The Little Bear Movie

The Little Bear Movie

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪>>Come on, slow poke. We’re going to be late! Whoa! (Mumbling)>>Pudding Hill will still be there, Little Bear.>>But I want to be there too!>>Are you sure you’ve packed everything?>>Mm hm.>>Canteen?>>Check.>>Matches?>>Check.>>Marshmallows?>>Mmm, check.>>Raincoats?>>Check.>>Little Bear’s hat?>>Check.>>Two bed rolls?>>Check again. Can you close up the bag for me? Oh, and make sure I packed Fisherman Bear.>>Uh, check.>>Father Bear!>>Coming!>>Bye, dear.>>Oops. (Kissing) All right, let’s be on our way. Little Bear? (Kissing)>>Almost forgot. Pudding Hill–>>BOTH: Here we come! (Chuckling)>>Bye.>>Bye. Have a good time.>>We will.>>And be careful!>>We will. (Whistling)>>Last one to Pudding Hill’s a rotten egg!>>Hey, wait for me! (Laughing)>>Okay, Little Bear, slow down or you’ll get tired!>>Not me! (Laughing) Woo! Look at this, Father Bear.>>Mm hm. (Squirrels chattering) (Squirrels chattering)>>Hey! (Squirrels chattering) (Dragonfly humming) (Birds chirping)>>Whoa! (Laughing)>>Hey, I can’t see!>>Well, I can see for you, Father Bear.>>All right, I’ll trust you.>>Okay, walk straight. Straight. Straight. Faster. (Laughing) Uh oh, stop! Whoa! Turn left. Okay, go! (Water babbling)>>Do I hear a river?>>Mm hm. Now, one step up.>>Mm.>>Trust me, Father Bear.>>All right. You lead me.>>Okay, one step up. Good. Slow. Careful.>>Whoa!>>Steady.>>I’m trying, Little Bear.>>We’re almost there. And, jump down. Trust me, Father Bear.>>Mm.>>See, we made it!>>Good work, Little Bear. (Laughing)>>Phew. (Sniffing)>>What do you smell?>>The pine trees. (Inhaling)>>I smell the pine trees too. They smell different than other trees. (Sniffing)>>I smell something else, too. (Sniffing)>>You do?>>Rain.>>How can you smell rain?>>The air smells different when it’s going to rain. (Sniffing)>>It doesn’t look like it’s going to rain.>>Trust me. Father bears know these things. Just in case. (Laughing) ♪ It’s a great big world waiting waiting just for me ♪ ♪ Full of riddles, rocks and rivers ♪ ♪ As far as I can see ♪ ♪ It’s a brand new day ♪ ♪ Full of who knows ♪>>Come back! ♪ Where the sky goes when it hides from me ♪>>There’s Pudding Hill! ♪ There’s a great big tree ♪>>FATHER BEAR: Beautiful. ♪ Full of birds and leaves ♪ ♪ I can spy there ♪ Race you! ♪ Or just lie there ♪ ♪ As happy as can be ♪ ♪ As happy as can be ♪ ♪ It’s all inside of me ♪ ♪ Finding sticks and playing tricks and running like the wind ♪ ♪ Life is very extraordinary ♪ ♪ Whatever comes my way ♪ ♪ Doesn’t matter if it’s a rainy or a sunny day ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ It’s a great big world ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ It’s a great big sky ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ High above the clouds ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ (Owl hooting)>>Interesting. (Yawning) I see the moon and the stars and the mountains.>>Mm.>>Father Bear, what’s on the other side of Pudding Hill?>>Wilderness.>>What’s wilderness?>>Well, it’s wild country.>>Wild country?>>Does anyone live in the wild country?>>Oh yes, all kinds of creatures. (Crickets chirping)>>There sure are a lot of crickets in the wild country.>>And frogs. (Wolf howling)>>What’s that?>>A wolf.>>Do wolves live in the wilderness?>>Uh huh.>>Do we know any wolves?>>No, I don’t think so. They’re pretty wild.>>Are there any bears in the wilderness?>>Oh yes, lots.>>Can we go say hello? (Laughing) (Yawning)>>Not tonight, Little Bear. ♪ ♪ (Yawning) (Yawning) (Eagle calling)>>What was that!?>>An eagle. (Crickets chirping)>>Do we know any eagles?>>I met one, once, a long time ago.>>Oh.>>Eagles bring good luck you know.>>They do? Father Bear?>>Mm hm?>>Are you asleep?>>Yes. (Laughing)>>You’re not asleep; you’re talking to me. (Snoring) (Laughing) Oh, Father Bear. (Laughing) (Snoring) (Laughing) (Eagle calling) (Laughing)>>Eagles. (Snoring) ♪ (Snorting) (Blowing)>>Father Bear? (Gasping) Hey! Those are my cookies! (Chirping) Hey, come back! Hey! Hello down there. (Chirps echoing)>>FATHER BEAR: Good morning, Little Bear.>>There you are, Father Bear. A gopher got our cookies.>>Don’t worry, I brought more.>>Oh, good.>>Little Bear, why don’t you go down to the stream and fill the canteen?>>All right. ♪ (Splashing)>>Hello? Who’s there? (Rustling) Father Bear? (Sniffing) Is that you? (Lapping) (Splashing) Oh, hello, little moose. I’m Little Bear. I– Hey! Come back! Wait! I won’t hurt you! (Splashing) Oh! I’ll get you! Hey! (Roaring)>>Whoa! What’s the matter?>>You scared away my breakfast.>>Your breakfast?>>That fish was going to be my breakfast.>>Oh, sorry.>>Who are you? And what are you doing in my stream?>>I’m Little Bear. And what do you mean “your stream”?>>I live here so it’s my stream.>>You live in the wilderness?>>The what?>>Are you a wild bear? (Screaming)>>You take that back!>>Take what back?>>I’m not wild. Say it! Say I’m not wild!>>All right, all right, you’re not wild.>>I’m just a bear.>>All right.>>Just like you.>>Okay. What’s your name?>>Cub. Wanna play?>>Sure, what do you want to– (Roaring) (Laughing) You play rough. (Screaming) (Laughing) (Stick cracking)>>What was that? (Laughing)>>Oh, what’s so funny?>>You are.>>Take that back!>>Wait! (Roaring)>>Uh oh. Mother!>>Take it back!>>MOOSE: Mother, Mother! (Sniffing) (Footsteps)>>Oh, hello. (Growling) I’m Little Bear. What’s your name? (Growling) You’re not afraid of me, too, are you?>>Afraid?>>Father Bear and I are camping out on Pudding Hill. It’s our favourite camping place.>>Father?>>I just met a new friend. His name is Cub. But he sure plays rough.>>Mm hm.>>I met a little moose, too. But he didn’t want to be friends. He ran away. Do you know him?>>No. Anyway– (Growling) Is that your tummy growling? You must be hungry.>>Famished. (Growling)>>Run! Hide!>>Why, what’s wrong? Oh. (Roaring)>>Good day and goodbye.>>Mother!>>I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Come on, Little Moose.>>But I want to stay here. I want to play with my new friends.>>You can play with them another day.>>Goodbye.>>Goodbye, Little Moose.>>You two should be more careful.>>Careful about what?>>That was a mountain lion.>>Oh, he wouldn’t tell me his name.>>His name is trouble. He would’ve eaten you!>>What?>>You have a lot to learn. (Eagle calling)>>That’s an eagle.>>I know that.>>My father bear met an eagle once.>>He did?>>Father Bear says that eagles bring good luck.>>Luck? There’s no such thing as luck. If it wasn’t for me– (Licking) You’d have been that mountain lion’s breakfast.>>Then you’re my good luck.>>Good luck would be something to eat. Come on, I’ll show you how to catch breakfast.>>No, come with me. Father Bear probably has breakfast ready. Oh!>>Hey!>>Father Bear!>>Oh! (Laughing) Uh oh, it got away.>>My fish!>>I see you’ve made a new friend.>>Father Bear, this is Cub. Cub is a wild– uh, I mean he’s just a bear who lives in the wilderness.>>Well, hello Cub. (Laughing)>>Go ahead, Cub. He’s not going to bite.>>Well, why don’t I catch one more of these and we’ll have breakfast.>>Mmm!>>What are you doing to them?>>Cooking them.>>Why?>>So they taste good. (Sniffing) (Roaring)>>Wait!>>Ow! It’s on fire!>>No, it’s just hot. You have to let it cool down. (Sniffing) (Licking)>>I don’t get it. (Roaring)>>Cub, stop eating the berries.>>Why? That’s what they’re for.>>We’re going to bring these back to Mother Bear. She loves wild raspberries.>>You think everything’s wild.>>Thanks. Hey, do you want to come to our house, Cub?>>Uh–>>Father Bear, can Cub come to our house?>>If it’s all right with his parents. Sure.>>Go tell your parents you’ll be back after dinner.>>Uh, okay.>>Look at all the berries we got, Father Bear.>>Ah, good for you, Little Bear.>>They said it was okay.>>Come on! (Laughing)>>FATHER BEAR: That’s not the way it works.>>Whoa!>>Everybody grab something.>>Last one home’s a rotten egg.>>That’s silly. How can anybody be a rotten egg?>>Hey, wait for me! (Laughing) ♪>>We’re here! (Sniffing) Cub? Come on.>>You live here?>>Sure, this is my house.>>House?>>Mother Bear! Mother Bear, we’re home.>>Oh! Oh, I missed you. How was your camping trip?>>It was great. I made a new friend.>>Oh? Who?>>Cub. Come on, she won’t bite. This is Cub, Mother Bear. He’s my new friend.>>Hello, Cub. I’m happy to meet you. (Sniffing) Oh, thank you.>>They’re wild– uh, just raspberries. (Licking)>>Well, welcome Cub.>>Cub lives in the wilderness. (Licking)>>Is that so? Well, you must be hungry.>>We’re starved.>>What would you like for lunch?>>We want Father Bear’s flying flapjacks.>>Flapjacks for lunch?>>Sure.>>Flapjacks?>>Well, why not? Father Bear’s famous flying flapjacks coming right up.>>Woohoo!>>I’ll put the camping gear away.>>Sift it.>>Sift it. Sift it! Sift it! (Laughing) Sift it! (Laughing)>>That’s enough of that. (Roaring) (Sneezing)>>Crack it.>>I like that best.>>Blech. Nice and easy. That’s good. Good! Cub. Cub. Cub! (Laughing)>>Hm. (Sniffing)>>Hm. (Sniffing)>>Do you have to burn everything you eat? (Laughing)>>We’re not burning it. We’re cooking it.>>Cooking again? (Sniffing) Smells good.>>Mm.>>Can I flip one, Father Bear?>>Of course. Would you like to try, Cub?>>No.>>Well, it is kind of hard.>>I can do it.>>Up you go. (Struggling) It’s okay, Cub. Don’t worry. (Smacking) Hm. (Chuckling) (Laughing)>>That’s okay. It may look funny but it’ll still taste good. Do the next one. Nice and easy. (Laughing) I did it.>>Hm. The flapjacks are ready.>>Watch this, Cub. This is the best part.>>Alley-oop!>>Ta da!>>Can I try that?>>LITTLE BEAR: It’s pretty tricky.>>I can do it! Alley-oops!>>Oh dear.>>FATHER BEAR: Hm. (Laughing) (Sniffing)>>Wait, you have to put some syrup on it.>>CUB: Mm! (Bumping) Ow!>>Mm.>>Tastes sort of like honey.>>It’s maple syrup.>>Mm, it’s good.>>Would you like some more, Cub?>>Mm. (Slurping)>>It’s good.>>Mm, I’m full.>>Me too. Whoa!>>Me three.>>Come on, I want to show you my room!>>Thank you for the flapjacks, Father Bear.>>You’re welcome, Cub.>>LITTLE BEAR: Come on, Cub. This is my room. (Sniffing)>>What’s a room?>>It’s where I sleep.>>Oh, I get it. It’s your cave. ♪>>Cub. Cub? Cub? (Smacking)>>CUB: Ow! (Grumbling) I like your cave, Little Bear.>>You’re funny, Cub. (Sniffing)>>What’s that?>>It’s my space helmet. We can go to the moon.>>We can’t go to the moon.>>Yes, we can. (Rattling)>>We can’t go to the moon.>>Sure we can.>>I’m not wearing this.>>You can’t go to the moon without a space helmet. There, perfect.>>You’re funny, Little Bear.>>So are you. Come on. (Laughing) We’re going to the moon. (Laughing) Just look for us up in the sky.>>We will.>>Have a nice trip.>>I don’t get it. (Laughing) (Panting) (Laughing)>>Whoa!>>We’re here.>>This isn’t the moon.>>No, but to fly to the moon we need a high place to jump from.>>Oh.>>Shh, what’s that? (Meowing)>>Mountain Lion! Run!>>Cub, wait! It’s just Cat.>>Just Cat?>>We thought you were a mountain lion.>>Oh. (Laughing) (Purring)>>Cub, this is Cat. (Sniffing)>>I’ve never seen such a small cat.>>And I’ve never seen such a rude Bear.>>This is Cub. (Giggling) He’s from the wilderness. (Quacking)>>Owl’s it! (Laughing) (Hooting) Owl’s it!>>Not if I catch you! (Hooting)>>Oh, look!>>What?>>Fooled you! (Quacking) You’re still it! (Hooting)>>Why you–>>Duck, this is Cub.>>Hello, Cub.>>Cub’s my new friend.>>And this is Owl.>>Hello. (Sniffing)>>Uh, Cub doesn’t shake hands.>>He’s from the wild.>>I like your hat.>>You do?>>We’re going to the moon.>>Oh, can I go too?>>We can all go.>>Don’t even think about it.>>We’re going to the moon!>>How?>>We’re going to fly.>>Fly?>>I can fly.>>So can I. Everyone knows that’s how you go to the moon.>>Bears can’t fly!>>I’m flying!>>No, you’re not. (Meowing) (Quacking) (Hooting) (Laughing)>>Woo! (Quacking)>>I’m flying! (Hooting) (Laughing)>>Whoa, the moon is blurry.>>Whoa! (Meowing)>>Come on, Cub!>>Fly to the moon. You’re not afraid are you?>>No. Whoa!>>Welcome to the moon.>>The Moon looks a lot like the Earth.>>That’s right.>>But the Moon bugs are much better than the ones on Earth. (Yawning)>>And naps last longer on the moon.>>And you can jump higher on the moon. (Hooting)>>Moon jumping!>>DUCK: Moon jumping! (Laughing)>>Backwards jumping. (Laughing) (Roaring)>>Whoa!>>What is going on?>>Hey! I told you he was wild.>>I wanna be wild too!>>Crazy jumping!>>Yeehaw! Crazy jumping! (Quacking) (Laughing)>>Whoa ho! (Laughing) (Meowing) (Hooting) (Roaring)>>You’re scaring me.>>Mountain Lion jumping!>>Mountain Lion!? (Roaring)>>DUCK: Ah, hey! (Laughing)>>Whoa!>>You’re scaring me!>>Come here! (Hooting) (Screaming) (Laughing)>>Cat? Cat? (Purring) Come on, let’s do it again.>>I’m too dizzy.>>I have to go home. Goodbye, Little Bear.>>I’m hungry, goodbye Cub. Maybe we can play wild again tomorrow. (Quacking)>>CUB: I like your friends.>>Goodbye, Cat!>>Goodbye. I like going to the moon too.>>I knew you would. I guess you’ll have to be going home too.>>My parents said I could stay as long as I wanted.>>Aren’t your parents going to miss you? Cub?>>I haven’t seen my parents for a long time.>>What do you mean?>>I don’t know where my parents are.>>Really?>>We were trying to get home and we got caught in a big storm.>>LITTLE BEAR: What happened?>>CUB: It was raining hard and the wind was blowing. We tried to stay together. Then I got lost.>>Cub, where are you!? Cub!?>>Mother!>>Cub!? Cub, where are you!?>>Cub, where are you?!>>Father, where are you?! Father!>>Who takes care of you?>>I do.>>You live all alone?>>No, with two foxes: Poppy and Pete. I wish we really could go to the moon. Then my mother and father could just look up and see me in the sky.>>Come on, Cub. Let’s go back to my house.>>Little Bear, don’t tell anybody.>>Okay. ♪>>You know, there’s lots of room in the bed. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable up here?>>No, I like it under here. It’s like my cave.>>Mother Bear, I can’t sleep.>>Why not?>>Because I’m wishing.>>What are you wishing for?>>I’m wishing– I’m wishing that Cub and I could stay up all night long.>>Hm, well, tonight I think you should get a good night sleep.>>CUB: I’m wishing too.>>What are you wishing for?>>I’m wishing that Little Bear and I could sleep outside, in a real cave, in the wilderness. (Laughing)>>Well, maybe Little Bear can come and visit you and your parents one day.>>Uh, what are you wishing for, Mother Bear?>>I’m wishing that a little cub would say to me. “Would you like to hear a story?”>>CUB: Would you like to hear a story?>>Yes.>>What kind of story would you like to hear?>>Tell me a story about two little bears.>>CUB: Who are friends?>>Yes. Tell me about the things these 2 friends did together.>>Well, they made flying flapjacks.>>And one of the flapjacks flew out the window.>>That was fun.>>And they went to the moon.>>And one of them pulled Cat’s tail because he thought it was a mountain lion.>>That was fun too. (Sighing) (Chuckling)>>Now I’m wishing that the two of you sleep tight. (Kissing) Goodnight, Little Bear. (Giggling) Goodnight, Cub.>>CUB: Goodnight. Little Bear.>>Yes, Cub?>>I can’t sleep.>>Me neither.>>You know what I’m really wishing for?>>Don’t tell me or it won’t come true. Cub?>>Yes?>>Tomorrow, we’re going to find your parents. ♪ ♪ (Stretching) (Smacking)>>CUB: Ow! (Sighing) Little Bear? Little Bear? (Shuffling) (Humming)>>What are you doing?>>Good morning, Cub.>>I don’t feel like going to the moon today.>>We’re not going to the moon.>>Oh, then where are we going?>>We’re going to find your parents. (Humming) (Screaming)>>Oh, Duck. Perfect. You’re here.>>Thank you.>>Go find Cat and Hen and meet us at Owl’s house.>>Okay.>>We’re organizing a search party.>>Oh, I love search parties. (Laughing) (Quacking) We’re having a search party! (Laughing) (Snoring) (Snoring continues) (Knocking)>>LITTLE BEAR: Owl, Owl, I know you’re in there. (Knocking)>>I’m sleeping.>>LITTLE BEAR: Owl, wake up! (Sighing)>>Morning, Owl.>>Exactly. It’s morning and I’m asleep. Goodbye. (Knocking)>>LITTLE BEAR: Come on, Owl. We need your help. (Sighing)>>Couldn’t you need my help later in the day, like at night, when I’m awake?>>Sorry, we need your help now.>>DUCK, HEN & CAT: Happy Birthday!>>Happy Birthday, Owl!>>BOTH: Happy Birthday, Owl!>>Is there cake?>>I love cake.>>It’s nobody’s birthday.>>Oh.>>Duck.>>Well, Little Bear said we were having a party but I couldn’t remember what kind of party it was.>>It’s a search party.>>HEN & DUCK: Oh!>>Right, a search party. What is a search party anyway?>>Ahem, a search party is a group of individuals organized to search for someone who is missing.>>Oh dear! Is someone missing?>>Cub’s parents.>>Oh, how awful. How did they go missing?>>Well, they aren’t exactly missing. It’s Cub that’s missing.>>But Cub’s right here.>>Yes Duck, but–>>So we found him already.>>Duck.>>Does that mean the party’s over?>>Uh– (Clearing throat)>>We should organize this search party right now and find Cub’s mother and father.>>Good idea, Owl. (Clucking and Quacking) And we’ll all help. (Clucking)>>Right!>>I’m ready.>>Cat?>>Well, all right. As long as he doesn’t pull my tail.>>Thanks everybody. (Laughing) (Quacking) Hen. (Clucking) Owl. (Hooting) (Growling) Sorry about that, Cat.>>D-D-Don’t m-m-mention it. (Growling)>>Not so rough.>>Okay.>>Here’s to finding Cub’s parents.>>CAT: Here here.>>Yes. (Quacking)>>Are we having a search party now? (Laughing)>>Yes, Duck.>>Let the search party begin.>>Yay!>>Yay!>>I’ve never been to a search party before. What do we do first?>>We’ll make signs and then we’ll put them up all over the forest.>>Then Cub’s parents will see them and then they’ll know we’re looking for them.>>And then I’ll find them.>>And then you won’t be lost anymore. ♪ (Hooting) (Meowing)>>What if they don’t remember me?>>They will, Cub. Hold it right there. ♪ Circles and swirls ♪ ♪ It’s time to get ready ♪ Okay everyone, draw. ♪ Will my ears look round and fuzzy? ♪ ♪ Will my nose be red and funny? ♪ ♪ Everybody wants to paint my picture ♪>>Don’t move! ♪ Everywhere I’m lookin’ for traces ♪ ♪ Looking in unusual places ♪ ♪ Will they know me by my faces? ♪>>Stand still! ♪ Everybody wants to paint my picture ♪ ♪ La la la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la la la ♪ ♪ La ♪>>Hm. ♪ ♪ Blue and green and red and purple ♪ ♪ Life is just a great big riddle ♪ ♪ Shall I play my tail just like a fiddle? ♪ ♪ Everybody wants to paint my picture ♪ ♪ La la la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la la la ♪ ♪ La ♪ (Quacking)>>I’m getting dizzy trying to paint you. Hm, not bad.>>Do I look like that?>>Sure.>>CUB: That one too?>>OWL: Of course.>>CUB: And even that one?>>CAT: Yes.>>But they’re all different.>>Well, it’s the idea that counts. We’re going to hang them all over the forest.>>And your parents will see one.>>And they’ll know you’re here.>>Follow the leader!>>ALL: Hooray!>>Follow me. (Crow cawing)>>Where are we?>>This is where Cub lives.>>It looks wild.>>LITTLE BEAR: That’s why it’s called the wilderness.>>It looks scary.>>I go there all the time.>>Really? When?>>Well, once.>>You’re lucky you didn’t get eaten. (Gulping) (Gasping)>>Goodness.>>Okay, let’s start putting up the signs but don’t go too far. We don’t want anyone else getting lost. ♪ (Clucking)>>Boo! (Quacking) (Laughing) Boo! (Clucking) (Laughing) Boo! (Clucking) ♪ (Roaring) (Laughing) (Roaring) (Laughing)>>Now what do we do?>>We wait.>>For what?>>For Cub’s parents to see one of the signs.>>Oh. (Sighing) Search parties are kind of boring. ♪ ♪ (Quacking) (Snoring) (Screaming)>>Huh?>>Huh?>>What was that?>>What?>>I heard a noise.>>What noise? Where? (Sighing)>>I don’t hear anything. (Clearing throat)>>Yes, Owl?>>Oh, I was just clearing my throat.>>Well, let’s check out signs. Maybe Cub’s parents have found one.>>Hey!>>Our signs!>>They’re gone!>>Someone took them!>>They’re lost! Everything’s lost. First Cub’s parents, they got lost, then our signs, they got lost, too. (Gasping) What if we’re lost.>>We’re not lost, Duck. We’re all right here.>>What are we going to do?>>Well, we’ll have to have another search party to look for our missing signs. (Rustling)>>What was that?>>What?>>I heard a noise.>>Maybe it’s Cub’s parents. (Sniffing)>>Could be a moose. (Gasping)>>ALL: Moose!>>Moose, what happened?>>Well, it seems the woodlanders really liked your signs.>>What do the woodlanders want with our signs?>>The birds and the squirrels are using them for their nests and the raccoons are using your big banner to build some sort of dam.>>The raccoons are building a dam?>>They’re damming the river so they can trap all the fish.>>Fish? Maybe we can get some lunch.>>Come on, maybe we can at least get the banner back.>>Hm, now where can I put this so Cub’s parents will be sure to see it? ♪>>Mm, look at all the fish.>>I do love a good fish stew.>>I make a delicious fish pie.>>But they’re using our sign.>>Just one fish and then we can make more signs.>>Oh, all right. (Hooting)>>The beavers aren’t going to like this. (Chattering) (Chattering)>>CUB: Here comes trouble. (Chattering)>>Uh oh. (Screaming) (Hooting)>>Oh no! (Screaming) (Screaming continues)>>Waterfall! (Screaming) (Coughing)>>DUCK: Hello, Little Bear. Hello, Cub.>>Duck?>>Boy am I glad to see you?>>Where have you been?>>I was guarding our last sign.>>Where is it?>>I put it in your canteen, Little Bear, so the raccoons couldn’t get it.>>Good job, Duck.>>Thank you.>>Where’s the canteen now?>>It fell into the river.>>It’s floating down the river?>>That’s perfect, Duck!>>It is?>>It is?>>Yes, it’s like a message in a bottle.>>And Cub’s parents will find the canteen and know we’re looking for them.>>Good thinking, Duck.>>You’re welcome. Hey, look!>>There it goes! (Eagle calling) (Eagle calling)>>LITTLE BEAR: Wait!>>That’s not yours!>>Hey! So much for eagles bringing good luck.>>Come on, it’s getting dark. Cub? Cub. You know the way back, don’t you?>>Uh, sort of.>>Sort of? (Screaming)>>Cub, it’s getting very dark.>>I can hardly see anything.>>Are you sure you know where we are?>>Well, no, not for sure.>>I knew it. Now we’re lost and they’re having a nice search party without us. (Hooting)>>I’ve flown all over the area. It’s so thick down there I couldn’t see them anywhere.>>Oh, dear, dear, dear, dear me.>>We should tell Mother Bear and Father Bear.>>Oh, I don’t like the wilderness, especially being lost in it.>>Don’t worry, Duck. We’ll be all right.>>Thanks. (Quacking)>>Duck, you’ll love it out here once you get used to it.>>I’m trying to but– Ow! It’s not a very friendly– Ow!>>But it’s a beautiful place.>>I can’t tell how beautiful it is, I can’t see any of it. It’s so– Ouch! Black! (Growling)>>Pete!>>Breakfast!>>Pete! (Screaming)>>Breakfast!>>CUB: Poppy and Pete! Am I glad to see you guys.>>Poppy!>>Pete!>>Poppy!>>Pete!>>Duck? It’s okay, Duck. They’re friends.>>Poppy! (Quacking)>>Pete!>>Poppy! (Screaming)>>POPPY: Poppy!>>Poppy, Pete! (Barking)>>BOTH: Poppy and Pete!>>DUCK: Oof!>>Um, I was trying to get my friends back to our den before dark but we kind of got stuck out here. So why don’t you lead the way? (Barking) (Laughing)>>That was fun.>>Poppy!>>Pete!>>Duck! (Barking) (Laughing)>>DUCK: Poppy, Pete, Duck! (Barking) (Barking) (Barking) (Laughing) (Barking)>>This is where you live?>>BOTH: Quack.>>Hm. Hm. Ooh, this is nice. Cozy. (Barking) (Sighing) (Struggling) (Sighing) (Snoring) ♪ (Snoring) (Yawning) (Gasping) (Snoring) (Wind howling)>>Wow!>>CUB: It’s beautiful, isn’t it?>>I didn’t realize we were so high up. It’s like we’re above the clouds. (Roaring) (Roar echoing) (Roaring) (Roar echoing)>>That was pretty good. (Wind howling)>>POPPY: Poppy.>>Hey. (Barking) (Quacking) Poppy. (Quacking)>>Pete.>>Poppy. (Laughing) (Yawning)>>Is it time to wake up? (Barking) Duck, Duck, Duck! (Quacking) (Laughing) Duck, Duck, Duck! Woo hoo! (Quacking)>>POPPY & PETE: Quack quack! (Barking)>>Interesting. (Growling)>>Oh. (Barking)>>Oh. (Quacking) (Barking)>>Cub, maybe we should find another way.>>Come on, it’s easy. (Quacking) (Barking) (Quacking)>>Poppy, Pete! (Barking) (Screaming)>>Pete!>>Poppy! (Laughing)>>Poppy, Pete! (Barking) (Quacking) (Barking) (Laughing) (Laughing)>>CUB: Hurry up, slow poke! (Laughing) Ow! (Struggling)>>LITTLE BEAR: Cub.>>I need your help.>>Pull! (Struggling) Pull harder! (Struggling) Oh, it’s stuck.>>I know that.>>FOXES: Quack quack?! (Laughing) Quack quack!?>>Quack quack? (Struggling)>>I’ll get Poppy and Pete. Maybe they can help. (Sniffing) Poppy, Pete, Cub’s foot is stuck. We need your help.>>Poppy.>>Pete. (Barking) (Laughing)>>They won’t find me now. (Growling) Um, hello.>>Hello.>>Hey, ow! Poppy, watch the teeth.>>Oh, I know.>>Um, uh, I’m Duck.>>Yes.>>Um, I have to be going. Nice meeting you.>>What’s your hurry?>>Uh, me?>>Father Bear taught me how to do this. Okay, pull! (Struggling) Got you.>>Oh.>>Poppy.>>Poppy, Pete, where’s Duck?>>FOXES: Quack quack?>>Oh.>>FOXES: Quack quack! (Gasping)>>Duck!>>What?>>Run! (Growling) (Screaming) Duck, fly! (Quacking) (Growling) Poppy, Pete! (Coughing) (Barking) (Growling) (Barking) (Growling) (Barking) (Barking continues)>>FOXES: Quack quack! (Growling) (Growling continues)>>Are you all right? (Growling) (Barking) Uh– (Barking) Okay. (Barking)>>FOXES: Quack quack! (Growling) (Barking) (Barking) (Growling) (Breathing heavily) (Growling) (Roaring) (Growling) (Roaring) (Growling) (Roaring)>>Interesting. (Roaring) (Gasping) (Roaring) (Roaring) (Laughing)>>CUB: Daddy? Daddy! (Laughing) (Roaring) (Laughing) (Roaring)>>Cub! (Gasping)>>Mother! (Laughing)>>You’ve gotten so big. Let me look at you.>>How did you find me?>>We had a little help. (Eagle calling) The eagle brought us an image of you.>>The canteen!>>With your picture inside.>>LITTLE BEAR & CUB: Eagles bring good luck. (Laughing)>>And who is this cub?>>Oh, this is Little Bear. He was helping me look for you. (Sniffing) Don’t worry, he’s not going to bite. (Laughing)>>Thank you for helping Cub.>>You’re welcome. (Barking)>>Foxes! (Whimpering) Settle down.>>FOXES: Quack quack?>>I don’t know. I was looking for her but I couldn’t see her anywhere. (Foxes whimpering) (Gasping)>>FOXES: Quack quack? (Quacking)>>Duck! (Quacking) (Laughing)>>Yay! (Gasping) (Quacking) (Hooting) Mother Bear, Father Bear! Yay! (Quacking)>>Yay! Yippee!>>Duck, where did you go?>>When that big cat almost ate me I flew so high I didn’t know where I was. I thought I was lost again until I saw Mother Bear and Father Bear who were having their own search party. So I flew down and found them and they found me– (Gasping) And we found you!>>Duck! You’re terrific.>>I am?>>Oh! (Laughing)>>Little Bear, we were so worried about you.>>We’ve been searching for you all night.>>I’m sorry, but I had to help Cub find his parents.>>We know.>>Come on, I want you to meet– (Laughing)>>Goodbye, Little Bear. And thanks. (Roaring) (Laughing)>>You’re welcome. Goodbye Cub.>>Goodbye! Just look for me up on the moon. (Laughing) (Roaring) (Laughing) (Roaring) (Laughing)>>Did you see how happy Cub was to see his parents again?>>He sure was. Now why don’t we go home, Little Bear?>>Good idea. (Quacking)>>FOXES: Quack quack! Quack quack! (Quacking) (Barking) (Laughing)>>I like those foxes. ♪ (Meowing) (Meowing)>>Looks like hot chocolate weather. Don’t you think, Mother Bear?>>Oh, it sure does. ♪>>See anything, Moon Foxes?>>Poppy.>>Pete.>>Do you see anything else? (Growling) (Gasping)>>FOXES: Quack quack!>>Good work, Moon Foxes. Get her! (Barking) Come on, Moon Moose. We have to find Cat, Owl, and Hen.>>Duck!>>Pete!>>Poppy! (Barking) (Clucking) (Laughing) (Clucking) (Laughing)>>Oh my goodness. You’re getting so big.>>But not too big, right? (Laughing)>>Never too big. You will always be my Little Bear. ♪ ♪ (Eagle calling) ♪ ♪ It’s a great big world ♪ ♪ Waiting just for me ♪ ♪ Full of riddles, rocks, and rivers ♪ ♪ As far as I can see ♪ ♪ It’s a brand new day ♪ ♪ Full of who knows where the sky goes when it hides from me ♪ ♪ There’s a great big tree ♪ ♪ Full of birds and leaves ♪ ♪ I can spy there or just lie there ♪ ♪ As happy as can be ♪ ♪ As happy as can be ♪ ♪ It’s all inside of me ♪ ♪ Finding sticks and playing tricks and running like the wind ♪ ♪ Life is very extraordinary ♪ ♪ Whatever comes my way ♪ ♪ Doesn’t matter if it’s a rainy or a sunny day ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ It’s a great big world ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ It’s a great big sky ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ It’s a great big sky ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪ ♪ La la la la ♪ ♪ High above the clouds ♪ ♪ La la la la la ♪

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  1. My forever childhood… I’m 13, and I remember watching this at the age of 6. I miss being 6, and this will forever remain my memories.

  2. The song that played as he jumped in the puddles just took me back 12 years ago when I was 4 and went to the library with my grandma to go and find this movie there and ugh I just wish I could go back to then it was so simple so nostalgic

  3. Me Too I Love Little Bear
    & all Little Ones Thank you for Sharing.🧸🐓🧶🐈🦉🦆🐍🐛🦋🌻🐒🤗🥳🤰🌕☀️🌟❄🔎🛏🧸🧵🎨🖼✨🏡🥞🥣🎂🍯

  4. I never know they made a movie for this tranquil show. I used to watch this when I was a child, but I never knew they made a movie for this wonderfully beautiful and tranquil show. One of my favorite shows growing up. 💙 🐻

  5. Aww 😭❤ I love this movie, I used to watch this when I was 3 and I watched the series too on Noggin. The ending of this movie is so sweet when Cub finds his parents again. I've missed this so, wish I was younger again so I can relive my childhood 😿

  6. This Was When “Hanazuki: Full Of Treasures” Was Announced That Hanazuki: Full Of Treasures Introduces: Chase Fayard On: December 15, 2018!
    -Chase Fayard
    The Hanazuki: Full Of Treasures Fan

  7. So glad YouTube "gifted" me this recommendation for my birthday! Turning 31 today, and clicked it, expecting to get bored quickly… I watched the entire masterpiece, it's beautiful!

    I know it's "just a cartoon," but it was captivating from the very beginning, in a rare and hard to define way. The overall pacing seems to be much slower in a refreshing, relaxing, yet stimulating way, it seems to seek to give us the perspective of little bear in each moment, instead of simply conveying the plot objectively to the audience. Taking a more "realistic" approach leads viewers to experience the joys of each moment's excitement, just as a child would in real life. As adults, it seems a large amount of our worldview seems focused on seeing life like a checklist of activities to get done, and I think that's the most striking difference in how this piece is formatted vs "modern" kids programming (as well as plenty of works published at the same time). Animators/producers of this film really conveyed little bear's world not through the eyes that a parent would, ("first we packed, then we had to get to the camp site, then set up, etc…), but instead took a more genuine approach and examined each moment in much greater depth than adults tend to focus on, which was truely engaging as I was able to be drawn in to the fun little enjoyments of the moments little bear experiences.

    No single factor in this piece stands out as what specifically makes this such a wonderful, soothing, engaging experience, though all facets of the design work well to contribute. It feels as though creators weren't simply trying to convey a plot or series of events or information to the audience, but rather, sought to show us each moment and allow us to experience it ourselves (vicariously through little bear).

    The approach feels very respectful towards the audience, in a way that surrpasses many (maybe most) films, not only those directed towards child viewers or even just cartoons, but across all genres, as it seems to truely seek to simply present one perspective, fully and completely, without explaining or making the plot explicit. Maybe the most notable thing is that not all scenes are even entirely essential in "driving the plot", they are simply just pieces of the experience.

    Perhaps we've grown too used to focusing so strongly on the plot that somewhere along the way, we forgot to slow down and appreciate each moment as worthy for simply being a moment to enjoy. I've always felt that one's day can suddenly be transformed into a much more thrilling adventure if you imagine it as how you'd feel experiencing it as your kid self, or as if it was your first day going through your routine, or pondering how another person or character might see the things I find mundane. When we shift our focus less on what we have and haven't gotten done in the day, and instead on finding moments of joy within the context of our day… There always are those moments of joy to be found, if only we look.

    Overall, I think the true majesty of this work is the way the images, pacing, colors, story, music, range of "dialog" (from some characters speaking standard English, to others conveying their messages through changes in tone/pitch within a vocabulary of a couple words, to even including some genuine animal sound imitations with growling etc, as well as seeing many messages conveyed in each character's body language as well)… There are so many pieces that all are so carefully and beautifully crafted to component each other, I could spend forever just speaking about one portion, but overall it's so much more than a collection of brilliant pieces, it is truely "gestalt" as the overall project is so much greater than simply sum of its parts.

    The artistry truely inspires and excites me to want to create!

  8. no ads not allowed they are disturbing go away with your rotten ads delete all ads utube mob people

  9. Fun fact: a cougars (mountain lions) fur isn’t tan like the one in the move and their faces aren’t white. Cougars fur have a light brown color and their faces have a little white not a lot .

  10. “That’s the smallest cats I’ve ever seen” “and that’s the rudest bear I’ve ever seen”

  11. 15:30 –16:44 well that’s one thing I didn’t expect as a little girl. I never thought the Little bear movie would involved a villain which was a carnivore (a mountain lion). But it was a good movie.

  12. When i was little ♥(2006 )i still love it
    Then my brother and i sat on the couch waiting til my mom brought us chocolate milk and watched it with my parents &my brother

  13. I Watch My iPad And I Got A Elmo Toy In July 15, 2015. I Never Watch This In My Chlidhood. I Only Watch Wow Wow Wubbzy, And The Backyardigns. In 2013. And The Loud House Premiered In May 2nd, 2016.

  14. Ok, I loved this show growing up. But am I the only one that seems confused that little bear just runs into a wild bear? This brings up so many questions, like are they the bear equivalent to nudists (or are they homeless?)? Why does little bear live a human lifestyle instead of a wild one? What makes little bear's family different from cub's? I know its just a cartoon, but now I really want to know.

  15. Oh I don't like the wilderness especially I can't see any of if quack don't worry duck you'll be all right thank you you'll love it out here once you get used to it I'm trying to but it's not a very friendly oh isn't this just beautiful I can't tell how beautiful it is I can't see any of it s so quack Poppy peck

  16. Ahh, nostalgia, this was a beautiful movie. How have I never seen this?! This was one of my top favorite shows when I was little and I've never seen or known that they had a movie!

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