: Bacon soldiers need to be strong and fearless. Today, I want to see the skills that you already possess. General: The last person standing will be today’s champion and have the honor of standing next to me at the Guest Games. General: Who would like to go first? General: Well done, my son. I had no doubt you would be victorious. General: You have earned your place next to me in the Guest Games. General: Call the doctor to come here and treat the injured boys. General: And then see me in the Colonel’s office. Colonel: There are just 2 families of guests remaining in ROBLOX now, General. Colonel: Which one shall we target next? Colonel: This is Guest1337, known as the “last guest” in ROBLOX. Colonel: He’s married, has a daughter and is in the army. General: Hm..Yes, I remember him very well. Colonel: Here is our second family. Colonel: This is an old family photo of them. Colonel: They have a daughter, Guest555. Colonel: And has the same age as your son. General: Go with the second family. We already tried capturing the last guest but he eluded us at the orphanage when the police arrived. General: Ah, Jez. Let me introduce you to my Colonel. Colonel: I’ve heard many great things about you, Jez. Colonel: No doubt you will make a glorious leader of this empire one day. Doctor: I’ve forgot to include the medical supplies. Doctor: But all of the other provisions and food are in the usual place by the camp. Zara: Yes, I know, father. Doctor: Please. Be careful, Zara. Doctor: If the General ever found out. Zara: He won’t find out. Zara: I’ll see you later. Zara: Here are the supplies, they should last you a few more days. Zara: I’m…so sorry for what my people are doing to you. Guest: Thank you, Zara. You are too kind. Jez: You’re a traitor! Jez: How can you help these people? They drove us out of ROBLOX and killed my mother! Zara: No, they didn’t! You’ve been fed lies your whole life. They want you to believe guests are evil! Jez: My father will hear about this! Zara: Jez…You’re my friend… Zara: Your mother wasn’t killed by a guest. Jez: Father, I have something very important to….say… General: What is it? Jez: Oh..Erm…I just wanted to say I’m looking forward to the Guest Games tomorrow! Colonel: That is understandable. Colonel: The Guest Games are always an exciting highlight of the year. Zara: You didn’t tell the General. How come? Jez: I think you’re right about my mother. I have no time to explain now. But, I think the Colonel killed her. Teacher: Listen up, class. Anyone lucky enough to be selected to watch this year’s annual Guest Games. Make your way to the arena. General: Welcome to our annual Guest Games! General: These games are here to demonstrate the power and minds of the glorious bacon empire! General: To show that we’re the superior race. And to let the whole world know that we bacon people should be respected and feared! General: There is now one last guest remaining in ROBLOX. General: And we will stop at anything until we take it down! General: It is time to cleanse ourselves of more pathetic guests! General: 2 guests will fight to death. The survivor will return to prison. General: If both refuse to fight. They will be killed. General: The games begin! General: Fight or you will be killed! General: Very well then. Jez: All my life I believed that guests were my enemy. Jez: But how can I think that when my people slaughter guests for entertainment? Jez: My father is a monster….And so am I. Zara: You are not like your father, Jez. Zara: You care about people. Jez: I just don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore.. Zara: Deep down…You know what’s right…You just have to believe in yourself. Jez: There was a knife in the Colonel’s desk. Jez: The same one that my mother was killed with. Zara: I’m very sorry, Jez. Zara: Just before my mother died of her illness, she said to me “Life will seem tough at times, but never give up.” Jez: Who provides the food? Zara: My dad provides the food and medicine and sends me down here every couple of days. Zara: The guests are so thin and conditions are awful. Zara: Many…Are unwell… Guest555: Hi! I’m Guest555! Nice to meet you! Zara: Hey, I’m Zara and this Jez! Jez: Don’t you have a real name? Guest555: Well, I used to. Before I got thrown in here…They just give us tags and treat us like we’re animals. Zara: What’s your real name? Rose: Rose, like the color of my hair. Jez: Nice to meet you, Rose. Rose: Nice to meet you too. Rose: Do you ever dream…Of a world where there’s only peace and happiness? Zara: A world where bacons and guests live together, in harmony. Jez: And every Sunday we’d have a nice hot barbecue with all the sausages and burgers we could ever dream of. Zara: Yeah, you can keep dreaming about that one. [Laughter] Rose: I’ve been chosen…for the Guest Games… Zara: No, Rose. That’s awful. Jez: There must be a way to get you out. Zara: I think I have an idea. Jez, meet me at the surgery tonight. Zara: Rose, tell your people to be ready. Jez: Does your father know what we are doing? Zara: Nah, he’d kill me if he found out. But he won’t, so we’ll be perfectly fine. Jez: Okay, so you’ll distract the guards? Zara: And then warrior boy will come in and save the day. Zara: Nothing can go wrong. Bacon Soldier: What the hell was the General thinking keeping us on guard in the rain like this? Bacon Soldier: Yeah tell me about it, man. Nothing’s gonna happen anyway. Bacon Soldier: Wait, hold on, who’s this? Zara: There’s a guest that needs urgent medical attention. I’m here to treat him. Bacon Soldier: I’ve not been told about this. W-where’s the doctor? Zara: My father is attending to a pregnant guest. He sent me. Bacon Soldier: Uh…I need to call this through. Bacon Soldier: The lob screwed. Zara: Uh…Jez, where’s the guest? Colonel: Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing them anytime soon. Colonel: The General sure is going to be very disappointed. Colonel: Both of you make your way to his office. He can decide what to do with you. Colonel: Heh, changed my mind. I don’t like traitors. Colonel: Lock him in with the guests. The General will decide what to do with him tomorrow. Mother: Hi sweety, I know at the moment everything seems to be falling apart. Mother: But don’t give up. Jez: I miss you so much, mom. Mother: I miss you too, sweety. You will always be with me. In my heart. Mother: I will never foget you. Jez: I love you, mom. Mother: I will always love you, Jez. Forever, and ever. Zara: Hey! I’m over here, silly! Zara: Why are you looking so sad? Jez: I’m so sorry. Zara: Don’t be silly! I’m your bestest friend! Zara: We always stick together, I will always look out for you, Jez. Jez: I don’t know if I can carry on… Zara: Of course you can, Jez. You’re the strongest person I know. Zara: Never give up. Rose: Can I sit down? Jez: The Colonel killed my mother, and now he’s killed my best friend. Rose: I know, Jez. I’m so sorry. Jez: But I’m not going to give up, and I’ll never will. Jez: I will get you and all the others out of here. Even it’s the last thing I do. Bacon Soldier: The General wants you in his office, right away. General: You have brought shame on us. The bacon people demand loyalty. General: I demand loyalty. Jez: The Colonel killed mom. General: Don’t be so idiotic, a guest killed your mom and yet you try to help them. Jez: It was the Colonel, dad. The knife which killed mom was in his desk. General: The ROBLOX has advanced and our soldiers are already fighting them. I need to be there leading them and I want you by my side. General: We will talk later. General: What is the situation? Colonel: Their forces are pathetic. They’ve already started to retreat. General: Good. Take squadrons 3, 4 and 8. Defend the camp. We can handle the situation here. Colonel: Yes, General. Colonel: The ROBLOX army is retreating. Squadrons 3, 4 and 8 drop back.Over. Jez: You killed my mother, and you killed my best friend! Jez: Now you’re going to die! Colonel: I didn’t kill your mother. It was your father. Colonel: Put him in the jeep. I’ll deal with him later. General: The last guest….Nobody shoot him! He’s mine! Zara: Never give up. General: What a pleasure it is to meet you, the last guest. Any last words before I blow your brains out? The last guest: Yeah! Go to hell! Soldier: There was an explosion, sir. The last guest has gone and blown up most of the army. Soldier: We still have a soldier unaccounted for, sir. Soldier: He was last seen with guest. Captain: Right, we need to go back. I need a soldier to accompany me. Bully: We’ve both injured our knee, sir. We can hardly walk. Soldier: I’ll go with you, Captain. Soldier: He is unconscious, and his leg is swollen. Soldier: But I think he will make it. Captain: Good, get him back to the jeep. There are medical supplies in the back. Captain: I’m going to have a look around to see if I can find the- General: S-s-stop…Please…Help me, Jez. Jez: You killed mom! General: I did it all for you, son. To make you into a strong and powerful leader. General: Your mother was too soft on you. Jez: You locked away, humiliated, and killed hundreds of innocent people. I will never help you! Doctor: The last guest… Jez: He needs urgent help! Doctor: I will try my best! Jez: Is he…Okay? Doctor: He’s alive. Bacon Soldier: There was an explosion, sir. The last guest has killed the General. Colonel: Where is he? Bacon Soldier: We can’t find his body sir. Colonel: Are you telling me there’s a possibility he escaped?! Bacon Soldier: Well, uh…Yes, sir. There could be a chanc- Colonel: Pathetic. Colonel: I’ll go find him myself. Daisy: Hi! I’m Daisy! Nice to meet you! The last guest: Stay right where you are! Jez: We don’t want to hurt you. Jez: We’re here to help. The last guest: Who are you? Jez: I am the General’s son. You were injured in the explosion which killed my father. Jez: My father was an evil man. Jez: He killed thousands of innocent people including your parents and my mother. Doctor: We are part of a resistance that wants to end this ragene. Jez: Unfortunately, the Colonel has taken command. Jez: Who is just as sadistic and power-hungry as my father was. Doctor: The Colonel…killed my daughter. Jez: My best friend. The last guest: Who…are they? Doctor: Those…are the Colonel’s elite guards. You really don’t want to mess with them. Colonel: Find me the last guest and Jez. Colonel: I want to personally avenge the General’s murder. Colonel: Search every inch of this camp. I’ll pay a visit to the doctor. Doctor: You are not welcome here! Colonel: I suggest you pay me a little more respect. Now that I am the leader of the bacon people. Doctor: Respect..? I just buried my daughter who you killed in cold blood! Colonel: She was a traitor! That’s how I deal with traitors. Bacon or otherwise. Colonel: I’m looking for Jez. You might have an intricate guest with him. Doctor: Why would I have seen them? Colonel: If I find out you’re helping them, I will personally make sure your body is buried next to your daughter’s grave. Doctor: They’re searching everywhere for you. Stay here for now and I’ll bring you food later. I must get back to the hospital. The last guest: I have to get back to my family.. The last guest: My wife…and daughter..will be frantic… The last guest: I don’t even know if my best friend is alive… Soldier: Hey…I was told I could find you here. Molly: I’m Molly. Matt: I..Owe you my life…Thank you! Molly: It was my pleasure. Is that…Guest’s family? Matt: Yeah…They were here a little while ago. Matt: They’re devastated. We all are. Molly: I’m so sorry Matt. Matt: Is there any chance…he could still be alive? Molly: A few soldiers saw him at the explosion. I’m afraid there’s no way he could have survived that.. Jez: There are other guests alive…Being held in a prison camp. The last guest: What? Jez: If we can figure out a way to rescue them, you can lead the guests back home and see your family again. Jez: I need to go speak to my friend Rose. I’ll explain everything on the way. Jez: The Colonel has added extra security. We’ll have to take out the guards. The last guest: Let’s do this. Bacon Soldier: Hey have you heard about that prodigy kid going around beating up all of our soldiers? Bacon Soldier: Yeah…That Jez guy. He beat the hell out of me and Pablito at the gym last year in training. Bacon Soldier: Hey, who’s that? Bacon Soldier: What-What is a guest doing outside of the prison? Jez: Tie them up, I’ll meet you over at the fence. Rose: Jez! You’re alive! I was so worried. There were guards outside the fence. Jez: It’s okay, we’ve taken care of them. Jez: Rose, this is- Rose: The last guest! Rose: You’re a hero to everyone here at the camp. The last guest: I’m sorry to what they’ve done to you. I used to be a friend of your parents. What happened to them? News Reporter: There has been yet another terror attack in ROBLOX today. News Reporter: A shooter gunned down victims, the bacon army is claimed responsibility for the attack and yet another family of guests. News Reporter: Here is the horrific footage captured. Rose: Why are all the bad men killing all those people? News Reporter: …Here is shocking CCTV footage of the bacon soldiers escaping the crime scene. Father: I won’t ever let anyone hurt you. Rose: Do you promise? Father: I promise. *Father mumbling next door* We can’t carry on living here! It’s too dangerous! They’re hunting and slaughtering guests! Mother: I know, but this is such a big step for Rose! She has friends here. She won’t want to go. Father: I’m not going to put her at risk. We need to leave first thing tomorrow morning! Mother: No! Let’s just think about this! Father: You’ve been watching the news. The bacon soldiers are slaughtering guests! Mother: But what about Rose? Her friends- Father: I am thinking about Rose and you. We’re not safe here, we need to move right now! Mother: Rose, we love you very much and we only want what’s best for you. Mother: But that means we’re going to have to move away for a while. Rose: So.. the bad people… don’t hurt us…? Mother: That’s…right, honey. We’ll be safe there. Bacon Soldier: Make any sound and I’ll kill you. Father: Get away from my daughter! Rose: Dad…No!! Father: I love you…Rose. Father: Look after your mom for me.. Colonel: Hello…Rose. Rose: Then…me and my mom were brought here. Rose: Jez…I need to tell you something. The last guest: Listen to me Rose, we’re going to get you all out of here. Rose: I-I-I-I can’t let anything happen to my mom! Jez: You’ll be okay, Rose. Rose: It’s…the Guest Games tomorrow… The last guest: We need to come up with a plan to get you out. Rose: I think…I know how… Rose: There is an underground passageway… Just outside the prison to transport guests from the camp to the arena. Rose: During the Guest Games, we’re taken through a steel doorway, the bacon soldiers lead us through the winding passageways… Rose: …There are guards posted in a different point along the tunnel. You will need to figure out how to get past them. Rose: Eventually, we are led into a waiting area under the arena. We’re kept there until the bacon soldiers call us through the gates to face our opponent. The last guest: So we take out the guards in the passage way and overpower the three guards in the waiting area. Jez: Then we can rescue Rose and the guests and lead them to safety before the Colonel knows. Brilliant! Jez: Okay…Got it! It’s showtime! The last guest: Something doesn’t seem right…It’s too quiet. Jez: Where is everybody? Jez: There are no bacon soldiers here, either. The last guest: I don’t like this. Colonel: The last guest! Colonel: I’ve heard so many great things about you. Colonel: And Jez, so nice to see you again. Your father would be very proud. Colonel: Oh, and don’t think about escaping. Colonel: Now isn’t it strange that I knew you were going to be here today? Colonel:And have you ever wondered about how I knew about your friend Zara’s plan to rescue the guests? Colonel: I think you might be surprised. Colonel: I have an important mission for you, Rose. Rose: Hi! I’m Guest555! Rose: I’ve been chosen..for the Guest Games.. Jez: There must be a way to get you out. Colonel: Rose has been my eyes and ears. Telling me all your plans and feeding you false information all this time. Colonel: Rose was never going to be in the Guest Games. You and Jez were. The last guest: That will never happen. We won’t ever fight each other. Colonel: I think you will. My elite guard is just a few feet away from Daisy and Charlotte. Your wife and daughter, I believe. Colonel: If either of you decide not to fight, then they will both be executed. Colonel: And I will know if either of you decide not to fight your very best. Colonel: Capture them, and await my command. “Be strong, always be strong.” Charlotte: Will you…keep this safe for me? Charlotte: My daddy said I must be strong. I’m going to look after mommy. Matt: Your daddy, was the bravest man I ever met, and you’re the bravest girl in the whole world. Daisy: Do you..think the war is over? Matt: I don’t know, Daisy. But Guest has given us real hope. Daisy: War is so pointless. I’ve lost the person I love most in the world. Matt: If I ever get married, I wish to be as happy as you two are. Daisy: Hey, Matt..Do you remember when we used to play here all the time? Daisy: When we were at the orphanage…. Daisy: I would give anything to have him back… Daisy: We’d better get you to the hospital. Matt: Yeah… Captain: Ah, Matt. I was told I could find you here. I’m Richards, the new captain of the ROBLOX army. Richards: I believe you already know my new Lieutenant. Matt: I do. You’ll make a great Lieutenant, Molly. Daisy: We’ll meet you in the waiting room. Richards: I’d like you to be my other Lieutenant. Your speech at the memorial has influenced and inspired many. Richards: I want you up front with Molly and me, leading the ROBLOX army. Speaker: Matt to the fracture clinic, please. Molly: We’ll get a coffee and meet you in the waiting room. Doctor: Okay..Good! Your leg’s nearly made a full recovery! Doctor: The cast’s just a precaution, but your leg’s absolutely fine. Doctor: Now don’t go getting yourself in any trouble over the next few days. Matt: Yeah…Sure thing. I’ll try to take it nice and easy. Molly: Stay right where you are! Molly: Hey…Are you okay? Matt: Yeah, thanks to you I am. Matt: But it looked like that bacon soldier was going after Daisy and Charlotte. Matt: I hate to think about what would’ve happened if he got hold of them. Daisy: Matt…That was stupid! But..really brave… Matt: You and Charlotte have been through so much. You don’t deserve this.. Richards: I had that bacon soldier cornered. He jumped out the window before I could pull the trigger. Richards: Daisy, I’ll make sure there are soldiers posted outside your house 24/7. Richards: Matt, be at Headquarters for 6 AM. Richards: I’ve been preparing the ROBLOX army and we’ll be marching into the bacon camp first light tomorrow. Richards: We need to put a stop to these outrageous attacks once and for all. Rose: Jez… please let me explain… Jez: Save it! How could you betray your own people! Rose: I’m so sorry I never wanted any
of this…. Jez: How can I have been so stupid… Jez: The first day we met you by the fence
you were far too happy for a recently captured guest… Jez: And I could never figure out how the colonel knew that me and Zara were gonna rescue the guests that night… Jez: And let’s not forget the trap you’ve just set for us! Jez: oh you had me fooled rose! Rose: I didn’t know the Colonel was going to kill Zara… I’ll never forgive myself… The Colonel gave me no choice…. Colonel: Hello Rose… I have a very important mission for you. Colonel: My soldiers tell me that you’re getting on well with Jez and Zara and yet you’ve not given me the information I need. Rose: They’re my friends! I won’t tell you
anything – you can kill me! I don’t care! Colonel: Oh I won’t be killing you
Rose… but if you decide to disobey me… Colonel: I will make sure your mother has a very slow and painful death. Rose: They tortured my mom… I never wanted to tell The Colonel anything but I had to… Rose: They would have killed her. Guest: It’s not your fault Rose, but we need to focus. Guest: The guest games will begin in less than an
hour. There must be a way out of this… Jez: You have a family to go back to guests… you
have to kill me in the guest games. Jez: There’s no other way- Bacon Soldier: Why are you here? Doctor: I’m here to treat an unconscious bacon soldier. Bacon Soldier: But nobody here is unconscio– Doctor: Quickly! He’s fainted. Help me turn him over. Doctor: They’re not the brightest bacon soldiers are they? Doctor: It’s a good thing you told me your plans this morning! now let’s get you out of these chains. Doctor: I’ve left the surgery open, follow me! Doctor: The Colonel is furious, his guards are looking everywhere for us. Doctor: We need to stay hidden in the basement tonight and we can work out what to do tomorrow. Guest: What? What is that? Jez: It’s the war siren it alerts the soldiers of enemies approaching the Roblox army must be advancing. Jez: The prison will only be lightly guarded, so this is our chance to rescue the guests. Guest: Let’s do this! Bacon Soldier 1: What was the Colonel thinking leaving us behind like this?? Bacon Soldier 2: Yeah tell me about it man… it’s so unfair. Bacon Soldier 1: Wait hold on who’s this! Bacon Soldier 1: Hey what are you
doing here… hold on you look really familiar… Bacon Soldier 1: Stay right where you are! Bacon Soldier 2: It’s you! Oh gosh its happening again! Bacon Soldier 3: OH NO NOT YOU GUYS AGAIN. Jez: Tie him up I’ll meet you outside. Doctor: Don’t worry Jez… These are my friends.We’re here to help. Good Soldier: Killing people because they’re different from us is wrong. It’s time we stand up for what is right. The Teacher: I can’t stand in front of a class and teach students bacon propaganda any longer. The Teacher: The Colonel and General have dictated our lives for far too long… that ends today. Rose: I’ve made so many bad mistakes mom… Mother: It’s going to be okay Rose, we’ll get through this. Mother: You are a good person and whatever happens always remember that Guest: The roblox army needs our help. We have to stop this bacon regime once and for all! Anyone who can fight, follow me and Jez. Molly: Something doesn’t feel right… I don’t like this… Matt: Yeah I know what you mean. I hope the Captain hasn’t overestimated how easy it will be to defeat the bacon empire… Captain: It’s time… Molly: No ! There’s too many of them. Rose: Mom I’m sorry but I must help my friends. Captain: It would be suicide to take them on, they have too many soldiers. Matt: We can’t turn back. Only we can stop the bacon soldiers from marching into Roblox and terrorizing our families. Matt: We’re not giving up now. Guest: Do you need a little help friend…? Matt: Guest, you’re alive…! Guest: It’s so good to see you again Matt. Matt: it’s great to see you again friend. How are you alive? Guest: That’s a long story. Guest: I’ve brought reinforcements. They’re going to fight with us. Jez: The bacon dictatorship has caused fear and destruction on our people for far too long. Jez: Only if we work together as Guests,
Bacon’s and all people of Roblox United Jez: Will we end this tyranny and defeat The Colonel and his army! Captain: Prepare yourself men… Here they come. Colonel: We have been suppressed
and tormented for far too long, that ends today! Colonel: Our glorious Empire will once
again be feared by all! Colonel: Their army is no match for ours ! We will destroy them! Guest: This madness stops right here. Colonel: I couldn’t agree more. Guest: Rose… No! Colonel: Goodbye Guest… Colonel: What? Uh dammit! Jez: This is for Zara! Mother: Doctor, she’s awake. How are you feeling honey? I was so worried about you. Rose: I’m not too bad… Doctor: Welcome back Rose. You’re doing remarkably well considering the trauma your body has been through. Mother: You’re in a safe place now Rose. Doctor: Far far away from the Bacon Empire. Mother: You’ve got a visitor. He’s been waiting here hours for you to wake up. Rose: Jez…thank goodness you’re safe! Jez: I’m fine, how are you? Rose: I’ll make a full recovery. What happened? Jez: The Colonel’s dead and the Bacon army has surrendered. The war is over Rose. Rose: Jez… will you ever forgiv- Jez: You risked your life to save guest. Zara would have been proud. Charlotte: Daddy! Daisy: I love you so much. Extravanzaly is a cool dude~ He also spent 4 hours subtitling this movie just for you

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